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Portfolio + Resume

  1. 1. C6 Out of scope of projectportfolio D6 0.56 E6 F6 G6 2o1 H6 I6 Ff6 Rakan Ayyoub Cc6 Ii6 Dd6 Ee6 Gg6 Hh6 An Undergraduate Student Portfolio
  2. 2. Left Blank by intention
  3. 3. portfolio Rakan Ayyoub An Undergraduate Student Portfolio
  4. 4. Copyright Information AcknowledgmentsCopyright © 2010, Rakan Ayyoub Productions, All rights reserved I like to thank, The University of Jordan, Department of Architecture, for the knowledge that they gave me throughout my undergraduate study, special thanks go to Prof. Salim El-Faqih, Dr. Firas The right of Rakan Ayyoub to be identified as author of this work has been asserted in Sharaf, Dr. Wael Al-Azhari, Dr. Nabil El-Kurdi, Dr. Ali Abu Ghanimeh, Prof. Kamil Mahadin, Dr.accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Salim Dahabreh, for there direct influence and guidance in my architectural education.No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form (including photocopying To my Family, Walid Ayyoub, Suhier Ayyoub, Faris Ayyoub, Yazan Ayyoub, and my friends.or storing in any medium by electronic means and weather or not transiently or incidentallyto some other use of this publication) without the written permission of the copyright holderexcept in accordance with the provision of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 orunder the terms of a license issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd.Permissions maybe sought directly from Rakan Ayyoub Productions in Chicago, IL, e-mail:raproductions@gmail.com.Typeset, printed, and bound in the United States.Rakan AyyoubAn Undergraduate Student Portfolio © Rakan Ayyoub Productions 2010
  5. 5. PrefaceGrowing up in a boxed-in environment in the once suburban-now urban Rakan Ayyoubareas of Amman, I have over the years developed an affirmedconsciousness vis-à-vis the issues of human habitats, the influence ofcertain environments on their behaviors, cultural aspects, and economicgrowth.As I traveled from one location to another, crossing many countries, Ibecame fanatical about drawing at a very young age, and gained anability to express my ideas and visual understanding of the materialoriented world with a pen. I henceforth was constantly searching forsolutions to enhance the human living conditions – generally speakingabout early childhood experimentation with engineering – and merelytalking about my teenage curiosity in general design, I becameincreasingly interested in the search of life improving philosophies.A scarcity driven economy, and an education in some of the best schoolsin Jordan influenced a scientific-earthly, yet an economical approach tomy design process, which during college years, thrived to combine myobsessive perfectionism in functionality with secular aestheticism.
  6. 6. General Information Architectural Experience Skills Resume Name Rakan Walid Badie Ayyoub Attended Computer Birthday March 22nd 1987 2010 Miras Co. for Engineering Consultations. Software AutoCAD / Address 7619 West 162 Place Tinly Park, Illinois, 60477 Amman, Jordan AutoCAD Architecture / AutoCAD Civil 3d Email rakan.ayyoub@gmail.com Position Attained Revit Architecture Phone Mobile +1 708 262 6347 2010 Summer Architectural Intern Ecotect Analysis Phone Home +1 708 444 1322 working on minor design assignments, 3ds Max construction documentation, and field Microsoft: Word, Excel, OutlookEducational Information observation. Google Sketchup V-ray Rendering , Maxwell RenderingAttended Other Experience Adobe Photoshop1993 - 2005 College De La Salle , Freres, Corel Draw Amman, Jordan Attended Corel Photo-paintDegrees Attained 1999 - Rakan Ayyoub Productions © Corel Painter2003 International General Certificate Of Amman, Jordan Corel Designer Secondary Education IGCSE Position Attained Sony Vegas, Acid and Soundforge Pro Cambridge Examinations 1999 - 2010 Freelance Designer Cakewalk Sonar Pro. 3A* 5 A 3 Bs Design of major logos for various Art & Production companies, brochures, dinning menus, Free Hand Drawing, Water - oil color2005 General Certificate Of Education business cards, book covers, audio painting and rendering. GCE A-Levels engineering and audio recording. London Edexel Examinations Awards Basic Architectural Photography 2As, 2Bs AttendedAttended May 2002 EU Day Exhibition, embassy of Spain Composing Musical Tracks, playing Guitar,2005 - 2010 The University of Jordan, Keyboards, Drums , & audio production Amman Jordan Language Department of Architecture Position Attained Amman, Jordan English, read, write, speak fluentlyDegrees Attained May 2002 First Prize Award Arabic, read, write, speak fluently Design of poster on how you picture2010 Bachelor of Science in French, read, write, speak (passed the Europe. Architecture Engineering French Proficiency Tests DELF A1, A2). B.Sc
