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Ayurvedic retreats

Ayurvedic retreats



Ayurveda Certificate Courses. Ayurveda Consultations. Ayurveda Tours. Ayurveda Helath Resorts. Ayurveda Tools. Rama Prasad. Www.AyurvedaElements.Com...

Ayurveda Certificate Courses. Ayurveda Consultations. Ayurveda Tours. Ayurveda Helath Resorts. Ayurveda Tools. Rama Prasad. Www.AyurvedaElements.Com
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    Ayurvedic retreats Ayurvedic retreats Document Transcript

    • 1Ayurvedic RetreatBy Dr Rama Prasad  Treating yourself to a health and effective option for this is an Ayurvedic retreat. As Ayurvedicretreat not only adds years doctor Rama Prasad advises, “Anto your life, it adds life to annual Ayurvedic retreat isyour years. considered essential for health, balance and beauty. Itʼs the best“Iʼm burnt out,” sighed the Yoga health insurance.”teacher. “Iʼm going to snap if I donʼtcut myself some slack. But I canʼt. Retreat OptionsMy students depend on me.” Europeans have been visiting“You need a vacation more than Asiaʼs superb Ayurvedic resorts formedication,” came our suggestion. decades, a secret Australianʼs are“I canʼt afford the luxury of a just discovering. For the ultimateholiday,” she countered, though utopia in pampering and purificationexpecting a breakdown if she didnʼt you canʼt beat exquisite Indian andtake a break. Unfortunately her Sri Lankan resorts. The best placesprediction came true. The next time offer expert Ayurvedic treatment,we met her body had booked her a efficient service, and comfortablelong-term holiday in hospital, a facilities all in a stunning naturalluxury she definitely couldnʼt afford. setting. The worst places are best We all need to dissolve stress avoided- poor treatment, badperiodically, to decompress before hygiene, pitiable facilities, noise,pressure crushes us. Australian pollution and overpricing are justhealth statistics cite 50% of some of the pitfalls. Ideal retreatsAustralians in general hospitals are are staffed by qualified Ayurvedicthere directly in response to stress. doctors, stock potent medicines,We are now working the longest serve fresh Ayurvedic cuisine andhours in the developed world and are in a soothing natural“are working ourselves sick," environment. India and Sri Lankaaccording to Clive Hamilton, have a plethora of high qualityAustralia Institute director. resorts all personally approved byPrioritising our health is a necessity the Ayurveda Health Resorts team.rather than a luxury. When we loveourselves enough to nurture our Intriguing Indiainner yearnings we allocate time for Experiencing Ayurveda in itsrest and rejuvenation. An affordable birthplace is a unique adventure.Web: www.ayurvedaelements.com • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
    • 2Ayurvedic RetreatBy Dr Rama Prasad  Esther Stevens recently returned resorts overlook stunning beachesfrom a Kerala Ayurvedic retreat and soothing rivers. These divinesaying, “I was scared India would destinations have exceptionalbe exhausting and overwhelming. Ayurvedic expertise and greatInstead it was like being welcomed family facilities. Kylie Willowsinto a loving home.” Ayurvedic recently visited a Sri Lankan resort,retreats have existed since ancient remarking, “I felt like a Queen.Indian times and everyone is They just pampered meadvised to receive treatment at incessantly.”least once a year to prevent orovercome illness. When to goAyurveda in the southern state of Any timeʼs a good time to get someKerala is famous for its luxurious TLC. Indianʼs say one should neverbody therapies, wise physicians delay in tending to three things-and high quality medicines. They debt, disease and fire. Thecan be found in the cool spice essential time for treatment is asmountains, by beautiful backwaters, soon as symptoms arise but theon islands and overlooking pristine preferable time is before they occur,white beaches. Steve Waugh, prevention being easier than cure.former Australian Cricket Captain Considering climate, south Indiasaid after staying in Keralaʼs and Sri Lanka are always fairlyPoovar Island Resort, "Itʼs a nice warm.place to spend your vacation. The The general climate trends are-resort was as good as anywhere Extreme heat in April to Mayelse in the world. Itʼs beautiful. I Wet monsoon in July to Septemberwould like to come again." Coolest in October to February To thrive in the tropical climate it isSublime Sri Lanka important to reduce activity and sunSri Lanka known as the exposure between 11am and 3pm.ʻresplendent land,ʼ is an island with As Indian saint Srila Prabhupadaa rich healing heritage and soothing said,ambience. After exhaustive field “Indias climate is good for livingresearch we found the best peacefully not overworking butAyurvedic resorts on Sri Lankaʼs instead for engaging the brain insecure south-west coast, all fully spiritual advancement- that isrestored since the Tsunami. Most Indias gift."Web: www.ayurvedaelements.com • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
    • 3Ayurvedic RetreatBy Dr Rama Prasad   guards against intestinalHow to Prepare disturbancesTravel is derived from the French - Homoeopathic vaccinationsword travailler meaning to work, can protect against Typhoid,which is what a trip to Asia can be if Malaria, Cholera andyou try to do too much in a short Hepatitis.space of time. The real pleasure ofa retreat is in learning to slow Savoring the experiencedown, unwind and let go of the The inner journey of an Ayurvedicneed to control everything, in short, retreat often demands mentalresign as general manager of the weeding for health to blossom.universe and relax. Before Loneliness, boredom, sadness,departing, prepare for the worst fear, guilt, lust, anger, envy are allwhile expecting the best. Creating a likely to arise. Observe thesestrong immune system is the surest obstacles to happiness and letsafeguard against illness. The them naturally subside. Yogaʼs firstfollowing measures can be taken step is to be introspective,before and during your trip to acknowledge the ego