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Divine delivery


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Ayurveda Certificate Courses. Ayurveda Consultations. Ayurveda Health Resorts. Ayurveda Tours. Ayurveda Lecturers. Www.AyurvedaElements.Com

Ayurveda Certificate Courses. Ayurveda Consultations. Ayurveda Health Resorts. Ayurveda Tours. Ayurveda Lecturers. Www.AyurvedaElements.Com

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  • 1. Thousands of years ago in the cradle of civilisation, mother Indiaconceived a natural ayurvedic approach to nurture parents andbabies through the journey of creation.Divine DeliveryCaroline Robertson ND and Dr Rama PrasadCopyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010 Ayurveda Elements Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 ayurvedaelements@gmail.comToday, with the worldʼs second For many, the time to have a childlargest population, Indiaʼs is thrust upon them rather thanaccumulated wisdom complements consciously chosen. Some saymodern obstetrics, offering tips for thereʼs never a perfect time to havea healthy pregnancy, smooth a child but that fate schedules it,delivery and a blissful baby. along with the moment of birth and death. Couples ambivalent aboutPlanned Parenthood having children rather than“Making the decision to have a child following a calling may be called upis momentous. It is to decide to parental duty by destiny. Othersforever to have your heart go can eagerly prepare for a child whowalking around outside your body.” never appears. Ayurveda sees~ Elizabeth Stone. children as a precious gift from the gods to be welcomed whether   1  
  • 2. invited or not. They are gurus who genetic inheritance ayurvedacan prompt parents to cultivate suggests parents observe aqualities that may have otherwise preconception regime calledlay dormant, virtues like vajikaranam. The ancient textunconditional love. In many ancient Charaka Samhita explains- "Thecultures becoming a parent is aim of vajikaranam is to enable aconsidered an enriching rite of couple to produce healthy progenypassage, a momentous milestone who can assist them to performpresenting an opportunity for their lifes mission (dharma)." Aboutspiritual growth and deeper six months before conception anrelationships. As Peter De Vries ayurvedic physician prescribes aappreciated “The value of marriage personalised purification andis not that adults produce children rejuvenation regime for the couplebut that children produce adults.” to ensure optimal ovum and spermThough the prospect of parenting quality and quantity.may seem overwhelming manycouples say that once they arose to Men are advised to take virilizingmeet the challenge and accepted herbs 
such as Ashwagandhathe lifestyle adjustment the (Withania somnifera), 
Saribablessings far outweighed the (Hemidesmus indicus) and 
Kapisacrifices. Kachu (Mucuna pruriens).Preparing psychologically and This may include lifestyle changes,physically for the little angelʼs a nutrition plan, herbs, cleanses,arrival optimises the mother and yoga and meditation. The couplechildʼs state through the avoids chemicals such as in food orchildbearing process. Just as a personal care products and wean Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  healthy seed bears healthy fruit, if off pharmaceutical medicine whenthe parentʼs sperm and ovum are possible. Energising exercises alsopure then the child is more likely to increase fertility and virility but mustinherit a strong constitution and be done in moderation. To prepareimmunity. Conversely if parents the ʻwomb roomʼ for the specialconceive when mentally or guest women can balance theirphysically weak this may impact menstrual cycle and take cleansingnegatively on the childʼs condition. and fortifying herbs andWith the intention of giving their supplements. Essential fatty acids,child the happiest and healthiest Calcium, Magnesium, Folic acid,   2  
  • 3. Iron, B12, B6 and Zinc are to resent the sacrifices andparticularly vital to prevent birth compromises that may bedefects. General female tonics demanded. Sharing theinclude Shatavari (Asparagus commitment to create a loving andracemosus), Ashoka (Saraca supportive environment makes it aindica). Men are advised to take more positive experience for all.virilizing herbs such as This is the time to iron out anyAshwagandha (Withania relationship rifts by spending qualitysomnifera), Sariba (Hemidesmus time together aligning hearts andindicus) and Kapi Kachu (Mucuna future intentions realising that apruriens). There are also many happy couple are more likely tocompound formulations for optimum make happy parents, transmittingfertility. The efficacy of these can be contented energy to their receptiveseen at the specialist infertility baby. Spending time togethercentre at Keralaʼs Shoranur around babies can reinforce the Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  Ayurveda Samajam where they realities and joys of the decision forclaim a 95% success rate with them both. Another way to buildcouples wanting to conceive. excitement is to think of their childʼsGeneral reproductive tonic foods character and envisage a fulfillingrecommended include warm future for the family unit. Thoughunhomogenised milk, ghee, this may not manifest precisely ityoghurt, black sesame seeds, urad builds a positive expectation thatdal, mung dal, honey, dates, inspires couples to maintain faithalmonds, ginger, garlic, onions and and enthusiasm through any trials.saffron. Hot spices should be This shared sankalpa or powerfulavoided. Daily self massage and intention for a beloved baby alsosufficient rest is observed to charge generates a powerful magneticthe body with positive hormones.
 attraction for the soul to enter theCouples who share their womb. Love is the best libidoexpectations, excitement and fears booster to set the mood accordingabout having a child will forge to ayurvedic sage Charaka whodeeper bonds of understanding to says “the best aphrodisiac for asustain them through the man is a woman who loves him.”experience. Couples who attunetheir desires for parenthood are Another Vedic belief is that one canmore mentally ready for the new connect with 
ancestors to invokephase of their life and are less likely their 
blessings and support for the   3  
  • 4. child. 
