Make Money Online with SEO writing Jobs...
pretty high pay, it is another indicator that they might just hire you f or nothing.
Thus, you need to be caref ul with th...
Are you f eeling more conf ident about your writing yet? You should be. With all the skills you learned in the
mills, you ...
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Make money online_with_seo_writing_jobs


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Students and New Bloggers can make real money online just rendering their services a freelance seo writer on content mills and other platform.

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Make money online_with_seo_writing_jobs

  1. 1. binarynot Make Money Online with SEO writing Jobs By rakesh 4 Commentsf ind us on twitterf ind us on f acebook There are many jobs that a person can have. Yet, one of the most rewarding one that also require hard work is being a f reelance writer. As a f reelance writer, there are many aspects included in it. One of it is the SEO writing Jobs. Similar to any other work, this kind of job might be challenging at the beginning. However, with practice, it can be perf ected. Once you get enough of it, it would be easier to write about it. Below are some of the ways that can help you get started in this interesting industry of SEO writing Jobs. Search for the Content Mill Online and of f line, there are many content mills to be a part of . This is a company that hires f reelance writer so as to be able to produce large volumes of content. There are those that you can f ind is hard to f ind to get in. Some of these of f er good pay. Select the one that you are happy with the pay so that you will be ready to get started. The content mills greatly benef it those who are just starting out in the industry. There are some content mills that permit newbie to join them. There are those seasoned or long time writers who still remain connected with their content mill even f or a long time when they do not have work in their current client. This serves as a backup so that they will no longer need to wait f or some work to come. By browsing the web, you will surely be able to see a lot of content mills where you can write f or. When you f inally f ound the company that suits you, you will the requirements that they need f rom a writer. Sign Up For a Job Bidding Site On the web, clients and writers were united in the dif f erent job bidding sites like ODesk and Freelancer. This will allow both parties to post jobs and hire people f or clients. Also, writers will simply need to sign up and create a prof ile to be able to apply to the job postings. Writers are also allowed to upload portf olios or put a link to a blog with his writings in it. Clients on such bidding sites are really looking f or good prof iles. Thus, writers must be able to complete all the inf ormation required. When the registration is done together with the prof ile, the writer can now bid and apply f or jobs. Naturally f or anyone who is just starting out in the f ield with no f eedbacks yet, the salary can low. Yet, as you go along and get hired by dif f erent clients, with your hard work, you can get good f eedbacks. Once the f eedback is pretty impressive, you will surely be able to get as more clients as you need and the pay will also get higher. With all the good things that a writer can get f rom a bidding site, there are also some clients registered in the site that are scams. These clients may be registered in a reputable site but it does not necessarily mean that they are trustworthy as well. A way to determine if they are real is to check if they have f eedbacks. If they are also new, the chances are, they might be scammers. If the client that you f ound does not have f eedbacks and yet is of f ering you
  2. 2. pretty high pay, it is another indicator that they might just hire you f or nothing. Thus, you need to be caref ul with those. It is also good to be mindf ul with clients who ask f ree writing trial f rom you. They may tell you that it is the way to get hired but that may be their way to get original contents f or f ree. The Private Clients Apart f rom the two above mentioned ways to get in to the SEO writing industry, getting hired f rom a direct private client is also possible. In order to f ind them, you simply need to browse and join dif f erent discussion boards, f orums, classif ied ads and even job bidding sites. A way to ensure that you will not be scammed by such clients is to ask f or a written contract. In terms of the salary, since you just met, it would be advisable to ask f or upf ront payment. An upf ront payment can be half of the pay that you agreed upon or even just a percentage of it. It is a good way to establish trust f rom someone you just knew f or a while. 6 Writing Skills that need to Be Successful at SEO writing Jobs Follow directions IN content Mills, You rarely have option of reviews, You have to take directions f rom the f aceless editors, prof essionals, They are happy to answer your doubt but not endlessly. Just Imagine, you have no way to contact your editor, so think about all the questions, you may ask to your probable editor. Learn the style In the mills, Style guides are conf using and ever-changing. But you can’t waste time looking them up; you need to memorize them. And when you pitch prof essional publications, you’ll f ind good use f or that memory f or style you developed in the mills. Imitating stylistic details f rom your target publication will put your pitches a step ahead. Don’t wait for your muse In the mills, you don’t have the luxury of waiting f or inspiration. There are days when you have to churn out words to meet deadlines f or clients, too. Revising a piece to perf ection won’t impress your editor if you don’t turn it in on time. Write widely You may have heard you can command a better rate as a “niche” writer. But many writers spend months choosing a niche, wasting time thinking when they could be writing. As a f ormer mill writer, you know that with a little research, you can write about anything. Apply that ability to real-world clients, and you’ll soon f ind your own lucrative niche. Know sources Mills have strange rules about sources: they may blacklist reputable sites or accept only a certain type of source. When I wrote f or the mills, I quickly memorized the best sources f or my topics, and I usually took assignments with a source in mind. In prof essional writing, knowing the right sources can cut your research time f rom hours to seconds. And developing relationships with sources can mean getting the right quote when a deadline is looming.
  3. 3. Are you f eeling more conf ident about your writing yet? You should be. With all the skills you learned in the mills, you might be ready f or big clients. Your Turn on SEO Writing Jobs Those are considered the best methods to start your new career as SEO writer. You will certainly love all of its benef its because aside f rom f inancial f reedom, you will also enjoy the f lexible time schedule. Best of all, there is no need to step out of the home because the work can be done online. Alice McLean is a writer at with background in history, sociology and internet marketing. Now she is writing her first book on internet marketing. Updated on : Thursday 27th of June 2013