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Job Description.doc

  1. 1. UNOPS helps its partners in the United Nations system meet the world’s needs for building peace, recovering from disaster, and creating sustainable development. UNOPS is known for its ability to implement complex projects in all types of environments around the globe. In an effort to promote organizational excellence, UNOPS seeks highly qualified and experienced indiduals for the following position: Vacancy Details Vacancy Code VA-P-2009-01 Post Title: Programme/Health Specialist Org Unit: UNOPS Beijing Office, Asia and the Pacific Region Duty Station: Beijing, China Closing Date: 1 June 2009 Background The Beijing Office has broadened its scope to include the provision of Local Fund Agent (LFA) services to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). The LFA is a crucial part of the Global Fund’s system of oversight and risk management. Its principal role is to provide informed and independent professional advice about the capacity of Principal Recipients to manage the implementation of activities funded under grants (including a PR’s capacity to oversee implementation of activities by Sub-recipients), to make recommendations concerning periodic disbursement of grant funds, to review grant performance when a grant is being considered for renewal, and to provide the Global Fund Secretariat on an ongoing basis with relevant information on issues or risks which might affect grant performance. The LFA is expected to have an up-to-date and comprehensive understanding of the diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria), how they are prevented, transmitted and treated and their impact on the country. The LFA assesses the PR’s institutional and health/programmatic capacities and arrangements to ensure adequate health expertise (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and/or malaria) in the implementation of the Global Fund grants. The LFA also determines whether the PR has adequate infrastructure and information systems to support grant implementation, including the monitoring of performance of Sub-recipients and outsourced entities in a timely and accountable manner. Responsibilities: Under the overall supervision of the Head/Portfolio Manager (LFA), the incumbent is required to perform the following functions:
  2. 2. I. Expected Outputs of the Consultancy Under the overall supervision of the UNOPS Asia Pacific Office and the direct supervision of the LFA Country Team Leader, the Programme/Health Consultant will conduct on-site and off- site assessments following the GFATM framework, by using the forms, checklists and questionnaires provided by GFATM as guides or tools. The assessments will focus mainly on the following aspects: 1) To identify whether the PR meets required minimum capacities for implementing Global Fund programmes. To determine PR capacity to co-ordinate and/or otherwise provide programme/health management of grants, and to link effectively with collective health efforts to prevent, identify and treat diseases to reduce their impact at the country level. 2) To identify whether the PR is able to co-ordinate and/or otherwise manage health systems which can: a) Collect, record and report programmatic data with appropriate quality control measures b) Support the preparation of regular, reliable programmatic reports; c) Make data available for the purpose of evaluations and other studies: and d) Identify key weaknesses and risks of capacities on the PR and provide specific recommendations for strengthening and level of enforcement 3) The final results of the assessments are English version reports produced by the Consultant in line with GFATM framework, which should be submitted to the LFA Team Leader (both hard and electronic copies) within one week after the completion of the assessment. II. Specific Activities ● To keep abreast of project implementation, review Disbursement Request/Progress Updates and analyze if progress achieved is leading towards achievement of targets/goals; ● To review various documents submitted by Principle Recipient and provide independent opinion/analysis if the indicators are sufficient to achieve the targets outlined in Project documents of various grants; ● To follow data verification procedures and formats, conduct field visits and using the format given by GF, provide independent opinion and analysis on the prospects of achieving laid down targets; ● To conduct any other analysis requested by the Country Team Leader/GFATM from time to time; ● To attend technical meetings of CCM technical working groups and provide analytical reports; ● Review the performance of the program of TB and HIV/AIDS system and assess its efficiency and effectiveness, identify its weaknesses and success and make recommendations for necessary follow up by the PR;
  3. 3. ● Review the resources allocation plan (funds and personnel) for Malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS, programmatic aspects and its implementation, identify weakness and success and make recommendations for necessary follow up by the PR; ● Identify any issues relating to program implementation that requires PR follow up or improvement; ● Discuss with the Country Team Leader any other institutional and programmatic aspect to be reviewed and take action; and ● Prepare mission reports on the format required by Global Fund and submit it to the Country TL. Qualifications I. Education: Advanced Master Degree in Health and Medical areas and the related majors II. Work Experience: The consultant must have solid work experience in the field of Public Health including in monitoring and evaluating health programmes in developing countries, with the following expertise: ● The ability to interpret performance results of health programmes and analyze the implications of such results in the country context; ● A strong understanding of public health monitoring and evaluation systems; ● A strong understanding of AIDS, TB and malaria, with experience in working on issues related to one of these diseases; and ● Good writing and analytical skills. The consultant, Chinese national, should be familiar with national medical and health strategies, and be well informed of major international projects currently planned or underway in country. III. Languages: Excellent communication skills with fluency in English and Chinese (both written and spoken) are essential. IV. Other Skills: Must be a team player, flexible, well organized and an efficient time manager. Submission of Applications: Qualified candidates may submit their application before 1 June 2009, including a letter of interest, Complete Curriculum Vitae, to UNOPS Beijing Implementation Facility, via email to and kindly indicate the vacancy number and the post title in the subject line when applying by email. Additional Considerations - Applications received after the closing date will not be considered - Only those candidates that are short-listed for interviews will be notified - Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply