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OSM Nepal and Map Kathmandu

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Map kathmandu osm nepal presentation - public

  1. 1. MapKathmandu Creating a better, accessible and efficient online map of Kathmandu Valley
  2. 2. What is "MapKathmandu?"● Initiative to make a detailed online map of Kathmandu Valley● Make the map free to use● Use crowdsourcing to speed up data upload● Create a community of active mappers
  3. 3. Who are we?● Group of graduate students and young professionals who want to see change in Nepal● 3 based in the U.S., 2 in Europe and 1 in Nepal● Diverse background from mapping and engineering to journalism and management
  4. 4. Why map Kathmandu?● Disaster relief and medical emergency● Easy navigation● Enable businesses to deliver services and products easily● Enable innovation in location based mobile apps and services
  5. 5. How does the current map ofKathmandu look like?
  6. 6. Zooming into Baneshwor
  7. 7. Saw the problems?● Many streets are not traced yet● Names of most of the streets are missing● Many other items of interest are missing● Not very usable, same with Google maps
  8. 8. Is there a solution? YES!● Low budget, no politics● Crowd effort● Community of active OSM contributors● Youth who want to make a difference
  9. 9. Why is it the right time?● Active and growing OSM Nepal community● Support from universities and media● Earthquake awareness● Smartphone revolution, faster internet● Youths want to solve problems themselves Opportunity to build a critical mass of active contributors
  10. 10. How we can help?● Map the city with the help of interns and volunteers at Adyota● Provide training on OSM● Form a community of active mappers● Support with funding● Run projects with universities and other youth groups to make direct impact ○ Part of the curriculum/course ○ Competition based projects ○ Extracurricular credits
  11. 11. What we will map?● Roads: ○ All roads that are accessible by car and bus-stops ○ GPS traces of narrower roads and their names when possible● Buildings and landmarks: ○ Hospitals, clinics, blood banks, pharmacies ○ Schools, Government offices, Ward offices ○ Banks, large businesses, ATMs, tourist landmarks ○ Bridges, temples, chowks, bahal ○ Public toilets, garbage containers, major public open spaces, named intersections, roundabouts
  12. 12. Mailing List:
  13. 13. http://openstreetmap.org
  14. 14. Why?(sub-question: why not google maps?)
  15. 15. For us:Same as why(maps, like encyclopedia articles, are awesome information, letshave a free world-editable version!)
  16. 16. Mapping data is not free
  17. 17. Mistakes cannot be corrected (these are first- world examples; Nepal has its own set of delicious ones)
  18. 18. Off-line possibilities
  19. 19. Apps!(both use and write...)
  20. 20. OpenStreetMap is Volunteered Geographic Information:the harnessing of tools to create, assemble, and disseminategeographic data provided voluntarily by individuals.Goodchild, M.F. (2007). "Citizens as sensors: the world of volunteered geography". GeoJournal 69 (4): 211–221
  21. 21. Open DataThe one GIS data platform to rule them all (?)UN SURVEY Dept. ICIMOD सडक बभाग VDC Who else?खानेपानी सं था
  22. 22. Re-use & reprint (legally)
  23. 23. What?(ie, what exactly are we talking about?)
  24. 24. (
  25. 25. - nodes- ways- tags- relations (only advanced)
  26. 26. How?(how to add data to OSM?)
  27. 27. GPS tracks
  28. 28. Imagery!
  29. 29. Local Knowledge
  30. 30. Data sources ICIMOD UN Nepal govt.? Who else?(Challenge: Licensing)
  31. 31. OpenStreetMap editing tools Potlatch – Flash-based web editor
  32. 32. OpenStreetMap editing tools JOSM – Java-based desktop editor
  33. 33. We can do it!Case Study: Haiti
  34. 34. Possibilities?Haiti before the earthquake
  35. 35. Haiti within 24 hrs of the earthquake
  36. 36. Haiti in the following days
  37. 37. Useful links: – OSM site – OSM wiki –Beginners Guide - MapFeatures Tagging Guide - OSM Nepalmailing list – Blagh.(Search slideshare for openstreetmap – tons ofpresentations and new ideas!)
  38. 38. Questions?
  39. 39. Further Information● Project Website:● Community Website:● Facebook Group: OSM Nepal / Map Kathmandu● OSM tutorial:● Contact in Nepal: ○ Bimal Maharjan ○ Project email:
  40. 40. Conclusion Lets create a better, accessible and efficient online map of Kathmandu ValleyThank You.