  7. 7. Table Of Contents Project Abstract 7 A Children’s play area was designed using a conceptual PearlPlayArea approach derived from a natural phenomena, A C o n c e p t u a l A p p r a o c h 9 Project Abstract As a library is the civic heart of a city we can create an analogy Public Library based on a human’s heart anatomy, the human heart is a very complicated and a beautiful machine it is a perfectly A s t h e c i v i c h e a r t o f a c i t y assembled genius of function. 13 Project Abstract The project lies amidst the heart of the school of architecture in the university of Jordan, the central courtyard brings in Courtyard Renovation light, and enables natural ventilation to the surrounding A s c h o o l r e n o v a t i o n p r o j e c t corridors, a major renovation was made. 19 Project Abstract A Hotel designed to fit in a very distinct area in the Jordanian capital Amman, a suburban district known as Dabouq. Dabouq Luxury Hotel Dabouq is an area which is inhibited with upper class citizens A t h i r d y e a r p r o j e c t and their luxurious mansions. Project Abstract 29 The Coffee place was chosen to have a very deconstructionist and provocative look in order to make it Thei rBookplacec Cafe A t h d y e a r p r o j e t stand out from the crowed of traditional Jordanian architecture present in “Mount Waibdeh”Rakan AyyoubAn Undergraduate Student Portfolio
  8. 8. Project Abstract 37Located in one of Jordans most visited areas, Jabal Amman “Mount Amman”the area is a very rich cultural and urban space. Computerr History rMuseum A t h i d y e a r p o j e c tThe Computer History Museum was established as a non-profit organizationin 1999 in the united states. Project Abstract 47A bank project was intended to teach students the ways in which mid-risebuildings are built and designed, the project is located in an area stacked with Nationalu Commerciale Bank A f o r t h y e a r p r o j c tmid-rise buildings, and is a very vital commercial and business district in theJordanian Capital. Project Abstract 57Madaba as a growing city required the building of a city arena for its youth. Thearena was built in order for the city to enjoy further physical development of its Madaba t City aArena c t a f o u r h y e r p r o j eyouth, an was designed as a place to be used in musical concerts regarding theimportant annual Jordan Festival, Project Abstract 67Chosen in the city of zarka, the functional requirements of the program werequite brutal and a lot of the concentration was on functional and structural Cataract uSurgeryr Center a f o r t h y e a p r o j e c taccuracy and on healthcare conceptual design for eye centers in general. Project Abstract 83Chosen to be erected in the northen parts of Jordan, the village of Shatanastands on its own right as a Jordanian Cultural , Religious, and TraditionalHeritage. Chosen from a very few remaining all Christian villages in the Sha ana v i s i o n a r y I N T E R V E N T I O Ncountry, a visionary architectural and a minor urban development projectwas implemented in order to capture and boldly expose the Genius Loci ofthe place. Rakan Ayyoub An Undergraduate Student Portfolio
  9. 9. PearlcPlayAreap r a o c h An oyster is an animal, a mollusc. the scientific classification of the most The self concept of a child is a mental image that each child renders famous pearl producing oysters is Pinctada imbricata, it is made of 2 about him self. valves. A C o n e p t u a l A p thorn like obstacles wave motion mother of pearl. shell specific shape regularly shaped Pinctada imbricata horny layer adaptation irregular Intruder Mantle cavity mantle. prismatic layer The valves of an oyster are composed of 3 layers. The horny layer, made of protein chonchiolin, protects against acids, the second is composed of calcium carbonate (agronite) and know as the prismatic layer it brings the oyster its strength, the third is the mother of pearl. The wave motion of the sea or lake water waves has a special effect on the adaptation of an oyster, each oyster shell has a specific shape to cope with the waves of a specific area in the ocean. Pearls are not necessarily regularly shaped as a sphere, some pearls are totally irregular, this relies on the shape of a parasite. An Intruder such as a fish may irritate the oyster, the formation of a pearl Project Objectives: by going through the pearl - oyster biggins as the intruder is trapped between the shell and the mantle. like surfaces of our play area, feeling and sensing The Mantle cavity is the part of the oyster that is between the two valves. those surfaces, the child can form a better mental image Intruders pass through the mantle cavity about him/herself, plus gaining a mysterious self revealing after moving through thorn like obstacles. subconscious learning experience. The Mantle is the top layer of the oyster. It contains the cells producing the mother of pearl. It is so flesh like and mucus surrounded. Dr. Omar Amireh Dr. Firas SharafInstructors: 7
