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  • 2. ACKNOWLEGDEMENT Bismillahirahmanirrahim. First of all, we would like to thank ALLAH S.W.T and HIS messenger,Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. It is becauseofHIS blessing,it is possibleforus tofinishthis assignment.Wealsowouldliketo thank ourparents.Withtheirsupports,hopes andprayers, wewereableto completethis assignment. It is becauseofthem we canfinishandpossiblydothis assignment. Wealso wouldlikethankourlecturer,Madam.Duetoherguidance,ideas andknowledge,we wereable to finish this assignment.Wehavedoneit withfull inspirationanddetermination.Shegavealot ofadvice on howto finishthis assignment.Wealsowouldliketothankall ofourclassmates for theirsupport,new ideas, opinions andadditional informationforthis assignment. Finally, wewouldliketothankeveryonethat involvedinhelpingtocompletethis assignment successfully officiallyandunofficiallyespeciallyMiss SuzianaSaim theSales Managerat Ri-Yaz HeritageMarina & Spa. Without them,wewouldbefacingplentyofcomplications and challenges to finish this assignment.
  • 3. INTRODUCTION Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa was first known as Teluk Warisan.It is a government organization. It was establish on August 2005. This resort is known internationally as “Home of The Monsoon Cup”. It is situated at Pulau Duyung, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. It is a seven star resort. For Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa luxurious five star boutique resort, it have 97 garden and river view guest rooms & suits. The resort has wide high speed wireless broadband. It also have an all-day dining restaurant & alfresco café with scenic view of the bay and city and an eternity pool for adults with children’s pool and playground. Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa also have karaoke lounge and various of sport activities such as mountain bikes, fishing, beach volleyball, canoeing, and paddle and pedal boards. It also have an exotic exclusive spa, Sembunyi Spa. This spa is owned by the Marina. It is a tropical spa concept, 3 private treatment rooms. Not to mention the traditional Balinese massages and treatments. This spa’s motto is “A Hideaway for Mind, Body & Soul.” This resort also contain full/ half day meeting package. The full day meeting package consist of 2 coffee breaks and for the lunch and half day meeting package consist of 1 coffee break and lunch. There are several types of meeting room such as Cindai Ballroom, Marina Garden, Marina Patio, Exhibition Hall, Songket, Sutera 1-4, Batik 1-4, Baldu, Keris, Bunga Raya, Mawar, Cempaka, Melati 1-4, Kemboja 1-4, Melor 1-4,Rajawali 1, Rajawali 2, Rajawali Foyer, Helang, Merak 1-6, Perdana Suite, and Royal Suite. Ri-yaz Heritage Marina & Exhibition Centre’s call sign is Ri-yaz Heritage Marina.The Marina radio frequency is VHF Channel 69 & 16. The distance by air from Kuala Lumpur 60 minutes and from Singapore 1 hour 25 minutes to the Ri-yaz Heritage Marina & Exhibition Centre . There are a few place of interest that we can go by road such as shopping 5 minutes, Central (web & craft) market 10 minutes, state library 5 minutes, state museum 10 minutes from Ri-yaz Heritage Marina & Exhibition Centre.
  • 4. The details and features for this resort, it has a 5 Mega yacht berths dockage for vessels up to 100m and 36 wet berths and dockage for vessels from 10m to 35m, 24 hours security and calm and sheltered marina basin, no surge, no wake. The harbour is so clean, quite and non- commercialised storm protected harbour up to 230 – 400, 32 & 125 amp electric service available at slips and metered fresh water supply. It also has steel piling, HDPE float and fenders, timber walkways and fingers. Other facilities that available in this resort are laundry services, fitness centre and wet area (sauna, Jacuzzi whirlpool, shower & toilet) . Wi-fi internet available at the Marina building and daily scheduled shuttle into town and propane gas filling assistance and facsimile & e- mail services Lastly, this resort is only 7 minutes away from Kuala Terengganu International Airport and Kuala Terengganu town. Which are very convenient.
  • 5. CONTENTS No. Topics Page 1. Planning 2. Organizing 3. Leading 4. Controlling 5. Decision Making 6. Motivation 7. Communication 8. Management from Islamic Perspective 9. Conclusions 10. Reference 11. Appendices
  • 6. PLANNING The definition of planning is the process of outlining the activities that are necessary to achieve the goals of the organization. Below is the mission, vision, goals, and objective of the Ri-yaz Heritage Marina & Spa; Ri-yaz Heritage Marina & Spa: Mission: Provide the best hospitality services. Vision: Generate more revenues. (wider influence) Goals: i. To provide the best customer service ii. To provide the most comfortable accommodation iii. To cultivate adaptability to change in economic, social and environmental conditions. Objectives: i. To help in creating job opportunities ii. To become the best hospitality services Analysis Based on the information given, this resort is focusing on forward thinking. They use the strategic planning which is a long term planning done by the top management which in this resort is the director of board.
