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Raimo Vuopionperä Raimo Vuopionperä Document Transcript

  • Raimo VuopionperäProgram Manager at Ericsson Finlandraimo.vuopionpera@gmail.comSummaryRaimo Vuopionperä has 20+ years of experince working in top level Science organizations andICT/Telecom Research and Development units. During his university career he also teached atuniversity.For the past decade or so Raimo has led and managed organizations that have grown from smallscale units to world class influencial laboratories. While leading the organizations Raimo has alsomanaged to participate to the actual R&D work and have initiated and contributed significantly toseveral patent applications.One of Raimos strongest areas is in creating and leading large Public-Private Parnership (bothNational and Internarnational) efforts. He has e.g. led the work in 3 different TIVIT program creationefforts and has been work theme leader in large scale EU 6WINIT FP Project.Raimo has experience both from Public and Private sectors and he has extensive contact networkboth Nationally and Internationally. He has also been elected to several Steering Groups and hasbeen Board Member in many bodies.As a leader Raimos strengths are on both people leadership and on organizatorial leadership. In thishis guiding principle is that “Leaders main task is to work for his/her team” that in practice this meansthat he believes that managers task is to provide best possible environment for others to achieveresults.As a summary boosting teams to achieve great results and improving the work atmosphere is verydear to Raimo. As a results he is always looking for new opportunities to lead and work with highlyperforming teams and organizations.Raimo has proven with his previous career shifts that he can very quickly adapt to the environmentand become both expert and leader in the new field within very short time.Last but not least, Raimos “Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes” test Top Five strengths are 1) Activator,2) Maximizer, 3) Significance, 4) Focus, and 5) Self-Assurance, which have always been thecornerstones of Raimos personality.Specialties Page1
  • Simplifying the organizatorial management is dear to Raimo. Eliminate all unnecessary parts, e.g.most of meetings, and you really start achieving!On a specific technologies side Raimo is familiar or have worked e.g. with following areas: Diff. Serv.,IPv6, IPSecurity, ID-Loc Split (especially HIP), Publish-Subscribe, Green ICT (Need a "GREEN ICTManaifesto"?), IOT, statistical analysis.ExperienceProgram Manager at Ericsson Finland at EricssonJanuary 2012 - Present (1 month) Continuing the in the same "External R&D Collaboration" role as previously but within new "Search and Transition" R&D function.Board Member at Tieto- ja viestintäteollisuuden tutkimus Tivit OyApril 2011 - Present (10 months) Member (representing Oy L M Ericsson Ab) of TIVIT Ltd. (Tieto- ja viestintäteollisuuden tutkimus Oy) Board of Directors. The board members task is to direct the TIVIT ltd. operations and give guidance to the active leadership.External R&D Collaboration Manager at Ericsson Finland at EricssonJanuary 2009 - December 2011 (3 years) The main responsibility is to transform whole Ericsson Finland R&D center way of working (WoW) to work/collaborate more with external partners. From 2008 onwards the volume of External collaboration at Ericsson Finland increased by 40+ % annually (through 2009-2011). 11 recommendations available upon requestBoard Member (deputy) at Tieto- ja viestintäteollisuuden tutkimus Tivit OyMarch 2008 - March 2011 (3 years 1 month) Member (deputy, but de-facto Oy L M Ericsson Ab member) of TIVIT Ltd. (Tieto- ja viestintäteollisuuden tutkimus Oy) Board of Directors.Member of GIGA program steering group at TekesOctober 2005 - March 2011 (5 years 6 months) Participated to the steering process of whole R&D funding program. Gave guidance to the operational personel at TEKES how to steer the actual program.Member of IPR Board at Ericsson FinlandJanuary 1999 - December 2009 (11 years) The purpose of the IPR board was to screen the Invention disclosures developed by Ericsson Page2
