Iron Man


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Iron Man

  1. 1. By Rajat Moondhra
  2. 2. How Iron Man was Made <ul><li>Iron Man is a man named Tony Stark. Tony Stark is a man who is a super genius. He is extremely smart (so smart that he graduated from MIT at age 7) and is in the weapon industry after his father. He owns a very big and powerful company made by his father but he was given power. His father was very smart, but he was extremely smart and much smarter than his father (possibly the smartest man in the world). He made many powerful weapons and boosted his company to the top with his knowledge. He was captured by middle-easterners for his knowledge to make a giant nuclear missile for them. He had to escape and there was no help so instead of building a nuclear missile for them, he build the first model of iron man and then escaped. That is how iron man was made. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>This man is Tony Stark. This is after he escaped the middle-easterners and he decided to give up on weapons and become a superhero (because he realized that terrorists can use weapons but they can’t use a superhero). He is in the process of making the new Iron Man model which is more advanced than the original suit. The thing in his chest is as high tech gear to keep the metal particles in his body from getting to his heart (so he can live). The way he got metal particles was when the middle easterners captured him, there was a missile explosion and some the metal of the missile got inside him. This powers the iron man suit. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Superpower <ul><li>Iron Man’s Superpower is his suit. His suit is a complicated suit which has a lot of things. For example, his suit has jet boosters on his feet for flying extremely fast and lasers on his hands and chest, slide out bullets and missiles to shoot his enemies, and a lot more. He also is really strong. </li></ul>
  5. 5. What Happens to the Middle Easterners <ul><li>After Tony Stark escapes from the middle easterners the first time with iron man and destroys their nukes, he goes back and saves people that they were going to kill and tries to kill them, but some escaped. They hate him and want to kill him but he is unstoppable to them, so they find his old gear that he left in the desert after his escape, and try to use it against him to kill him. This is how he gets his first real enemy besides the middle easterners (who Iron Man could beat more easily) nemesis, Ironmonger. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Ironmonger <ul><li>Ironmonger was a man who was Tony Stark’s co-CEO (under Tony Stark (The CEO)). He had always been jealous of Tony Stark and his father and wanted the first position in the company. To take Tony Stark (Iron Man) down, he contacted the group of middle easterners that captured Stark. They were planning how to take him down (using the old pieces of the old version of Iron Man) when he double crossed the middle easterners and took the gear for himself and stole Stark’s heart protector in his chest to power up his suit. He then became Ironmonger and fought Iron Man. With the help of his assistant, Pepper (who helped without using powers because she was just ordinary and didn’t have powers), Iron Man defeated Ironmonger. </li></ul>Tony’s first escape suit Man inside Ironmonger
  7. 7. The Comic Book <ul><li>Iron Man first came out as a comic book. The movie just came out. The comics are much longer so far and there are many different things including different enemies… </li></ul>