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Word perfect office x5 pro [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - WordPerfect Office X5 Pro [OldVersion]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.9 out of 5Product FeatureCorel WordPerfect Office X5--Professional Edition isqthe essential office suite for business and powerusers; create high-impact documents,spreadsheets and presentations, and managedatabases and emailIncludes WordPerfect X5, Quattro Pro X5,qPresentations X5, Corel WordPerfect Lightning,Paradox Database, Nuance PaperPort 12 SE,Mozilla Thunderbird, and a bundle of additionalsoftware and resourcesCreate and share PDFs, connect as a group toqcollaborate efficiently, update documents withWeb data, reuse text/graphics from any source,manage email/contacts/appointments, and quicklyfind answers and resourcesWork with 60+ file types, including ODF andqMicrosoft Office files, including the latest OOXMLformats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx)Windows 7 support--work with Microsofts latestqoperating systemRead moreqProduct DescriptionCorel WordPerfect Office X5 Professional Edition is the essential office suite for business and power users.Create high-impact documents, spreadsheets, graphics and presentations, and manage databases and email.Run on Windows 7 and open, edit and save the latest Microsoft Office file formats. Work more collaborativelywith powerful new PDF features, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server support and a new integrated email clientand calendar based on Thunderbird. Plus, streamline deployment and maintenance with the SoftwareDevelopment Kit. Read moreProduct DescriptionCorel WordPerfect Office X5--Professional Edition is the essential office suite for business and power users.Create high-impact documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and manage databases and email. Enhancedcompatibility lets you run on Windows 7 and easily open, edit and save the latest Microsoft Office file formats.Work more collaboratively with powerful new PDF features, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server support and a
  2. 2. new integrated email client and calendar, based on Mozilla Thunderbird.Corel WordPerfect Office X5--Professional Edition is the essentialoffice suite for business and power users.Compatible with MicrosoftOffice files and more• Open, edit and save MicrosoftWord, Microsoft Excel andMicrosoft PowerPoint files,including the latest OOXML (.docx,.xlsx, .pptx) versions• Work with 60+ file types,including ODF, allowing you toopen almost any file typeBuilt-in PDF tools• Import, edit and publish PDFswithout additional software• Annotate PDFs to easily shareyour comments and convert PDFsto reuse content--no retypingrequired!• Support for PDF/A means you canarchive files for easy access whenyou need themWork your way with a suitethat adapts to you• Control how your document looks:customize menus, shortcuts andtoolbars, or switch to MicrosoftOffice Mode with a few clicks• Control how your workspacelooks: customize menus, shortcutsand toolbars, or switch to MicrosoftOffice Mode• Create professional-lookingdocuments in an instant with oneof the many free templates• Easily write and format yourdocuments using classic featureslike Make It Fit, context-sensitivetoolbars and RealTime Preview• Quickly find answers andresources with the newlyredesigned Help system• Collaborate with others usingPDF, SharePoint or Web ServicestechnologiesWhats IncludedWordPerfect Office X5--Professional Edition offers the most complete set of enterprise-class office software inone package. Continuing to rival Microsoft Office as one of the most powerful office suites on the market, itoffers greater document control, more collaboration tools and better overall value.
  3. 3. WordPerfect X5--Word ProcessingDo more with documents• Easily create professional-looking documents, letters, labels, faxcover sheets, brochures, reports, resumes and more• Enjoy hassle-free formatting with the unique Reveal Codesfeature• Open, edit and save Microsoft Word files, including the latestOOXML (.docx) filesQuattro Pro X5--SpreadsheetsEasily manage your numbers• Create budgets, invoices, receipts and expense reports• Organize, analyze and share data for better decision making• Open, edit and save Microsoft Excel files, including the latestOOXML (.xlsx) filesPresentations X5--Slideshows and PresentationsStrengthen your visual impact• Create compelling slideshows, proposals, demonstrations andinteractive reports• Easily edit pictures, create charts and diagrams, and sharecontent with others• Open, edit and save Microsoft PowerPoint files, including thelatest OOXML (.pptx) filesParadox--Relational DatabaseManage data more efficiently• Store and retrieve data in a variety of ways• Track, organize and compile data• Access information from powerful, searchable tablesNuance PaperPort 12 SE--Document Scanning, Imaging andManagementOrganize, scan and share your documents• Manage all of your documents from your desktop• Scan, organize, find and share documents and photos• View and annotate PDF documents
  4. 4. Mozilla Thunderbird for WordPerfect Office--EmailManagementManage your email and your schedule• Enjoy an easy-to-use email client with advanced searchcapabilities• Manage email from other sources, like Gmail, all from one inbox• Easily access your Thunderbird contacts in your WordPerfectAddress Book• Manage your schedule and stay organized with an integratedcalendar applicationCorel WordPerfect Lightning--Digital NotebookCollect information, images and ideas• Turn your office software into a central hub for research andcollaboration• Take notes and gather information from the Web, email,documents and other sourcesMore office software and resources:900+ TrueType fonts, 8,000+ clipart images, 200+ templates, 175+ digital photosqThe Pocket Oxford English DictionaryqWordPerfect Address Book and contact managerqWordPerfect OfficeReady template browserqWordPerfect XML Project DesignerqBatch Conversion Utility to convert