How to select_seo_friendly_free_wordpress_theme_special_guide_for_newbie


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A definitive Guide to select a seo friendly free wordpress theme and evaluate each free wordpress theme before selecting for your world class blog without spending even a single penny

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How to select_seo_friendly_free_wordpress_theme_special_guide_for_newbie

  1. 1. binaryno t e .co m http://binaryno m/seo -friendly-free-wo rdpress-theme.htmlHow to select SEO friendly Free wordpress theme SpecialGuide for NewbieBy rakesh 2 Commentsf ind us on twitterf ind us on f acebookDoes seo f riendly Free wordpress theme really exists? When I saw an article on traf f ic generation caf éabout T hesis vs genesis then it seems to me that the whole lif e of wordpress blogs lies in either in thesisor in genesis? No, My answer is Big No……….Free wordpress themeT hough a very popular blog post had been published on describing the basic drawbacks of Freethemes and most of the times we do agree with that………..But still I strongly believe that there are a lotsof Good wordpress T heme developers are out there who is constantly developing SEO optimized Adsenseready Free wordpress theme.So I decided to search how people can get f ree wordpress theme ?Tools required f or Checking SEO Optimized Free WordPress theme1. Web Developer f or Firef ox :T his Firef ox plugin is “Darling of all the web developer” f ull with tons of f eatures that is required by all theweb developers f or CSS, images, div element , responsive element , CSS validation , HT ML Validation, DIVelement, Java etc etc.We will use this plugin to audit alt image tags, widget width etc etc rendered by theme.2. SEO Quake ( My Favorit e Firef ox Ext ension)As I have already mentioned this plugin in my numerous articles. How to use this plugin to f ind out highpage rank blogs or how to f ind out high ranking post etc etc. Besides that it could help you to audit yourany website f ree of cost.In our case, You can use this plugin to check SEO aspect of your f ree wordpress theme like where h1 , h2h3, h4 etc.3. Theme Check wordpress pluginT his wordpress plugin was in the limelight when a lots of theme developer start embedding encrypted linksin the f ree themes. Free themes are f amous f or hidden/ encrypted is such a website producing high quality themes with encrypted themes in their f ooter.T he original purpose of this wordpress plugin was to enf orce standardization of f ree wordpress themes,to be deposited on f ree wordpress theme repository.4. TAC (Theme Aut hent icit y Checker)
  2. 2. TAC stands f or T heme Authenticity Checker. Currently, TAC searches the source f iles of every installedtheme f or signs of malicious code. If such code is f ound, TAC displays the path to the theme f ile, the linenumber, and a small snippet of the suspect code. As of v1.3TAC also searches f or and displays static links.How to choose a f ree wordpress themeT hough a lots of f ree wordpress themes are out there to woo you, wordpress theme repository is onesuch location. WordPress repository of f ers you a lot of theme in dif f erent niche and style, but most ofthem are not more than the skeleton or having the basic f ramework.T his is the main reason people use Google or browse f rom blog to blog in search of a perf ect f ree themef or their wordpress blog.Does such perf ect f ree wordpress theme really exist?Your answer is No and Yes Both,Yes, if you have the proper knowledge what do you really want in a f ree theme, then such themes exists.So, I have divided the whole process in two major partsSecondary issues while selecting a f ree wordpress themeWhy it is secondary when users/readers see it f irst? Because most of the f ree wordpress themes pack witheye catching design and color combination with lots of f eatures, still worth noticing are 1. Size of theme – How many pixel size width it covers. 960px is def ault standard in this industry. Even premium wordpress themes also render in 960px. 2. Fixed vs Responsive – if your major concern is – desktop computers, then do not go f or responsive theme like if you are theme developer then obviously it is no use to use a responsive theme to showcase your work on tablet and Smartphone. 3. Size of widget area – 300px must be the size of widget as most bloggers love to show 300x250px Adsense code, according to the Google Adsense policies and recommendation 4. Menu bar – Simple menu bar with drop down menus are the loved one and widely accepted. Remember here these drop down menu f eature must be coded …not rendered through any third party plugin. 5. Logo – What is the size of logo in pixel i.e. wide and its height and how your f ree wordpress theme
