Lighting Talk - Women in IT
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  • Besides tech averse upbringing
  • Tech averse familyHad to go away, dive into a very different world -> to notice I liked science. I took me 3 years after finishing high school
  • There is no reason why there are so few women in IT.It has nothing to do with the geeky guy with fatty pizza fingers sitting in the dark in a horrible .
  • You want to write elegant programs which are easy to understand and to expandYou need to have good ideas for new apps, web pages etcAnd you want your GUI to look really good.
  • If you don’t understand the business for which you write your program, your program will be nuts…
  • Technology is at the heart of modern society don’t leave it to others
  • - most projects are simply too big for the ego shooter- even your private new webapp: you come up with the idea, you discuss it with friends, they are thrilled by the idea and you go along together
  • How to become a professional


  • 1. I am Magdalena.I like to be outside in the sunshine, chat with myfriends, go out, I like to go shopping, and hate to start mycomputer at night after a days work. I love beautifulthings, art exhibitions and music, as a kid I went horseriding and played the flute, I hated physics and chemistry atschool, and loved languages, in a shooter game mycharacter dies after 3 secs, I like to laugh, I played withdolls, I am just a normal woman.
  • 2. I am physicist, I love the beauty of the standard model, Ilike to search for the structure behind things andunderstand it. I would hang a bubble chamber particlesignature on my wall. I did write programs which run oncomputers with thousands of processors, I love to thinkabout challenging and complex problems, solvepuzzles, I work as a software engineer, myfavourite os is linux, I love to design programs which areelegant and match their purpose well. I am still a normalwoman. I am a geek.
  • 3. when I go to work, there are mostlymen around me. So where the hell are all my female co-geeks?
  • 4. programming is about…design, style and elegancecreativityHedy Lamarr, actress and co-inventor of spread spectrum communication, 1941
  • 5. programming is about…understanding the world we livein…get to the core ofthings, understand thefundamentals, be it in businessor in science, or…Lise Meitner, first theoretical explanation of fnuclear fission, 1939
  • 6. it is about …taking part in our modern world… don’t stay at the edge, move it, transform itSheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook
  • 7. …and aboutteamwork!you have been hanging together on your laptopsto get started with Rails, discussing on how to gofurther encouraging, and helping each othersout… that’s what we do every day!Michelle Cueni, Jacqueline Gasser, Ellen Sprunger, Lea Sprunger , Leichtathletik EM 2012 Helsinki,6th place
  • 8. ….it is also about…communication– most bigger project don’t fail because of technicalpitfalls, but because… to Alice it was not clear what Bob wanted and to Bob itwas not clear that Alice didn’t know what he wantedRuth Metzler-Arnold, Eveline Widmer-Schlump, Tag der Wirtschaft 2011
  • 9. … all these require skills in which women arestrong…Angela Merkel, physicist, German Chancellor since 2005
  • 10. it’s a women’s worldthe first computer program ever was written bya woman, long before the first machine thatcould run it was builtAda Lovelace, 1842
  • 11. programmers at the world’s first real electroniccomputer were all ….…. WomenOnly later the guys joined, because they realizedthat the girls were doing something cool there…Kay Mc Nulty, Betty Jennings, Betty Snycder, Marly Wescoff, Fran Bilas, Ruth Lichterman, Programmers at ENIAC, 1943
  • 12. where to go from here?you have already started today, dig deeperdon’t be afraid of new stuff
  • 13. be pertinacious…don’t let yourself be discouragedeasily, especiallynot by a geek with fatty pizza fingers who knowsthe exact spec of the latest generation graphiccards and keeps talking about it…… you might design the cooler game than he… you might write cleaner code than he… you might understand much better which arethe really important features
  • 14. code, code, codeprogramming is not for geniuses, it is acraftsmanshipthe more you do it the better you get and themore fun it is.…. so code, code, code
  • 15. books - find out which ones the favourite books for youfavourite programming language, find out whether they suite yoututorials – many programming languages, environments - likeRuby and Rails- are free.You can find tutorials on the web to help youblogs - there are millions bloggers who write aboutprogramming and its surrounding biosphere, your favouriteprogramming language, find the ones you likecourses - register in a course at in touch - find your favourite tech local tech meet up on, new faces are always welcome andbeing a girl might earn you a bonus…