Prevent thyroid or goiter


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Prevent thyroid or goiter

  1. 1. One should go for iodine in its organic form. The foods which contain the iodine are garlic,carrots, turnips and salt itself. It is the most common natural cure for goiter.Try to increase pineapples, tomatoes, guavas in your diet.Another one of the good home remedies for goiter is taking one tsp juice of the leaves ofswamp cabbage with tea almonds once or twice a day. This is very beneficial for primary goiter.Smear the leaves of dandelion as salad vegetable, warm them for a while and then bandage itover the neck region. This will subside the swelling up to certain extent. It is an effective homeremedies for goiter.You can also ground the seeds of flex in water. Put this water on fire for a while and apply overthe affected area i.e. neck. Bandage the leaves of flex over the medicine you have applied on theneck. This will help reducing the swollen area of goiter. This is one of the useful home remediesfor goiter.Watercress is another good homemade for preventing and curing goiter. For this, apply the pasteof watercress over the neck region.Try to include lettuce, onions, oats, egg yolks, sea foods, citrus fruits, whole rice etc into yourdaily diet. These foods help reducing the swelling of the neck region which is there due to goiter.Fluoride, chlorine and iodine are related with each other in the sense of chemistry. They block anentrance of iodine into thyroid. So try to avoid chlorinated water, fluoridated water andtoothpaste containing the same.Functions of thyroid gland will be increased with exercises. Try to do it regularly.Vitamin A is necessary for iodine. So tale enough of that to cure goiter.In a same way, Vitamin B complexes nourish the thyroid gland and also help to utilize theiodine. Take enough Vitamin B complex to prevent thyroid malfunctioning.For a child, mother’s milk is the best natural remedy for preventing the thyroid malfunction.To stimulate the thyroid, one can have each of oats and bananas daily. You can take cool showerat morning and night. This will be beneficial for thyroid functions. This is also one of the usefulhome remedies for goiter.Another best way to get rid of thyroid malfunctioning is go for fasting. Keep yourself on fruitsand vegetable juices. After couple of weeks, start with light but nutritious diet.Some of the Ayurvedic herbs like ‘Kanchanar’ has been used in Ayurvedic science since years to
  2. 2. treat thyroid related problems. For this, one can go for its leaves or can take any patent medicinescontaining the herb. It is also used as a natural cure for goiter. This is one of the good homeremedies for goiter.Certain Ayurvedic treatment especially ‘Panchakarma’ is also useful treating the thyroidproblem.Some experts believe that goiter can be treated with special massage techniques. Some herbs andtheir oils can be massaged on the affected area with extreme precaution. Regular massage of thiscan help out reducing the thyroid malfunctioning. This is also one of the good home remediesfor goiter.Reflexology and other alternative healthcare systems like acupressure and acupuncture haveshown some benefits in goiter condition. All it needs is an expert’s hand.