Rosetta stone v3 italian, level 1


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Rosetta stone v3 italian, level 1

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Rosetta Stone V3: Italian, Level 1ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.0 out of 5Product FeatureRosetta Stone helps you understand everydayqlanguage through our proficiency-based listeningand reading activitiesYou will pronounce words correctly after practicingqwith our proprietary speech recognition andanalysis toolsIn no time you will speak without a script, RosettaqStones Contextual Formation™ makes sure youhave the confidence and the cues you need to getthe words out on the spotWith Rosetta Stone Milestone activities you quicklyqgain confidence to engage in real-lifeconversationsTrack your progress to reinforce your strengthsqand revisit needs with our Adaptive Recall™Language featureRead moreqProduct DescriptionItalian Level 1 allows you to build a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure.Gain the confidence to master basic conversational skills, including greetings and introductions, simplequestions and answers, shopping and much Read moreProduct DescriptionWhy is Rosetta Stone the worlds No. 1 language-learning software? Because it works.Escape the endless tedium of translation, memorization, and grammar drills. Get the language you want, theskills you need and the success you deserve by learning a new language naturally--the same way you learnedyour first language.
  2. 2. The complete immersion environmentputs your native language-learning skillsto work, eliminating your dependence ontedious translation and rotememorization.Images IntuitionIn Rosetta Stone you learn the meaningof new language from clear, real-lifeimages.In this activity you learn colors.You advance using language youvelearned and clues from new images.Thats your intuition at work.Now that you know colors, you caneasily grasp the meaning of the newwords...Interactivity InstructionThroughout Rosetta Stone, youconstantly interact with the program toconfirm your intuition....and then check what youvelearned.From beginning to end you buildsystematically toward yourlanguage-learning goals, for the mosteffective and enjoyable instructionanywhere.And finally, you get the fun of tryingyour new language in a real-lifesimulation. Speech recognitionshows you exactly how youre doing.You learned your first language without translation.You learned your first language easily and naturally by connecting words to objects and events around you.
  3. 3. With Rosetta Stone, learn a new language the same way: using native speakers and thousands of real-lifeimages to help you think in the new language from the very beginning. Studies show that learning exclusivelyin the new language, without translation as a crutch, is crucial.The exclusive Dynamic Immersion method reinforces your natural language-learning skills with award-winninginstructional technology. Identify your learning goals, then choose customized courses that take you there.The timeless immersion method, along with research-based techniques and new technologies, make RosettaStone the clear solution to your language-learning needs.What will you be able to do?Understand everyday language.Through Rosetta Stone’s proficiency-based listening and reading activities, youll learn quickly.Pronounce words correctly.After practicing with Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition and analysis tools, pronunciation will come easily.Speak without a script.Contextual Formation makes sure you have the confidence and cues you need to get the words out on the spot.Spell and write accurately.Youll build gradually from letters to words and sentences.Engage in real-life conversations.With Milestone activities, gain confidence using speech alone in simulated situations.Retain what you learn.The unique Adaptive Recall reinforces language so it sticks with you in the real world. Read more