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Book Catalogue - Sri am - Ramana Maharsi Book Catalogue - Sri am - Ramana Maharsi Presentation Transcript

  • Sri RamanasramamEnglish Publications Price List 2003
  • Abbreviations CONTENTSTr. -TranslatorCom. - Commentator 1) Works by Sri Ramana Maharshi 1 2) Works by Sri Ramana Maharshi with Commentaries 3Technical Description 3) Biographies: Life and Teachings 5 4) Dialogues and Diaries 6[1999, 1st Ed., PB, Size A, 72 pp., 3712; 81-88018-76 7] 5) Commentaries on Sri Bhagavan’s Teachings 71999 - Year of Publication 6) Compilations of Sri Bhagavan’s Sayings 9 7) Devotees’ Reminiscences 101st Ed - Number of Edition 8) Arunachala 13PB - Paper Back 9) Souvenirs 13HB - Hard Back 10) Works in Praise of Sri Ramana Maharshi 14Size A - Book Size in mm. 11) Ancient Sacred Scriptures 15 12) Diverse Subjects 17 Size A 140 X 220 13) Video Cassettes and VCDs 18 Size B 120 X 180 Size C 215 X 295 14) Multimedia CD 19 Size D 185 X 245 15) Audio Cassette 19 Size E 90 X 120 16) Photographs 19 Size F 225 X 185 Size G 105 X 140 17) Terms and Conditions 20 Size H 165 X 10072 pp. - Number of Pages3712 - Internal Stock Number81-88018-76 7 - International Standard Book Number
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 WORKS BY SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI Self Enquiry (Vichara Sangraham) of Atma Sakshatkara Prakaranam — Sarva Jnanottaram $ 5.00 Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi $ 2.00 Translation from a portion of the Sanskrit Saiva Agamas where spiritual instruction is imparted by Lord Siva Himself to Lord Subramanya. Tr. Dr T.M.P. Mahadevan An English rendering of Ghambiram Seshayya’s questions and Includes Sri Bhagavan’s original handwriting in Sanskrit, transliteration Maharshi’s answers in the period 1900-1902. of Sanskrit and Tamil text and translation in Tamil and English. The [2003, 13th Ed. PB, Size A, 33 pp., 1043; 81-88018-55-4] Tamil verse translation is by Sri Bhagavan. [1999, 1st Ed., PB, Size A, 72 pp., 3712; 81-88018-76-7] Song Celestial (The) $ 2.00 Collected Works of Sri Ramana Maharshi (The) Forty-two verses selected by Bhagavan from The Bhagavad Gita $12.00 on jnana marga. Sanskrit text with English translation. All His prose, verse, translations and adaptations with introductions [1995, 7th Ed. PB, Size B, 31 pp., 1063; 81-88018-70-8] by Arthur Osborne, Prof K. Swaminathan and Dr H. Ramamurthy. [2002, 8th Ed., PB, Size A, 310 pp., 1008; 81-88018-06-6] Spiritual Instructions of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi $ 2.00 Five Hymns to Sri Arunachala $ 1.00 Tr. Viswanatha Swami An English rendering of Upadesa Manjari which were Tr. Viswanatha Swami questions of Sadhu Natanananda and Maharshi’s answe$ An English rendering of the five verses dedicated to Arunachala [1997, 9th Ed. PB, Size B, 29 pp., 1096; 81-88018-92-9] by Bhagavan. [1999, 7th Ed., PB, Size A, 28 pp., 1014; 81-88018-53-8] Sri Dakshinamurti Stotram, Atmabodha, Gurustuti, Hymns to Sri Arunachala and Upadesha Saram $ 2.00 Hastamalakam $ 5.00 Includes Devanagari text. Contains works by Adi Sankara. Original Sanskrit text, English [1992, PB, Size B, 36 pp, 1021; 81-88018-87-2] transliteration and translation and Tamil verse translation of Maharshi. [1998, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 124 pp., 3704; 81-88018-77-5] Jewel Garland of Enquiry (Vichara Mani Malai) $ 2.00 Compilation by Bhagavan