Cricket Quiz April 25,2013


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Cricket Quiz April 25,2013

  1. 1. Rule : Infinite Bounce
  2. 2. Part-1
  3. 3. Round -1 Fillers
  4. 4. AD for??
  5. 5. IPL 6-Nail-Biting Matches
  6. 6. Jason Gillespie scored his first century in his71st test match.Chaminda Vaas broke this record when hescored a century in his 97th.Who broke Vaas’s record by scoring one in his118th test?
  7. 7. Anil Kumble• On 10 August 2007, Kumble scored his maidencentury, with an innings of 110 not out againstEngland
  8. 8. • He was giventhe honour ofringing thebell to signalthe start ofplay in thethird and finalTest matchbetweenEngland andSouth Africa atLords. ID him.
  9. 9. Yohan Blake
  10. 10. • In domestic cricket in India, instead of DLmethod, what method is used to settle resultsof rain-affected matches?
  11. 11. The Jayadevan system, also known asthe VJD method
  12. 12. ID the famous trophy
  13. 13. Warne–Muralidaran Trophy
  14. 14. A red card in cricket?? What‟s going on here?
  15. 15. This was the first-ever Twenty20 international and was playedbetween Australia and New Zealand. With the match all butwon, Glenn McGrath revisited the history of underarm bowlingbetween Australia and New Zealand. When he ran in to bowlthe last ball, he shaped to bowl underarm, but held on to theball. Billy Bowden, in the spirit of fun in which the whole matchwas played promptly produced a red card and showed it toMcGrath, soccer style.
  16. 16. Round – 2 ID
  17. 17. Id him.• He was said to be the best all-rounder of his day. Hemade his first-class debut for Sussex in 1845 aged18, weighing only 7 stone(45 kg). Initially a fast round-arm bowler, his pace slowed in later years. Whilebowling fast, he took on average nearly 10 wickets inevery game. In 1850, playing for the South against theNorth at Lords, he took all 10 wickets in the secondinnings, all clean bowled (still the only instance of allten wickets being taken "bowled" in any first-classmatch). In all, he took 1,109 first-class wickets with abowling average of 10.32 He was also a fine batsman(4,140 first-class runs with a batting average of14.12, an average which was very good for the time).He scored only two centuries, the first in 1849 and thesecond was the only century scored in 1855. Who?
  18. 18. John Wisden
  19. 19. ID X.• After Xs birth, there nearly was an exchange ofbabies with a fishermans new-born baby. LuckilyNarayan, Xs uncle had spotted a birth mark onhim a while ago and when the baby in the cotdidnt have it, there was chaos. He was ultimatelylocated in the cot where the fishermans wife hadkept her baby. In his autobiography, X writes“Perhaps, I would have grown-up to be anobscure fisherman, toiling somewhere along thewest coast...I sometimes muse on thepossibilities of fishing in Mahim, if not for thedoctor”
  20. 20. Sunil Gavaskar
  21. 21. • Complete the list:Russell Endean,Andrew Hilditch,Mohsin Khan,Desmond Haynes,Graham Gooch,Steve Waugh,________.What is the list about?
  22. 22. Michael Vaughan-Ball Handlingin Test Matches
  23. 23. About whom this is poem is talkingabout??• Hey Andy,You are indeed handy,When you come to Kandy,I`ll give you brandy, .But you bring the shandy,After brandy,If you try to be chandi,And hit Murali out of Kandy,I will make you nondi
  24. 24. Andy flower, by Percy Abeysekara(by Sri Lanka’s biggest fan just likeSudhir Kumar of India)
  25. 25. • X had the number 356 tattooed on hisbody, believing he was the 356th Testrepresentative for his nation. He also had apersonalised number plate on his Ferrarireading MS356. But he is listed by his CricketBoard as the 357th. Fortunately, BrendonJulian , who was the 356th Test player, said hewas happy to concede the number to X andthe board approved.
  26. 26. • X: Michael Slater
  27. 27. • I was a prominent opener for my nation. In mygreatest innings, I perished by lofting a catchto Saurav Ganguly off of SachinTendulkar, only 6 runs short of what wouldvebeen an awesome and unique record. Later, Itook a short break and took up religion. Whoam I?