Annual rituals to appease calculated by the womanʼsforebears also help 
to clear ovulation phase. Women withdetrimental familial karma, 
aka the regular menses and awareness ofʻKennedy curseʼ, 
that may be their cervical mucus changes andpassed on to the child. temperature shifts can often sense their most fertile time. AlternativelyAnother Vedic belief is that one can one can purchase a pharmacyconnect with ancestors to invoke ovulation test or seek guidancetheir blessings and support for the from a natural fertility consultant.child. Annual rituals to appease An Indian astrologer (Jyotish) canforebears also help to clear also advice the most auspiciousdetrimental familial karma, aka the time called rtu-samaagam forʻKennedy curseʼ, that may be successful conception. Ayurvedicpassed on to the child. A modern texts warn that it is detrimental tomethod of clearing negativity and conceive at certain times includingreceiving blessings from the family after a heavy meal, within 96 hrs oftree is called the ʻRayid Birth the menstrual period, during dawnOrderʼ, developed by Denny or dusk, at midnight, on a full moon,Johnson. One can practice this new moon, fasting days and wheneasy process by ordering a fee the woman is bleeding. Daysbooklet called Global Gratitude from considered lucky for conception on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th and 15th days after the end ofMaking a Miracle the menses. If you have a genderA relationship ripe with mutual love preference the Vedas statesand commitment may naturally conceiving on an odd day willgrow into the co-creation of a child. produce a daughter and an evenThis is why the Vedas calls the day a son. To optimise the manʼsmarried phase expansion or sperm volume and motility it is best Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  garhastyam. The sacred ceremony if he can conserve his sperm forfor impregnation is known as three to seven days before theGarbadhana samskara. Ideally the conception day. Because thefield is fertile to germinate the seed couplesʼ consciousness partiallythrough the preparatory purification, determines the type of soulrejuvenation and emotional attracted to them and imbues thepractices. zygote with its first subtle influenceThe prime time for procreation is it is recommended that they elevate   4  
  • 5. their spirits and connect with divine conception chances. Alighting thegrace by meditation, offerings or bed with his right foot first therituals. On this significant day they woman joins him by placing her leftshould feel contented and deeply leg on the bed. Intimacy infusedconnected. If either feels thirsty, with blissful abandon will instil thehungry, fearful, sad or angry it is childʼs initial cells with the samebetter to wait. After preparing the essence of ecstasy, giving it aʻlove nestʼ, bathing, dressing in positive start to existence and afresh white garments and applying sound foundation for a satisfiedessential oils and flower garlands spirit. First they enjoy leisurelythey can recite the following prayer foreplay to stimulate the juices offrom Charaka Samhita in unison. arousal and establish an energeticAum ahirasi ayurasi sarvata connection. During intercourse thepratishthasi dhaata tvam, 
dadhaatu woman should not lie on her side orvidhaata tvam, dadhatu kneel as disturbed vata (air andbramhavarcasa bhava
Brahama ether) will affect the genitals whenbrhaspatir vishnu soma surya tatha lying on the right side and on theasvinau
Bhagotha mitra varunau left side pitta (fire and water) canveeram daddaatu me overheat the sperm and ovum.sutaam Lying on her back with her legsThis is translated as“O creator and straddling her partner promotes thethe cosmic truth! Please bless us upward flow of sperm.with a courageous/strong child with After making love the woman liesa long life and health, with the down for 30 minutes and for aqualities of Brahma (power to comfortable duration she can restcreate), Brhaspati (power to alter her raised legs at a 45O angle tothe future), Vishnu (power to optimise chances of conception. To Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  maintain), Soma (power to flourish), rejuvenate they may then have aSurya (power to be succeed), Mitra bath and eat sweet rice, saffron and(power to love) and Varuna (power honey. The woman takes it easy forto nurture)”.

 the next three weeks and an IndianThey can focus on welcoming the custom is to keep the news ofchild to itʼs new home and on conception a secret until the firsttender feelings for each other. If the trimester is then breathes through his rightnostril and the woman through her Pregnant Pauseleft this is said to optimise “From the first day of conception   5  
  • 6. the pregnant woman should always impacts on the baby thus sheremain in a happy mood, be clean, should surround herself withwear ornaments, dress in white positive influences and avoidclothes and partake in prayers for detrimental stimuli. As ayurvedicpeace, good deeds and worship.” doctor Robert Svoboda advices, Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  Sushruta Samhita, sarira sthana once pregnant “everything you do, see and hear should be soft,Pregnancy is a time of great pleasing and wholesome, totransformation when the amazing reassure and strengthen thechanges experienced, though growing baby.”natural, can be stressful if notmanaged properly. Every woman The deep connection between thehas a unique experience of mother and child is calledchildbearing. The lucky ones find entrainment- a state wherethey thrive with the new life growing energies resonate in harmony.inside them and may feel healthier Hence a contented, healthy, awareafter pregnancy than before. mother will send nurturing energy toSerious health conditions can even her child while a disturbed mothergo into remission at this time as the will adversely affect the child. Abody harnesses healing energy to remarkable study illustrating thissupport the baby. Others may showed that an expectant mother instruggle with symptoms such as an abusive marriage had a 237%nausea, acidity, body pain, fatigue, greater risk of giving birth to avaricosities and depression, never psychologically or physicallyquite recovering their former pre- damaged child than a woman in apregnancy health. Ayurveda secure, supportive relationship.encourages mothers to adopt a This is even a greater risk than anurturing daily routine and diet so mother smoking or having a severeshe blossoms along with the flower illness.1 Other studies showed thatof love flourishing inside her. It also a mother with a positive attitude tooffers effective solutions to common her baby and childbearing wascomplaints such as morning more likely to deliver a healthy,sickness but these are safest when well-adjusted child.prescribed by an ayurvedicconsultant. When the expectant woman is showered with love this filtersEverything that affects the mother through to the baby along with all   6  
