Managing Contracts with SharePoint


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Interested in managing contracts with SharePoint? Managing NDA, Non-Competes, Self Service Contract Creation, Contract Lifecycle Management, Master Service Agreements and Statements of Work (SOWs), Prime Contracts, Contract Alerts and Milestones - all of this is possible with eContracts. In addition, we integrate with CRM and ERP systems making it easy for you to onboard Vendor contracts, IT contracts, Customer Contracts in addition to managing other related processes like Quotes, Proposals, and RFPs. eContracts is not a tool, or a solution - it is a complete Contract LifeCycle Management Product built for SharePoint.

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Managing Contracts with SharePoint

  1. 1. A SharePoint based Contract Management Portal & administration platform to automate and manage the Enterprise Contracts Process Automating and Managing Contracts with SharePoint
  2. 2. OURPASSION We think the internet and the adoption of trends on the internet are leading indicators for the upcoming innovations in the enterprise. We are passionate about helping our customers interpret, leverage, and maximize the business benefits of these incremental or disruptive trends and making it a reality in their operating environment. Be a leader in the adoption of new and significant trends in the technology marketplace that influence our customer’s business. Pace ourselves to the urgent needs of our customers. Be a trusted Advisor. Add value to every relationship. Uncompromising focus on the success of every relationship, project and solution. We go the extra mile, stay the extra night in our quest to help our customers achieve the 110% results from the investments they are making with us and the solutions we build. OURVISIONOURVALUE Since 2005 been developing and managing SharePoint Infrastructure and Solutions for 100s of clients worldwide. Implementations include – SharePoint Architecture, Infrastructure Implementations, Enterprise Intranets, Business Applications, Business Intelligence, Industry Applications among many others Current Services include Office 365 Implementations, Azure and SQL Cloud Implementations, SharePoint 2013 Migrations and Implementations, Business Solutions, Web Portals and Intranets, Office and SharePoint Apps Development Developing many different types of Apps including the Corveo eContracts Platform, Self Service Apps, Facilities Apps, among others.
  3. 3. About eContracts  A Comprehensive Enterprise Contract Management System on SharePoint  Developed to address Enterprise Contract Management, Customer and Vendor Management Needs (Including Sourcing, Procurement, Proposals, etc.)  Natively SharePoint – supports all SP Investments  Scheduled Releases every quarter with ever improving functionality and features including industry solutions  Have a good process for upgrades, patches and migrations of the platform Migration tools Import/Export tools Dev, Staging, Production Migration Support Help Desk  Full Service Implementations Business Consulting - Sales, Procurement and Financial Metrics Analysis Contracts Analysis Contract Process and Data Analysis Analyze all of your contracts Self Service Contracts versus Managed Contracts Vendor and Customer Onboarding Process Infrastructure Consultation Implementation Services Integration and Customization Services CRM Integrations ERP Integrations Cloud Services Integrations (Vendor Credit Verification, Portal Integrations, among others) Maintenance and Support Services With Maintenance Agreements – Free Email Support, Defect Escalation Patch & Hot Fixes Management
  4. 4. Need for a Contract Management System A Centralized Contract Repository Milestone & Alerts Management Clarity in Obligations & Ownerships Contract Performance Tracking Contract Cycle Time and Approvals Improves Contract Visibility Centralized Access to Information Related Master Agreements Related Amendments & Addendums Review TimelinesContract Expirations & Renewals Key Project Milestones Compliance Milestones Automate Contract Templates Self Service Contracts Workflow Approvals & Reviews Assign Obligation OwnershipsOn-time Obligation fulfillment Reminder Emails To Do Follow ups Activity TrackingContract Dashboards & Alerts Summary & Tabular Reports Financial Metrics Compliance Signatures Contracts Automation Organizational Hierarchies Delegation of Authority Configuration Rules based configuration Contract History Vendor and Customer Management Vendors & Customer Data management Vendor Compliance & Tracking Customer Contract Performance Engage Key Stake Holders