of Vichara Sagaram from original Hindi Sri Devikalottara (Jnanachara Vichara Patala) $ 5.00 by Mahatma Nischaladas. This is a portion of the Upa Agamas emphasising Advaita. Contains [1996, 3rd Ed., PB, Size B, 24 pp., 1022; 81-88018-88-0] Sanskrit text, English transliteration and translation and Tamil verse translation of Maharshi. [1998, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 91 pp., 3706; 81-88018-78-3] Poems of Sri Ramana Maharshi (The) $ 2.00 Tr. Sadhu Arunachala (Major A.W. Chadwick) Includes Upadesa Saram, Ulladu Narpadu, Atma Vidya, Five Verses Truth Revealed (Sad Vidya) $2.00 on the Self and other smaller works of Sri Ramana. English version of Forty Verses on Reality and Supplement, including [1996, 4th Ed. PB, Size B. 48 pp., 1032; 81-88018-72-4] a synopsis. [1998, 8th Ed. PB, Size B, 29 pp., 1079; 81-88018-73-2]1 e-mail: 2
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 Who Am I? $ 1.00 Ramana Maharshi - Forty Verses $ 2.00 An English rendering of the 28 questions of Sivaprakasam Pillai to Tr. and Com. by S. S. Cohen Bhagavan and his answer. The primary teaching of Bhagavan. Includes a synopsis and commentary on Ulladu Narpadu. [2002, 17th Ed, PB, Size A, 16 pp., 1035; 81-88225-04-X] [1992, 1st Ed, PB, Size B, 46 pp., 1077; 81-88018-47-3] Words of Grace $ 2.00 Ramana Maharshi and His Philosophy of Existence $ 8.00 An English rendering in prose form of Who Am I, Self-Enquiry T.M.P. Mahadevan and Spiritual Instruction in the original question-answer form. Extensive introduction and commentary on Ulladu Narpadu. Includes [1996, 3rd Ed. PB, Size B, 68 pp., 1083; 81-88018-03-1] transliteration in English of the Forty Verses and the Supplement. WORKS BY BHAGAVAN WITH COMMENTARIES [1999, 3rd Ed. PB, Size A, 137 pp., 1100; 81-88018-27-9] Arunachala Siva $ 5.00 Revelation $ 2.00 Tr. and Com. Dr T. M. P. Mahadevan K. Lakshmana Sarma An extensive commentary on the Bridal Garland of Letters and Sanskrit text of Forty Verses on Reality and Supplement as well as Five Gems on Arunachala a brief commentary. [2000, 3rd Ed. PB, Size A, 103 pp., 1068; 81-88018-51-1] [1991, 3rd Ed. PB, Size B, 56 pp., 1040; 81-88018-74-0] The Cardinal Teachings of the Maharshi Sat Darshana Bhashya (and Talks with Maharshi with (Sri Arunachala Pancharatna Darpanam) $ 2.00 Forty Verses in Praise of Sri Ramana) $ 3.00 Com. by Kapali Sastri; Tr. by S. Sankaranarayanan Tr. and Com. by Kapali Sastri Includes Sanskrit text and extensive explanations of terms. An extensive commentary on Bhagavan’s Forty verses on Reality which [1999, 3rd Ed. PB, Size A, 13 pp., 1064; 81-88018-54-6] was translated into Sanskrit by Ganapati Muni as Sad Darshanam, with Sanskrit text and Tamil translation. It also contains Sanskrit verses Five Hymns to Arunachala & and English translation of Forty Verses in Praise of Sri Ramana. other Poems of Sri Ramana Maharshi $ 5.00 [1993, 8th Ed. PB, Size B, 132 pp., 1042; 81-88018-69-4] Tr. and Com. by K. Swaminathan and Tamil translation by Mahalakshmi Suryanandan. Includes text in Tamil. Sri Maharshi’s Way: A Translation and Commentary on [2001, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 189 pp., 1095; 81-88225-00-2] Upadesa Saram $ 2.00 D.M. Sastri Quintessence of Wisdom (The) $ 2.00 Com. by Justice M Anantanarayanan Contains Sanskrit text, transliteration and translation into English as An extensive personal commentary on Bhagavan’s Upadesa Saram. well as extensive footnotes. [1997, 3rd Ed. PB, Size B, 49 pp., 1054; 81-88018-34-1] [1999, 2nd Ed. PB, Size A, 56 pp., 1036; 81-88018-93-7]3 e-mail: 4