  • 7. other positive input. Hence, friends fermented (sour) food.and family, especially the father, 3. Processed, artificial foods,are encouraged to offer the nutmeg, saffron and ginsengpregnant woman any assistance 4. Overeating, irregular eating orand attention she needs, including fastinghelp with domestic duties, 5. Exposure to extrememassage, having fun or allowing emotions such as anger,her the stress-free solitude she may excitement, fear and griefdesire. Since a womanʼs brain 6. Excessive exposure toliterally shrinks during pregnancy pollution and electromagneticand she is under the influence of energy including computerfluctuating hormones those around and television screensher should be particularly sensitive 7. Alcohol, drugs and caffeineand understanding of 8. Hot bathsuncharacteristic mood swings or 9. Deep bodyworkemotions. Ayurvedic texts say a 10. Excessive sun and windpregnant woman is to be treated as 11. Heavy, jerky exercise,delicately as if one is carrying a pot weights, wearing high heelsfull to the brim with oil, without 12. Physical and emotional strainspilling a drop. 13. Exposure to sick people 14. Excess of any taste. This canTo reduce the chance of have serious repercutions ondisturbances during pregnancy the babyʼs health.ayurvedaʼs art of obstetrics advices 15. Wearing reda regime for the pregnant woman to 16. Rough, rocky roads or tripsfollow called Garbhini Paricharya. 17. Sitting on hard surfacesThese reduce the risk of 18. Sleeping regularly during the Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  miscarriage, harm to the foetus and daytoxaemia. 19. Suppression of natural urges (such as sneezing or burping)Things to avoid during 20. Squattingpregnancy include: 21. Exposure to an eclipse1. Constipating, drying foods 22. Looking down from a great such as spinach, dried fruit, height or into canyons potatoes and bitter tasting 23. Vomiting therapy and blood items. letting2. Heavy, hot, pungent or 24. Sleeping supine with   7  
  • 8. outstretched extremities as pleasant music playing. Use this may cause the umbilicus an open palm rather than to tie around the babyʼs neck fingertips and apply long25. Sex, especially in the first four strokes on long bones and months as it may harm the circular strokes around the foetus or strain the mother. joints. Spend more time on26. Vitamin C more than 1000mg painful areas but be careful to Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010   (1gm) per day and -Vitamin A be gentle on the abdominal (retinol) intake is dangerous region where it is best to for the foetus therefore should softly stroke in a clockwise be avoided during pregnancy. direction around the naval.27. Some essential oils should be This reduces stress marks, avoided during pregnancy soothes the neuromuscular including Angelica, Basil, system, aids assimilation and Clary sage, Clove, Cinnamon, elimination whilst reducing leg Cypress, Fennel, swelling and varicosities. Lemongrass, Marjoram, 3. Wear loosing fitting clothes of Pennyroyal, Peppermint, natural fibers and comfortable Rosemary, Sage and Thyme. shoes.28. Avoid cat and dog faeces as 4. Enjoy at least twenty minutes they can contain a toxin of fresh air and sunshine daily called toxoplasma which 5. Practice gentle yoga, pelvic harms a foetus floor exercises and pranayama or LamazeThings to do during pregnancy techniques as guided by ainclude: qualified teacher. This1. Sleep before 10am and arise promotes a peaceful mind before 6.30am. Women with and a strong, flexible body, regular sleep patterns were preventing problems during found to have babies with pregnancy and delivery whilst similar habits hastening post-natal2. Practice daily self-massage recovery. with warm sesame oil or 6. Practice daily prayer, yoga herbalised oil such as nidra and meditation. This Dhanwantaram Thailam. unifies oneʼs physical, mental Massage should be done in a and spiritual self, creating a warm, quiet room with better biochemical   8  
  • 9. environment for the child to should be experienced, thrive in. A relaxed mind friendly, alert, expert, supports a relaxed body as affectionate, concerned and proven in studies that showed caring. Once in labor it can be meditation decreases the hard to absorb new stress hormone cortisol information or make rational significantly.2 Studies have decisions so it is best to also shown that babies of clarify your ideas beforehand. mothers who meditated Discuss preferences regularly through pregnancy regarding interventions such experienced alpha brainwave as inducement, forceps, states twice as much after suction, caesarian and pain birth as babies of non- relief possibilities such as meditating mothers. gas, pethidine and epidurals.7. Take gentle walks or swims to Also inform them of any ease muscle tension, assist special requests regarding circulation, elimination and the environment, support assimilation. It is said that a people, birth position and lazy, inactive mother is more post-natal baby bonding. likely to beget a lazy child. 12. Check chilbirth costs and8. Wear calming, cooling medical insurance sandalwood essential oil. entitlements.9. Observe the personalized 13. Prepare the babyʼs space at dietary guidelines as home complete with sleeping prescribed by an ayurvedic arrangement, change table, physician or follow basic antiseptic hand wash, nutrition tips. unbleached cotton nappies, Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  10. Choose the location of the pilchers, natural baby wipes, birth whether at home, a birth natural talcum powder, centre or a hospital. wondersuits, beanies, sea Familiarise yourself with the sponge for bathing, syringe to set up and systems of the give baby medicine if needed, place. thermometer, bunny rugs and11. Develop a trusting car capsule or seat. relationship with the midwife 14. Investigate a good nappy and/ or obstetrician. The service. midwife or birth attendant 15. Establish a “bosom buddy”   9  
  • 10. who is happy to supply you womb, giving examples of with breast milk should great Saints Prahlad Maharaj, something go wrong with Abhimanyu and Sukadeva breastfeeding. Gosvami receiving spiritual16. Ayurveda recommends knowledge while in utero. regular baths in rose petals Ontario conductor Boris Brott and pounded castor leaves. confers with this realizing he17. Read uplifting, enlightening knew certain pieces of music material. Talking sweetly to unseen which he later the baby and playing relaxing discovered his cellist mother music or specific classical played while pregnant with tunes (ragas) has shown to him. Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010   benefit both mother and baby. Hearing is the first sense that Dr T. Mythily, Chief Music the foetus develops. From ten Therapist, Apollo Hospitals, to twelve weeks after Chennai, conducted a study using conception any stimulation classical Indian Raga music causes nerve cells in the therapy on 200 mothers. Her babyʼs brain to transmit research led her to conclude that waves of neural activity music stimulation to the foetus in forming permanent neural the womb encourages the rapid patterns. The type of stimuli development of the prefrontal lobe, determines which synapses which actually facilitates easy and are formed and become efficient learning.“These babies are dominant and if connections three weeks ahead of their are not forged at this counterparts in acquiring skills and formative phase the baby will knowledge and this tendency not attain its full potential. seems to continue well into their Therefore it is important for lives,” she believes “if mothers the mother and father to talk refrained from playing the music all or sing sweetly to the baby mothers reported agitated kicks by whilst in the womb as the the foetus at these times. And as neural pathways formed will soon as the music was played, the allow the baby to recognize foetus calmed down.” All the its mothers voice and respond women participating in her study to her touch. Vedic texts also also reported that the music helped say we start learning in the them to relax during pregnancy and   10  
