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Published in Education , Technology
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  • 2. Raja Umair Arshed BBA III
  • 3. WHAT IS INPUT?What is input? Data or instructions entered into memory of computer Input device is any hardware component that allows users to enter data and instructions
  • 4. WHAT IS INPUT?What are the two types of input? Data  Unprocessed text, numbers, images, audio, and video Instructions  Programs  Commands  User responses
  • 5. KEYBOARD Similar to typewriter keyboard. Keys on keyboard consist up of letters, numbers, symbols and function keys. Special keys like Tab, Del, Ctrl, PgUp, PgDn,etc. Easy to use and offers number of facilities. Can edit the input data very easily. Relatively inexpensive.
  • 6. MOUSE A pointing device. Control and manipulate cursor movement on monitor. Has three or four buttons on it and roller ball which signals the movements on a flat surface. Move fast from one part of the screen to the other.
  • 7. POINTING DEVICESWhat are common mouse operations? Point Double- Triple- Right- Click click click click Right- Drag drag Free- Press Rotate Tilt spin wheel wheel wheel wheel button
  • 8. TOUCH SCREEN A touch panel is transparent plate. Input is registered when a finger or any other object comes in contact with the plate.
  • 9. BAR CODE READER It reads bar coded data. Laser beam scanner is used to read the bar code. Most commonly used bar code is the Universal Product Code (UPC).
  • 10. DIGITAL CAMERAS What is a digital camera? Allows you to take digital pictures Images viewable immediately on camera  Download to computer  Post pictures to Web Next
  • 11. TRACK BALL Also known as roller ball. Uses a hard sphere to control cursor movement. Ball can be rotated in any direction by hand. This digital signal in translated to control the cursor movement on the screen.
  • 12. SCANNER It is able to directly enter text and images into the computer memory. Eliminated the duplication work of entering data . This result into increase in speed of data entry and accuracy.
  • 13. VOICE RECOGNITION SYSTEM Uses microphone or telephone, a sound card an special software. Voice recognition system are highly operator dependent. Reduces the cost of data entry. Can move freely while talking into the computer.
  • 14. JOYSTICK Widely used in computer or video games. The direction and speed with which the joystick is moved is converted into digital signal and sent to the computer system. This in turn controls the movement of the cursor on the screen.
  • 15. VOICE INPUT What is voice input? The process of entering input by speaking into a microphone Voice recognition is the computer’s capability of distinguishing spoken words
  • 16. VIDEO INPUTWhat is a PC video camera and a Webcam? PC video camera is used to capture video and still images, and to make video telephone calls on Internet  Also called PC camera Web cam — video camera c c whose output displays on a Web page
  • 17. WHAT IS OUTPUT?What is output? Data that has been processed into a useful form  Output device is any hardware component that can convey information to one or more people
  • 18. DISPLAY DEVICESWhat is a displaydevice?device that visually conveys text, Output graphics, and video information  Information on display device sometimes called soft copy Monitor houses display device that is packaged as separate peripheral
  • 19. MONITORS Monitor is a device liketelevision screen whichis used to display information The resolution of monitorsis the number of picture elements Monitors are of two types  Cathode Ray Tube Monitor (CRT)  Flat Panel Display
  • 20. PRINTER Itproduces the output from the computer on the paper. Produces a hard copy i.e. permanent copy of the result which can be stored and read later.  ImpactPrinters  Non-Impact Printers
  • 21. PLOTTERA plotter is a an output deviceused in applications whereprintouts of graphs anddrawings are required Plotters are of two types  Flat Bed Plotter  Drum Plotters
  • 22. SPEAKERS, HEADPHONES, AND EARPHONESWhat is an audio output device? Computer component that produces music, speech, or other sounds Speakers and headsets are common devices
  • 23. COMPUTER MICROFILM OUTPUT (COM) This technology is used to record computer output as a microscopic film images. Information is recorded on a roll of film. COM devices are used applications where there are large volumes of data. They are much more faster than normal printers Sophisticated & Expensive