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 Upadesa Saram (Upadesa Undiyar) of Sri Ramana Maharshi $ 2.00 Self Realization $12.00 Tr. and Com. B. V. Narasimha Swami B.V. Narasimha Swami Includes summary and verse by verse commentary with Tamil text. [1931 (2000), 1st Ed. HB, Size A, 304 pp., 1046; 81-88018-21-X] [1999, 2nd Ed. RP, PB, Size B, 84 pp., 1080; 81-88018-22-0] Sri Maharshi (A Short Life-Sketch) $ 3.00 BIOGRAPHIES: LIFE AND TEACHINGS Edited by M.S. Kamath A profusely illustrated biography of Sri Ramana. Bhagavan Ramana $ 1.00 [2001, 8th Ed. PB, Size D, 60 pp., 1048; 1-88018-33-3] Dr T. M. P. Mahadevan A brief biography of Sri Ramana. Sri Ramana, The Sage of Arunagiri $ 2.00 [2002, 4th Ed. PB, Size A, 26 pp., 1006; 81-88018-83-X] Aksharajna A short sketch of Sri Ramana’s life Bhagavan Sri Ramana - A Pictorial Biography $25.00 [1984, 4th Ed. PB, Size B, 91 pp., 1051; 81-88018-94-5] Edited by Joan & Matthew Greenblatt A beatifully illustrated biography with a wide range of colour and DIALOGUES AND DIARIES black and white photographs. [2001, 5th Ed. HB, Size C, 108 pp., 1005; 81-88018-01-5] Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi $20.00 Munagala S. Venkataramiah (Swami Ramanananda Saraswati) Last Days & Maha Nirvana of Bhagavan Sri Ramana (The) $ 2.00 An extensive diary of dialogues with Sri Ramana covering the period Viswanatha Swami; Arthur Osborne; T.N. Krishnaswamy 1935 to 1939. A short work describing this phase of Sri Ramana’s life. [2000, 11th Ed. HB, Size A, 683 pp., 1057;81-88018-07-4] [1997, RP, PB, Size B, 29 pp., 1087; 81-88018-65-1] Day by Day with Bhagavan $10.00 Ramana-Arunachala $ 2.00 A. Devaraja Mudaliar, Arthur Osborne One of the principal diaries of dialogues with Sri Ramana covering A brief thematic account of Bhagavan’s life and teachings. the period 1942 to 1946. [1997, 7th Ed, PB, Size B, 71 pp., 1033; 81-88018-90-2] [2002, 6th Ed. HB, Size A, 402 pp., 1013;81-88018-82-1] Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge $10.00 Letters from Sri Ramanasramam $15.00 Arthur Osborne Suri Nagamma (Tr. by D.S. Sastri) An excellent biography of Sri Ramana including detailed accounts of 241 letters written by the author to her brother describing life at his life on Arunachala,at the Ashram and includes accounts of his works. Ramanasramam from Nov. 1945 to April 1950. [2002, 2nd Ed. PB, Size A, 253 pp., 1052; 81-88018-11-2] [1995, 4th Ed. HB, Size A, 481 pp., 1024;81-88018-10-4]5 e-mail: 6
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 Letters from and Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam $ 3.00 Maha Yoga $11.00 Suri Nagamma (Tr. by D.S. Sastri) “WHO” (K. Lakshmana Sarma) 31 letters from 1947 to 1949. A philiosophical exposition dealing with topics such as “ignorance, [1992, 2nd Ed. PB, Size B, 191 pp., 1031;81-88018-39-2] the soul, the quest, the sage, etc.” [2002, 10th Ed. PB, Size A, 281 pp., 1027;81-88018-20-1] Maharshi’s Gospel: The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi $ 3.00 An important recording of dialogues with Sri Ramana covering topics Maharshi and His Message (The) $ 2.00 such as work and renunciation, silence and solitude, Self-realization,etc. Paul Brunton [2002, 13th Ed. PB, Size A, 78 pp., 1025;81-88018-02-3] Three chapters on the author’s visit to Sri