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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE 1. Family name: ROUCHY 2. First names: Jean-Yves 3. Date of birth: 15 September 1943 4. Nationality: French 5. Civil status: Married 6. Education: Institution Institute for Audit Management – University of Grenoble Paris Date: from / to (month/ 1973 1962-1966 year) Degree(s) or Diploma(s) Degree in Audit Management Master in mathematics obtained: 7. Language skills: (Mark 1 to 5 for competence) Language Reading Speaking Writing English 5 5 5 French 5 5 5 Spanish 3 2 2 8.Membership of professional bodies: - Member of the Board of Directors of Nord Sud Developpement : open ended fund invested in international bonds. 9. Other skills: Computer literate 10.Present position: Consultant Last position (till January 1st 208): Deputy Manager, Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne : CNCE (Central Bank of the French Savings Banks network) 11.Years within CNCE: 23 12.Key qualifications: Considerable strategy and planning experience in developing economies. Banking experience at senior level for the French Savings Banks Group as well as for Banks in transition economies: new products for savings, housing finance, funds management, guaranty funds… Experienced SME finance adviser. Highly qualified in micro finance: evaluation, organisation, audit, funding, savings and loans products… Assignments related to micro finance are underlined in the rest of the CV. 13. Specific Countries experience: Country Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) Ghana 2008- Financial expert in the RAFiP design (Rural and Agricultural Finance Project) for issues related to MFIs and their APEX Bank. (FIDA) Madagascar 2008- Research on the rates of interest applied by MFIs in Madagascar, analysis and recommendation (PAMIGA)
  2. 2. Madagascar 2007- Evaluation and update of the National Strategy for micro-finance (PNUD/FENU) Comores 2007- Audit/assessment of one MFI (MECK) Morocco 2007- Anti money laundering in one MFI (Morocco) China 2006- Bank Fund Management and support to MFI industry as consultant in the EU China Financial Services Co-Operation Project Morocco 2005-2006: Anti money laundering in one MFI (Morocco) Europe 2005—Conferences and training on “Compliance with Basle II agreement” in France, Portugal, Check Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey. Malawi 2005—Restructuring of the Malawi Savings Bank before privatisation. In charge of Micro-finance activity within the bank. Mali 2004—Recommendations for development oriented use of migrant savings and remittances issues Cabo Verde 2004-Implementation of a special credit line dedicated to local authorities financing Mali 2003—Evaluation of the National Micro-Finance Plan, proposal for a new policy to support the Micro-finance industry in Mali Kosovo 2002—Implementation of savings collection in the Rural Finance Project (MFI) Kosovo 2002—Financial advisor for EU funded programs in Kosovo Burkina Faso 2001 –Designing an investment fund Kosovo 2001 – Evaluation of the Rural Finance Project : a micro finance institution providing financial services in rural areas Madagascar 2001—Feasibility study of an incentive system to finance the SME’s through both sectors of commercial banks and Micro Finance Institutions in Madagascar Various African 1994-2001 : Technical assistance to various Micro-Finance Institutions and to countries transferring bank technology in Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo, Cameroon, Sao Tomé, Comores. Evaluation, audit, development, reorganisation, funding of Micro Finance organisations. Also: Technical assistance for the local Savings Banks in Chad and Senegal Russia 1992 – 1993: Technical assistance for Sberbank : setting-up of new products (financed by TACIS) Czech Republic 1994 – 1995: Technical assistance for Ceska Sporitelna: new products Poland 1994 – 1995: Technical assistance for Polska Kasa Oszczednosci (PKO) : restructuring Africa 1970 – 1978: Financial advisor for implementation of projects, either in agricultural or industrial fields, in 14 different countries in Africa and follow-up Burundi 1968 – 1969 : Technical Advisor in the Statistical Institute of Bujumbura 14. Professional Experience Record: Dates 1987- To date Location Paris Company (since 1999) Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne (before: CENCEP) Position Deputy Manager, International Department Description - Development of cooperation with foreign partners - Setting up of a fund management company in Luxembourg (EUFIGEST), jointly with other European Savings Banks, for the management of UCITs - Joint setting up of financial cross border products and services - Implementation of an operational back-office for all international transactions of French Savings Banks since 1992, - Banking Technology transfer and technical assistance to Micro-Finance Systems in developing countries in French-speaking countries in Africa. Setting up of special funding systems of Micro Finance Dates 1984-1986 Location Paris
  3. 3. Company CENCEP Position Head of Market Planning and Product Analysis Description - Responsible for market trend analysis on new products and services - Member of marketing decisions group regarding the full range of financial products proposed by the French Savings Banks - Coordination of the activities of CENCEP to help developing countries in the area of the mobilisation of savings; technology transfer, adaptation of banking products (housing finance) to a specific environment Dates 1969-1983 Location Paris Company SEDES (French research company for economic and social development) Position See Below Description 1979 – 1983: Director of the Statistical Research Department at the SEDES 1969 - 1979: Economic and financial research on project financing in various developing countries in Africa. (see Annex , next page) CV of Mr. ROUCHY; ANNEX Special assignments as head of research department in SEDES 1983: Ivory Coast : Financial expert for the implementation of a loan company, analysis of decentralized systems of savings in rural area. 1982: France : Study of financial products marketing for Savings Banks in the departments of Aube, Calvados and Finistere. Centrafrican Republic : Financial evaluation of the cotton sector. Cameroon : Prefeasibility study of savings and loans scheme. Saving behavior analysis of households in Douala and Yaoundé. 1981 : Morocco - FAO-UNPD : Cooperating as financial expert to set up a development plan for the edible oil sector. 1979-1980 France :Manager of statistical Survey Department of the S.E.D.E.S., setting up and control of numerous statistical surveys in France. Studies of financial products marketing for various Savings Banks. 1978 : Saudi Arabia : Participation as demographic statistician in a research for the Youth Welfare Presidency. 1976-1978 : Ivory Coast : Ministry of Agriculture, responsible of the agro-economic department. Financial analysis of rural development projects : coffee, cocoa, rubber, palm oil, rice, cotton, pineapple, food crops…
  4. 4. 1975 : Ivory Coast : Prefactibility study for 8 sugar projects, internal rate of return, economical and sociological effects. 1969-1975 Project-economist and finance adviser for different projects in Africa : Nigeria, Libya, Niger, Madagascar, Congo-Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast.