TL;DR Why The Future Of Content Marketing Is Short And Snackable


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Should you invest in short-form or long-form content for your content marketing strategy? While there will always be a place for long-form content, the future of content marketing is short and snackable. Here are five reasons why.

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  • Presenter: Gabe
  • TL;DR Why The Future Of Content Marketing Is Short And Snackable

    1. 1. TL;DR: Five Reasons Why The Future of Content Is Short And Snackable December 2013 @rallyverse
    2. 2. In your content marketing strategy, do you focus on long-form content or short-form content? Blogs and whitepapers? Or GIFs and images?
    3. 3. What works best for your audience? And what works best for the marketer?
    4. 4. We know you won’t focus exclusively on one or the other, but we’re willing to make a strong recommendation: Focus your time and effort on short-form content. Here are five reasons why.
    5. 5. Everything Is Visual
    6. 6. Consumers increasingly prefer visual content and communication. Just ask Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and Snapchat.
    7. 7. We won’t go so far as to say ―People hate reading,‖ but we will note that image posts certainly do better on Twitter and Facebook. So, you’re probably better off with a big picture and few words than a small picture and a lot of words.
    8. 8. The Future Is (Even More) Mobile
    9. 9. As you may have heard, mobile internet usage continues to grow.
    10. 10. Because of both device and usage constraints, mobile users are less eager and able to consume long-form content. That is, if your audience is on their phone, keep it short and snackable. Make it easy for them to consume your content.
    11. 11. TL;DR
    12. 12. If you’re staring at your email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedI n, Instagram, an RSS Reader and your phone all day, there’s no shortage of content you want to consume. And that’s exactly the problem: you only have so much time.
    13. 13. For time-constrained users, short-form content is more than just convenient – it’s essential. If it’s too long, chances are that your audience will just skip it. Rallyverse Confidential — Do Not Distribute 13
    14. 14. Shorter, Better, Faster, Str onger
    15. 15. When something big happens, it’s hard to compete with major news publications for a lengthy, thoughtful, comprehe nsive analysis. So don’t even try!
    16. 16. Instead, fire up a quick tweet or short blog post with your commentary. You don’t have time to be comprehensive, but you do have time for a perspective.
    17. 17. Long-Form Ain’t Cheap
    18. 18. Writing whitepapers, long blog posts and building infographics is great and will help your audience to learn more about you and your brand. It’s also expensive, timeconsuming, and difficult to scale. That is, it’s expensive.
    19. 19. Short-form content can be created faster and at a lower cost than long-form content. And there are a ton of great tools out there (Rallyverse included) to help you to create it.
    20. 20. In conclusion, short-form content is aligned with how your audience consumes content in a mobile, information-dense world, and it’s cheaper than long-form content? Hmmmm.
    21. 21. And don’t forget: We can help .
    22. 22. Thank You @rallyverse