Ppt boot trends for winter 2013


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Ppt boot trends for winter 2013

  1. 1. Boot trends for winter 2013/2014 It is that time again. Winter has arrived full force and it is time for a change in footwear. Part of the fun of winter is buying fashionable winter accessories. Boots can be a stylish addition to any outfit if the right trends are followed. Wedges are extremely popular this season. Flats have never gone out of style and are practical for walking around in the snow. Here are 5 winter boot trends that are simply irresistible this year. Over the knee Over the knee boots are without a doubt the mother of all intimidating accessories. But in the fashion world, the greatest risks are often worth it. If worn the right way, over the knee boots will definitely turn heads. This boot length first appeared on the runways of Balmain and Phillip Lim. They were intended to be worn with mini- skirts. Show no more than two inches of leg and hit the streets! For colder temperatures, leather leggings are a nice alternative. Knee length With modern booties and thigh high boots on the rise, it seems knee high boots have been forgotten these past few years. Luckily, they are coming back in style
  2. 2. this year thanks to super hip designers such as Olivier Theykens and Isabel Marant. Knee length boots are both functional and fashionable. They are best worn with a chunky heel, a mini skirt and a winter knit sweater. Calvin Klein has shown us that knee length dresses and coats also compliment this growing trend. Mid-length One of the most popular boot styles this season are the kind that hits somewhere between the knee and the ankle. Mid-length boots come in a variety of styles including Uggs, buckles, and sophisticated leather boots. They cater to diverse tastes, occasions and seasons and can be seen on the runway as well as on the street. Mid calf boots are most commonly worn with jeans this winter, which makes for a very comfortable, casual look.
  3. 3. The ankle boot The ankle boot is a must-have style in women's fashion footwear. Ankle boots can really make a little dress look fierce and add a new look to it. They are very versatile and go with just about anything. The peek a boo boot design creates and chic and sophisticated look. An Ankle strap added to the boot highlights a contemporary, classic flavor. An ankle boot with zippers on the side, paired with a pencil skirt will make for an edgy, rock 'n roll look.
  4. 4. The bootie Booties are definitely hot this season. Booties are a bit different from boots. They rise just above the ankle and generally have a high heel. Booties come in styles both casual and formal. They are a nice alternative to loafers for work. They can be worn with anything from jeans to skirts with hosiery. Perforated booties with laces are masculine in shape but feminine in design. Leather platform booties add edge to a casual look. If you want to explore about Women's Fashion more then kindly visit on: www.jigsaw-london.com