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7 most powerful_best_free_keyword_research_tools

  1. 1. 7 Most Powerful Best Free Keyword Research Toolshttp://binarynote.com/7- most- powerful- best- free- keyword- research- tools.html March 2, 2013By rakesh 21 Commentsfind us on twitterfind us on facebookI do not know how many of you care about SEO for every blog post and do proper keywordresearch before hitting that the most hard button- Publish.When you do care about SEO, it means you are targeting a well researched article for yourreaders and for the major search engines. A well researched article will always test the time andbring that targeted traffic to your blog or site over the time.It seems ridiculous when we see the same type of information, is shared by the most , newbiebloggers again and again, they does not care what is the importance of fresh and wellresearched post.When I talked to some of these type of bloggers… their response was, they do not havemoney to spend on these costly keyword research tools. Whenever they will be able to earnsuch amount from their blog…will surely purchase these elite keyword research tools.Experienced SEO Enthusiast and bloggers will recognize these tools so easily, These are free,these are powerful and most premium Keyword research Tool, Believe me take information , asa feed from these tools and present them in a fancy way to impress you. …………..Yes, it’strue!!!1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  2. 2. The big daddy of all keyword research Tools. It works better, if you have google Adwordsaccount. I always recommend you to create your own account . Before you start using this tool.I have already written a detailed article on how to use Google Keyword Tool to find outprofitable Keywords.The major drawback on this tool is – It does not show you… your result in a fancy manner,thus you have to learn its lingo first. Otherwise you have to purchase that Premium KeywordResearch Tools that shows this information in a fancy way.2. Google TrendsOne of my favorite tool inside Google Keyword research Tool was Google insight, now mergedwith Google Trends. Using this tool, you can find out , how people search for this keyword onthe internet. I.e whether they search on the web , or on the images or news.A must have tool if you want to optimize your blog contents -…..if you publish article related tolatest trends in the market – like mobile phone, android, iphone. This will also help you tooptimize your images for search traffic.3. Google Search Box Drop Down -
  3. 3. This is one of the most ignored keyword research tool on the google website. Yes, it was fromthe beginning , but none of us ever tried to capture the power of this tool. Instead of that westart blaming google- how they are inserting their ideas in our mindsWhenever we start typing on google search bar, it start showing us the most popular currentterms on that keywords, thus give you very quick insight into the trends.Note : If you are wordpress user – then This type of facility in also available through Yoast SEOplugins, under Focus Keyword .4. ubersuggest.orgYou can say this is the extended version of previously suggested keyword tool- Google dropdown tool. If you want to use google search bar as your keyword research tool, then instead ofthat use ubersuggest.Ubersuggest will give you more keyword ideas and find out the idea not listed in google trendsand give you more insight.5. Soovle.comDoes google, google, google,sometimes gives you headache? Yesinternet is beyond Google.. So whatpeople search on WikiPedia,Amazon,Yahoo, Bing, Answer.com andon Youtube.Don’t you want traffic other fromGoogle ? If I am not wrong …Youranswer is yes.
  4. 4. Try Soovle.com to find out latest trends on these popular websites at a single place. It doesnot drill down your keyword research quest but very good to show what is popular on thesesites at once.6. Yahoo CluesThis is one of the most underestimated keyword research tool. It is second to none. Yahooclue results that can also tell you which type of people are consuming your data and what arethe age group of these consumers thus can help you to write your post accordingly.Here you can say it is the combination of Google Trends + Google Keyword research tool +Alexa stats all in a single window.
  5. 5. 7. WordTrackerIf Jonathan Morrow. of copyblogger says “Wordtracker is my first love for keyword research” itmean something for all of us.What is special in this tool is using this tool you can find out low competition keywords veryeasily with a single click.
  6. 6. Right now wordtracker is offering only seven days free plan for checking its capabilities butbefore that they need your all information ie name, email, phone no. etc.Conclusion on Free Keyword Research ToolsThough there are a lots of other free tools are also available like traffic travis, wordstream . Myaim was in this article is to, Give them that required tools, so that they can do some properresearch before hitting the publish button.If you know any such tool, please share with us. It will help us to grow as blogger as well ashuman being.Updated on : Friday 1st of March 2013