  3. 3. will help you to add your own logo. 6. Favicon – Your brand on the web-browser is displayed through this tiny graphic…Remember there should be a very standard f eature to upload your own f avicon. 7. Adsense Ready – T hough does not matter a lot still people love to add ads through code instead of weird plugin. 8. Widgets – Popular post, top commentator, Face book like social presence widget. T hese are common and should be there, though there is a debate whether these should be hard coded with theme or rendered through plugin.Besides theme two issues that bother lots of newbie wordpress bloggers are1. Encrypted links or hidden links – T hese types of links can be checked easily using TAC wordpressplugin.TAC plugin only check the theme f or hidden, static or encrypted links but does not able to tell you whetheryour theme had been developed using the standard def ined by the wordpress provide <a title="Free wordpress theme" href =""target="_blank">f ree wordpress theme</a> which contains encrypted links and top of that if you are able toanyhow delete that, they will update their theme remotely and reinstall the same.2. Does this theme is developed using the standards def ined by the wordpress documentation. T he answeris very simple- Now check this theme using theme check wordpress plugin to see the standard f ollowed bythe programmer.
  4. 4. Primary issues while selecting a f ree wordpress themeT he issues we have just discussed in the secondary issues are trivial, with f ew plugin or little bit tweakingany average wordpress user can make appropriate changes in any f ree theme to suite his/her specif ic need.T he primary concern of your f ree wordpress theme should be1. Loading TimeLoading time of any website depend upon a lots of f actors, ie Premium webhost , CDN, Database server,Caching System and not to f orget , how ef f iciently your wordpress theme had been coded.T here are methods available to check the ef f iciency of your wordpress theme.To check the ef f iciency of your wordpress theme, my suggestion is………… disable all the plugin and f lushall the cache f rom the browsers memory.Now using Google page speed / yslow to f ind out the score of your website.
  5. 5. 1. Higher the page score better coded the theme. 2. Check whether the jquery is invoked in the header/f ooter. If queries load at header automatically take longer time. 3. Image sprite – whether theme is using image sprite or not 4. Whether it is resizing images at run time or notT he above issues are directly related to the wordpress theme, other issues that af f ect the page load timedepend upon the web-host and that we are not discussing in this article. A broad idea you can get f romhost gator and are two widely used online tools available to check the page loadingspeed of any website.2. SEO (Search Engine Opt imizat ion aspect s)
  6. 6. Premium themes and theme f ramework normally boast of search engine optimization, so what the hell theydo in their theme f ramework that does not come in f ree wordpress themes?We have already seen the point required f or on-page search engine optimization, though a lot of issueshad been already solved by SEO plugin available f or wordpress, still some points must be considered whileselecting theme
  7. 7. 1. Heading Tags: Every page of your website should contain only one h1 tag and af ter that h2 tags and h3tags. Premium and customized theme do take very good care of these tags, thus give you maximumbenef its f or all the articles published on Home page2. Alt Tags: Most bloggers love to show f eatured images though f eatured images f eature of WordPress,T hat is f ine but it does not bring the alt tag def ined with the associated image, thus dilute the searchengine optimization ef f orts, without even your knowledge.WordPress f eatured image does not add alt tag to all the f eatured images rendered by its def ault f eaturedimage f unction. To overcome that you can use the f ollowing code<?php if ( f unction_exists(“has_post_thumbnail”) && has_post_thumbnail() ){$title_attribute = the_title_attribute( array( ‘echo’ => FALSE ) );$def ault_attr = array( ’class’ => “alignright”, ’alt’ => $title_attribute, ’title’ => $title_attribute, ’height’=>100, ’width’=>100 );the_post_thumbnail(‘thumbnail’,$def ault_attr);}else { ?><img class=”alignright” src =”<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/def ault.jpg” width=”100″height=”100″ alt=”pending image” /> <?php } ?>T he above code you can use either in your index.php f ile or in f unction.php f ile depending upon f rom whereyour theme is serving f eatured image.3. Widget Heading: How widget title had been rendered ie using which heading tag. T his is another verycrucial issue that you cannot ignore. T hough it seems ok if you f ind widget heading been rendered using H3
  8. 8. Tag on the home page , but did you notice how much it can adversely affect your single pagearticle? So the suggestion is h4 Tag.Your t urn on SEO Opt imized Free wordpress t hemeT hese are some point, you must consider while selecting a f ree wordpress theme. If I f orgot any point orf eatures, you think crucial f or your online presence; do not hesitate to share with us. You can also spreadthe word and educate other newbie sharing this post on social media.Updated on : Wednesday 17th of April 2013