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  • http://bluefuture2012.blogspot.com - if you are interested to be part of a hightech innovation opportunity to join in.
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  • Many thanks go to Daryl Cook, consultant and social innovator from Melbourne to the following:

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  • Sometimes you just have a Dream! You see small sparks of the greater whole come into reality and you keep on building.

    What has led to that?

    • BMW Plant Leipzig - a day-round open space working environment where knowledge flows
    • 3rd SoL Global Forum, Oman - meeting 350 people from all across the globe, from Israel, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Belgium, France, UK, Australia, you name it crossing the boundaries of culture and language for a week
    • Team Academy - 'The Management School without Teachers' in Finland, the role model of eduction of the future
    • City of Dresden - where I studied, worked as head of operation during 2002 flood, been IT coordinator of local public transport company
    • COINS Collaborative Innovation Networks - being connected to the 2010 COINS conference via Livestream (live from Dresden)
    • Semperoper Ballet - the choicest dancing ensemble I can imagine (#Albertinum at Twitter or their Fanpage on Facebook)
    • Meeting with RayKurzweil in Dresden - 4th Dresden Future Forum exploring how companies will be tackling the emerging and exponentially increasing challenges of the future
    • last but not least the social web with all the connection that happen by seredipity, surprise and due to my not ending curiousity and boundary spanning across boundaries in somewhat 'flat' world.

    >>> what has emerged is the above and http://coorpheum.com (which other folks that I have infected with the idea of collaborative working / learning / creating / innovating in the city of Dresden

    Do you have any questions? Comments? Or know of people we should connect to?

    Please let us know by writing a comment.
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2010 10-01 lock-schuppenenglish

  1. 1. Project »LockSchuppen« Initiated 1st of April 2009 by: RalfLippold Organizational & Process Designer, Collective Learning Evangelist RainerWasserfuhr Futurist, Singularity Evangelist
  2. 2. OpenEducation - OpenStartup - OpenEconomy? The LockSchuppenAg A new Form of Work Space for the Emerging Accelerating Future
  3. 3. The Vision - 2012!
  4. 4. LockOffice 1. Venue 12/09 - 04/10
  5. 5. CoOrpheum 2. Venue 05/10 - 07/10
  6. 6. »LockSchuppen« • FutureLab2056 • SingularAcademy • CollaborationSpace
  7. 7. »LockSchuppen« “SpiderHub” S = City of Dresden H = Universities/ Research Institutes W = Businesses LS = LockSchuppen $ / € = Profit IHK = Chamber of Commerce Taken: HTW Dresden, 19.04.09 HWK = Chamber of Crafts
  8. 8. »SingularAcademy« LearningByTeaching (PeerCoaching) by JeanPolMartin Singularity University, Silicon Valley, USA Team Academy, Finland
  9. 9. »FutureLab2056« WikiWall - Visualizing Collaborative Knowledge =
  10. 10. »CollaborationSpace« LockBibo - Library Machbar - Cafeteria & Restaurant CoWorking Space Copyright: LockSchuppen, Flickr
  11. 11. »CollaborationSpace« Flickr, Hub Kings Cross, London Flickr, Hub Islington, London
  12. 12. »CollaborationSpace« through WorldWideWeb * Delicious (Social Bookmarks) * OpenStreetMap * DimDim (Desktop Sharing) * PieschenRadio * Doodle (Virtual Scheduling) * PieschenTv * FaceBook (Social Network) * RSS * FlashMob (Ad-hoc Event) * SecondLife (Virtual Realität) * Flickr (Fotocommunity) * Skype (Videophone, Chat) * iEtherPad (Texteditor) * StadtWiki * GoogleDocs (Texteditor) * StudiVz (Student Network) * GoogleEarth (Worldmap) * Twitter (Micro-Blogging) * LinkedIn (Business Network) * WebLog * ElectronicMail * Wiki (Texteditor, Database) * Mobile BarCamp * WikiPedia * Ning (Social Network) * XING (Business Network)
  13. 13. »LockSchuppen« - Next Steps • Co-Creating the Future of Entrepreneurship in and around Dresden. • Facilitating the widely adapted emerging accelerating technologies. • Supporter, sponsors for collaboratively creating 3D- model of LockSchuppen. • SemanticWebApplication for WikiWall. • We are looking for investors, sponsors, and supporters - in exchange for shares in the project.
  14. 14. Big THANKS to all supporters! JayForrester Prof. JohnSterman MIT Sloan, US Visionary Sight MIT Sloan, US EdgarSchein MiIT Sloan, US DavidOrban RobbieSchingler SingularityUniversit, I NasaAmes JensBemme BiotypeAG, PeterSenge Research Center, US Studentenstiftung Prof. MartinGaedke SoL, MIT Sloa, US TuChemnitz SoerenRogoll MarcellaGaeb JamesLyneis Echologic JensKrzywinski TSystemsMms JohannesPartanen WPI, US Technisches Design, TeamAcademy, FIN TuDresden GuentherPortnue MarigoRaftopoulos PeterStawowy AIK Dresden Consultant, AUS Presseclub-Dresden MarcoDziallas HolgerHelas RayKurzweil Creosphäre SaxoniaSystems KurzweilAi AndreasSchanzenbach AlexanderFriedland Chromatics Twiddern.de PeterClaussen BobbieCarlton ex BMW Leipzig MassInnovationNights WilhemZoergiebel VilleKeraenen AchimBonte Gebäudeensemble Prof. ArturFriedrich MonkeyBusiness SlUb Hellerau HtwDresden Prof. RalphSonntag PeterTeichmann Prof. PeterEberle KerstinTrautmann .... and many more! HtwDresden StadtDresden HtwDresden FutureSax Regklam Dresden Europa World
  15. 15. The Future has already arrived ... ... Let’s continue to build the future :-)
  16. 16. »LockSchuppenAg« LockSchuppenAg http://landmatrosen.de/LockOffice Singularity University http://singularityu.com Team Academy http://leanthinkers.blogspot.com CoWorking http://coworking.pbwiki.com