  10. 10. PearlcPlayAreap r a o c h The Water Bed By moving on the water bed the child A C o n e p t u a l A p can sense the reality of being on a mantle, from the water bed he can access the different floors of the game. Bivalve StairsThe Three levels of the game areconnected using a funky stair likestructure. the point of connectiongives the game a bivalve similar The Tunnelappearance in an abstract way. The narrow tunnel, createdWhen a child moves through the in the game resembles manystairs he can feel the bivalve closure features, the bars inside resembleand hence feel the transition in the thorn like structures in the mantlethe 3 shell levels and layers. cavity. and as the tunnel is wavedeach level contains different the chilled by turning his body willactivities for the child resembling resemble a wave motion. The tunnelthe levels in a normal shell. in its essence resembles the mantle cavity, the intruder (the child in the game) moves from one end to the The Ball Pool other. The tunnel is padded and has The ball resembles the pearl formation mirrors on the inner surface, these may process in an oyster help him to create a better self image in an abstract way. The kids fall in the about him self. ball pool resembling The Balancing the irritant intruders. The balls See Saws resembling the mother of pearl The Trampoline and particles of agronite, surround the kids These seesaws resemble the the Rope Bridge in the baroque pearl properties of the prismatic layer like container. The kids can reach the of the shell, as the prismatic layer has a ball pool from the slide balanced composition on the third floor. of agronite and protein, the child walking on these seesaws and trying to balance himself makes him/her more self conscious and increases his attention span. Dr. Omar Amireh Dr. Firas Sharaf Instructors: Section Elevation 8
  11. 11. Publici vLibrary o f a c i t y A library is a place for getting unrestricted information in all media formats, The Conceptual Approach and to provide the means for finding the required information. It is the interaction between the staff, the library system and the users them self. By a deep understanding of the various aspects of a library’s spacial program and the functional relationships between spaces and circulation i c h e a r t patterns of users, staff, books and periodicals a metaphoric concept can thus be developed. As a library is the civic heart of a city we can create an analogy based on a human’s heart anatomy, the human heart is a very complicated and a beautiful machine it is a perfectly assembled genius of function. A s t h e c blood users systematic circulation of circulation knowledge in the country pulmonary circulation of circulation knowledge in the library Lungs and air The world of knowledge Internal Circulation Circulation of books in the D r . A l i A b u G hD n..eN laiebhi b A lG huar n e m e h library ar m l K diInstructors: I n s t r u c t o r sD r A A u Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi : Public Library As the civic heart of a city 9 2
  12. 12. Publici vLibrary o f a c i t y To Body The drawing clearly shows the Perspective DrawingsLeft Atrium building’s entrances and exits towards their To Pulmonary Circulation corresponding lobbies, two billboard areas were left empty i c h e a r t a t t h e f r o n t From Lugs so that any desired graphic or announcement can be installed. The heart’s Left Atrium Right Atrium transparency is clearly noticeable with the shiny metal trims. A s t h e c Here the rear end of the library can Right Ventricle Left Ventricle be seen, this area is basically an integrated area for the technical services division. A service door with a loading dock door is visible, and the large scale of the library can be seen according to the man at the bottom. The transparent glass facades and partially opaque shields supply the basic needs of natural lightning within the library. Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemeh Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi Instructors: 10 3
  13. 13. Publici vLibrary o f a c i t y Administrative Entrance Exit 9 10 11 9 8 8 i c h e a r t Development 7 4 Entrance 10 Reading Area 13 3 6 14 7 2 Café 1 Lobby 3 2 A s t h e c 3 4 1 4 6 2 1 5 5 Entrance Ground Floor The exit and entrance lobbies 1 Loading and Storage Escalators represent the 1 Indexing The café was given a modern look with 1 Indexing Second Floor First Floor represent the pathways of 2 Classification heart’s cardiac circulation, the 2 Check In fancy seating and a relieving, revealing 2 Periodicals oxygenated blood to the heart and 3 Jacketing circulation deck as the heart’s 3 Circulation view to the open atrium bellow, this 3 Reading Area exit from the heart through the 4 Computers valves. 