  28. 28. Saeed Anwar. He perished for 194 inan ODI. He missed out on scoring thefirst ever ODI double century by 6runs.
  29. 29. Round 3
  30. 30. • What doesextensive stress onthe LateralEpicondyle lead to?
  31. 31. Tennis Elbow
  32. 32. • X is a FIM Supersport World Championshipteam founded by the captain of the Indiancricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.• It’s the first Asian team to participate inSuperbike World Championship.• Its currently leading with 2 out of 2 wins.• Id X.
  33. 33. Mahi Racing Team India
  34. 34. Test vs England , SCG,Jan 2009,One-day international against West Indies , St Vincent, July2008. Give Funda.
  35. 35. In memory of Jane McGrath
  36. 36. • The 1996 Wisden records that "fried calamaristopped play" during a South African domesticmatch at Paarl in February 1995. This wasprobably the most bizarre incident whichstopped play in a game of cricket.• What happened??
  37. 37. Calamari is a mediterranean dish made usingSquid. The batsman Daryll Cullinan hit a six intoa frying pan in a kitchen in a nearby building. Itwas about ten minutes before the ball was coolenough for the umpires to remove the grease.Even then, the bowler Fanie De Villiers wasunable to grip the ball and it had to be replacedlater.
  38. 38. On what incident Dale Steyn tweetedthis???
  39. 39. Morne Morkel ball delivery at 173.9kmph made dale steyn tweet this.
  40. 40. • Sledging can be an effective cricketing weapon, but I fearedI had gone too far when one of my victims burst into theAustralian dressing room brandishing an AK- 47 anddemanding revenge.I said: Looks like you dont fancy it very much, Depardieu(he resembles the French actor). He replied: Listen, a lot ofpeople go missing every day in South Africa and one morewont be noticed. Later, he threatened to use me for baitwhen he went shark fishing.I thought nothing of it all - until we went to South Africa. Itwas lunch in Johannesburg and we were just starting totuck in when he stormed in wielding the gun, which he hadborrowed from a policeman outside, shouting: Right, Ivehad enough of you Australians.Identify the person who wrote these line and who is hetalking about?
  41. 41. Shane Warne wrote these lines. Hewas talking about Brian Mcmillan.Read this in the book Shane Warnes100 best cricketer...Wonderful read...
  42. 42. This is a picture of the highest cricketmatch to have ever been played. It was atthe Everest Base Camp at a height of5,165m. Team X vs. Team Y.Give X and Y
  43. 43. Team Tenzing vs. Team Hillary
  44. 44. In a 1933 test against England a West Indian bowlercalled Ellis Achong had Walter Robins stumped off aball that according to the bowler „pitched perfectlyand turned nicely and Robins saw it coming back athim, he opened his legs and the ball went through‟.On his way back Robins is reported to have said toLearie Constantine, “Fancy being done in by abloody ____________”. To which Learie Constantineis said to have replied: “Do you mean the bowler orthe ball?”Fill in the blank.
  45. 45. Chinaman. (This is supposedly howthe term originated in cricket)
  46. 46. • This term, very popular among cricketcommentators, comes from the Latin word forLead (the element).It is the name of the device, that has a heavylead ball, attached to the end of a rope, usedto gauge the straightness of a wall or surface,This word also gives its name to a particularprofession.What word?
  47. 47. Plumb
  48. 48. Connect
  49. 49. Connect
  50. 50. IPL Teams MascotDeccanKolkataDelhiPunjab
  51. 51. • Significance of the following series ofnumbers:[0,0,1,4,4,0,4,4,0,4,1,6,6,4,0,6,6,4,6,1,6,0,6,6,4,6,6,0,1,6,1,0,1,1,0,1,1,0,0,6,1,1,1,1,1,6,4,1,4,6,6,4,6,1,1,0,1,4,1,4,1,1,6,1,1]
  52. 52. Innings of Chris Gayle (175*)
  53. 53. Connect• Saeed Anwar• Shahid Afridi• Ijaz Ahmed• Inzamam-ul-Haq• Yousuf Youhana• Moin Khan• Saleem Malik• Wasim Akram• Mushtaq Ahmed• Saqlain Mushtaq(complete list)
  54. 54. Anil Kumble’s 10 wicket haul dismissals
  55. 55. Connect
  56. 56. Mumbai Indians
  57. 57. Quizmaster: Rakshit Sood
  58. 58. Part-2
  59. 59. ID.