  • 11. they all had normal deliveries. stressful circumstances. A motherNumerous studies show that the will also instinctually crave tastes touse of music therapy successfully balance her and the baby. Thisdecreases anxiety levels, reduces especially manifestsnegative expectations and relievesphysical and mental tension in during the fourth month when theexpectant mums. Music with guided childʼs heart develops and theimagery and in conjunction with mother becomes known as ʻthe onesuch practiced breathing technique with two heartsʼ (dauhrudini). It iscan be an extremely effective cue said that the childʼs desires arefor correct breathing as it becomes expressed through the motherʼsan almost natural physical cravings and the baby will beresponse to the rhythm and tempo healthy if their desires are fulfilledof the music. with judicious moderation. Healthy alternatives may be substituted forDiet during pregnancy unhealthy desires. For example a craving for chocolate which is acidicThe nutrient rich soil of the motherʼs may be substituted for alkalisingbody ensures the germinating seed carob. Sugar cravings can bereceives optimal nourishment to managed with maple or rice syrup.develop into a strong and stablesapling. A well-fed mother will be General additions to the diet includeable to feed her foetus all its wholegrains, butter, ricotta cheese,requirements while accumulating paneer, ghee, mung dal, blanchedreserves for abundant breast milk. almonds, honey, banana, dates, jackfruit, gooseberry, grapes,In general a pregnant woman apples, raisins, fresh vegetablesshould eat cooked, liquid, warm, such as asparagus, okra, squash Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  fresh, organic meals containing all and milk. Milk is strongly advisedsix tastes of sweet, sour, salty, but it should be unhomogenised,bitter, pungent and astringent in the organic and boiled with a littleright proportion. In the latter phase ginger, turmeric, and cardamom toof pregnancy the stomach is reduce mucus.squashed hence small, frequentmeals are usually more digestible. Foods to avoid include fish, meat,She should avoid skipping meals, alcohol, carbonated drinks,fasting and eating on the run or in caffeine, onions, garlic,   11  
  • 12. mushrooms, fermented foods, fruits, coconut water and milk areleftovers, heavily processed and advocated. A traditional practice toartificial foods. ensure a healthy child immediately after conception involves taking 8 Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  Keep in mind however that these fig leaf buds (Ficus bengalensis)general guidelines should be boiled in milk and strained for threeadjusted according to the consecutive mornings on an emptyindividualʼs digestion and health. stomach.Ayurvedic obstetrics (Prasuti For the rest of the month the milkTantra) recognised the different decoction is with Bala (Sidaphases of foetal development rhombifolia.)thousands of years before modernimaging techniques existed. In Second Monthorder to support eachdevelopmental phase of the baby During this time the baby starts toAyurvedic doctors devised certain assume a shape with its limbs andherbs and foods to be taken each head. The milk decoction taken atmonth of pregnancy. This includes this time is with the herba different monthly milk decoction Lakshmana (Ipomeoa sepiaria.)recorded in the Sahasrayoga textwhich is made by combining 15gms A tonic jam called Sonitamrtam forof the monthly herb with 200mls energy can also be started from themilk and 800mls water then 2nd month onwards at a dose ofreducing it to one fourth the quantity half a teaspoon twice daily.and drinking daily before bed. Third MonthThe monthly therapeutic regimerecommended is as follows: The placenta is established by now and the babyʼs motor and sensoryFirst Month faculties start to develop. The heartbeat can be perceived towardsIn this initial phase the foetus is the end of the month and this isstabilised and fed through direct when the child lets its desires benourishment from digested liquids known through the motherʼsand blood. At this time more liquid cravings. The mother can takesubstances such as sweet and ripe more milk with honey, ghee and   12  
  • 13. Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  Shashtika shaali (rice grown in 60 Milk with Amrita (Tinosporadays) cooked in milk. In Bengal cordifolia) decoction is taken duringthey observe a ceremony called the fifth month.svada-bhaksana where after thefirst trimester and on the seventh Sixth Monthmonth a woman eats with all herfavourite neighbouring children to According to the scripture themaintain her enthusiasm regarding Srimad Bhagavatam at the end ofthe childʼs arrival. The milk the sixth month the male moves todecoction taken this month is made the right side of the abdomen andwith the herb Solanum melenginum the female to the left. It is also(Bruhati). during the sixth month that the fatty tissue is formed. Tribulus TerrestrisFourth Month may be given if water retention is a problem and the milk decoction isAyurveda advises the mother take made with Solanum xanthocarpummore butter, milk, solid foods and (Kantakari).shashtika rice with yoghurt at thistime. Also yellow or orange Seventh Monthcoloured fruits are advocated suchas mangoes, apples, carrots and In the seventh month most of thegooseberries. The childʼs tissues foetal growth is complete and theare growing now so the motherʼs skin, hair and nails are forming. Fat,appetite often increases over the salt and water is reduced in the dietentire second trimester. To help from the seventh month onwards.prevent intrauterine growth Rice soup with ghee can be aretardation (IUGR) the milk regular easily digested dish. Smalldecoction is made with Desmodium amounts of basil can also be takengangeticum (Shaliparni). as an anti-spasmodic.Fifth Month Hordeum vulgare (Yava) and milk decoction is taken during thisBlood, muscles, the mind and five month. In addition a classicalsenses develop at this time. Ghee, compound called Sukha-prasavamilk and rice soup is to be taken Ghee may be given to ease thealong with split mung dal or a delivery.preferred protein source.   13  
  • 14. Eighth Month Another way to do this is with the new clinically tested Epi-NoThe child is well developed at this inflatable device. This birth andstage and the mother must be pelvic floor trainer is designed tocareful not to overeat as her gently stretch and train thedigestion is weak and the stomach perineum for the physical strain ofsmall. delivery. A Melbourne study found it reduced the risk of tears and madeSour buttermilk is added to the women feel more confident aboutspecial diet as a digestive enzyme childbirth according to Professorstimulant. A small dose of internal Gab Kovacs, medical director ofoil concentrates Dhanwantaram Monash IVF.101 or Ksheerabala 101 may begiven after dinner to lubricate the Thanka-shree Ghee is sometimesreproductive channels in given in the last month ofpreparation for childbirth. The herb pregnancy to aid complete foetalMaerua oblongiflia (Morata) and development and to ensure themilk is taken as the eighth month pregnancy is a full term normaldecoction. delivery. The milk decoction is made with Asparagus racemosusNinth Month (Shatavari) during this month.In this last crucial stage lighter food For those who cannot follow allis advised such as rice soup with these monthly observances, aghee, split mung bean soup, simple solution is to take Sidastewed fruit and steamed rhombifola with milk before bed andvegetables. Oil enema is 1 tsp Mahakalyanaka Ghee beforesometimes given every 10 days to breakfast for the whole pregnancy.promote a smooth delivery along These assist the childʼs physical Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  with daily dhara where warm and mental development as well asherbalised oil is poured all over the preventing congenitalbody and forehead to relax the abnormalities.nervous system and open andsoften the body for delivery. The Labour of Loveperineum is massaged andstretched to prepare for labour and If you want to make god laugh- tellto reduce the risk of tearing. him your plans, the saying goes but   14  