and dissolveminimize the risk of illness: it gradually. Once you are nothing,- Depart for your trip in a everything can enter you. relaxed, rested, fit and Whilst undergoing Ayurvedic healthy state. treatment your mind and body are- Cultivate a positive mental adapting to new healthy patterns.attitude, visualizing yourself To facilitate this healing shift it ison a happy and fulfilling trip. best to reduce stress and strain as- Take the maximum much as possible. Ideally one canrecomended dose of ascorbic observe the following:acid or calcium ascorbatedaily for a month before Avoid:departure and during your trip - Exposure to wind, cold water, cold- Echinacea fluid extract, air, sun on the head, dust andChyavanaprasham or garlic chemicals.can be taken as an immuno- - Over-exercise or exertionstimulant - Travel. It is better to complete- Acidophillus powder taken tours before treatment.before and during your trip - OvereatingWeb: www.ayurvedaelements.com • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
    • 4Ayurvedic RetreatBy Dr Rama Prasad  - Drinking alcohol - Chewing each mouthful- Recreational drugs - Relaxing creativity (art or music)- Exposure to insects and sources - Prayer/ sadhanaof infection (unreliable food, water) - Warm liquids- Excessive talking - Uplifting, calming music or guided- Excessive sex meditation- Rushing - Reading inspiring matter- Sitting or lying for extended - Appropriate natural aromasperiods - Sleeping under a mosquito net- Sleeping during the day or staying - Early to bed, early to riseup late - Cultivating positive emotions such- Emotional excitement as patience, faith, love and- Negative emotions such as anger, gratitude.fear, worry or sadness - Clear and open communication- Dwelling on the past or projecting with doctors and therapistsinto the future. - Periods of silence and solitude. As- Excessive reading, listening to Mahatma Gandhi said- “Divineloud music, computer use or music is incessantly going on withinwatching television ourselves. But the loud senses-Any water other than bottled or drown the delicate music.” fresh coconut water-Deep fried or oily foods Relationship with Therapists-Red meat Nowhere can man find a quieter or-Heavily spiced foods more untroubled retreat than in his-Eating within two hours before own soul. sleeping and overeating - Marcus Aurelius The love, wisdom and healing we seek is within ourselves. LookingFavour: outside ourselves for healing is a- Meditation fruitless search leading to- Journaling unhealthy co-dependence or- Fresh air disappointment. A therapist and- Gentle walks therapy provide support but- Breathing deeply strength summoned from within is- Smiling to oneʼs cells self-sustaining and springs from- Eating in a relaxed environment self-love.Web: www.ayurvedaelements.com • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
    • 5Ayurvedic RetreatBy Dr Rama Prasad  Dependence on a doctor isdisempowering for a patient and Conditions treated.draining for the doctor. Donʼt put the Everyone benefits from occasionaldoctor on a pedestal they are purification and rejuvenation.bound to topple off. They are simply Ayurvedic treatment brings theone of the many sources of support mind and body back to balancesent by the universe. Remember it through a holistic approach.is your inner healer that establishes Guestʼs are encouraged to observehealth, not the external doctor. a specific regime, diet andDeveloping a loving, unconditional treatments according to theiracceptance inside means much individual requirements. People canmore than getting it from outside. expect improved health, energy,An effective physician encourages radiance and tranquility. Thoughpatients to harness their own Ayurveda is adept at treating allhealing power rather than relying on conditions, it has gained atheir power. Be an active participant reputation for being particularlyrather than a passive recipient in successful with the following:-your healing journey. A co-creator Arthritis, allergies, back pain,or your destiny rather than a diabetes, digestive disorders, discfatalistic pawn. Donʼt be lazy in your problems, eye problems, gout, hairrecovery or worried about the time loss, headaches, heart disease,frame. Surrender to the process infertility, joint degeneration, liverand pray for divine energy to enter disorders, memory loss, neuro-and guide you. muscular conditions such as MS,In our experience, tools for self- obesity, osteoporosis, periodtransformation are not emphasized problems, skin conditions, tinnitusenough by Ayurvedic physicians. and ulcers.We encourage every patient tolearn and practice positive Re-entrypsychological and physical self-help Some suffer reverse culture shockhabits. As the saying goes, “God on returning home from a retreat.helps those who help themselves.” Emerging from an Ayurvedic retreatA loving relationship and regime is like exiting a protective womb.enables one to continue the healing The harsh reality of work,path independent of the therapist domesticity and people can causeand therapy. post-holiday depression andWeb: www.ayurvedaelements.com • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
    • 6Ayurvedic RetreatBy Dr Rama Prasad  withdrawal pangs. A retreat oftentransforms oneʼs life view and thechallenge is to integrate this freshperspective into oneʼs everydayenvironment. It may take a lifetimeto fully absorb the experience asAlduus Huxley said, "Experience isnot what happens to a man. It iswhat a man does with whathappens to him.” On meeting apatient soon after their Ayurvedicsojourn I remarked how she wasglowing. “Thatʼs because I wentinside and turned on the light,” shesmiled.Naturopath Caroline Robertson andAyurvedic Dr Rama Prasad havespent many years researching andtrialing Ayurvedic retreats. Theyconduct consultations and coursesfrom their Sydney clinic, AyurvedaElements.For Ayurvedic training, treatmentand tours seewww.ayurvedaelements.comFor the best Ayurvedic resorts see:www.getwellgetaways.comWeb: www.ayurvedaelements.com • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426