10 personal selling


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10 personal selling

  1. 1. IMC - Prof. Rajesh Satpathy
  2. 2. What is Personal Selling?Face-to-face interaction or telephonic interaction with one ormore prospective purchaser, for the purpose of making salesand building customer relationships.It includes:• Sales Presentation• Sales Presentation• Trade shows• Incentive Programme
  3. 3. Sales Presentation
  4. 4. Trade Show
  5. 5. Personal Selling carries the major chunk of thepromotional load when…• The market is concentrated geographically• The product’s unit value is high, technical in nature orrequires a demonstrationrequires a demonstration• The product must fit the need of an individual customer• The product is in the introductory stage• The company has lesser amount of fund for an advertisingcampaign
  6. 6. Advanced Nuclear Reactor by Areva Corporation, France
  7. 7. Demonstration
  8. 8. Contribution of Personal Selling:• Sales people generate revenue• Sales people provide market research• Sales people provide solutions to problems• Sales people provide expertise and serve as informationresources• Sales people serves as advocates for the customer whendealing with the selling organization
  9. 9. Personal Selling Objective: Qualitative• To do the entire selling job• To service existing accounts• To search out and obtain new customer• To secure and maintain customers co-operation in promotingthe product line• To keep customers informed on changes in the product line• To keep customers informed on changes in the product lineand other aspect of marketing strategy• To provide technical advice and assistance to customers• To assist with the training and middlemen’s sales personnel• To provide advice and assistance to middlemen onmanagement problems• To collect and report market information/ intelligence ofinterest to the company management
  10. 10. Personal Selling Objective: Quantitative• To capture and retain a certain market share• To obtain sales volume that contributes to profitability• To obtain some no. of new accounts of given types• To keep personal selling expanses with in set limits• To keep personal selling expanses with in set limits• To secure targeted percentage of certain account business
  11. 11. Service Selling:• Inside order takers- Sales clerk behind the counter in a Pvt.Bank, Tele-callers, Tele-marketers.• Delivery Sales person- mainly engages in delivering theproduct• Route/ Merchandising Sales person- operates as an ordertaker who works in the field – the sales person calling ontaker who works in the field – the sales person calling onretailers is typical• Missionary- aims only to build goodwill or to educate theactual or potential user- Distiller’s representative orPharmaceutical companies representative• Technical Sales person- emphasizes technical knowledge-Engineering sales person, who primarily a consultant toclients.
  12. 12. Delivery Boy Tele-Marketers
  13. 13. Developmental Selling…• Creative sales person of tangible product- sales personselling Water purifiers, Vacuum cleaner, Cars, Fireextinguishers.• Creative sales person of Intangible product- sales personselling Insurance, Advertising services, educationalprogrammes, banking products.selling Insurance, Advertising services, educationalprogrammes, banking products.
  14. 14. Theories of Personal Selling:• AIDAs theory of Personal Selling• “Right Set of Circumstances” theory of Selling• “Buying Formula” theory of Selling• “Behavioral Equation” theory of SellingAttention Interest Desire Actions SatisfactionAIDAs ModelNeed/Problem Product/Service Purchase Satisfaction/ DissatisfactionBuying Formula
  15. 15. ProspectingVVPreparation/ Pre-approach/ Cold CallsVVOpeningVVRequirement IdentificationVVPresentation/ DemonstrationVVVHandling ObjectionsVVNegotiationVVClosingVVFollow Up/ Maintenance
  16. 16. Thank You!