  • Finlands employees before they were sent for actual patenting process. I acted as one of the experts in the board.Member of board at Helsinki Institute for Information TechnologySeptember 2001 - December 2008 (7 years 4 months) The purpose of the Board was to oversee the operations of the HIIT. Members of the board were mainly selected from the industry to provide their expertize to guide the HIIT activities. I was representing Ericsson Finland in the Board.Research Manager at NomadicLab (an Ericsson Research laboratory in Finland) at EricssonJune 1999 - December 2008 (9 years 7 months) Fully responsible for the whole units (Ericsson Research laboratory in Finland) operations, including general managemnet, research, financial and people management (HR). From summer 1999 until end of year 2008 Nomadiclab was transformed from almost unknown internal laboratory to internationally recognized laboratory that is a Brand e.g. at IETF. The size of laboratory has grew from 10+ person loosely connected researchers to highly competent and motivated laboratory with roughly 50 persons working in various areas. During my leadership period NomadicLab developed to one of the biggest Ericsson Research laboratories in the Ericsson Reseach Global organization. Also the responsibility areas of Nomadiclab developed from 2 areas, namely (IP)Mobility & Security and IP Applications research to 4 separate areas (sections). I.e. (IP)Mobility & Future Internet, (IP and Telecom) Security, Wireless Access Networks and IP Signalling research. All of the separate areas reached clearly Internationally recognized levels and individuals from the sections were representing Ericsson e.g. in IETF or 3GPP standardization. Specials: Year 2002 - At Ericsson Finland the highest ever measured employee satisfaction level was at NomadicLab. The level of employee satisfaction was at that high level also during year 2008. In relation to that the questionary showed that the organizational efficiency was very high and there were NO efficiency barriers. Other example of how the laboratory has developed is that during year 2008 there were close to 2 filed patent applications per each laboratory employee (including line-managers) whereas during 1999 the ration were on the level of ½ patent application per employee. 2 recommendations available upon requestSection Manager at NomadicLab at EricssonOctober 1998 - May 1999 (8 months) Page3
  • Section Manager at Nomadiclab. Ericsson Reseach Laboratory in Finland. Responsible for the section doing (IP) Mobility and Security research. Additionally the responsibility of the overall NomadicLab financial & project management and HRM were included to role. The overall laboratory management improved greatly during this short period.Internet Researcher at NomadicLab at EricssonMarch 1998 - September 1998 (7 months) Research topics: Differentiated Services @ Internet, IP-Security, IPv6, Mobile-IPv6 and Wireless Internet Access. NOTE: Quickly proved that could change field of profession very successfully. 1 recommendation available upon requestPost Doc. Researcher (Experimental particle physics) at CERNJune 1996 - January 1998 (1 year 8 months) Worked at CERN from mid 1996 until Jan 1998. Task included (physics) analysis software development, physics simulations and data analysis. My work were integral part of the Finnish consortiums efforts to the SILICON TRACKER group of DELPHI detector that was one of the four of the large physics experimental stations of the LEP (Large Electron Positron) Collider.Researcher (with several work titles) at University of HelsinkiMay 1989 - May 1996 (7 years 1 month) Tasks included both physics research and teaching. - Worked mainly in Helsinki, but during 1989, 1990 and 1992 I worked 7 months altogether at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. - Also during 1994 I worked 5 months at DESY/Hamburg participating to Linear Accelerator design. - NOTE: During this time (Dec 1990 - Nov 1991) I also served my compulsory military service. On the other hand during that service I managed to work towards my Ph.D. dissertation.Compusory Military Service at Finnish Defence ForcesDecember 1990 - November 1991 (1 year) (Compulsory) Military Service. Page4
  • Achieved rank “Vänrikki” (Officer entry level rank Special note: I served part of my military service at the research center of Puolustusvoimat. (PV) - Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). I did work on radioactive fallout aerial measurements and even wrote 2 internal reports for PV.SkillsChange ManagementR&DPlanningSecurityProcess DevelopmentLine ManagementGovernmentICTNegotiationProgram ManagementResearchPeople ManagementTeam CoordinationProgram CoordinationTeam ManagementTeam LeadershipTelecommunicationsStandardizationProblem SolvingMobileWirelessCloud ComputingTCP/IPIPv6IPSecNetwork SecurityGreen ITParticle PhysicsTheoretical Physicshost identity protocolPublish-Subscribe Page5
