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Government Resource Planning (GRP) for Good Governance - Ramco


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Ramco GRP Suite For local governments:

Ramco GRP Suite is a pre-built solution for Governments, covering a full spectrum of Governance processes including Financial Management, Budgeting Planning & Execution, Debt Management, Project Management & Accounting, Procurement, Human Capital Management, Citizen Services and Analytics. Security and access rights to these processes are based on roles and responsibility of the user.

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  • 1. |© Copyright 2012, Ramco SystemsRamco GRP SuiteFor local governments
  • 2. | 296%have auditobservations16%under-spentBudgetedCAPEXR11 bnunauthorizedexpenditure 13%financialstatementsnot submitted57%Slow responseto AGBaffled by the current scenario?
  • 3. | 3Clean Audit TargetsGRAP 17 and IFRSComplianceIneffective Audit Controlsand Compliance IssuesEfficiencies in ServiceDeliveryBudget Monitoring andPerformanceTrackingHaving sleepless nights?
  • 4. | 4An Integrated Citizen Centric Solution enablingeffective Service DeliveryA Solution that adheres to Municipal FinancialActs and Supply Chain Policy frameworkA Solution that is compliant with regulationssuch as GRAP / GAMAP / IFRSA Solution that enables performancemanagement, monitoring, control andreportingA magic wand to solve your problems?
  • 5. | 5Ramco GRP SuitePerformance ManagementRamco VirtualWorks®HumanResourceManagementEmployeeManagementStaffingAttendanceManagementPlanningCompensation& BenefitsEmployeeDevelopmentBudgetingPlanning &ExecutionGeneralLedgerSupply ChainManagementAccountsPayablesFixed AssetsPurchasingGrants/FundsManagementBank &ReconciliationExchangeRatesConsolidationInventoryBudgeting &AllocationEstimation /PlanningGoodsReceiptInvoicePaymentVoucherPayments CashExpenditureMonitoringJournalVouchersVarianceAnalysisSundryPaymentsSupplier Portal RetirementAssetProposalAssetCapitalizationAssetBudgetingDepreciationProcessingWarehouseManagemente- ProcurementFY / FPClosureAssetInsuranceAssetRevaluationPayrollProcessingVendorManagementAssetManagementProjectManagementProjectPlanningExecutionMonitoring &ControlProjectClosureGRP – Citizen Services
  • 6. | 6GRP – Citizen ServicesReceipting BillingServiceProductDefinitionCustomerRequestsInformal tradeReceiptsManagementRevenueAllocationSolid wasteManagementTariff/Charge adminService ProvisioningCustomerRegistrationLeaseManagementProperties &PODSundryservicesServiceAgreementsRevenueManagementInterface withGLFloatManagementCustomerManagementDebtManagementCreditAuthorityProvisionInformation &AssistanceRatesElectricityBankingBill generationWater &SanitationCustomerProfilingArrearsCollectionPoliciesEnterpriseConfigurationBillingParametersMeters &other devicesDepositsDisconnectionLegalServicesBusinessDevelopmentGRP – Back OfficeRamco VirtualWorks®
  • 7. |Key Achievements- eThekwini Municipality7Revenue Collected through the System since 2005Rates raised through MPRA Compliant System since 2008Billing Bulk Electricity Customers since 2011Computerized Fleet Management since 2005$ 8.9Billion$ 2.4Billion$ 300Million5,500Vehicles
  • 8. |Key Achievements- Ugu District Municipality8Customers being Billed Monthly since 2009Monthly Water Billing through our systemFinancially Unqualified Audit from Auditor General of SA50,000$ 2.4Million2Years
  • 9. |Ethekwini Municipality9The Client Large Metropolitan Municipality in South Africa involved inService Delivery to 3.3 Million Citizens.The Challenge Need for a state of the art Revenue Management Solutionwhich complies to the Statutory regulations and enables toprovide a single window for Service DeliveryThe Solution Comprehensive Revenue Management, Customer Care andConsolidated Billing System for Property Taxes, Electricity,Water, Solid Waste Management etc.,The Outcome The Citizen never has to return back home without payingthe Bills for all the Services received from the Municipality.The Citizen can pay the Bills through multiple modes and inan Offline Mode too.Real time visibility of the Revenues collected from Citizensand Balancing of Cash on a daily basis resulting in theprevention of Fraud.Compliance to statutory regulations such as GRAP /GAMAP and MPRA regulationsUSD 3 Billion is collected and managed annually in the mostefficient and transparent manner.