  5. 5. eContracts Modules
  6. 6. Contract Solution Areas Procurement, Supply Chain & IT Contract Management  Vendor Management & On-boarding  Procurement Contracts (IT, Purchasing, Services, Consulting, Supply Chain)  RFx Management (Additional Module)  Vendor Registration & Portal (Customized)  Vendor Performance Management  Integrate PO, Invoice Data from ERP or Other Source Systems (Optional)  Customer & Trade Partner On-boarding  Customer Contracts & Agreements (NDAs, Purchase & Sale, Trade Agreements)  Contract Request Management & Self Service Contracts  Extend to Support - Proposal & Quotes  Delivery & Invoice Timelines, Milestones  Integrate CRM & Order Data (Optional)  Product & Service Catalog (Coming Soon) Customer Contracts & Trade Agreements  System of Record for Contracts  Detailed Contract Document Review Workflows  Contract Redlining Capabilities  Document Automation and Clause Library  Clause Versioning and Reviews Corporate Legal and Contract Teams
  7. 7. Organizing Enterprise Contracts Repository  Support for flexible contract metadata based on configurable contract types.  Extend the system to manage other related business needs such as proposals, quotes, RFx, customer information, invoices  User level views of the repository based on logged in user. Contract Categorization  Contract Categories: mapped to legal entities, departments, or locations in your organization- for better reporting and views  Contract Areas: mapped to contract management users or groups- for better management of privileges and ownership  Contract Types: mapped to functions such as purchasing, human resources, leasing- for better management of document templates, milestones, obligations, and clauses. Contract Relationships  Specify Contract Relationships such as Master Agreements at a contract item level.  Specify Sub-Contractor Agreements and link to Prime/Master Contracts  Manage Jobs, Project related meta-data, all related contract documents End User Configurable Custom Metadata Contracting Process and Reporting Needs.
  8. 8. Managing Contracts Contract States & Actions Self Service Portal  Default states available are In Progress, Active, Executed, Expired & Archived Contracts.  Contextual Contract actions and properties are based on the current Status of the Contract.  Support for New Version of Documents, Edits and Approval workflow when In Progress.  Tracking Milestones, Obligations, and Set Up Alerts on Active, Executed Contracts.  Amendments, Renewal & Performance Review Actions of Expired & About to Expire Contracts.  Move to Archives, Audit trail action on contracts ready for archival.  Portal for Requesting for Contract, Review of Contracts, etc.  Self Service Creation of Contracts for Sales, Service, Procurement & IT  Multiple Contract Owner based alerts  Contract Search & Access based on Security  Take action on assigned To Dos based on obligations managed by Contract Team
  9. 9. Milestones, Obligations and Workflows Milestones & Alerts  Auto creation of default milestones such as start date, renewal date, executed date, expiration dates.  User defined milestones based on creation contract types such as delivery dates for sales contracts.  User level subscription for email alerts and notifications  Milestone reminders  Calendar view of upcoming milestones. Obligation Management  Contractual obligations with ownership.  Connect milestones with obligations for managing timelines.  Obligation performance reports at a contract level. Workflows & Tasks  Workflows for routing contract approvals, reviews, signatures, renewals and cancellations  Approval tasks with change request, commenting, and delegation.  Parallel and serial routing options with manual or auto start options.  Tasks with due dates and escalation.
  10. 10. Counterparties and Document Automation Document Automation  Auto-populate content into standard document templates by submitting a Contract Creation Wizard/Questionnaire.  Optionally map variable content with SharePoint list columns.  Content in SharePoint Lists and Document stay in sync even when modified.  Easy creation of templates using Microsoft Word add in controls and mapping with SharePoint Lists. Vendor & Customer Management  Comprehensive counterparty database management with contact information, documents, master agreements, etc.  Link Contracts, RFx, Proposals, Quotes with Customer and Vendor Records  Overall view of contract performance  Optional contract publishing to counterparties for review via an external portal.
