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  • 1. Ways of cooking different food English lessonWhat will I learn from the English lesson different ways ofcooking food?During the first part of the lesson you will learn the vocabulary for the different ways of cooking food.The last part of the lessons explains what the different ways of cooking mean.Ways to cook food Ways to cook explanations Different ways to cook Peel Remove the outer covering from a fruit, vegetable. Slice Cut a thicker piece of food into slices. Grate Rub food against a grater so it is cut it into a lot of small pieces. Pour Pour the milk, water ext. into the bowl Mix Combine food / liquid together so it becomes one. Whisk A utensil needed for whipping eggs or cream. very quickly Boil Heat a liquid until it boils.
  • 2. Fry Cook food in a very hot oil. Roll Rolling pin used for making pastry flat and making cake shapes. Stir Move a spoon around in a pan in a circle. Simmer Liquid or food just below boiling point and bubbling only gently. Poach Cook an egg in or over boiling water. Fish can also be poached. Bake Cook food without a flame, in an oven. Roast Cook meat a long time an oven or over a fire Grill Cook food under heat from a metal bar or flame.Print the lessonTo print the lesson on different types of drinking glasses right click on a white space and chooseprint. You can click on the printer icon just below and to the right of the contact us menu button at thetop of the page.Lessons that are relatedTo view any of the lessons below click on link.Fast food in the UK and America English lessonEnglish Breakfast lesson learning about foodOrdering food and drink at a restaurant learning EnglishAccept and refuse food politely learning EnglishDictionary and how to use dictionariesClick on the following link for the On line English dictionary - English lessonEasy Pace Learning ForumIf you are struggling with a lesson or an exercise post a question we will try and help you or post youranswers and let others compare.