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12 public relation final

  1. 1. IMC - Prof. Rajesh Satpathy
  2. 2. What is Public Relation?Def: “Building good relations with the company’s variouspublics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a goodcorporate image, and handling or heading off unfavorablerumors, stories, and events”.OrPublic relations is about reputation - the result of what youdo, what you say and what others say about you. Publicrelations is the discipline which looks after reputation, withthe aim of earning understanding and support and influencingopinion and behaviour.
  3. 3. Dimensions of Public Relation
  4. 4. Public RelationPR departments may perform any or all of the followingfunctions:• Press relations or press agency: Creating and placingnewsworthy information in the news media to attractattention to a person, product, or service.• Product publicity: Publicizing specific products.• Public affairs: Building and maintaining national or localcommunity relationships.
  5. 5. Public Relation• Lobbying: Building and maintaining relationships withlegislators and government officials to influence legislationand regulation.• Investor relations: Maintaining relationships withshareholders and others in the financial community.• Development: Working with donors or members of non-profit organizations to gain financial or volunteer support.
  6. 6. Public RelationPublic relations is used to promote products, people, places,ideas, activities, organizations, and even nations. Companiesuse PR to build good relations with consumers, investors, themedia, and their communities.Trade associations have used PR to rebuild interest indeclining commodities, such as eggs, apples, potatoes, anddeclining commodities, such as eggs, apples, potatoes, andmilk.For example, the American milk industry’s popular “GotMilk?” PR campaign featuring celebrities with milk mustachesreversed a long-standing decline in milk consumption. Evengovernment organizations use PR to build awareness.
  7. 7. Avian fearAccording to estimates, the crisis may result in losses running up to Rs.2,000 crorefor the industry that supplies one crore kilogram of chicken and 11 crore eggs toconsumers across India every day.Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/bird-flu-scare-puts-maharashtra-poultry-industry-into-crisis/1/181744.html
  8. 8. Role of Public Relation• Public relations can have a strong impact on public awarenessat a much lower cost than advertising can. The company doesnot pay for the space or time in the media. Rather, it pays fora staff to develop and circulate information and manageevents.• If the company develops an interesting story or event, itcould be picked up by several different media, having thesame effect as advertising that would cost millions. And itwould have more credibility than advertising.
  9. 9. Public RelationThe following terms are used in the definition of PR:• Organisation can be a government body, a business, aprofession, a public service or a body concerned with health,culture, education - indeed any corporate or voluntary bodyculture, education - indeed any corporate or voluntary bodylarge or small.• Publics are audiences that are important to the organisation.They include customers - existing and potential; employeesand management; investors; media; government; suppliers;opinion-formers.
  10. 10. Public Relation…• Understanding is a two-way process. To be effective, anorganisation needs to listen to the opinions of those withwhom it deals and not solely provide information. Issuing abarrage of propaganda is not enough in todays open society.
  11. 11. Public Relation?PR in practice:Public relations takes many forms in different organisationsand comes under many titles, including public information,investor relations, public affairs, corporate communication,marketing or customer relations. To add to all the confusion,not all of these titles always relate accurately to publicrelations, but all of them cover at least part of what publicrelations is.
  12. 12. Public RelationAt its best, public relations not only tells an organisationsstory to its publics, it also helps to shape the organisation andthe way it works.Through research, feedback communication and evaluation,the practitioner needs to find out the concerns andexpectations of a companys publics and explain them to itsexpectations of a companys publics and explain them to itsmanagement.
  13. 13. Thank You!