Corfu Island


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Corfu Island

  1. 1. Greece Corfu Island
  2. 2. Corfu este cea mai nordica dintre insulele Ionice si una dintre cele mai populare destinatii ale Greciei. Cu o lungime de 58 de km si o latime de doar 25 km, Corfu este insula padurilor si a muntilor cu case mici, albe, ascunse in vai, cu plaje cu nisip auriu si locuitori vestiti pentru ospitalitatea lor. Conform mitologiei, numele Corfu (Kerkyra, in greaca) deriva din numele nimfei Korkyra, de care zeul marii, Poseidon s-a indragostit, rapind-o si ducand-o apoi pe aceasta insula care ulterior i-a preluat numele.
  3. 3. canal d’ amour
  4. 4. In centrul insulei se afla muntele Pantokrator cu o inaltime de 906 m. Aici, cu mai bine de 100 de ani in urma, imparateasa Sissi a Austro-Ungariei a fost cucerita de frumusetile insulei si a hotarat sa se stabileasca aici, refugiindu-se de problemele familiale. Imparateasa a construit aici un palat in care si-a petrecut ultimii 10 ani din viata. Turul orasului Corfu incepe in piata centrala situata intre vechea fortareata si noua fortareata. Aici poti vizita biserica Sf. Spiridon din secolul al XVI-lea, primaria orasului, constructie din secolul al XVI-lea in stil venetian, Parlamentul Ionian – 1852, Palatul construit pentru imparateasa Elisabeta a Austriei continuand cu Paleokastritsa si Sidari, orasele din nordul Insulei, unde vei putea admira canal d’ amour .
  5. 5. Corfu Greece , is the most popular of the Ionian Islands. It is a very green island and a mixture of the civilizations that have passed through at various times. The town of Corfu (Kerkyra) impresses and charms the visitor with its two forts, narrow streets, tall houses, arcades, Venetian-built Town Hall, church to Saint Spyridon, the corfu island 's patron saint, flower-filled gardens, and balconies with their superb wrought-iron fences. Flooded with sights, Corfu is a small paradise on Earth. From Paleokastritsa to Kanoni, from the Achillion to Pontikonissi  and  the Corfu 's northern  coast,  one will  find crystal water scenic coves greenery and vegetation that 'sinks' into the deep blue sea.
  6. 6. arcade built by the French during their administration of the island
  7. 7. The Palace of Sts. Michael and George (Palaia Anaktora). The Gardens are to the right of the statue immediately after the arch to its right. The statue of Sir Frederick Adam, a British governor of Corfu, is at the front
  8. 8. The Palace, located in the village of Gastouri, was erected in 1890 for Elizabeth (Sissy), the Empress of Austria as the solace of her soul. It was used as her summer retreat. Later the Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany bought the Palace. Directly below, on the coast, is the unusual Kaiser’s bridge, the stone built jetty where the Kaiser set out on his yacht for swimming trips. Achillion Palace terrace garden
  9. 9. Achillion - Sissy Palace
  10. 10. This luxurious villa was built for the Empress of Austria, Elisabeth von Wiltelsbach (more familiarly known as Princes Sissy), by the Italian architect Raffaele Carito in 1892. The loved Queen - whose life became a movie- gave preference to Corfu over all the other islands of the Ionian Sea, during her cruise in the Mediterranean islands, when she wanted to overcome her personal problems. After loosing her family members, she decided to buy the place, where today the palace is built, and reside in Greece, which she so loved so much because of its natural beauties, its greek history and mythology. Sissi , fascinated by the mythology of Ancient Greece, named her Palace in honour of the hero Achilles and adorned the halls and gardens with statues depicting gods and heroes. Later the Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany bought the Palace. The popularity of the Achillion Palace can be gauged from the fact that the much hyped JamesBond movie – “For Your Eyes Only” was shot at this magnificent palace and immortalized.  
  11. 11. Achillion Palace-Emperess Elizabeth of Austria's summer home
  12. 12. Achilles
  13. 14. Paleokastritsa Monastery
  14. 17. Pontikonissi and Vlaheraina monastery as viewed from the hilltops of Kanoni
  15. 18. Pontikonissi, Corfu
  16. 21. Bay of Palaiokastritsa from Bella Vista in Corfu
  17. 22. Kerkyra - park next to the old fortress
  18. 23. Sidari - the beautiful coastline
  19. 24. Paxos- The village of Lakka
  20. 25. Paxos- The town of Gaios
  21. 26. Gaios
  22. 27. The olive soaps
  23. 28. local product buy Koumquat Liquor in a bottle shaped like Corfu
  24. 29. Shell from Palaiokastritsa Monastery
  25. 30. Photos from Corfu GREECE July 2008 Nice holidays!