Ramco ERP on Cloud Solution for Professional Services Providers

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Ramco ERP on Cloud Solution for Professional Services Providers



Visit: http://www.ramco.com/industries/professional-services/index.aspx ...

Visit: http://www.ramco.com/industries/professional-services/index.aspx

Ramco ERP on Cloud for Professional Services Providers:
Ramco delivers integrated enterprise solutions that can boost your ability to hire, train and retain workforce, implement projects efficiently, manage finances comprehensively and provide superior customer service levels.



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Ramco ERP on Cloud Solution for Professional Services Providers Presentation Transcript

  • 1. www.ramco.com© Copyright 2012, Ramco SystemsRamco SRPServices Resource Planning
  • 2. • Consulting• IT/ITES• Staffing• Legal2For the Professional Services Organization
  • 3. Santa Clara Office, Avion Consulting
  • 4. 4- To close the new deal, do I have theprofitability simulations for scenarios- Did the deliveries planned last night,happen on track- What is their current AR, project wise.- I don’t have news on availability of theconsultants they need next week- What is their Issue Log status till justbefore I meet them- Will I meet my account billing targetTim Folden, Sales Manager...running to a Customer meeting
  • 5. 5Diane Pelton, Finance Coordinator… pensive before a presentation to the Board- Do we have the required controls forAccruals based on time bookings- Are the deferrals for our CloudSubscriptions in line with the norms- How to match my revenues in USD withsubcontract outflows in INR- Need the drill down details of AR,Operating margins by Geo, LOB, &Delivery Centers- If only my Cash flow forecasts werecolored with the Project risks- Are the UK Geo figures under stress dueto wrong service cross-charging
  • 6. 6Joe Miller, Program Director – Nordic… battling to do the balancing act- How do I jump start the MR Aero projectto achieve the short deadline- Not sure whether all the resources areavailable for this project- What is the profitability of currentprojects. How do I improve them- Not sure of the average rate realized atProject, Portfolio & Resource level- How to streamline the timesheetapproval workflows for timely billing- Just where are my estimates two monthsinto a project
  • 7. 7- Why is this last minute rush & pile up forresources every time- There is a sizable bench but the skillsrequirements seem to be different always- Promises on resource release dates aremade to be broken- How do I ensure optimalUtilization/Capacity ratio- Could I clue in my hiring plan to thedemand supply gap 3 months downJoan Burns, Resource Manager…breaking head over headcounts
  • 8. 8It’s a fast Lane, Need information on the Go
  • 9. 9SRP from Ramco, could be your answer….Addressing the complete engagement life-cycle• Contact to Contract C2C• Execution To Billing E2B• Quote to Cash Q2C• Requisition to Release R2R
  • 10. Sales & CRM to take care of your C2CCapture end to end activities to track the sales cycle from contact to contractFull cost estimation and profitability simulations for scenarios, for biddingTracking of resource utilization for business developmentMaintain Contracts, Terms, Billing SchedulesManage customer engagement events , issues, & communicationSeamlessly hand off to execution and stay linked on deliveryAnalyze Pipeline and Opportunity statusTrack service line success ratesHave complete Account Status visibilityForecast Order Booking, Revenue, Resource Demand
  • 11. 11A Salesman’s view of an account
  • 12. Projects & Operations to expedite your E2BPlanned versus actual CostingReal-time Project profitability and ‘what if’ analysisCash Flow Projections and Residual effortsAlerts and EventsProject revenue analysisManage multiple projects of any size and complexity , Execute across Work UnitsExecute to bill for T&M, Fixed Bid, Milestone Based work deliveryPlan and track performance against milestone and schedulesMaintain Latest estimates and Track actual cost performanceBook Times and report Work Completion, take them through approval workflowsConsolidate & Work / Time reporting and Generate Invoices with one clickIntegrate with Project Management: MS Project, Primavera, for detailed scheduling and control
  • 13. 14Project AnalysisRamco disclaims any and all warranties, including without limitation any warranties concerning the availability, quality, accuracy or content of information in thepresentation, advice and other servicesProject AirIndiaResource Wise AnalysisS.NO Project Revenue Profitability1 Project Manager 23000USD 22%2 SME 12000USD 28%3 Business Analyst 8000USD 12%4 Team Lead 7500USD 6%5 Developer 4500USD 32%6 Consultant 5600USD 43%Project Wise Effort AnalysisProject Profitability35051180Onsite/Offsite DistributionOnsite EffortOff Shore Effort020406013512ResourceDistributionProject ManagerSMEsBusiness AnalystDevelopers