  60. 60. Stuart RobertsonInventor of T20 Cricket
  61. 61. X- So what does Brian Lara D**k taste like ?Y- I don’t know ask your wife.X(losing it)-If you ever f***ing mention my wife again, I willf***ing rip your f***ing throat out.
  62. 62. X- Glen McGrathY- Ramnaresh Sarwan
  63. 63. Prior to 1983 WC India had beaten only oneteam in WC matches (1975 & 1979). This teamno more participate in any Cricket Events. Namethe team ?
  64. 64. East Africa
  65. 65. Roke Manor Research Ltd. How is this companyrelated to the field of Cricket ?Its first existence in this game came into pictureon 21 May 2001 when used by CHANNEL 4.During a Test match Between Eng v Pakistan
  66. 66. Hawk-EyeFirst used during the Test Matchbetween Eng V Pak by Channel 4
  67. 67. Identify this fast bowler
  68. 68. Aleem Dar
  69. 69. Name the bowler who spoiled the perfect 20party of Jim Laker ?
  70. 70. Tony Lock1 for 106 to Lakers immortal 19 for 90
  71. 71. Sachin’s wax statue was unveiled at SCG on April 20th2013 before being placed at Sydneys MadameTussauds Wax Museum. What was wrong about thisstatue ?
  72. 72. The wax statue has the 2012 ICC WorldT20 t-shirt, a tournament whichTendulkar was not part of
  73. 73. When Vikram Solanki took the field during Eng vAus ODI replacing Simon Jones at Headingley inJuly 2005 what happened for the first time inhistory of ODI cricket.
  74. 74. First SuperSub
  75. 75. Richie Benaud used to work in Aus during the AussieSummer and then in Eng during the English Summer. Heretired from commentary in 2005 Ashes but stillcontinues to commentate for matches in Australia. Whatvery specific reason did Benaud give for this decision ?
  76. 76. Post Ashes 2005, Sky Sports paid ECB forCricket rights in Eng. So, cricket was no longerFree-to-air on BBC.
  77. 77. Identify the tournament and YCaptain – Ajay JadejaVice Captain – Anil KumbleCoach – Kris SrikkanthGroup Stage Opponents- Aus, Can andYY has player like Curtly Ambrose, RichieRichardson etc.
  78. 78. Tournament - 1998 Commonwealth GamesY – Antigua and Barbuda
  79. 79. C K Nayudu held the rank of colonel in forces ofwhich princely state of India.
  80. 80. Holkar
  81. 81. During the 1988-89 Ranji Semifinals,X, a popular member of team scoredan important hundred at Eden Garden(Home Ground). When he reached hishundred, crowd started to chant”_________”. This was a tribute to X aswell as popular motto of that region.Id X as well as the slogan.
  82. 82. LAL SALAAM
  83. 83. X , in Australian Cricket is considered an unlucky score (the devilsnumber). The theory apparently was born from Keith Miller -regardedas Australias greatest ever all-rounder.Miller- “As a boy I used to visit the Melbourne CricketGround, applauding my heroes – especially Don. I was barely ten then.And there I was admiring a masterly innings by Bradman for NSWagainst Victoria on the MCG. Don was seeing the ball as big as afootball, but ‘Bull’ Alexander bowled him. I looked at the scoreboardwhich read: Bradman X”.Richie Benaud and some other commentators later picked up on itand the myth grew.Later in Miller words- “when I checked the scorebook of the 1929Sheffield Shield match at the NSW Cricket Association Library I findBradman was bowled by Alexander on another score. So it was not Xafter all; the MCG scoreboard was slow as usual!”Bradman in fact never really got out on X.
  84. 84. 87(13 short of the century)
  85. 85. X gained the nickname "King of Spain", after a set ofmugs ordered in 2000 (for his testimonial year) hadbeen erroneously printed with that slogan, instead of"King of Spin". There were originally only two of thesemugs produced, one of which X used for his coffee inthe dressing room (this mug was subsequentlystolen), and another on display in the club shop.However, after the error was publicized, a further twohundred mugs were produced with King Juan Carlos onthe other side and were snapped up by Warwickshirefans.Name X
  86. 86. Ashley Giles
  87. 87. He was born in Malwan, a village nearly 500 kmsfrom Mumbai. When he was eleven, he came toMumbai, eventually got a job in SBI as acricketer. His teammate at SBI Ajit Wadekar saidabout him “He was supposed to be the DonBradman of tennis ball cricket at Shivaji park. Hegot a lot of runs in club cricket and was recruitedin SBI as a cricketer. His wicket keeping wasexcellent, though he didn’t shine as a batsman.He was studious about the game and lookedmore towards developing others talent.