4 Main Book Stacks creates a state of mental interaction 4 References pulmonary vein Administrative 5 Lecture Hall Reviewing areas provide quick 5 Indexes between people in the café and the services and technical services are 6 Lobby reviewing for on shelf material, 6 Reviewing visitors. 7 Rare Books separated by a common meeting 7 Gallery indexes were spread around the Periodicals were placed near the café 8 Exit Lobby 8 Librarian room. 9 Depute books for a quick access to 9 Special Collections to create a visual interaction between 10 Secretary and Chief desired material. 10 Check Out magazines and café users. Administration Has its solitary 11 General Office Rare books were isolated in a entrance, and a wide entrance was 13 Archives room with its special reading The reading areas were isolated Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemeh created for storage, the lecture halls 14 Meetings area. towards the northen end near the glass are separated near the common The librarian’s office was put facade, this brings in natural daylight for Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi entrance lobby. near the books for quick help reading.Instructors: inquiries. The reading area reveals the book stacks on the first floor creating visual continuity between the readers and the book stacks. 11
  14. 14. Left Blank by intention Instructors: Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemeh512 Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi Publici vLibrary o f a c i t y A s t h e c i c h e a r t
  15. 15. Courtyard nRenovationc t A s c h o o l r e o v a t i o n p r o j e The project lies amidst the heart of the school of architecture in the Project Abstract university of Jordan, the central courtyard brings in light, and enables natural ventilation to the surrounding corridors, trees are present as means of shading and evaporative cooling by transpiration during hot summer days, making it a very beautiful and an attractive focal point in the school. Due to the economic situations in the country the courtyard hasn’t received much attention since the early 80s, only some building workshop projects are found in it, and due to prevailing arid weather conditions they are almost unfunctional. Courtyard Renovation A s c h o o l r e n o v a t i o n p r o j e c t We Can’t Neglect the direct relationship between nature and architecture Conceptualization and how the direct relation lies somewhat hidden in the natural unobservable phenomena of the earth. Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemeh One phenomenon is earth’s magnificent magnetic field, the filed lines in the Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi project are directly used as a grid system to produce the architecture and the Instructors: landscaping forms. 13
  16. 16. Courtyard nRenovationc t A s c h o o l r e o v a t i o n p r o j ePreliminary Sketches The courtyard can be separated into 4 main zones right and left, and the 2 zones in the center. Through the yard passes 2 circulation bridges for the upper zones of the school. As a basic step towards a useful way to use the courtyard is the satisfaction of lost vital functions in the school, such as a bookshop with printing and plotting services and a coffee shop, to serve sleep deprived architecture students! . To start with placing a certain grid one of the trees was chosen to be the point on which the grid passes through, a central artistic structure was Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemeh designed in order to be focal point, to elicit undesired circulation Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi patterns, and reduce any student traffic congestion especially when Instructors: moving project models from a studio to the other. Grid lines where desired to be the earth main magnetic fields, and are determined by using a simple compass, the lines mainly pass through the tree towards the north, south magnetic, and geographic grids correspondingly. 14
  17. 17. Courtyard nRenovationc t A s c h o o l r e o v a t i o n p r o j e It was really easy to figure out new wall and ground treatments, and to Preliminary Sketches use some order in a courtyard lacking noticeable architectural order. First it was necessary to permit light to pass through in order to reveal more color when dealing with new wall decorative paintings, by reducing the size of the trees. Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemeh Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi Instructors: 15