  • 15. could be changed to “tell him your Though Ayurveda ideally promotesbirth plans” in many cases. As natural labour it also recognises theanyone who has been present at a role of a caesarean and moderndelivery can testify -it literally takes obstetric support where necessary.on an unexpected life of its own. With thousands of expert midwifesHowever, when a pregnant woman in India called dais, naturalexpects the best whilst preparing childbirth remains common infor all possibilities, the journey will village areas but in cities the rate ofprove an empowering and enriching intervention has risen alarminglyexperience. With information and over the past decade. Dr. P.L.T.understanding she can take a Girija advocates a return toresponsible role in protecting the Ayurveda after seeing the increasemiracle inside her, knowing her in complications due to the ofteninput is vital whilst serenely unnecessary medical interventionssurrendering the outcome to mother including caesarian andnature. episiotomies which have become standard practice in India. She saysAs with any life challenge, mentally “with minimal resources, and withand physically preparing for labour locally available material, mid-wiveswill bolster a motherʼs confidence provided the optimum ante andand capabilities. Though an post-natal care to the mother-to-beamazing event, it isnʼt called and prepared her for natural, easyʻlabourʼ for nothing. Bearing in mind and painless childbirth. They knewthat woman have been having how to manipulate and handlebabies since time-immemorial and abnormal foetal presentations andthat they are purpose-built for the to resuscitate and revive the babyhonour can make the process more when necessary. They performedbearable. The toil of labour can deliveries leaving the perineum Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  seem more tolerable if the mother intact and, in most cases,keeps in mind the sweet fruit of her massaged and bathed the mothersweaty labour- a cherubic child. with medicinal oils and hot waterMany times Iʼve witnessed the trial which reduced her body pain, gaveof agony turn to ecstasy as a her a sense of well-being andmother first holds her bundle of hastened her recovery. They wouldbliss, tears of pain transforming into massage the womans abdomentears of joy. and tie up the loose abdominal muscles.”   15  
  • 16. about ways to assist. Most menThere is a growing trend in the want to be more than sperm donorswestern world to have independent in this miraculous event so rathermidwifes also called doulas than being a hindrance they cansupervise women through their offer enormous help to their partnerpregnancy, delivery and post-natal if they learn how to beforehand.period. Research compiled from 15 Most women want their husbandsstudies highlighted the value of this, present and see the delivery as aconcluding that women with dual duty, as one womancontinuous care through pregnancy expressed “he put it in there, he canand birth needed less pain relief, help get it out!” And then thereʼs theless intervention and were more joke about the husband who askssatisfied with the birth. Another the doctor “is there any reason I Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  study by H.M. Klaus and J.H. have to be in the room while myKennel found that having wife is in labour?” The doctorsupportive, experienced, female replying, “not unless the wordhelp made labour easier including ʻdivorceʼ means anything to you.”50% less caesarians, 25%, shorter To get informed and involved in alabour time, 40% less oxytocin and positive way they can gain valuableforceps use, 60% less request for insights from a resource called Theepidurals and a lower rate of post- Pink Kit as well as from many otherpartum depression. prenatal courses and books available. The Pink Kit Method forAyurvedic advice on delivery birthing better offers straight(Prasava Kala Paricharya) forward techniques for the motheremphasises the benefit of having and support team to facilitate athe support of an attendant who smooth delivery with reduced pain,has many children, is good hearted, tension, confusion andhard working, service oriented, complications. Available fromexperienced in conducting a, it coversdelivery, affectionate, cheerful, has methods for managing the mind,good endurance and is able to keep breath, body position and effectivea pregnant woman happy. Whether communication.the husband is also present is amatter of individual preference. The place where you choose toMany men would like to be a useful deliver should ideally be easilysupport at this time but are clueless accessible, hygienic, comfortable,   16  
  • 17. peaceful, gently lit, well ventilated, techniques. Relaxation is crucial tospacious and have a bath. Studies insure adequate oxygenationhave proven that women having through the body and to minimisewater births have less pain and physical and psychological fatigue,fewer epidurals so it may be an conversely a tense mother releasesoption to have handy. The positions more stress hormones, makingchosen for each stage of labour will labour difficult. Hanser et al. (1983)vary according the position of the produced a report on the relaxingbaby and the motherʼs instincts. effect of music on womenSquatting and resting on all fours experiencing labour where 70% ofenlists the help of gravity for the participants felt the music aidedfoetusʼ downward movement. The relaxation and100% displayedCharaka Samhita suggests “during fewer pain responses during labourdelivery the mother should be while music was playing than whengently massaged with warm water it was not. Ayurveda recommendson her waist, sides and chest, back, certain sedating classical ragas toand thighs. As a result of this, the be played at a low volume in thefetus is brought downwards.” background during labour including Ragas Kalavati, Nayakikanada,Once labour has started the mother Malkauns, Jayjaywanti, Jaunpuri,can visualise a smooth delivery or Asawari and Kalawati.the yantra in fig 1(often drawn withred paste on a metal plate.) This Synchronizing the breath withtransports the motherʼs focus to her contractions is a techniqueinner power as she traces it with emphasized by all midwifes. Asher mind from the centre to the Frederick Leboyer, author of ʻBirthperiphery. Without Violenceʼ says “In childbirth breathing and contraction getMusic is also a useful distraction completely attuned. It is a matter of Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  from the pain, relieving anxiety, becoming aware that breath andtriggering breathing techniques and contraction are one and the samerelaxing the mother. Mothers in a movement, in time with the cosmicstudy by Hanser et al. (1983), breath, the breath of the universe.”found, that music took their minds He also advocates breathing deeplyoff pain and also helped to focus into the belly and chanting anyattention more than Lamaze- Sanskrit mantra on the exhalation,practiced visual focal point waiting at the outbreath for the   17  