  11. 11. Reporting Report Categories  Contract Performance Reports: milestone achievements, performance review reports  Activity Reports: top actions at a contract level  Obligation Compliance Reports: adherence to obligations with obligation achieved timelines  Contract Commercial Reports: top value contracts, expected vs. actual commercials  Contract KPI Dashboard: overall contract performance indicator  User Reports: User level tasks, milestone achieved, and profile reports Reporting Mechanisms  SharePoint View based Reporting  SQL Server Reporting Services Reports [SharePoint Enterprise]  Performance Point Server Reporting Dashboards [SharePoint Enterprise]  Third Party Reporting Tools Integrations [Custom]
  12. 12. Integrations Integration Mechanisms Business Connectivity Services eContracts leverages Business Connectivity Services (“BCS”) feature to make seamless integrations possible through External Lists and External Content Types. These External Content Types and External Lists easily allow you to bring content from outside databases into the SharePoint to manage and display “live-data”. The External List, which resides in SharePoint and stores the data according to an easily configurable data connection mapping. This list, once configured can be imagined as having the database table with SharePoint list interface. New external connections can be established easily through the Data Source explorer feature which allows for searching of external database tables and mapping of table elements with the External list metadata. Pre-Configured External Content Types for eContracts SharePoint Site columns (metadata) are created within SharePoint that match up to the external data’s site columns (metadata). The eContractsTM framework has prebuilt configurations for some of the common integration needs. Custom Integrations eContractsTM can be customized to send and receive files from external systems. For example, flat files or spreadsheet can be exchanged for updating pricing information. (Great Plains integration would fall into this category) Integrated Implementation of eContractsTM Master Data Integration Configuration Data Integration Transactional Data Integration Vendor Master Material Master Pricing List Customer Master Product Master Service Master Other Master Data Company Code Purchasing Org Commodity Type Payment Terms Taxes Shipping Terms Other Configuration Data Purchase Orders Work Orders Invoice Service Entry Goods Receipt Sales Order Quotes Timesheets Other Transactions ERP CRM SRM Portals Accounting Legacy eContractsTM Connectors Possible integrations for an Integrated views of Contract Performance with Vendor, Customer data from CRM and ERP Solutions like, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle Financials
  13. 13. Demo Walkthrough
  14. 14. eContracts Product Overview  Built ground up on the SharePoint platform  Pre-built portal templates, workflow templates, and features for most of the common contracting scenarios  Modular and business process driven  Ability to extend forms, business logic, data sources, integrations  Extends SharePoint data, document, and content framework with ease of SharePoint administration and management  Supports Active Directory Groups and User Security model  Optional integration with Extranet Portal  Continuous feature upgrades, improvements with a dedicated product team focused on improving the product  Maintenance & support agreements allow customers to access our development and product engineering resources on-demand for all solution level issues  Support All SharePoint Versions (with variations)  Extranet & Vendor Portals  E-Signature Integrations  All Email Platforms Supported  Support for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (Oct. Release)  Office 365 Support coming by end of Q4 2013
  15. 15. Functional Architecture
  16. 16. Implementation Methodology Configuration Discovery Feedback Deployment UAT Sign Off Product Implementation Model BUSINESS PROCESSES & REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS CONFIGURATION& CUSTOMIZATION IN CLOUD CLIENT WALKTHROUGH & OPTIMIZATION CLIENT SIDE INSTALLATION TRAINING & ACCEPTANCE GO LIVE & SUPPORT 1. Initial Process Questionnaire 2. Requirements Gathering 3. Gap Analysis Document 4. System Customization & Configuration Document 5. Review of Process documents, templates, metadata 1. Cloud Environment Setup 2. Setup of Data model 3. Feature Activation 4. Configuration of Workflows, Artifacts, Views etc. 5. Implementation of Custom features, if any. 1. Walkthrough of Cloud Implementation with Client 2. Feedback Tracking 3. Updates and Optimization 4. Staging Acceptance 1. Packaging of Optimized Product 2. Setup of Client side environment 3. Product Installation 4. Installation Checklist 5. Migration of existing content 1. Training to wider audience 2. User Acceptance Testing 3. Administration Training 4. Operational Readiness 1. Release to all target audience 2. Project sign off 3. Start of Support Phase
  17. 17. Offer - Free Customized Business Case for Contract Management  We will interview one or two of your Contract Administrators about your Contract Process  Analyze your key contracts, workflows  Identify key pain points and savings with Contract Automation  Provide an easy to understand report for Executives to be able to understand the need for better contract management  Why SharePoint is the right solution for Contract Management
  18. 18. Q&A
  19. 19. Contact: Ram Prabhala 770-569-1240 x112
  20. 20. Home Page
  21. 21. All Contracts Page
  22. 22. Create Contract Form
  23. 23. All Contracts Page
  24. 24. Contracts Details
  25. 25. Contract Status Report
  26. 26. Contract Value Report