5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Hard


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If you're a social media professional, you know your job is more than "playing" on Facebook. It's a non-stop creative and operational challenge. In this presentation, we detail the top challenges facing community managers and social media professionals.

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  • Presenter: Gabe
  • 5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Hard

    1. 1. 5 Reasons Social Media Is Hard September 2013 www.rallyverse.com @rallyverse
    2. 2. If you’re a social media professional, chances are you’ve heard the following…
    3. 3. “So, you play on Facebook all day?” “Wait, you “listen” and “monitor” social media? On your phone?” “140 characters? That’s it? That’s all you do?”
    4. 4. People think your job is easy. Well, there’s a lot they don’t know.
    5. 5. Rallyverse Confidential — Do Not Distribute 5 But you know better. Being a Social Media Professional isn’t easy. Here’s why:
    6. 6. You’ve Got To Say Something Every Day, Many Times Per Day.
    7. 7. Coming up with 5, 10, or 15 posts across multiple networks that are relevant and on brand takes a lot of creative energy.
    8. 8. When You Say Those Things, You Need To Sound Like You’re Listening.
    9. 9. Yes, you can plan ahead with a content calendar and your own marketing events, but you can’t ignore real-time conversations and trends. Which means you need to lean in, every day.
    10. 10. You Need To Have a Voice For Your Business Or Brand
    11. 11. If you’re lucky, you already know your brand and voice. If not, you need to develop it in a way that connects with your brand and audience (and isn’t just your own personal voice).
    12. 12. Your Voice Needs To Be Distinct
    13. 13. If you’re not careful, your voice might sound like “a twenty something who lives in a major city and likes to go out for libations after a long week.” That is, “It’s Friday, Like this if you’re ready for happy hour!” doesn’t really work for everyone.
    14. 14. Your Fans and Followers Don’t Sleep
    15. 15. This isn’t a 9-to-5 job. Someone needs to respond to every comment and tweet, at night, on the weekends, and when you’re in a meeting.
    16. 16. Remember: Being a Social Media Professional Isn’t Easy. It requires creativity, discipline, and focus. And the right tools and team.
    17. 17. Don’t worry, though. Rallyverse can help with that .
    18. 18. Thank You info@rallyverse.com @rallyverse