  • 18. contraction to complete before the childʼs respiratory response isinhaling. This method of chanting triggered by either flicking water onwith contractions is consistent with its face, ringing a low pitch bell,Ayurvedic advice. As Leboyer says hitting two stones together by its“With Sanskrit mantra you can ear or fanning it with a natural reedtouch absolute perfection. You fan rather than the western customneed to let the sounds open and of smacking itʼs tender behind.awaken within yourself. If women Mucus can be cleared from the Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  can connect with this level of babyʼs mouth by swabbing it with athemselves, the experience of corner of unbleached cotton andchildbirth has another dimension.” wiping the inside using a finger dipped in ghee and fine sea salt.If the cervix is slow to dilate Waiting until it has stoppedAyurveda suggests that one pulsating, the umbilical cord can bemassage the area with sesame oil. tied 8 fingers length from the bellyA herbal enema is also given to button, looping the other end of thepromote the downward flow and string around the babyʼs neck thenmake more space for the baby. severing it above the tie. If it isTraditional remedies to hasten the comfortable the baby may bedelivery include giving a warm bath placed on the mothers left breast towith a few drops of clary sage be reassured by the motherʼs smellessential oil, taking a milk and and heartbeat. The child is thengarlic drink, inducing vomiting, a washed in a purificatory bath anddecoction of palm sugar with ajwain wrapped in pure silk or cotton. Aand milk and massaging castor oil cotton pad soaked in ghee, Brahmiover the naval. Another tribal ritual ghee or Bala oil can be dabbed onto encourage the foetal descent is the babyʼs crown fontanelle,to pound grain with a big pestle- not keeping it in place with a hat or tie.particularly practical in a hospital This can be left on daily for an hourlabour ward! over six weeks to help the baby recover from the delivery, promoteWhen the grand entrance occurs brain development, strengthen thethe time the babyʼs head appears hair and prevent cradle cap. Inshould be noted as this is the Kerala they then recommend a pre-accurate moment of birth used by lacteal feed to provide extrajyotish astrologers to calculate the nutrition and boost immunity. Therehoroscope. Directly after delivery are many tonic combinations but a   18  
  • 19. common one is a mix of ghee, health of her pre-pregnancy state.honey, powdered gold, brahmi, This will give her the mental,calamus and Clitoria ternata emotional and spiritual resources to(shankapushpi). The father cope with the demands ofadministers this on the tongue with motherhood as well as protectinga gold object such as a ring then her and her baby from commongives the baby to the mother to health disorders associated withsuckle first her right breast, then this time such as colic, insomnia,her left. irritability and postpartum depression. Even modern medicinePost Natal Pampering acknowledges that it takes a womenʼs body at least six weeks to“A new mother should be treated return to normal after childbirth,with massage, warm baths, a hence the standard six week post-specific diet and herbal drinks that partum check up. Motherʼs whoprevent infection, promote vitality arenʼt able to recover properly runand alleviate vata.”- Charaka the risk of suffering long termSamhita- sarira sthanam depletion and chronic childbearing related weaknesses. Many times inIndia has a wonderful tradition my practice Iʼve encounteredwhere a pregnant woman stays women who trace their complaintswith her parents three months back to this pivotal phase. Womenbefore and after having the baby to are particularly vulnerable to postensure that she gets abundant rest, partum depression if they lacksupport and nurturing. This enables proper rest and support at this time.a woman to recover from the The many challenges they faceextraordinary mental and physical may include fatigue, sleepstresses placed on her through deprivation, pain, anxiety,childbearing, allowing her the breastfeeding, worries about weight Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  relaxed time and assistance gain and general overwhelmneeded to bond with the baby. regarding the responsibilities of motherhood. Itʼs issues such asThe ninety days after delivery are these that contribute to the post-considered a vital cleansing, natal depression suffered by 80%recuperative period during which of American women.the mother should take completerest to regain the strength and Childbirth and new motherhood   19  
  • 20. tends to unbalance the elements of travel and delegate domesticair and ether (vata) due to mental and work duties to caringand physical strain, sleep helpers. Soliciting someoneʼsdeprivation, irregular eating and help with the shopping,weak digestion after delivery. Vata laundry, cooking and cleaningis cold, dry and active hence the for at least a month will allowapproach to rebalance it is with mum time to focus on herwarm, unctuous and restful recovery and the babyʼs Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  therapies. If the mother is unhappy needs without feelingor unhealthy this affects the baby swamped and depleted.and their developing relationship. 3. The motherʼs digestion willConversely a nurtured mother reflect the babyʼs digestion sooverflowing with joy and health special care should be takenshowers that energy onto her child. to provide food that is lovinglyWays to restore the motherʼs prepared, light to digest andbalance and reduce her stress are rich in nutrition. Meals shouldas follows: be regular, warm, cooked, organic, liquid and gently1. The mother should rest as spiced. Foods to favour much as possible for at least include wholegrains, stewed one month. Having a baby fruits, non-gassy vegetables, may be the beginning of the mung dal, basmati rice, milk, greatest love affair but the ghee, almonds, raisins, dates, end of sufficient sleep. To figs, palm sugar and plenty of guard against exhaustion she warm fluids such as can try to go to bed by 9pm or chamomile or fennel tea. earlier and do minimal exercise. Practicing yoga Digestive spices such as basil, bay nidra is also very leaf, caraway, cardamon, rejuvenating. cinnamon, clove, coriander, cumin,2. To promote a peaceful fennel, fenugreek, ginger, hing, lifestyle and reduce mustard seeds, pepper and stimulation she can restrict turmeric are good to stoke the the number of visitors, reduce digestive fire. Foods to be avoided talking, remain in a warm, as they can disturb the motherʼs quite environment sheltered digestion and make breast milk from the cold and wind, avoid more gas-forming include cold, raw   20  
