Aging beautifully


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Aging beautifully

  1. 1. 1  Aging Beautifullywith AyurvedaBy Caroline Robertson  As I approach my momentous Ayurveda as my ally along withfourth decade (36 plus GST) I’ve elderly role models, I’ve gathered aresolved to welcome aging as a plethora of tools to paint beautifuljuicy ripening rather than a rotting autumn years.decline. Better be optimistic, if I get Adapt these tips for yourself asdown about it I may not be able to Ayurveda is an individual scienceget up again! Karma catches up not a ‘one formula fits all’ approach.with us as we age, pastprajnaparadas (errors) effecting our Eyeshealth and appearance. Ayurvedic Ayurveda advises one prevent eyetexts describe in gruesome detail deterioration by incorporating eyetime’s toll on our tissues, mostly care into our daily routine. Just asevident in our eyes, hair, skin, we brush our teeth we need toteeth, bones and brain. Fortunately brighten our eyes also offers many methods to Australia’s depleted ozone make usprevent and treat these concerns. dangerously susceptible to eyeThe Ayurvedic art of rasayana degeneration. Protect your eyes(rejuvenation) is not anti-aging but with high UV sunglasses, eyerather supports aging with effulgent exercises, Ayurvedic eyelinerenergy. This state of optimal ojas (kajal), daily eye drops or an(immunity) can be attained at any eyebath.age with wise attention to attitude, Avoid chemical, alcoholic eyediet, lifestyle and therapies. The make-up, eyestrain with computersgoal is vayasthapana or to yield or poor lighting. The best eyelineryouthfulness like the robust we discovered is the Himalaya kajalcentenarians described in the latest with rose, triphala and castor “The Blue Zones”, Lessons for Very effective eyedrops areLiving Longer From the People Sunetra by SreedhareeyamWhove Lived the Longest. My 67yr Ayurvedic eye hospital containingold Indian mother-in-law is a vibrant rose, jasmine, tulasi and camphor.example of how a life devoted to A great eyebath is Triphala powderAyurvedic practices preserves diluted in 6 parts pure’s health and beauty.Fortunately for those with misspent Skinyouths, Ayurveda can also reverse As we age we need to compensatedamage done by partying and for the decline in blood flow,wrinkling worries. Hence, with sebaceous secretions and collagenWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  2. 2. 2  Aging Beautifullywith AyurvedaBy Caroline Robertson  synthesis in the skin. Skin suffers make-up, without nasties such asfrom environmental exposure, poor bismuth oxychloride, a lead bi-diet and stress. So along with product. have a greatexternal products we get an inner range.glow from fresh air, pure water,nutritious antioxidant food and Hairrelaxation. Gentle exfoliation with Coconut based herbal hair oilsbrown rice flour or a fruit mask such condition the scalp, preventingas pure papaya will slough off those dandruff, psoriasis, hair loss andageing layers to reveal younger greying. Trichologists now concurskin. The body can be exfoliated with ancient Ayurvedists thatwith chickpea flour or exfoliating coconut’s small molecules, mediumgloves. A cleanser of equal parts chain fatty acids and protein absorbhoney and lemon will reduce into the hair cuticle better than anypigmentation and tighten pores. other oil, making it soft, lustrousMoisturiser can clog pores so and frizz free. For super shine alsoexperiment with options such as try a few drops of castor oil on dryjojoba oil, rosehip oil or almond oil. hair. A raw egg rinse or rice waterIf your skin breaks out easily then and fenugreek nurtures hair growthprefer moisturisers like aloe vera noticeably. Try brahmi hair oil togel, hyaluronic acid or seakelp boost brain function and promotebioferment (from Daily selfmassage with an Ayurvedic oil is an Teethinvaluable way to ward off wrinkles, Along with brushing with anarthritis, varicose veins, astringent tooth powder andosteoporosis, dry skin and flossing, remember to scrape yourcirculation concerns. The sesame tongue daily. Tooth decay oftenoil not only calms nerves and originates from the plaque on thenourishes our bones and skin, it is tongue so keep it clean.also fabulous for nails and recedinggums. Dhanwantaram oil is a Mindsuperb all-purpose daily massage A loving connection with divinityoil. and others is a youth elixir. As 80 yrThough true radiance shines from old George Burns said “When Im inthe soul a little lip gloss and lumiser front of an audience, all that lovealways helps! Try natural mineral and vitality sweeps over me and IWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  3. 3. 3  Aging Beautifullywith AyurvedaBy Caroline Robertson  forget my age.” Focusing on loving as such as Chyavanaprash is giventhoughts floods our cells with in the Vatatapika method tohealing hormones such as revitalise all the systems andendorphins. If you are stressed organs. An annual Ayurvedicinhale calm, and exhale calm for retreat resets our biorythms, givingten breaths. If others are us a chance to cleanse andaggravating you send them a gentle rejuvenate. As Ayurvedic doctorsmile and wishes of health and Rama Prasad advises, “An annualhappiness. Stay centred with daily Ayurvedic retreat is the best healthYoga Nidra, meditation, ritual or insurance.” A retreat not only addscreative expression. years to your life it adds life to your years. See our selection atAyurvedic Health Insurance www.getwellgetaways.comMany of us know what to do but failto do what we know hence reducing Wishing you all Vayastyag,our potential longevity. As Oscar enduring beauty shining from yourWilde admitted, “To get back my spirit.youth I would do anything in theworld, except take exercise, get up Caroline Robertson is an Ayurvedicearly, or be respectable.” However consultant, homoeopath andto ensure rejuvenation we must naturopath married to Dr Ramakeep our prana flowing with breath, Prasad. For information on courses,movement, creativity, self consultations, retreats or productsexpression and nurturing please contact –interaction. In Ayurvedic geriatrics its consideredessential to undergo a period ofpurification and regeneration topromote youthful vigor.The traditional methods are eitherkutipravesika or vatatapika.Kutipravesika involves almostsuperhuman austerities in a smallsheltered hut for months at a time.Vatatapika is an easier method ofoutpatient cleanses and medicines.Commonly an antioxidant jam suchWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426