Ramanasramam from his book “A Search in Secret India”. COMMENTARIES ON SRI BHAGAVAN’S TEACHINGS: [2002, 13th Ed. PB, Size A, 77 pp.,1043; 81-88225-50-9] Crumbs from His Table $ 2.00 Reflections on Talks with Ramana Maharshi $ 5.00 Ramanananda Swarnagiri S.S. Cohen A short volume of dialogues with the Maharshi. Comments on a number of recorded dialogues from “Talks” [1995, 6th Ed. PB, Size B, 52 pp.,1012; 81-88018-84-8] [1990, 4th Ed. HB, Size B, 193 pp.,1038; 81-88018-38-4] Garland of Guru’s Sayings (The) - Guru Vachaka Kovai $ 8.00 Sri Ramana The Self-Supreme $ 8.00 $ 8.00 K. Swaminathan Muruganar (Tr. by K. Swaminathan) A series of essays on Sri Ramana’s teachings, including editorials 1254 Verses dealing with Sri Ramana’s teachings. in “The Mountain Path”. [1996, 2nd Ed. PB, Size A, 252 pp., 1056;81-88018-36-0] [1997, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 132 pp.,1082; 81-88018-28-7] Guru Ramana $ 7.00 Sri Ramana Darsanam $ 8.00 S.S. Cohen Sadhu Natananada (Ed. by David Godman) A work including short dialogues with Bhagavan and sections on A newly published work by one of Sri Ramana’s staunch devotees. karma, ego, maya, meditation, nirvana, the jnani,etc. [2002,1st Ed. PB, Size A,146 pp.,1106;81-88225-63-0] [1998,7th Ed. PB,Size A, 146 pp.,1018; 81-88225-22-3] Sri Ramana Gita $ 5.00 Hunting the ‘I’ $ 5.00 Kavykantha Ganapati Muni. (Tr. by Viswanatha Swami & Prof K. Swaminathan) Lucy Cornelssen Text, including the Sanskrit original, of this famous work by Bhagavan’s A well-written account of Sri Ramana’s technique of Self-enquiry staunch devotee and foremost Sanskrit scholar. [2003, 5th Ed. PB, Size A, 98 pp.,1020; 81-88018-25-2] [1998, 8th Ed. PB, Size A, 100 pp.,1050; 81-88018-18-X]7 e-mail: 8
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 Sri Ramana Gita (Commentary by T. V. Kapali Sastri) $10.00 DEVOTEES’ REMINISCENCES Tr. by S. Sankaranarayanan Written in 1941 at Aurobindo Ashram. Includes text in Sanskrit. At the Feet of Bhagavan $ 3.00 [1998,8th Ed. PB, Size A, 497 pp., 1019; 81-88018-17-1] T.K. Sundaresa Iyer (Ed. by Duncan Greenlees) An account by this staunch devotee and scholar of his The Technique of Maha Yoga $ 2.00 experiences with Bhagavan. N.R. Narayana Iyer [2000, 3rd Ed. PB, Size B, 99 pp., 1002;81-88018-95-3] A personal view of Sri Ramana’s teachings. [1996, 1st Ed. PB, Size B, 66 pp.,1053; 81-88225-23-1] Bhagavan and Nayana $ 5.00 S. Sankaranarayanan Guru Ramana Vachana-Mala $ 2.00 Many aspects of Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni’s relationship with Lakshmana Sarma (“WHO”) Bhagavan are covered in this book. 349 verses on Sri Ramana’s teachings, including themes as [1997, 2nd Ed. PB, Size B, 155 pp., 1007;81-88018-71-6] desirelessness, the three states, inferential knowledge, etc. [1998, 5th Ed., PB, Size B, 72 pp.,1059; 81-88225-22-3] Bloom of Inner Glory (The) $ 3.00 N.N. Rajan COMPILATIONS OF SRI BHAGAVAN’S SAYINGS A short work dealing with prayer, devotion, method of attaining emancipation, etc. Gems from Bhagavan $ 2.00 [1997, 4th Ed. PB, Size B, 107 pp., 1095; 81-88018-46-5] A. Devaraja Mudaliar A short series of Bhagavan’s sayings on happiness, mind, renunciation, etc. $ 6.00 [2003, 7th Ed. PB, Size A, 49 pp., 1016;81-88018-05-8] Cherished Memories Kanakammal (Tr. Lalitha Keerthivasan) A simple but detailed account of life at the ashram with Bhagavan Thus Spake Ramana $ 2.00 [2001, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, pp, 