  • Honors and AwardsPublicationsSeveral 1. From jets to color portraits of hard scattering final states. R. Vuopionpera, et. al. Publ. in Eur.Phys.J. C5 (1998) 471-474. 2. The DELPHI Silicon Tracker at LEP-2. DELPHI Silicon Tracker Group Collaboration (P. Chochula et al.). Publ. in Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A412 (1998) 304-328. 3. A Study of the Higgs hadronic decay branching ratios at the e+ e- linear collider. M. Battaglia, R. Vuopionpera. Prep. for Joint ECFA/DESY Study: Physics and Detectors Conference: C96-11-20. 4. Testing the left-right symmetric model at linear collider. R. Vuopionpera et. al. HU-SEFT-R-1996-23. Jan 1997. 9 pp. 5. Detector for the linear collider: Baseline design for the conceptual design report. S. Aid, et al. Prep. for Joint ECFA/DESY Study: Physics and Detectors Conference: C96-11-20. 6. Tests of the standard model and its extensions in high-energy e+ e- collisions. R. Vuopionpera. HU-SEFT-R-1996-07. Mar 1996. 47 pp. 7. Proton ring and electron linac collider (PRELC) as a (first) TeV range electron - proton or photon - proton collider. R. Vuopionpera. HU-SEFT-R-1994-15-REV, 5 pp. 8. Production of heavy neutrinos in e+ e- collisions. R. Vuopionpera. 1993. Publ. in *Waikoloa 1993, Proceedings, Physics and experiments with linear e+ e- colliders, vol. 2* 514-519. 9. Single top quark production at LEP-200. M. Raidal, R. Vuopionpera. Publ. in Phys.Lett. B318 (1993) 237-240. 10. Production of heavy neutrinos in e+ e- collisions. R. Vuopionpera. HU-SEFT-R-1993-04, C93-04-26. Apr 1993. 6 pp. Contributed to Conference: C93-04-26 (Waikoloa Linear Collid.1993:0514-519). 11. Heavy Dirac and Majorana neutrino production in e+ e- collisions. R. Vuopionpera. Publ. in Z.Phys. C65 (1995) 311-326. 12. How to observe tau-neutrino N interactions at an extremely asymmetric e+ e- collider. R. Keranen, J. Pennanen, R. Vuopionpera, Published in Phys.Rev. D46 (1992) 4852-4855. 13. Heavy neutrinos in e+ e- collisions. J. Maalampi, K. Mursula, R. Vuopionpera. Publ. in Nucl.Phys. B372 (1992) 23-43. Page6
  • OrganizationsProfessional membershipsseveralJanuary 1999 to Present After joining Ericsson Finland I have been invited to many steering forums. • Member of Oy L M Ericsson Ab IPR Board (Jan 1999 – Dec 2009) • Member of Oy L M Ericsson R&D mgmt team (Jun 1999 – Dec 2011) • Member of HIIT (Helsinki Institute of Information Technology) board (Sept 2001 – Dec 2008) • Member of TEKES GIGA program steering group (Oct 2005 – March 2011). • Member of the TIVIT’s FI (Future Internet) program Steering Group (April 2008 – summer 2009). • Member of the TIVIT’s CS (Cloud Software) program Steering Group (Oct 2009 – Feb 2010). • Member (deputy, but de-facto <in practice> Oy L M Ericsson Ab member) of TIVIT Ltd. (Tieto- ja viestintäteollisuuden tutkimus Oy) Board of Directors (Mar 2008 – March 2011). • Member (representing Oy L M Ericsson Ab) of TIVIT Ltd. (Tieto- ja viestintäteollisuuden tutkimus Oy) Board of Directors (April 2011 – present).LanguagesFinnish (Native or bilingual proficiency)English (Full professional proficiency)Swedish (Limited working proficiency)Norwegian (Elementary proficiency)CoursesExternal R&D Collaboration Manager atEricsson FinlandEricssonBe your own coach (lectures)Communicating ValueSection Manager at NomadicLabEricssonMGMT AssessmentTechnical Development Program Page7
  • Research Manager at NomadicLab (anEricsson Research laboratory in Finland)EricssonSeveral leadership courses and other competencedevelopment programs.Communicate as a leaderThinking & Leading StrategicallyFluent in FinanceLCC (Leadership Core Curriculum)Inspired PeopleCreating a winning cultureLeadership FrameworkPresentation SkillsTollgate - Business Decisions in ProjectsStrategisen johtamisen valmennusPatentsMobile internet access system and method mapping mobile to internet service providerUnited States Patent US 6553219 Issued April 22, 2003Inventors: Raimo Vuopionperä Harri Tapani Vilander, Petri Jokela, Martti Kuparinen, Raimo Vuopionper: Mobile internet access system and method mapping mobile to internet service provider. Ericsson Apr, 22 2003: US 6553219.Mobile internet accessUnited States Patent US 6804720 Issued October 12, 2004Inventors: Raimo Vuopionperä Harri Tapani Vilander, Petri Aulis Jokela, Raimo Vuopionper: Mobile internet access. Ericsson Oct, 12 2004: US 6804720 (16 citation)Optimising packet switched networksTaiwan Patent WO 2009/030537 Issued March 2009Inventors: Raimo Vuopionperä Vuopionperä Raimo, Takács Attila, Dortschy Boris, Almeida Henrik, Bader Attila: Optimising packet switched networks. Ericsson March 2009: WO 2009/030537HIP Node ReachabilityUnited States Patent US 20100306350 Issued December 2, 2010Inventors: Raimo Vuopionperä Patrik Salmela, Petri Jokela, Raimo Vuopionperä, Jan Melén: HIP Node Reachability. Dec, 2 2010: Page8