  • 10. |Ugu District Municipality10The Client A District Municipality in South Africa involved inService Delivery for more than 50,000 Customers.The Challenge Inefficiencies in Service delivery leading to Loss ofsatisfaction of Citizens resulting in significantRevenue leakageThe Solution Comprehensive Revenue Management and WaterBilling Solution providing a unified organizationview of Service delivery to CitizensThe Outcome Significant increase in Revenue Collection throughefficient processes – 5% increase in collectionConsistent Unqualified Audit rating by the AuditorGeneral of South Africa, since three years of goingliveSignificant improvement in Customer Requestscompletion time – 80% improvement possible withmonitoring facilities in application triggeringprocess enhancements from Business
  • 11. |MOFNEStrategic Initiative, IT Transformation Through GRP11The Client A Federal Ministry and an Apex National Governing body forFinancial Planning, Execution & Monitoring of Economy.The Challenge Lack of Unified view of the Economy resulted in ineffectiveutilization of funds across various Ministries and lack ofGovernmental Controls.The Solution Comprises of Finance, Budget Planning & Execution, DebtManagement, Project Management & Accounting, Human CapitalManagement & Payroll, Assets, Procurement & Inventory hasbeen implementedThe Outcome The National Budget for the entire Country was generated from theSystem and presented in the National Assembly of Sudan in 2011.Complex operations are configured through flexible financialstructures to handle 12 Sectors with 48 Sub-sectors across 353Units.Each unit with Finance Book & Bank details, configured with1000+ COFOG / GFS Based Chart of Accounts.Funds management and budgetary allocations for about 460projects are controlled through the system.Monthly average of 1800, Bank / Cash transfers to various units,1100, revenue receipts / deposits from units.Pay-roll for 1750 are effectively run every month
  • 12. |UNRWA12The Client UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and WorksAgency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East)provides assistance, protection and advocacy forsome 5 million registered Palestine refugees in Jordan,Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territoryThe Challenge The UN agency had to comply with International regulatoryrequirements and move to an Automated efficient andtransparent Operations in a War Zone.The Solution Ramco’s ERP Solution covering the Financials and SupplyChain Management, HCM and Payroll, Planning andBudgeting functions have been Implemented complying tothe regulatory and Payroll requirements of 7 Countries for astaff of over 30,000 UN agents.The Outcome UNRWA has completely automated its entire chain ofoperations from a Manual Cash based accounting system toan efficient ERP system complying with Accrual basedAccounting system and has complete visibility of itsOperations in the most efficient and transparent manner in avery challenging Operating environment.
  • 13. |Central Medical Supplies13The Client Central Medical Supplies ( CMS) is a pharmaceuticals,medical supplies and medical equipment WholesalePublic Corporation, which takes care of distribution of itsgoods across SudanThe Challenge To deliver essential drugs to the entire population of Sudanin a timely, secure and cost effective means to thepopulation.The Solution Delivered a Comprehensive Financials and Supply ChainManagement Solution which complies to the regulatoryrequirements and addresses the unique nature of theBusiness.The Outcome Essential drugs of World Class quality are delivered in themost efficient and Cost effective manner.
  • 14. |India Post14The Client India Post is the most widely distributed Postoffice system in the World delivering a range ofservices to India and to the World.The Challenge Inefficient means of Money Transfer betweenindividuals and Organizations.The Solution Instant on-line money transfer service is aninstant, convenient, reliable and affordablesystem rendering world class services to theCitizens and OrganizationsThe Outcome India Posts has generated huge revenues fromthis Service. This Software received the Microsofte-Governance Award in 2006
  • 15. |Brahmos Aerospace15The Client BrahMos Aerospace, a JV between DRDO andNPOM of Russia is involved in the developmentof the supersonic cruise missile, the BRAHMOS.The Challenge Being a green field project, BrahMos wished toImplement a World Class ERP System toaddress their unique requirements and managetheir diverse and strategic operations in themost efficient manner.The Solution Ramco’s ERP is being Implemented atBrahMos to address their unique and strategicrequirements.The Outcome The ERP System is being Implemented in aphased manner with the first set of Functionscurrently being rolled out at BrahMos.
  • 16. | 16Be an early mover to achieveVision Target ofClean Audit!Start Now !
  • 17. |Thank