1045;S81-88225-21-5] Swami Rajeswarananda Pocket sized edition of 125 sayings of Sri Ramana covering his teachings. $ 2.00 [2002, 9th Ed. PB, Size E, 83 pp., 1072;81-88018-68-6] Cow Lakshmi (The) A. Devaraja Mudaliar A short essay describing a very special “Ashram inmate”. Teachings of Ramana Maharshi In His Own Words $ 8.00 [1995, PB, Size B, 15 pp.,1010; 81-88018-97-X] Edited by Arthur Osborne An extensive compilation of Bhagavan’s teachings covering a wide range of Fragrant Petals $ 6.00 subjects including theory, practice, the guru, Self-Enquiry, the goal, etc. [2002, 8th Ed. PB, Size A, 211 pp., 1062;81-88018-15-5] An anthology of short articles by a number of Bhagavan’s devotees. [2000, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 173 pp.,1103;81-88018-52-X]9 e-mail: 10
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 Glimpses of the Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana $ 2.00 My Life at Sri Ramanasramam $ 3.00 Frank H. Humphreys Suri Nagamma A short work by Bhagavan’s first foreign devotee. An interesting and moving description of life at Ramanasramam. [1999, 4th Ed. PB, Size A, 32 pp., 1017; 81-88018-86-4] [1993, 2nd Ed. PB, Size B, 152 pp.,1030 81-88018-48-1] The Guiding Presence of Sri Ramana $ 3.00 My Recollections of Bhagavan Sri Ramana $ 3.00 K.K. Nambiar A. Devaraja Mudaliar An ardent devotee’s recollections of Sri Ramana and a detailed A delightful and moving personal account of the author’s experiences description of the last days of Bhagavan’s illness and Maha Nirvana with Sri Ramana. [1997, 1st Ed. RP, PB, Size B, 73 pp., 1099; 81-88018-49-X] [1992, 2nd Ed., PB, Size B, 160 pp., 1090;81-88018-66-X] In Days of Great Peace (The Highest Yoga as Lived) $ 7.00 My Reminiscences $ 5.00 Mouni Sadhu N. Balarama Reddy An extensive account of meetings and experiences with Sri Ramana Reminiscences of Bhagavan from a long time resident of Ramanasramam by a Polish devotee. [1996, 1st Ed. PB, Size B, 121 pp., 1094; 81-88018-89-9] [2001, 3rd Ed. PB, Size A, 223 pp., 1028;81-88018-00-7] Reminiscences $ 3.00 The Maharshi $ 3.00 Kunju Swami T.V. Kapali Sastri An important document by one of Bhagavan’s closest devotees recording A series of articles on Sri Ramana’s teachings his experiences from 1920 onwards, [1996, 2nd Ed. PB, Size B, 96 pp.,1067; 81-88018-50-3] [1992, 1st Ed. PB, Size B, 199 pp., 1078;81-88018-99-6] Moments Remembered $ 8.00 A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi $ 2.00 V. Ganesan Sadhu Arunachala (A. W. Chadwick) A series of anecdotal accounts of life with Bhagavan by various devotees. A well written account of life at the Ashram and about Sri Ramana by [1994, 2nd Ed. PB, Size F, 134 pp.,1029; 81-88018-43-0] one of Bhagavan’s most well-known Western devotee. [1994, 5th Ed. PB, Size B, 110 pp., 1001;81-88018-37-6] My Life and Quest $ 6.00 Arthur Osborne The Silent Power $ 6.00 A recently discovered autobiography of one of Bhagavan’s most A series of articles from Mountain Path and Call Divine on Sri Ramana well-known foreign devotee. and his teachings. [2001,1st Ed.PB, Size A,217 p. 1061;81-88225-20-7] [2002,1st Ed., PB, Size A, 229pp., 1009; 81-88225-49-5] .11 e-mail: 12