Microsoft Word documents to WordPerfect documentsqWordPerfect Office X5 Deployment Guide (.pdf)qDeploying Macros and Templates (.pdf)qSoftware Developer Kit (SDK)qPlus! Free video training from Brainstorm!qWhats New in X5Adapting to the ever-changing ways people are working, WordPerfect Office X5 brings more collaboration tools,more PDF capabilities, more file sharing options and more Web access to the office suite. Upgrade now formore productivity software, inside the suite and out!Microsoft Office OOXML CompatibilityEnjoy total file format freedom with the ability to open and save documents in Office Open XML, making foreasy round-tripping of files with Microsoft Office 2007 users. Whether its the latest Microsoft Office document(.docx), spreadsheet (.xlsx) or presentation (.pptx), WordPerfect Office X5 ensures hassle-free collaboration andfile exchange.Microsoft Office SharePointManage content and accelerate business processes from your office suite with direct access to SharePointServer, the de facto document management system standard for organizations where multiple people write,review and access the same document. Quickly retrieve and store documents, compare document versions andtrack changes directly within WordPerfect Office X5.WordPerfect iFilterUpdates to WordPerfect iFilter let you search content in WordPerfect documents that are stored in a MicrosoftSharePoint server with Google Desktop and Windows Desktop Search.Web Services IntegrationAs the Internet becomes an increasingly important part of the office workflow, WordPerfect Office X5 now givesyou the flexibility to access information directly from the Web. Create a document one time and have itautomatically update when you need to refresh or add new data. For example, create a report with updated
  5. 5. stock prices, a real estate brochure that pulls in new MLS listings or a list of Top Ten Songs for publishing.Mozilla Thunderbird for WordPerfect OfficeEasily manage your email and schedule right from your office suite. The newly integrated Thunderbird forWordPerfect Office offers a tabbed approach and a new set of search tools that let you locate a specific email inan instant. It even lets you manage email from other sources, like Gmail, from the same inbox, and accesscontacts in Microsoft Outlook or your WordPerfect Address Book.Email Address Book IntegrationUse your email address book when performing mail merges, completing templates or envelopes and more.Nuance PaperPort 12 SETake office organization to a whole new level with the worlds #1 desktop document management software.Adding to the suites PDF capabilities, PaperPort Professional 12 SE combines fast, easy scanning tools withpowerful PDF creation, editing and annotation. It organizes all of your scanned documents and electronic fileson your desktop, and lets you search and view PDF files quickly so information is always at your fingertips. Inaddition, PaperPort 12 SE can convert scans of paper documents into WordPerfect or Microsoft Word for evenmore flexibility.Reference CenterIn response to user feedback, all the Help files are now conveniently stored in one place. Quickly find answers,tips and tutorials that let you get right to work. In addition, all the utilities in the office suite are now grouped inone section, ensuring that you get the most of every WordPerfect Office X5 component.MigrationUpgrade from an older version of the office suite to WordPerfect Office X5 with less effort and setup time thanprevious migrations. Even if menu commands have changed, you can import templates, customized menus,shortcuts and toolbars created in previous releases to WordPerfect Office X5 in a few clicks. Networkadministrators can also now easily update and reuse WordPerfect macros easily, even if your organizationcontinues to use different versions of the application.Windows 7 CompatibilityDesigned to make everyday tasks faster and easier, Windows 7 promises to change the way PC users work.WordPerfect Office X5 runs on Windows 7 and takes advantage of new Windows Touch features, giving you amore productive office suite experience.WordPerfect Office X5 Edition Comparison MatrixStandard Professional Home &StudentCreate word processing documents, like letters, reports,marketing collateral, etc.● ● ●Build spreadsheets for financial planning, budgets andother financial documents● ● ●Create multimedia slideshows & presentations ● ● ●Access context-sensitive toolbars in productivityprograms that change automatically depending on task● ● ●
  6. 6. Use RealTime Preview to see document formattingchanges before applying them● ● ●Organize your information with the Digital Notebook ● ● ●Exchange files thanks to compatibility with applicableMicrosoft Office documents, including OOXML● ● ●Easily see and adjust document formatting with RevealCodes● ● ●Get easy, centralized access to all Help and informationwith the Reference Center● ● ●Turn documents, spreadsheets and presentations intoPDFs to share with the world● ● ●Open scanned PDFs to edit and reuse the content ● ●Open text-based PDFs to edit and reuse the content ● ●Easily collaborate on documents using Microsoft OfficeSharePoint Server● ●Annotate PDFs, scan to various formats with NuancePaperPort SE 12● ●Create documents based on information pulled fromthe web with Web Services● ●Mozilla Thunderbird integrated e-mail client, calendarand powerful search tools● ●Leverage business tools and applications ● ●Licensed for business use ● ●Extend WordPerfect to fit your workflow with theSoftware Developers Kit●Gather and provide rich reporting and analysis of datawith a powerful database●Easily create databases with pre-built samples andtemplates●Includes development and custom integration tools tosimplify installation and configuration●Volume license pricing available ● ●Presentations Graphics X4 graphics manipulationprogram● ● ●Take notes and capture information and images fromthe Web, emails and other documents● ● ●Free training CD included ● ● ●Read moreYou May Also LikeWordPerfect X5 Quick Source GuideCorel WordPerfect Office X6 Pro Upgrade