How to create_authority_using_guest_post


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Use simple Guest post to bring authority to your website but how? Explained in this tutorial

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How to create_authority_using_guest_post

  1. 1. binaryno t e .co m http://binaryno m/ho w-to -create-autho rity-using-guest-po st.htmlHow to create authority using Guest PostBy rakesh 30 Commentsf ind us on twitterf ind us on f acebookI am sure , if you are not brand new to blogging , up to this point of time you must have read about Guestpost. T housand of bloggers had written on this and some of them are already start practicing this to buildtheir f ortune.Does any one of them talk how to use Guest post to bring authority to their blog or blog post. Well, someof them talked enough about guest post and Panda. But here in this post, i am not going to discuss thatbut we will discuss about how to create authority using guest post f or every single post.Bef ore we start, let me f inish some quick point, what is an authority page and how Google decide whichwebpage has authority.Well according to the wikipeadia, It all depends upon the backlinks that particular webpage is getting f romanother web pages and the inf ormation it is basically related to another authority pages.So the point is – backlinks f rom authority websites. But why another bloggers will always ref er to yoursubmitted xyz post all the time.
  2. 2. Since, I am discussing all about guest post so how your ‘any’ single guest post on any website became anAuthority all the time.Step 1 – How to create authority using Guest PostT he whole process is divided into two phase. First phase basically dedicated to locating a suitable blog f oryour guest post and the article topic and subsequent f ollow up articles on the same topic or articles onco-related topics.How t o select an art icle t opicT he main f ocus of this subtopic is – Do not select any such topic which can not be divided into some sub-topics like seo, seo can be f urther discussed in the terms of PANDA update and Penguin Updates, linkbuilding, article marketing and blog posting etc. etc.If you are f ail to f ind out any such topic , believe me your article is not going to anywhere, you may be ableto f ind out one or two new readers but not a momentum f rom the article.How t o select blogs f or Guest Post ingI am not sure how do you select blog f or your guest post article, but here are the recommended methods ,though it is not f ull proof but can help you a lot. 1. Lower alexa rank : I pref erably use seaquake to check the page rank and alexa rank of any website as well some another vital inf ormation. How to f ind out high quality PR blog f or link building is one such article. 2. Your niche and website Design, as design def ine the success rate of any website. 3. A large bloggers of your niche are participating in the same blog. 4. Do not have any hard and f ast rules to publish your blog post. 5. If possible , they must have Adsense sharing model, so that you can make some extra bucks.How to persuade the web-administrator of the blog, A beautif ul guide has already been written by legendaryNEIL Patel on the same topic. If you have missed the article here is a quick review. 1. Participate in the article of that blog, posting your comment f or at-least two to three week so that web-administrator can recognize you quickly. 2. Send your best article f or the Guest post. Medium or average articles are now not accepted by the bloggers, also send them the list of f ollow up articles, explain how these f ollow up articles can enhance the authority of your article ( though it is guest ). 3. If registration page is available, use them to register yourself and submit your article f or review and approval. Use contact f orm f or f urther communication with blogger.Now its time to submit your guest post f or the f inal approval.Step-2 : How to create Authority using Guest PostNow to establish your submitted guest post as an authority , it is compulsory that this post must be linkedwith a lots of external articles as well as internal.You can persuade your blogger to mention your article in another articles and other bloggers startmentioning your articles in their blogs and f orums.Do you think it is so easy? You drop an email to xyz and he/she will start mentioning your article in all theirarticle ?
  3. 3. No this is not possible, so here comes the second round of article wheel.Now its time to submit your f ollow up articles on another blogs having links to this articles and continuethis process f or the next 25 articles.T his way you have secured at-least strong 25 backlinks to your single article. Now when so ever Google orany popular search engine come to this single page, is getting 25 strong links f rom 25 dif f erent pages onthe same topic , thus decide that this page contains some juicy items.Final Words on Guest post f or AuthorityGuest post is now been considered as one of the best link building method f or enhancing the visibility ofany site, side by side it also help to establish a healthy rapport with the bloggers.If used with a little bit of planning it can bring a lots of targeted visitor , authority to you. What is youropinion on this approach on authority page? Do not hesitate to share with us.Updated on : Sunday 14th of April 2013