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 Sri Ramana Reminiscences $ 3.00 Golden Jubliee Souvenir (1896-1946) $12.00 G.V. Subbaramayya A series of articles by distinguished persons including S. Radakrishnan, Detailed account of this staunch devotee’s experiences with Bhagavan C.G. Jung, Dilip Kumar Roy, Harindranath Chattopadhyaya, etc. [1994, 1st Ed. RP, PB, Size B, 224 pp., 1049; 81-88018-67-8] Published on the occasion of the 50th year of Bhagavan’s Advent at Arunachala Surpassing Love and Grace $ 7.00 [1995, 3rd Ed. HB, Size A, 494 pp.,1091; 81-88018-23-6] A series of articles from The Mountain Path and Call Divine. [2001, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 300 pp., 1081;81-88018-60-0] Ramana Smrti (Birth Centenary Offering - 1980) $ 8.00 A series of interesting essays and and moving reminiscences by ARUNACHALA close devotees of Sri Ramana [1999, 2nd Ed. PB, Size A, 228 pp., 1101;81-88018-98-8] Arunachala Holy Hill $ 8.00 Skandananda (R. Henninger) Sri Atulyanateswarar Temple (Arakandanallur) A detailed account of temples and monuments around Arunachala, including a map. Kumbhabhishekam Souvenir $ 3.00 [1995,1st Ed. PB, Size A, 79 pp., 1088;81-88018-32-5] Extensive description of the temple, holy shrines in the vicinity, stories of saints who visited the Shrine etc. This was the temple in which Glory of Arunachala, (The) $ 7.00 Bhagavan stayed for a few hours during his journey to Tiruvannamalai Tr. by M.C. Subramanian in 1896 and where he had a vision of the Light. Contents from various Puranas describing Arunachala and its glory. [2003, 1st Ed., PB, Size A, 118 pp., 1109; 81-88225-82-7] [1999, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 202 pp., 1003.1098;81-88018-31-7] WORKS IN PRAISE OF SRI RAMANA Ramana’s Arunachala — Ocean of Grace Divine $ 7.00 With beautiful illustrations this book presents many aspects of 108 Names of Bhagavan (Ramana Ashtothra) $ 2.00 Arunachala, its legends, festivals, the main Temple complex, Saints Viswanatha Swami, who have lived here, etc. Chanted daily at all pujas performed at Bhagavan’s Samadhi. Includes [2000, 3rd Ed. PB, Size A, 167 pp., 1041;81-88018-14-7] English translation and transliteration, commentary and Sanskrit text. [1997, 2nd Ed., PB, Size B, 41 pp., 1065. 81-88018-96-1] SOUVENIRS Sri Ramanasuprabhatam and Sri Ramana Lahari $ 4.00 Centenary Souvenir Commemorating the Advent of Swami Shantananda and Narendra Kesari Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi at Arunachala $ 8.00 Includes Sanskrit, English transliteration and translation and A series of essays by distinguished devotees on Bhagavan. Tamil translation [1996, 1st Ed. HB, Size D , 252 pp., 1093;81-88018-24-4] [1998, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 88 pp., 3705. 81-88018-79-1]13 e-mail: 14
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 Forty Verses in Praise of Sri Ramana $ 2.00 Ashtavakra Gita (Archival Special Edition) $ 7.00 Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni Tr. by Swami Nityaswarupananda This edition contains the Tamil and English translations, with Teachings imparted by the Sage Ashtavakra to King Janaka. The facsimile transliterations, as well as the original Sanskrit text. It is a work of edition is a copy of the book presented to Bhagavan by the Maharaja of praise and is chanted at Bhagavan’s samadhi every morning. Mysore in 1932. It contains Bhagavan’s handwriting of the Sanskrit text, [1999, 2nd Ed.,PB,Size B, 48 pp.,3713; 81-88225-81-9] Kannada text and English translation. [2001, 1st Ed. PB , Size H, 298 pp.,1037; 81-88018-57-0] Homage to the Presence of Sri Ramana (Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai) $ 