  18. 18. Courtyard nRenovationc t A s c h o o l r e o v a t i o n p r o j e Steel Panels Symbolizes the use of steel in buildings Water The Basic need for all life forms Vegetation No Building is complete without nature Glass Brick One of the best inventions of all time Magnetic Fields A direct relation with architecture The perspective below shows the gallery area and how it is positioned Stone Pebbles near the stepped seating area. The walls act as exhibitions to exhibit any A Basic building material outstanding students work.The central structure in the project is composed mainly of twooverlapping semi-ellipses. The ellipses symbolize the direction of theearth’s magnetic geographic and North/South and Magnetic North/South.The angle between both ellipses or arrows as I prefer to call them I about20 degrees, which is the range of the ever-changing earth’s magnetic Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemehfield.The structure takes the shapes of a high-rise building symbolizing the Dr. Nabil Al Kurdicombination of the six elements in the structure overtime to develop the Instructors:science and art of architecture. Top East West 16
  19. 19. Instructors: Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemeh17 Courtyard nRenovationc t A s c h o o l r e o v a t i o n p r o j e Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi interior Section Floor Plan Interior Section the water stream. the magnetic field grid distribution is evident in the plan view, landscaping, the central structure and the
  20. 20. Courtyard nRenovationc t A s c h o o l r e o v a t i o n p r o j e The Archicafe is a quick snack cafeteria that offers quick access to light The Archicafe snacks. The café offers cold drinks, various types of coffee, and pastry for architectural students and staff. The area in front of the café maybe used for studying or dinning.The Archibooks Shop Dr. Ali Abu Ghanemeh The Archibook division is a bookshop for generaly needed architectural books that cannot be found easily, university press releases and various Dr. Nabil Al Kurdi architectural periodicals. Instructors: The bookshop may also offer architectural supplies and printing services such as plotting and scanning, laser cutting and other CNC related model making services. 18
  21. 21. Daboque Luxury Hotel Dabouq LuxuryHotel A t h i r d y e a r p r o j e c t Dabouq Luxury Hotel A t h i r d y e a r p r o j e c t The project is located in a very distinct area in the Jordanian capital Amman, Project Abstract a suburban district known as Dabouq. Dabouq is an area which is inhibited A r c h i t e c t Jaffar Tukan i t e c t Jaffar Tukan with upper class citizens and their luxurious mansions. bring more urban appreciation In order toInstructors: to the area, the hotel was chosen to be placed in this site. the site is known for its mediterranean climate and plant cover. the site contour is very steep. Arch nInstructors: 19
  22. 22. Concept Formation Dabough as lightly occupied area with a low population density Getting frustrated from that situation and trying to find a Dabouq yLuxuryoHotelSite Situation seems to become more occupied over the years with solution we tried to search back into the pre-architectural boom e a r p r j e c t lavishly extravagant villas having no in the Jordanian land. architectural roots in the original Jordanian heritage and traditions, most villas in that area seem to be a mix of a modern Pre the early 1920s most of the Jordanian area was , post modern, Islamicist, classicist architectural styles forming occupied by either agricultural peasants living in Jordanian and eclectic or indefinable style, witch can be called an villages such as Hmud, Samad, Tibneh and many others or by Bedouins occupying most of the desert land area. architectural acrobaticism or a kitch. In a survey the A t h i r d observations that were suggested and stated that: Villages show an architectural trend similar in composition to houses belonging to the old Middle Eastern area especially 1. All the styles mentioned above indicate a high in the western areas towards the Mediterranean and the degree of insensitivity and eccentricity among higher- income groups. housing is usually made of stone and wood and having ancient constructional methods such as ribbed vaults and beams. 2. The styles mentioned above are usually encouraged Bedouins, on the other hand, showed some undemanding by the architects themselves. and easy to fit building methods such as tents. 3. The lack of a predominant style in this area reflects a For me it was the tent that made it into my mind after having to A r c h i t e c t Jaffar Tukan state of Stylistic Flux or an on-going evolutionary process. think for a while. Instructors: Bayt char or house of hair - the black Bedouin 4. In all styles there is some degree of eclecticism or tents are traditionally woven from goats hair. Nowadays the Kitch or the tend to mimic a western culture. woven strips can be bought, but many women still weave their own. When it rains the weave contracts and doesnt let the 5. Municipal by-Laws and building regulations in the water in. In the heat of the summer the outside of the tent feels Amman area regarding the compulsory stone facing have failed to create any type of urban homogeneity very hot to the touch while the inside remains blissfully cool. In the winter when it is cold outside with a small fire inside the reverse is true, and the tent stays warm and cozy. In Bedouin traditions the unexpected visitor will be invited into the mens section, although subject to close scrutiny through any holes in the curtain dividing it from the womens section. 20