  • US 20100306350Host identity protocol method and apparatusUnited States Patent US 7849195 Issued December 7, 2010Inventors: Raimo Vuopionperä Petri Aulis Jokela, Jan Mikael Melen, Raimo Vuopionperä, Sèbastien Pierrel: Host identity protocol method and apparatus. Ericsson Dec, 7 2010: US 7849195Addressing and routing mechanism for web server clustersUnited States Patent US 8041939 Issued October 18, 2011Inventors: Raimo Vuopionperä Jukka Ylitalo, Petri Jokela, Jan Melèn, Raimo Vuopionperä: Addressing and routing mechanism for web server clusters. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson Oct, 18 2011: US 8041939 Page9
  • Test ScoresExternal evaluationScore: 10 October 2009 As a part of my Mentoring program at Ericsson Finland I have taken the “Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes” test. The Top Five strengths are 1) Activator, 2) Maximizer, 3) Significance, 4) Focus, and 5) Self-Assurance. See below for short explanations. - Activator: If the decision has been made to go across town, you know that the fastest way to get there is to go stoplight to stoplight. You are not going to sit around waiting until all the lights have turned green. Besides, in your view, action and thinking are not opposites. In fact, guided by your Activator theme, you believe that action is the best device for learning. - Maximizer: Excellence, not average, is your measure. Taking something from below average to slightly above average takes a great deal of effort and in your opinion is not very rewarding. Transforming something strong into something superb takes just as much effort but is much more thrilling. - Significance: Whatever your focus—and each person is distinct—your Significance theme will keep pulling you upward, away from the mediocre toward the exceptional. It is the theme that keeps you reaching. - Focus: Your Focus is powerful because it forces you to filter; you instinctively evaluate whether or not a particular action will help you move toward your goal. - Self-Assurance: Self-Assurance is similar to self-confidence. In the deepest part of you, you have faith in your strengths. You know that you are able—able to take risks, able to meet new challenges, able to stake claims, and, most important, able to deliver. Blessed with the theme of Self-assurance, you have confidence not only in your abilities but in your judgment. Page10
  • ProjectsAdditional professional activitiesMembers: Raimo Vuopionperä Chronological listing of additional activities • 1992: Worked as a Consultant for a Company Detection Technology. • 1993: Interviewed about t-quark discovery in a TV program ‘Edison’ (YLE, Finnish National Broadcasting Company). • 1995: Interviewed in a radio program ‘Radiaattori’ (YLE). • 1999 - 2000: One of the “founding” persons who participated to the creation process of HIIT (Helsinki Institute of Information Technology). • 2001 – 2002: Led both the Ericsson and other partners work in Work Package 3 (Specification and Architecture of the Network) of EU-IST 6WINIT (IPv6 Wireless Internet IniTiative) project. • 2003 - 2004: One of the co-authors for the WWI’s (Wireless Word Initiative) WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum) 1st book of Visions (Technologies for the Wireless Future:). Own contribution appeared in chapter 4. • 2004: Led the thematic group “Cooperative Networks” of TEKES NETS programme until end of the NETS programme. • 2004 – 2006: Initiated several large scale TEKES cooperation projects with many partners. • 2007 - 2008: Participated to the ICT SHOK’s (Later TIVIT Ltd.) formation work by leading the Future Internet (one of four initial TIVIT research programs) Strategic Research Agenda creation phase. The actual research program started in April 2008. • Feb 2009 – Feb 2010: Participated (partially drove it as an TIVIT Board representative) the creation of TIVIT’s new Software related program (Cloud Software). The phases included initial SRA creation to the program plan finalization. • May – June 2011: Leading (as Industrial Coordinator) the creation of new TIVIT Internet of Things (IOT) SRA (Strategic Research Agenda) in record time (i.e. roughly 4 weeks). SRA was approved by TIVIT Board of Directors on 22nd of June 2011. • August – December 2011: Drove the IOT program plan creation towards TIVIT board/TEKES acceptance during fall 2011 (TEKES accepted the 12M€ program on 20.1.2012). This is clearly record - in new program creation in any SHOK’s.EducationUniversity of HelsinkiPh.D., Theoretical Physics, Particle Physisc, Mathematics, 1992 - 1996University of HelsinkiM.Sc., Theoretical Physics, 1986 - 1991Enontekiön Lukio Page11