  • 14. Quote to Cash to quantify your earningsProfitability at Group, BU, LOB, and Delivery Center LevelAR, Ageing, DSO drillable to Sales Persons, ProjectsCash flow simulations for Project scenariosCost Controlling against BudgetsRevenue Recognition in line with IFRS & US/Indian GAAPMulti Currency transactions in a projectMulti Finance Book, Multi Company Transactions and ConsolidationCross charge/ Transfer pricing for service sharing among CCs / OUsIntegrated Accounting with Receivables and PayablesBudgetary Controls on Project Expenditure with Role Specific override facility
  • 15. Quote to CashMultiple types of revenue-recognitions supported- IFRS, US-GAAP, Indian-GAAP, EITF 08-01/09-0316
  • 16. Quote to Cash – revenue visibility and drill downVSOE – Vendor Specific Objective Elements for handling material /pass-thruRev-Recs17
  • 17. Quote to Cash – Profitability and Drilldowns18
  • 18. Requisition to Release optimize your resourcesSkill and resource inventoryDemand consolidation across Projects, Pipeline , ForecastSupply Visibility internal & externalMaintain Rate Cards (Standard/ Overtime, by Skill sets, etc.)Real time Resource Disposition viewHiring Plan integrated with Demand GapDemand Supply AnalysisResource and Infrastructure UtilizationBench/Capacity gap analysisResource forecast
  • 19. 21Global payroll engine with support for 48 countriesComprehensive Project Tracking with revenue recognitionVarious Project models Milestone, T&M, Capped T&MBuilt in global tax engineMultiple Currency, Multiple Company & Multiple LocationConfiguration with Global ConsolidationMultiple Rate Cards ConfigurationIntegration with MS-Project/PrimaveraKey differentiators
  • 20. 22That is only a part of the story….Ramco SRP comes with quite sometoo ….MUSICMobile devices enabledUsability enhancedSocial media integratedIntelligent InterfaceContext Aware
  • 21. Always in connect for a Mobile WorkforceEnabled for iPad, SmartphonesAnytime, Anywhere Team/ Project View
  • 22. Always in connect for a Mobile WorkforceEnabled for iPad, SmartphonesAnytime, Anywhere Team/ Project View
  • 23. Always in connect for a Mobile WorkforceEnabled for iPad, SmartphonesAnytime, Anywhere Team/ Project View
  • 24. Always in connect for a Mobile WorkforceEnabled for iPad, SmartphonesAnytime, Anywhere Team/ Project View
  • 25. Always in connect for a Mobile WorkforceEnabled for iPad, SmartphonesAnytime, Anywhere Team/ Project View
  • 26. Always in connect for a Mobile WorkforceEnabled for iPad, SmartphonesAnytime, Anywhere Team/ Project View
  • 27. Usability Advantage - Alerts
  • 28. Usability Advantage – Bookmarks and Organizer
  • 29. Usability Advantage – Custom Wizards
  • 30. Context AwareGeo Location aware Timesheet entryRole /Transaction aware data defaulting32
  • 31. Context AwareGeo Location aware Timesheet entryRole /Transaction aware data defaulting33
  • 32. 34Select Customers
  • 33. Select Case Studies35The Client Part of the HUGHES group of companies, is aleading communications Consulting andSoftware companyThe Challenge Managing multi-currency, multi-locationoperations through multiple disparate systems.Time sheet based billing.The Solution Ramco’s Integrated Professional ServicesSolution including project management,timesheet, finance and HCM.The Outcome Flexible taxation, timesheet integrated withbilling gave an edge and improved their end toend operations.The Client Part of one of the largest staffing companies in the worldThe Challenge To handle multiple divisions with diversified businessprocessThe Solution Ramco’s Integrated Professional Services Solutionincluding staff deployment, Attendance, finance andHCM on CloudThe Outcome Able to manage multiple businesses staffing, recruiting,engineering services with a single solution and flexibleenterprise modeling. Client specific invoice formatsmade their life easy.
  • 34. Select Case Studies36The Client A global software company located in US,SA, ME and IndiaThe Challenge Handling multiple disparate solutions,generating complex billing mechanism.The Solution Ramco’s Integrated Professional ServicesSolution including project management,timesheet, finance and HCM.The Outcome Rate card configurator gave a huge reliefthrough automated billing.Handling multi country and multi currencyreduced the reconciliation efforts drastically.The Client KPMG Singapore (2500+ Employees)The Challenge Their HR Services are Project specific – leave,benefits, and payroll are tuned to the project athandThe Solution The solution (Ramco HCM) was given abehavior layer that could account for projectspecific demands such as authority, eligibility,and accounting.The Outcome KPMG has been using it successfully for 3years and believes that the level of automation/ accuracy has increased.
  • 35. Select Case Studies37The Client Is a part of World’s leading Staffing ServiceproviderThe Challenge Unique business processes, handling over 1500clients invoices and 150,000 associate’s payrollThe Solution Ramco’s Integrated Professional ServicesSolutionThe Outcome Successfully connected all 75 branches acrossIndia Invoice and Payroll run successfully for150,000 employees every month
  • 36. Thank youUnleash full potential ofProfessionalswww.ramco.com