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LockSchuppen - The Story
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LockSchuppen - The Story


Published on

LockSchuppen - FutureLab2056 - PeerAcademy - CoWorkingSpace

LockSchuppen - FutureLab2056 - PeerAcademy - CoWorkingSpace

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • ..... a vision that has reached another point in its development. Meeting Dr. RayKurzweil at 4th DresdenFutureForum in Dresden,
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  • 1. OpenSource - OpenContent - OpenEconomy? The LockSchuppenAg RealLife CaseStudy of an quot;Openquot;- Company
  • 2. CaseStudy: »LockSchuppen« Restructure of the adjacent RailRoundHouse to the FutureLab quot;Dresden 2056quot;: app. 5-7 Mio Eur Invest (final version) Open Organization OpenVentureCapital FutureLab Public European Elite- ThinkTank, inspired by: SingularityUniversity, Team Academy SingularityDistanceUniversity
  • 3. »FutureLab« quot;Panometer 2056quot; The FutureLab will enable visi- tors to interactively experience the technological possibilities of the future - based on TechnicalSingularity . MindQuest 's will lead Your way through the future. After see- ing what's possible you can walk around the PeerAcademy and the Co-WorkingSpace where the real action today takes place.
  • 4. VirtualEconomy Inspired by: SecondLife (LindenDollar) Currency: KayGroschen Dedicated to: AlanKay (TuringAward 2003) MoneySupply: 10.000.000 KayGroschen ExchangeRate KayGroschen<->EuRo will be determined by auctions on the ForEx EnteringMoney for new CitiZen's of NooPolis (graded)
  • 5. Dresden PieschenBank Pieschen -----> Administration of KayGroschen for all CitiZen's RealTime-Payments 100% transparency RSS-Feed for all account changes The probably most important new bank startup in the free-state of Saxony since the free give-in of SachsenLB to a bank in Southern Germany. 2012: Name change into DresdnerBank???
  • 6. NooPolis StockExchange Goal: 1-Click-Startups: within appr. 15 min from the business idea up to the first trading in KayGroschen Total transparency within NooPolis reduces complexity: SuperVisoryBoard's ShareHolderMeeting's AuditingFirm's BankingSupervision
  • 7. NooPolis: A WikiBased MicroNation We ActionResearch the most important parts of a society: CivilRights: Constitution - Jurisprudence Politics: Elections - Administration - Legislation - Household Economy: Econcomy - CompanyRegister - StockExchange
  • 8. NooPolis: WikiBased Everything is wikibased and therefor editable: Constitution who can change what, when and how HouseHold monetary issues Votings at disagreements Elections of trusted mediators Public Editing possible only with RealName CamelCase for ultra-fast linkages within Wiki itself Theoretical foundation: Nomic (PeterSuber, TheParadoxOfSelfAmendment)
  • 9. GroundRules Participation only with RealName through invitation (WebOfTrust) June 2009: 75 CitiZen's 100% Transparency: any change of a WikiPage is present in the long-term RSS-WebFeed of RecentChanges and single WikiPage's API for future Mashups Started in: German, Now: English, Soon: Español, 中文 etc.
  • 10. LockSchuppenAg ShareHolder OrderBuch (OrderBook) WorkForShares
  • 11. WebTwoNull in Action Wiki GoogleEarth Twitter WebLog Flickr WikiPedia EtherPad Mail Skype StadtWiki Xing Delicious FaceBook DimDim PieschenRadio RSS PieschenTv Doodle FlashMob StudiVz Mobile BarCamp Ning GoogleDocs SecondLife OpenStreetMap LinkedIn
  • 12. How could you participate? design a 3D-CAD-Model of the LockSchuppen find Investors (for provision) invest yourself calculate building costs construct PaperModel of the LockSchuppen construct LegoModel check fiscal questions around LockSchuppen und contracts create a (or more) StartUp yourself find visitors and tenants Join LockSchuppen (@FaceBook)
  • 13. SingularSummitEurope What: classical conference with KeyNote's SingularCamp with OpenSpace elements issues around the future and Singularity When: One or two days in September/October 2009 Where: TuDresden or GehAcht or PanoMeter CongressCenterDresden or SemperOper'a LockSchuppen
  • 14. At the beginning was ... ...the Wiki