8.00 Essence of Ribhu Gita (The) $ 2.00 Muruganar (Tr. by K. Swaminathan) Tr. by N.R. Krishnaoorthy Aiyer Verses in adoration of Bhagavan by one of his staunch devotees who Part of the Sanskrit work Siva Rahasya, it is the teaching of was a great Tamil poet. Lord Siva to his devotee Ribhu and is highly Advaitic. This edition [1994, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 176 pp., 1089; 81-88018-58-9] contains 122 verses. [2002, 4th Ed, PB, Size A,23 pp., 1071;81-88018-81-3] Sri Ramana Stuti-Panchakam (Five Hymns to Sri Ramana) $ 2.00 Satyamangalam Venkataramayyar (Tr. by Munagala Venkataramiah) Kaivalya Navaneeta (The Cream of Emancipation) $ 2.00 Five beautiful songs in praise of Sri Ramana that have become Tandavaraya Swami ( Swami Ramanananda Saraswathi) favourites with devotees, especially, “Ramana Sad Guru”. A text often referred to by Bhagavan as a valuable classic on [2001, 2nd Ed. PB, Size A, 16 pp., 1047; 81-88225-80-0] Advaita Vedanta. [1997, 5th Ed. PB, Size B, 72 pp.,1023; 81-88018-44-9] ANCIENT SACRED SCRIPTURES Periapuranam - The lives of the Sixty-Three Saivite Saints $ 9.00 Advaita Bodha Dipika (The Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge) $ 2.00 Saint Sekkizhar (Tr. by R. Rangachari) Swami Ramanananda Saraswathi In 1895, Sri Ramana read this work and was affected deeply by the An Advaitic text including commentries on sadhana, sravana, manana description of the lives of these saints. and manonasa. [1997, 2nd Ed. PB, Size B, 308 pp.,1075; 81-88018-63-5] [2002, 4th Ed., PB, Size A, 110 pp., 1003;81-88018-61-9] Sivabhaktavilasam (As narrated by Sage Upamanyu) $12.00 All is One $ 2.00 Tr. Lingeswara Rao Vaiyai R. Subramaniam A Sanskrit text in Skanda Upapuranam, relating the stories of A short work giving guidance on unity, God, peace, ego, action. Lord Siva’s devotees known as Nayanma$ [2001, 3rd Ed., PB, Size G, 44 pp., 1092;81-88018-40-6] [2002, 1st Ed. PB, Size A, 459 pp., 1104; 81-88225-61-4]15 e-mail: 16
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 Srimad Bhagavata $ 7.00 Spiritual Stories (as told by Ramana Maharshi) $ 5.00 Condensed by S.S.Cohen Edited by Joan Greenblatt An account of the Lord’s life as the avatar Sri Krishna, Moving stories about devotees of the Lord narrated by Bhagavan to his [1993, 3rd Ed. PB, Size A, 316 pp., 1076;81-88018-30-9] devotees during conversations. [2003,7th Ed.,PB, Size A,139 p.,1058;81-88018-35-X] Tripura Rahasya - The Mystery beyond the Trinity $ 8.00 Tr. by Swami Sri Ramanananda Saraswathi An original, ancient Sanskrit text of the teaching of Sri Dattatreya, Other Items Available Lord of Avadhutas to Parasurama [1994, 5th Ed. RP, PB, Size B, 258 pp., 1074. 81-88018-29-5] Video Cassettes and Video-CD’s Vedaparayana at Sri Ramanasramam (The) 1) Archival Films VCD $10.00 .... VHS $30.00 $ 2.00 A collection of vintage films shot between 1935 and 1950 by various The English text of various sacred texts chanted at Bhagavan’s Samadhi. [1999, 3rd Ed. PB, Size A, 78 pp., 1069. 