  • Ylioppilastutkinto, matriculation examination, 1983 - 1986Enontekiön yläasteElementary School, 1980 - 1983Karesuvannon Ala-asteElementary School, 1974 - 1980InterestsReading Science Fiction & Fantasy, Following Drag Racing, ... Page12
  • Raimo VuopionperäProgram Manager at Ericsson Finlandraimo.vuopionpera@gmail.com14 people have recommended Raimo "Raimo reported directly to me during several years when he was manager of NomadicLab at Ericsson in Finland. He was really brilliant working with the organisation and the people lifting the lab from unknown to a world class IP lab. "The best IP lab in Europe" I heard from a competitor. Concrete proof of this is that several people from NomadicLab have or have had important leading positions at IETF. His strongest area is leadership. He can really help people grow and develop competence and skills to top level. I can really recommend Raimo for a leadership position." — Olle Viktorsson, Director IP Networks Reseach, Ericsson, managed Raimo at Ericsson "I interacted with Raimo while he was heading the steering board of a Tekes-supported network of excellence (PPP), bringing together the key players in Finnish academic and industrial research in the area of Future Internet technology. Raimo did a great job at this, combining excellent organizational and people skills with strong knowledge of the technology portfolio. He successfully handled some significant changes in the research mission and the funding model, and oversaw an expansion of the set of partners. It was a pleasure working with him." — Matthias Grossglauser, Laboratory Director, Nokia, was with another company when working with Raimo at Ericsson "I have collaborated with Raimo Vuopionperä for many years in various research projects. Also, I know him from the time before his current position, namely, when he was a Research Manager in NomadicLab. I have learned to know him as a knowledgeable, demanding, supportive and respected research manager and leader. Raimo has the capacity to get things happen; using his own skills and making also the other people to work for a common goal." — Antti Ylä-Jääski, Professor, Aalto University, was with another company when working with Raimo at Ericsson "Raimo is an enthusiastic person, who can get people behind his ideas and projects beyond companies and organisations. He is very well connected, both in industry and academia. His organisational skill are very good and he is very likeable person. I have known him for ten years and participated several projects that were based on Raimos initiative. I can highly recommend him." Page 13
  • — Marko Jurvansuu, Technology Manager of Mobile Interaction, VTT, was with another companywhen working with Raimo at Ericsson"Raimo is a truly passionate, inspiring, and cordial team leader, who also brings a great deal oftechnical domain expertise. It was a pleasure to work for and with Raimo during my first assignmentat Ericsson."— Christian Vogt, Scientist, Ericsson Research, Ericsson, worked indirectly for Raimo at Ericsson"Raimo has been of extremely high value for Tivit. He has been a very active and committedBoD-member always ready to use his knowledge and experience in the on-going issue (strategymaking, decision making, piece of advice for the management ...) Furthermore he has been thedriving force in the creation of three SRAs (Strategic Research Agenda) and the first year programsfor Tivit: Future Intenet, Cloud Software and Internet of Things. Under his leadership tens of (evencompeting) partners have been able to form a consortium with shared vision and goals (per eachSRA). And after that he has been able to change this vision and goal-setting into a researchprogram which is then making the vision happen. This has been possible because of his excellentmanagement skills are combined with deep technological expertise and strong motivation to makethings happen."