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Urethral stricture
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Urethral stricture



A complete overview of Urethral Strictures

A complete overview of Urethral Strictures



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    Urethral stricture Urethral stricture Presentation Transcript

    • DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY EDUCATION Production Team Dr Abraham Benjamin - Manager Medical Informatics Mr. Naresh Kumar - Coordinator Medical Informatics Urethral Stricture
    • What is Urethral Stricture ? A urethral stricture is a scar in or around the urethra, which can block the flow of urine, and is a result of inflammation, injury or infection.
    • Anatomy of the Male Reproductive System
    • Who is at risk for Urethral Stricture?  Urethral strictures are more common in men because their urethras are longer than those in women.  Thus men's urethras are more susceptible to disease or injury.  A person is rarely born with urethral strictures and women rarely develop urethral strictures.
    • What are the causes for Urethral Stricture?  Stricture disease may occur anywhere from the bladder to the tip of the penis.  The common causes of stricture are trauma to the urethra and infections such as sexually transmitted diseases and damage from instrumentation.  Trauma such as straddle injuries, direct trauma to the penis and catheterization can result in strictures of the anterior part of the urethra.
    • What are the causes for Urethral Stricture?  In adults, urethral strictures from instrumentation trauma may occur after prostate surgery and urinary catheterization.  In children, urethral strictures most often follow reconstructive surgery for congenital abnormalities of the penis and urethra, cystoscopy and occasionally may be congenital.
    • What are the symptoms of Urethral Stricture ? painful urination. slow urine stream. decreased urine output. spraying of the urine stream. blood in the urine. abdominal pain. urethral discharge. urinary tract infections in men. infertility in men.
    • How is Urethral Stricture Diagnosed ?  Evaluation of patients with urethral stricture includes a physical examination.  Urethral imaging (X-rays or ultrasound).  The retrograde urethrogram is an invaluable test to evaluate and document the stricture and define the stricture recurrence. Combined with antegrade urethrogram, length of the stricture can be determined.
    • How is Urethral Stricture Diagnosed ? Normal Urethrogram Obstructive Urethrogram
    • How is Urethral Stricture Treated?  Treatment options for urethral stricture disease are varied and selection depends upon the length, location and degree of scar tissue associated with the stricture.  The main treatment options include enlarging the stricture by gradual stretching (dilation).
    • How is Urethral Stricture Treated?  Cutting the stricture with a endoscopic equipment (urethrotomy) and surgical repair of the stricture with reconnection and reconstruction called urethroplasty.  Urethral Stents where a biocompatible hollow tube is placed on the inside of the stricture to allow for free passage of urine.
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