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Tongue article final

  1. 1. 1Talking TonguesBy Naturopath Caroline Robertson  Is your tongue trying to tell you volumes about your mind-bodysomething? Hear its health state,” Rama explained, “Itʼs amessage by looking in the holographic map of every aspect ofmirror. you. Once you learn to identify the markers its very easy to read.”Sarah stuck her tongue out. Chinese doctor Charles Chow“Mmm,” Rama responded coolly, agrees, “A tongue reading is much“Thereʼs stiffness in the right hip, simpler than pulse diagnosis. Thegas, cold feet and depression.” patient can also see where theSarahʼs jaw dropped at Ayurvedic problem is and monitor changesdoctor Rama Prasadʼs accuracy. themselves.” Tongue diagnosis canWithout saying a word, Sarahʼs be taught in a weekend though ittongue had told Rama where the takes time and practice to master.problem was. “The tongue doesnʼt lie,” setting tongues waggingexplains Rama, who has been Tongue analysis is an ancientexamining tongues for decades, diagnostic skill recorded infinding they clearly reflect oneʼs traditional health scienceshealth and habits. Sarah was worldwide. In Ayurveda itʼs knownsceptical at first, knowing nothing as Jihwa Pareeksha, in Japanese -about Ayurvedic Medicine, but she Zetsu Shin and Chinese call it Sheadhered to Ramaʼs advise after his Zhen. The tongues colours,impressive observations. “Following contours and coating all reflect ourthe dietary, lifestyle and herbal general health and specific problemadvice for a fortnight my symptoms areas. In conjunction withimproved and I also noticed conventional diagnostic tests,changes on my tongue,” Sarah tongue analysis can give us a clearsaid. picture of the condition of organs When an orthodox doctor and systems, often revealing theprobes our tongue theyʼre looking at cause of a condition presenting asobvious problems with the mouth or a confusing collection of symptoms.tonsils. But when you stick your Chris, a chronic fatiguetongue out at a Chinese or patient of Rama Prasad foundAyurvedic doctor you reveal a lot tongue diagnosis directed hismore than just the state of your recovery route. “Before Ramathroat. “Your tongue speaks identified my spleen weakness IWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  2. 2. 2Talking TonguesBy Naturopath Caroline Robertson  was trying everything without much The tongue is also known asimprovement. Iʼm 80% better now the “sprout of the heart” as it isthat I know the triggers to avoid and directly connected to the heart.ways to strengthen the spleen.” Eighteenth Century doctors would After a landmark study in routinely inspect the tongue in feverChina revealing significant tongue patients to see how the heart waschanges in 12,000 cancer patients1, holding up.US researchers led by Dr. RobertSchoen, director of Gastrointestinal a healthy tongueCancer Prevention at the University Before assessing your tongue itof Pittsburgh Cancer Institute are helps to know what a healthyrecording computerised images of tongue looks like. Likened to a littlepatientʼs tongues to note any kittenʼs tongue, it is uniformly pink,correlation between cancer and similar to a skinned chicken. It istongue signs. Dr Schoen explains oval in shape, neither too thick northe rationale behind this, "The too thin and has an even width.tongue is one of the first parts of the When sticking out its naturallygastro-intestinal tract thats visible." straight rather than veering to one According to ancient Indian side. The tongue of a healthyand Chinese medicine all the person will remain still and strong,bodyʼs meridians connect to the not quivering, flaccid or stiff. Atongue just as they connect to the healthy tongue has a thinfeet, hands and ears. Because of transparent or white coating. It hasits proximity, digestive disorders are small red dots and is free from redparticularly obvious from tongue patches, deep cuts and denudedanalysis. Do you recall the last time patches. It is neither too dry nor tooyou fasted or had the flu and your wet and it doesnʼt emit a bad odourtongue got a cheesy coating? This or taste. Rama Prasad explains theis the body eliminating toxins significance if your tongue looks likethrough the tongue, evident to a a world map, “Some people havesmall degree by the furry morning genetic geographic tongues whichtongue. “Periodic purification, a also indicate certain constitutionalpure diet and daily use of a tongue strengths and weaknesses.”scraper helps to clear digestivetoxins accumulated on the tongue,”suggests Rama Prasad.Web: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  3. 3. 3Talking TonguesBy Naturopath Caroline Robertson  just say aahh… Very red- Inflammation, acidity,The traditional Tibetan greeting of heat or high blood pressuresticking your tongue out evolved Surfacebecause they knew how to analyse Thick white coating- Toxins in thea person through their tongue. They respective organs/systems, whichalso kept their tongue firmly in may include Candida albicans andcheek to hide their deeper secrets. mucus. Decipher your tongue talk by Thick yellow coating- Chronicanalysing its alignment, colour, heat, congested liver or gallsurface and shape. Remember that bladder. This may also be drugthe colour can be affected by, tea, drugs, cigarettes or Cracks- Connective tissue in thiscoloured food. Itʼs best to look at area is weak and undernourishedthe tongue in natural light and in the and hence tight.morning before eating or drinking. Red Patches- Inflammation orPoke your tongue out in a relaxed acidity in this arearather than a forceful way so you Denuded patches- Depleteddonʼt distort its shape. Pop your energy in this areatongue back in every thirty seconds Raised areas- Tension andto stop it from dehydrating or blockages in this area causingchanging colour. probable pain.Alignment ShapeVeers to one side when sticking Indents around edges –out- Tension on that side of the Malabsorption of nutrients oftenbody seen in malnourished people withColour digestive disorders.Pale- Anaemia, low blood pressure, Thick tongue – Fluid retention orcoldness or poor circulation and lymphatic congestiongeneral depletion. Thin tongue – Dehydration,Yellow- Excess bile in liver or gall depletion and fatiguebladder Pointed Tip – Muscle tension andBlue- Heart problems or blood inflexibilitystagnation (also present in healthy Forked Tip – Indecisive and rapidlypregnant women) changeable moodsWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  4. 4. 4Talking TonguesBy Naturopath Caroline Robertson  Movement observation of cancerQuivering or flaccid- Low energy patients tongues.and weak nervous systemStiff- Mental and physical tension Optional quote to addEmotional issues “While thou livest keep a goodThese are evident through changes tongue in thy head” - Williamin the related organʼs zone. ShakespeareAnger- Liver regionGrief - Lung regionWorry - Spleen regionFear- Kidney regionDepression- White coating overcolon region or black discolorationon the tip.tongue town mapNote any areas displaying adifferent colour, texture orthickness.(See attached picture)Ayurvedic doctor Rama Prasadpractices and teaches tonguediagnosis at Ayurveda Elements,Sydney and, (02)9904 7754Chinese doctor Charles Chowconsults patients at GinsengChinese Medicine Centre,Chatswood, (02) 9419 7131 1. Journal of Oncology (Chinese) 1987;7(3). 12,448 cases of the clinicalWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426