— Pauli Kuosmanen, CTO, Tivit, was with another company when working with Raimo at Ericsson"Raimo was my second-level manager at Ericsson (NomadicLab) for many years. Whenever I hadsomething to discuss with him, he always listened carefully on what I had to say. If he was able tohelp me with my pursuits, he definitely did that. What impressed me the most is the fact that he isreally a person who cares a great deal of the well-being of his team members. Thus, I canrecommend Raimo for tasks that require people management skills."— Jani Hautakorpi, Research Scientist, Ericsson, reported to Raimo at Ericsson"During the years, I have had many opportunities to work with Raimo, always with excellent andmutually satisfactory results. Our communication has been friendly, direct, rapid and to the point,always focusing on the issues hand and progressing towards their resolution. Many importantinitiatives were created on the basis of the mutual trust that developed from this, not the least thenational Future Internet program of TIVIT."— Martti Mäntylä, Research Director, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, was withanother company when working with Raimo at Ericsson"Raimo has proved to be an excellent R&D collaboration manager, and we have always had reallygood collaboration towards achieving common goals in the projects and research strategypreparations we have had with him. He can create and maintain positive atmosphere where peopleknow clearly the goals and give their best in aiming at them, as well as point out composedly the Page 14
  • things that need more work for accomplishment."— Mika Ylianttila, Associate Director, MediaTeam Oulu Research Group, was with anothercompany when working with Raimo at Ericsson"Raimo did great job in the preparation of TIVIT Internet of Things program (13 M€/per yearprogram) this Autumn. Raimo was a key person in the prepartion process and we could always turnto him for advice or when we needed a deicision under hard time pressure."— Heikki Ailisto, Research Professor, VTT, was with another company when working with Raimoat Ericsson"I have worked with Raimo in the context of university-industry collaboration including the board ofTivit Oy and some Tivit research programs (Future Internet, Internet of Things). Raimo has alwaysappeared to me as a logical thinker, effective communicator and fair negotiator. I have enjoyedworking with him in different contexts of research."— Heikki Hämmäinen, Professor, Networking Business, Aalto University, was a consultant orcontractor to Raimo at Ericsson"I have known Raimo for several years and seen his contribution and results when building thesuccess of Nomadiclab research organization. Raimo is very passionate to achieve the objectivesand targets. He succeeded in building a world class research lab with both excellent researchresults and a motivated team, which has been recognized internally in our corporate as well asexternally e.g. in the IETF networks. Raimo has always taken all the needed efforts and dedicatedhis organization for exceeding the stakeholder expectations within our corporate. Raimo gave fullsupport and guidance for his team members, praised their achievements and encouraged them tomake a huge leap in performance and competence, which has also been visible in the excellentpersonnel satisfaction measurement results. My experiences of working with Raimo can berepresented with easy co-operation, direct communication, professionalism and excellent results."— Markku Korpi, VP R&D, Ericsson Finland, managed Raimo at Ericsson"Raimo is getting people together and often capable of opening the atmosphere so that people canbe relaxed, open minded and innovative. He really support you in your work and is interested inyour life in general. Working for him was both fun and very productive."— Pasi Ahonen, senior research scientist, VTT, worked directly with Raimo at Ericsson"I recruited Raimo into the NomadicLab of Ericsson Finland in its early stage of existence. Raimohad not much background in Internet research at that time but I judged that his other abilities wouldmore than compensate this, which impression also proved very much true. Raimo took quickly tounderstanding the details of Internet Protocol and contributed greatly in cranking up the IPv6 andMobile-IP work at NomadicLab." Page 15
  • — Seppo Lindborg, Department Manager, Research Department, Oy L M Ericsson Ab, managed Raimo at EricssonContact Raimo on LinkedIn Page 16