  88. 88. Ramakant Acharekar(6 test player, 20+ Ranji players)
  89. 89. X was great patron of sports in India. X’s cricket teamwas called Y IX and polo team was called Y-Tigers.X was captain of the Indian cricket team that visitedEngland in 1911 and played in 27 first-classcricket matches between 1915 and 1937. For season of1926/27, he played as member of Marylebone CricketClub. X donated the Ranji Trophy in honour of KumarShri Ranjitsinhji, Jam Sahib of Nawanagar. He wasselected as the captain of India on its first Test tour ofEngland in 1932, but dropped out for reasons of healthtwo weeks before departure. X made the cricketground at Chail in 1893, the highest cricket ground inthe world.
  90. 90. X-Maharaja of PatialaBhupinder SinghY-Patiala
  91. 91. X - “I bowled the best ball in the history of thegame and they are talking about him (Y)”.Many claims had come. A story developed overthe years that claimed Y missed the ball becauseof tears in his eyes, a claim Y denied for the restof his life.
  92. 92. X-William Eric HolliesY- Don BradmanOn getting Bradman out for a duck inlast match, hence denying him of TestAvg. of 100 (99.94)
  93. 93. This young cricketer X was the very reason forsomething really bad for the cricketing fraternitybut a great step for mankind. He led to anuproar which cut short many great playerscareer. What was this particular incident onewould associate ?
  94. 94. Basil DOliveira, who had previously emigrated toEngland from South Africa, was included in the Englandtouring squad to South Africa in 1968, but theruling apartheid government in South Africa objectedto his inclusion because he wasnt white. The tour wassubsequently cancelled.The incident marked the start of South Africas sportingisolation during the apartheid era.That spelled the end of the career of such players asPeter and Graeme Pollock and Barry Richards.
  95. 95. X made his debut in New Zealand in early 1981as a replacement for injured Dilip Doshi. Hepicked up 15 wickets and scored 48 runs as anlower order batsmen. Who is this cricketer ?
  96. 96. Ravi Shastri
  97. 97. James Ormond had just come out to bat on an Ashestour and was greeted by an Australian player Xfielding at slip.X: F**k me, look who it is. What are you doing here,theres no way youre good enough to play forEngland."Ormond: "Maybe not, but at least Im the bestplayer in my family". Id X
  98. 98. Mark Waugh
  99. 99. Australia v Pakistan Test match at Perth in march1979/80 occupies a special place in Crickethistory. Why ?
  100. 100. Last 8 ball over test match
  101. 101. X scored 201 not out on his Test Debut andbecame the First Sri Lankan to hit a double Testcentury. He played 584 balls and took 777minutes for this innings, the slowest doublehundred in test history, unfortunately he playedonly three more test for his country withoutmuch success, though he came to know as sloghitter in ODI cricket. Which player?
  102. 102. Brendon Kuruppu
  103. 103. Graham Gooch consoles Brian McMillan as theplayers walk off the SCGWhy ?
  104. 104. This a still from 1992 WC Semi-Final between Englandand South Africa, rain stopped play for 12 minuteswith South Africa needing 22 runs from 13 ballschasing Englands 6/252 off 45 overs, and the revisedtarget left South Africa needing 21 runs from one ball
  105. 105. Who was the MoM ?
  106. 106. Chris Scott and his Stafffor making the play possible as Day1,3,4 were washed out
  107. 107. Connect
  108. 108. Rohan GavaskarSunil Gavaskar named Rohan Gavaskaron his three idols-Rohan Jaivishwa
  109. 109. ConnectExhaustive List
  110. 110. ICC Cricket Hall of Fame
  111. 111. Connect?
  112. 112. Sachin TendulkarDebut in same match
  113. 113. Quizmaster : Tanuj Bakshi