  • 21. or fermented food, leftovers, massage (Ila kizhi). Thebroccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, poultice containing the leavescapsicum, cauliflower, eggplant, of the castor plant, tamarind,garlic, onions, green peas, Vitex nigundo, lime and rockpotatoes, sprouts and most salt reduces body aches andlegumes except for mung dal. improves muscle tone. 2. Herbal tonics given at this1. The new mother is massaged time to restore the mothers daily with warm herbal oils energy, immunity and and then left to sleep for an promote quality breast milk hour. She then takes a bath may include with the therapeutic leaves of Chyavanaprasham jam, tamarind, jackfruit, castor and Asparagus racemosus neem. All these have anti- (Shatavari) and Withania microbial, anti-viral properties. somnifera (Ashwagandha). An aromatherapy bath Other classical preparations alternative employs an elixir given to ease vata and of rose, rosemary, lavender, promote digestion include cypress, and geranium Dhanwantaram decoction essential oils. Jasmine is also plus tablets, good to prevent post- natal Dasamoolarishtam or depression. Her tummy is Jeerakarishtam. then bound with a cotton cloth 3. Many women suffer from to support the abdomen and constipation after delivery for uterusʼ return to normal. Post- which castor oil may be taken natal massage helps the before bed to lubricate the motherʼs body to reorganise bowels and encourage itself, relaxes, promotes complete evacuation. circulation, boosts immunity, 4. Intercourse can be avoided Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010   conditions skin, soothes the for at least three months to nervous system and returns allow the reproductive system muscles, ligaments and recovery time. Pelvic floor bones back to normal. exercises and yogic Moola Another specialty treatment bandha can assist vaginal given after the normal elasticity. To shrink the size of massage daily for the first the vagina a douche of week is a herbal leaf poultice Gooseberry (Amalaki)   21  
  • 22. decoction or fig leaf paste is Douglas who experienced the used Mother and Baby program after the5. Ayurveda considers the milk birth of her third child now from the breast best, custom- recommends it to clients believing it made for the babyʼs specific is "for the babys well-being; its not needs. As soon as possible indulgence," having observed that the baby should be put on the for new mothers who follow the breast as the initial colostrum, recommendations "enthusiasm though heavy, is considered seems much more predominant to be nectar. To increase milk and the fatigue seems to be much production the mother can less." Former Mother and Baby think tender thoughts of the Program director Sharon Thomas baby and take fenugreek, saw the benefits to hundreds of fennel, shatavari, milk, mothers- “I never saw an instance drumsticks and ghee. If the of postpartum depression in all of baby is reluctant to drink the years I worked with this breast milk honey is put on program…. Mothers looked the nipple to encourage it. healthier, more supported, more rested. Their ongoing good health Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  For mastitis warm cabbage leaves seemed to continue for years."can be put in the bra and cracked Research conducted bynipples are eased with calendula psychologist Ragnhild Boesand turmeric ointment. supports the effectiveness of theThe baby may be weaned off Mother and Baby program whobreast milk after the teeth appear or found that the mothers in thecontinued according to the motherʼs program had better overall health,preference. To dry up milk the more confidence and happiness inmother can apply neem or jasmine new motherhood, enriched familyleaf paste to her breasts externally. relationships, better physical and emotional stability than women inThough it may seem unrealistically the control group. It may seem anidyllic to practice these mother care unnecessary expense to haverituals since1985 hundreds of someone come and cook andmothers in the west have benefited massage but mothers should see itfrom the Mother and Baby Program as an investment for their futureoffered by Maharishi Ayurveda. and their childʼs relationship.American obstetrician Rebecca   22  
  • 23. Blissful Bubs child doesnʼt even go outside until it is fourteen days old- a ritual knownA child is a curly dimpled lunatic. as Niskramana samskara, where~Ralph Waldo Emerson the father takes the child out under the sun and recites a mantra for itsThe initial six months of a babyʼs wellbeing. Also at three months oldlife are considered a crucial phase the child may be placed briefly atduring which the foundation of the feet of the temple deity formental and physical fortitude is divine protection while receiving theestablished. The transition from the priestʼs blessings and a sprinkle ofwomb to the world should be as holy water.gentle and tender as possible. Thesituation babies have been in could Three practices to enhance bondingbe likened to spending nine months with the baby include breastfeeding,in dark solitary confinement, hence massage and baby wearing.they need time to adapt to sensory Modern medical research hasinput. The Srimad Bhagavatam text established the benefits ofalso describes the discomfort breastfeeding over bottle-feeding.suffered by the baby in the womb Scores of studies conclude thatwho, likened to a bird trapped in a breastfed babies have a lowercage, appeals to the Lord, “I, the mortality rate than bottle fed babies,pure soul, appearing now bound by develop physical and mentalmy activities, am lying in the womb milestones faster and are lessof my mother by the arrangement of prone to dental decay andmaya (illusion). O my Lord, when infections. Breast milk has seventyshall I be released from this ingredients not found in formula andconfinement?" is an important source of immune building antibodies. The baby isTo make the adjustment as easy as weened onto solids once the firstpossible the newborn is protected teeth appear. The first grains are Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  from any intense sensory stimuli. given to the baby by a priest in aThis includes wind, strong sunlight, ceremony called Annaprasana.rain, loud or jarring noises, strong After 56 days the baby can eatscents, hard surfaces and sudden semolina soup which is prepared byor excessive movement. Everything soaking semolina in watershould be soft, warm and nurturing. overnight, draining the water theAccording to vedic tradition the next morning and cooking it with   23  
  • 24. palm sugar and milk. Dried, seeded expel gas. At two months oil suchand powdered green banana is also as Brahmi oil may be applied to thegiven with buttermilk as a scalp, stopping the initial ghee padstomachic digestive aid. Ragi or red placed on the crown fontanelle frommillet water, rice and cow or goats birth. This acts as a brain,milk are also administered but salt neuromuscular and hair tonic asis withheld for the first six months. well as preventing cradle cap. The massage can last from ten toMassage is an integral to the twenty minutes and is best done atmother/ baby daily routine in India. least thirty minutes away from aIt is particularly advantageous for feed. If the baby suffers from colic apremature babies who have shown washer dipped in warm water and ato gain weight and leave hospital pinch of hing can be placed over itsstronger than those who werenʼt abdomen for a few minutes at themassaged. Ayurveda advises that end of the session. The massagedue to the delicate newbornʼs skin, may be followed by a bath and aa small dough ball should be used sleep. Massage should be avoidedfor massage in the first month. This if there are signs of a fever or cold.can be made from atta flour and Babies thrive from this tender touchwater then rolled in a little boiled and relaxing time with their coconut milk or sesame oil The ancient paediatric textand turmeric. Baby massage Kashyapa Samhita says massageenhances circulation, expels toxins, is very important for the babyʼssharpens reflexes, aids digestion, neuromuscular and central nervousreduces colic and most importantly system development as well as forgives the baby a deep sense of weight gain, pain relief, improvingsecurity. By the second month skin tone, sleep, vision andmassage in a warm, quiet room digestion. Massage sessions alsowith boiled organic coconut milk or provide a mother or father with aLakshadi oil is used, applying unique opportunity for quality time Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  gentle hand strokes and with her baby. Though you canincorporating some sensory-motor learn good techniques fromco-ordination exercises. Use light Ayurvedic baby Massage videoslong strokes on the long bones, the best massage flows from lovecircular motions on the joints and rather then logic.gentle pressure in a clockwisedirection on the abdomen to help The saying “I slept like a baby”   24  
