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  • Team name, names of student, and student I.D.
  • Introduction to the company and product. Product is the picture to the right.
  • Information about the our company and the kind of products that are made.Description about the product.
  • Fastener Functions/Descriptions. Product makes construction/repairing less time consuming and more efficient.
  • Safety test is located at the end of instruction manual. Don’t worry the test isn’t so hard as long as the person reads the uses/safety part of the instruction manual.
  • Pros: Semi-Automatic: shooting ten rounds.Cons:Shouldn’t be used on hard or brittle materials such as cast iron, tile, glass, and rocks because the materials can shatter easily. It shouldn’t also be used on soft base materials such as wallboard, plaster, or wood because the fastener could pass completely through. Revocation of card if user failed to comply with any of the rules and regulation for safe operation.
  • We can see that fasteners are wildly used in various industries, for daily life purposes, and has a big impact to our economy. From the demographic report, we notice that fasteners are not only in the U.S. but also worldwide.
  • Conclusion to our presentation.
  • This is a complete reference/site of the information we collected on our product.
  • Powers fastener pa3500_part_2[1]

    1. 1. MARKETING PANDADISCUSSION SECTION 610Rajiv Mahay 99064460680Rodney Xiong 99069323070Ke Xu 991045577Fangqian Yu 99106461820Zhenhao Chen 991064759David Arnell
    2. 2. Introduction Company Name: Powers Fastener Powers Fasteners is a private company of quality anchoring and fastening products for concrete, masonry, and steel. Product: PA3500
    3. 3. About Powers Fastener Powers has been providing innovative fastening solutions for more than 85 years. Powers Fasteners has more than 30 locations around the world, including the Asia/Pacific region. Powers offers the widest range of Mechanical, Adhesive, Powder Actuated, and Gas Fastening systems on the market. We also specialize in Plastic and Hollow Wall anchors, Carbide Drill Bits, and Roofing fasteners. The PA3500™ is a modified version of the P3500 that includes a power adjuster, allowing the operator to effectively decrease the power level of the load being used. It is designed for high speed and repetitive
    4. 4. Technological Factor Safety, efficiency and operating simply are the characteristics which customers expect the industrial tools have. Powers Fastener PA3500 has the advantages in technology on the above three points (safety, efficiency and operating simply).
    5. 5. Technological Factor Tool Body-Precision Cast Aluminum Tool Lenght-13 5/8” Weight- 5lbs Load type: 27 caliber 10 load strip Pin Length- ½-3” Total Length Power Level- Brown (2)Green(3) Yellow(4) red(5) Pin type- Ballistic Point Drive Pin, 8mm Head Drive Pin, ¼”- 20 Treaded Stud.
    6. 6. Political Factors Before using the product a person must pass a safety test to get their Powers Fasteners operator card. Must attain some form of proper training.
    7. 7. Political Factors Con’t Pros:  -Light weight  -Portable  -Power adjustable.  -Semi-Automatic  -5 year warranty Con:  -Misuse of the tool can cause serious injuries.
    8. 8. Fastener-Demographic In 2005, it is estimated that the United States fastener industry runs 350 manufacturing plants and employs 40,000. The industry is strongly tied to the production of automobiles, aircraft, appliances, agricultural machinery, commercial construction, and infrastructure. More than 200 billion fasteners are used per year in the U.S. with 26 billion by the automotive industry. The widely use of fastener will require a large demand.
    9. 9. Summary After analyzing the five factors (Technological, Economical, Cultural, Political and Demographic) of the macro economy. We can see that most of the factors have positive impacts on our product. We can make a conclusion that our product Powers Fastener PA3500 should have advantages in the market.
    10. 10. Reference HousingEconomics.com > Housing Statistics http://www.nahb.org/reference_list.aspx?sectionID=819 Powers Fastener http://www.powers.com/about.html Global Information, Inc. http://www.the-infoshop.com/report/fd128457-industrial-fasteners.html Economy Watch http://www.economywatch.com/market/housing-market/world.html http://www.mccullagh.org/image/d30-7/panda-napping-3.html The North American fastener industry - The industry today, http://www.industrial-fasteners.org/industry.html, retrieved 2009-02-08