  23. 23. Daboque Luxury Hotel Dabouq LuxuryHotel Although the later part wont be able to provide a good hospitality The concept is to mainly produce a building shape functionally Concept Formation Conceptualisation concept option for both genders, though the former could. Tents of the correct as a hotel with a typical functional diagram however to A t h i r d y e a r p r o j e c t ancient were the basis of larger tensile membrane structure invention. emerge with a mixture between Tensile fabric structures are a dramatic and exciting method of modern and old in order to construction, benefits of these structures lay in: define the time frame in which we are in, and develop the latest building technology in a 1. allowing curvature way that serves our traditions and needs and produces a modern Jordanian style obtained mostly by looking at the roots of our 2. Translucency and the ability to spectacularly light both culture rather than trying to mimic what already exists, thus internal and external spaces. creating a true landmark in the area, hence a tourist attraction towards a dead area. 3. enabling us to consider different methods of creating A centralized plan was chosen for this project, locating the back Project Geometry environments - rather than boxing space in of the house and other services within a central core, thus allowing for optimal service speed to the front of the house 4. fabric buildings can last generations, and conform to the regions. same structural codes as permanent buildings A combination of axial and central plan distribution was chosen in order to allow different regions to benefit from sun, 5. architectural fabrics are capable of exceptional spans wind and the best use of views. 6. A r c h i t e c t Jaffar Tukan i t e c t Jaffar Tukan And extraordinary illuminated effects. Lighting a structure can conjure a glowing effect which brings a landmark quality to any building.Instructors: 7. Metal fabric panels that can be woven in sizes up to 20 wide by 200 long 8. Arch Flat panels that are mounted vertically to a building façade require structural support at the top and the bottom of each panel only. Intermediate locations require minimal support and are designed to maintain consistent distanceInstructors: between the metal fabric panels and the face of the building 9. Tension panels can be designed as fall protection systems, Located on a hill, the project required a very stable structure, in order to comply with the chosen tensile structure curvilinear to provide hurricane window protection and to provide bomb geometry was used, this allows for easy way finding and a better use blast protection for buildings designed with blast mitigation this meant that a symmetrical form is to be chosen. of the available views. 10. Tension screens can be provided with more than 50% open area, and are ideal for open structures like parking garage façades. 21
  24. 24. Dabouq yLuxuryoHotel This plan of the First level mainly shows the relation between the restaurantsProject Geometry e a r p r j e c t and lounges and the route of access through the lobby, guests will have to either take the panoramic elevators or the stairs up to the level. It also shows the upper administrative areas and the hotels clinic. stepping slabs that comply with the natural slope of the site and supporting A t h i r d columns that curve gently with the tensile structure that sits above, were to be used in such a case. 9Plan Level 1 8 10 11 1 5 14 12 6 13 15 2 7 4 3 16 A r c h i t e c t Jaffar Tukan The elevation shows the main entry of the service and employees cars East Elevation 17 entrance towards the truck deck and the lower car park. the guest rooms at this side enjoy a pleasant view towards the east side, viewing the city’s Instructors: 18 19 skyline and bringing early morning sunshine, these rooms maybe be used for business purposes. notice the overlapping lobby area of the terraces and the room facades and how the membrane structure demonstrates a tent like structure over the upper restaurants. Notice also the decorative steel work and how it holds the building. You can also see the columns through the membrane structure covering the lobby. 1. Meeting Rooms, 2,3,4 Clinic and Services, 5,6 Meeting Room and Foyer, 7 lobby open space, 8 General Manager, 9 secretary, 10 assistant manager, 11 staff manager, 12 director of accounts, 13 Banqueting Manager , 14 Front Office, 15 Files and Archives, 16 Meeting Room, 17 Foyer, 18,19 Restaurants 22