  • 25. must have been coined by a parent and heartbeat in the womb reachesfortunate enough to have mastered the noise level of around 80 — 95the art of baby whispering. Indianʼs decibels —almost as loud as ahave always used hammocks to lull nightclub, and suddenly stoppingtheir babies into a deep, cocooned this music can be stressful to theslumber. These hammocks, now child. So using sensitiveavailable in Western designs, are microphones, Dr. Schwartzsimple constructions of a spring recorded the sounds in hishanging from the ceiling attached to pregnant wifeʼs womb and addeda strong triangular frame from gentle music and womenʼs voices.which a folded cloth hangs. The After seeing that this compositionhammock is very comforting for the put his child to sleep immediatelybaby as it is like the womb and for longer he played it toenvironment with the snugly secure neonates who then spent anshape and the range of movements average of three days less insimilar to sensations in utero. The intensive care.babyʼs slightly slanted position alsoprevents reflux and colic. Babyʼs can also be soothed ifConventional cribs being firm and carried close and moved. Ratherflat donʼt provide the same than straining the carers arms andswaddling comfort and can also back a carrier can be positioned solead to the baby developing a flat it gives the mother goodhead. Babies also wake more symmetrical back support and sopeacefully in a hammock as its own the baby is positioned diagonally ormovements initiate a reassuring horizontally rather than verticallybouncing action. inside. The trend for vertical baby carriers is contrary to the AyurvedicAnother aid to sleep is music. ideal that a baby should be keptSpecial songs act as sleep signals horizontal or with its weight evenlyto the baby, triggering the relaxation supported along its spine whilst the Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  response. A very effective style of back bones and muscles aremusic has been developed from developing. If the head iswomb sounds by unsupported the sudden jerking position of the head whipping backDr. Schwartz, an intensive care when made to sit upright can causedoctor in Georgia, who found that neurological and muscularthe sound of blood flow in the weakness, possibly linked toplacenta plus the motherʼs breath kyphosis, a weak back and some   25  
  • 26. osteopaths even suspect a inches wide. See photos….connection with Sudden InfantDeath Syndrome (SIDS). Carriers The vedic culture has prescribedthat put pressure on the sacrum rituals and rites of passage atand force the babyʼs legs apart various phases of an infantʼscreate an unnatural, stressful development. When the child hasposture and are detrimental to the lived for a full lunar phase (28 days)infantʼs musculo-skeletal this is celebrated by tying adevelopment. A baby sling holds protective yantra or blessed charmthe baby in a natural foetal position (tali) around the childʼs waist with ajust as they were inside the womb. string which may be changed to aIf comfortable it is also the perfect gold chain after six months.position for breastfeeding and at Another auspicious item that mayother times allows the mother to be used is an ornament whichcarry out two-handed tasks while comprises of 5 metals (pancha-still comforting the baby. Slings are loha) that protect the child fromalso helpful for babies who are slow malefic planetary influences. Alsoto gain weight as they have been from the 28th to the 56th day aftershown to gain more rapidly if delivery a special ceremony calledcarried in a sling for several hours a Dasandhya uzhiyal is conducted forday, the proximity to mum the child. The simple procedure isencouraging more regular feeds. that at sunset the grandmother orCarrying a baby also reduces mother offers a flame first to a litrestlessness, colic, promotes lamp three times clockwisecognitive development, motor skills, chanting ʻom namahshivayaʼ thenspeech and builds a solid sense of to the baby three times. She thensecurity and self-esteem. The belief places the wick in tumeric and limethat infants will become dependant water, touching the water to theand clingy later is unfounded as it baby three times. Finally the babyhas been noted that babies that are is fed a paste of calamus, triphala, Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010  carried more feel confident to gold, butter, rudrakasham,explore by themselves at a younger chandana and brahmi water toage and as adults display less boost physical and mentalaggression and better relating wellbeing.skills. There are some good slingsavailable or you can make your own The name giving ceremony, Nama-from a length of soft cotton Karana, isnʼt conducted until someapproximately 5 meters long and 30 time after the babyʼs birth. In some   26  
  • 27. castes the formal name isnʼt given childʼs immunity though the earringsuntil the child is six months. In the may be taken out after a week ifmeantime cute pet names like “little desired.goddess” and “little jewel” are used.This gives the parents time to Because a babyʼs hair isobserve the childʼs character in considered too fine it is generallyorder to select a name thatʼs really shaved off before six months toapt. In choosing the name an promote healthy thick regrowth.astrologer, priest or guru may be This ceremony called Mundanaconsulted to ensure it has a may be conducted by a priest orbeneficial sound vibration. An barber. After shaving the hair aauspicious sounding name which is soothing balm of sandalwood andconstantly repeated over the saffron paste is smeared over thepersonʼs life then acts as a mantra, head. This protects againstattracting positive energy into their infection and adds to the worldʼslife. The astrologer calculates the most sublime scent- babies head!best first syllable and the familyagrees on a name they like starting May we all appreciate thesewith that. For the three ways of precious souls and the lovingascertaining a name through parents who hold the future in theirastrology consult the do-it-yourself hands.web page 1. M. Lukesch in T. Verny, with J.Once the name is selected the Kelly, “The secret life of the unbornuncle or father whispers it into the child” New York: Summit, 1981,childʼs right ear first if it is a boy and p49.the left ear for a girl. Only then may 2. R Jevning, A.F. Wilson and J.M.the name be spoken aloud. Davidson, “Adrenocorticol activity during meditation”, Hormones andThe ear piercing ceremony called Behaviour, 10(1978) pp. 54-60.Karna vedhana samskara isperformed by some castes on thesixth, seventh or eight month. Ajeweller generally performs thisnowadays. The right ear is piercedfirst for a boy and the left ear if afemale. This immediately induces acell-mediated response to boost the Ayurveda Elements | Training, Tours, Treatments, Resorts, Hospitals Phone/fax: 0011 61 2 9904 775 • 17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067 • Copyright © Ayurveda Elements 2010     27