81-88018-75-9] devotees featuring Ramana Maharshi and his life at Sri Ramanasramam, the Arunachala temple and the landscape of Tiruvannamalai of those $ 1.00 times. Digitally restored, these are the only films that feature one of the Yoga Vasishta Sara greatest sages that walked this earth in flesh and blood. Tr. Swami Sureshananda, 230 couplets from the great work including themes on dispassion, reality of the world, dissolution of the mind etc. 2) The Eternal Light VCD $10.00 .... VHS $30.00 [1999, 5th Ed. RP, PB, Size B, 29 pp., 81-88018-45-7] A professionally produced video that chronicles the life of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Contains rare, live footage and rare hitherto unpublished DIVERSE SUBJECTS photographs. A concise and absorbing presentation of the saga of one of the greatest Sages mankind has ever known. Be Still, It is the Wind That Sings $ 8.00 Arthur Osborne 3) The Sage of Arunachala VCD $10.00 .... VHS $30.00 A series of articles mainly from The Mountain Path, dealing with A video on the life and teachings of Ramana Maharshi. Contains live a wide range of subjects, including Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, etc. footage from the “Archival Films” and footage of the Maharshi’s home, [2000.,1st Ed, PB, Size A,475p.,1060;81-88018-26-0] school, the various places he stayed in Tiruvannamalai and interviews with many of his devotees. Buddhism and Christianity in the Light of Hinduism $ 7.00 Arthur Osborne 4) Guru Ramana VCD $10.00 .... VHS $30.00 An interesting work on comparative religion. A video that contains interviews with old devotees who had the great [1996,2nd Ed.,PB, Size B,218 p.,1055;81-88018-26-0] fortune of living with the Master. They share their thrilling experiences with us.17 e-mail: 18
  • SRI RAMANASRAMAM TIRUVANNAMALAI - 606 603 5) Arunachala Giripradakshina VCD $10.00 .... VHS $30.00 TERMS AND CONDITIONS This video takes us on a circumambulation of the holy Arunachala hill. This circumambulation is considered to be one of the most potent 1. Prices are subject to change. spiritual practices. Various facets of Arunachala unfold before our eyes, providing not only visual feast but a sublime and blissful experience 2. Prices are inclusive of Registered Postage/Packing and Forwarding charges. too. The group chanting of Ramana Maharshi’s immortal poem 3. Full payment in advance is required for sending books. ‘Aksharamanamalai’ provides a perfect, sublime background to the holy circumambulation. 4. All payments are to be made in favour of“ Sri Ramanasramam Book Depot”, payable at Tiruvannamalai, by I.M.O. or Bank Draft. OTHER CD’S 5. Books will be sent by Airmail Registered Book Post. Arunachala Ramana - A Pilgrimage to One of India’s Most Sacred Places $15.00 A comprehensive CD of more than 1350 pages with 1400 specially prepared photographs of Ramana Maharshi, Ramanasramam, the Enquiries should be addressed to: Arunachala hill, the temple and other shrines, a Giripradakshina map, video previews, audio files and much more. Sri Ramanasramam Book Depot, AUDIO CASSETTES Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai - 606 603. Ashram Tamil Parayanam TAMIL NADU SOUTH INDIA Single Cassette: $ 4.00 A set of 6 cassettes: $30.00 e-mail : website : http// A group of devotees has rendered the Parayanam of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s poetic works, his translations of Advaitic works and other songs in praise of him which are chanted from Monday to Saturday at Ramanasramam. Contains six cassettes. A free book containing the Tamil text or English transliteration of these works is also issued. Photographs Photos of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi in various poses and sizes, both in colour and black & white are available. Prices will be furnished on request for the various sizes.19 e-mail: 20