  • 7. ORGANIZING Analysis: This resort organizes their organizing by using this process. Firstly, the superior will determine the work that needs to be done. After that they will divide the work into department and coordinate the work done by the employees. Lastly the superior will monitor and supervise the employees to make sure the work is done perfectly and according to the expectations of the resort. As for their organizational chart, they stated that it is confidential and based on the explanation given by the spokesperson, their organization is using the functional structure based on the diagram above. They have eight departments which are, the front office, sales, kitchen, family, accounts, maintenance, security, and marina. Each of the department have their own manager that will supervise their subordinates. Detailing of work Division of work Departmentalization Coordination of work Monitoring and reorganizing GM FUNCTIONAL MANAGER EMPLOYEES
  • 8. LEADING Leadership Styles : Democratic & Democratic consultative Managerial Grid: Task Management (9,1) -High production, low concern for people Path-goal theory: Directive leaders. -Let employees know what is expected of them Analysis: On the topic leading, this resort’s leadership style is the Democratic & Democratic consultative. It is because of the management will make the decision by participating the employees in minor decision making. The management encourages participations in the decision making but the leader is the one who will decide the actions needed. For the managerial grid, Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina & Spa shows high concern for production but low concern for the people. It is because this resort must maintain their standard of services and accommodations to be known worldwide as this resort is a seven-star hotel. Based on the path-goal theory, the manager of this resort are using the directive leader styles as they let their employees know what is expected of them that is to give the best services and accommodation.
  • 9. CONTROLLING Controlling prosses: STEP 1: ESTABLISHING STANDARDS  A control standard is a target against which organization performance will be compared. It must be measurable, specific and accepted. STEP 2: MEASURE ACTUAL PERFORMANCE  Performance measurement is a constant, ongoing activity for most organizations. STEP 3: COMPARE PERFORMANCE AGAINST STANDARDS  Performance may be higher than, lower than, or identical to the standard. STEP 4: DETERMINE NEED FOR CORRECTIVE ACTION  Decisions regarding corrective action draw heavily on a manager’s analytic and diagnostic skills. After comparing, one of the three actions appropriate:  Maintain the status quo (do nothing)  Correct the deviation  Change the standard Post action control: Focuses on the output of the organization after the transformation process is complete Analysis: Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina & Spa does follows the process. First, they will establish standard, which in this resort, their standard is high class resort. Next, Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina & Spa
  • 10. will measure actual performance after establish standards by supervise the ongoing activities of this resort. After that, this resort will compare their performance, is it higher, lower or identical to the standard. If the performance is lower than the standard, they will find alternative to improve their performance. This resort is using the post action control as they want to maintain their standard. This resort have to maintain their services that is known as a seven-star for their accommodation and services given to the customers.
  • 11. DECISION MAKING Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina & Spa makes their decision depends on the problems. If the problems will affect only the involved department, then they won’t involve other department in the decision making. Problems that will affect the whole resort will be decided by the higher superior without involving lower employees. Based on the explanation given by the spokesperson, if the problems occurs is a minor problems then, the problems will be solve without involving any formal meetings. For the problems of each department, the manager will handle it within the department. Analysis: Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina & Spa makes their decision by following the steps: 1. Identifying opportunities and diagnosing problems. 2. Identifying objectives. 3. Generating alternative 4. Evaluating alternative 5. Reaching decision 6. Choosing implementation strategies 7. Monitoring and evaluating.
  • 12. MOTIVATION Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina & Spa motivates their employees by using a few alternatives. This resort will held a program that will involve only the employees of the selected day for one or two hours. This program’s objective is to let the employees to have some fun time even though you’re working. This program also has some activities that will let you get some cash if you win the games. This is one of the motivations done by the resort. Employees will enjoy themselves and still have the fun in doing their works. The spokesperson said that, this program has already done for a long time and it is working. Other than that, the resort’s motivation to make the employees work harder is giving commission to those that gives extra effort in doing their duty. Besides, this resort gives higher rates for part-times to encourage new workers even though it is only part timers. They also have rewards for employees that gives more effort than the others which are the employee of the month, employee of the quarter year and employee of the year. Analysis: Based on the explanation on the Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina & Spa resort, their motivation is based on the two-factor theory by Herzberg. This theory explains that there are 2 factors that affect the employees. The first one is motivator factor and the second one is the hygiene factor.
  • 13. COMMUNICATION Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa communicates with their employees by e-mails or telephones. This method reduces the time and energy consumed. The manager or the higher superior does not have to use their energy or time to call or find the employees. They only have to press just a few simple buttons or clicks to call or find the appointed employee. But, there is a barrier to this method which is, employees that are unreachable. If this problems occur, the manager or the higher superior will have to use their time and energy to find the appointed employees. In this resort, as the spokesperson explained to us, this problem occurs once in a blue moon. All of their staff and employees are always reachable. Analysis: Based on the explanation above, this resort is using the technological communications which are: i. Telecommuting or “Telework” Working at a remote site through a computer linked to a central office or other employment location. ii. Electronic Mail (E-mail) Sending messages through computerized text-processing and communication networks. iii. Video Conferencing An umbrella term for technologies that use live video to unite widely dispersed company operations. iv. The Internet Essentially, “everything” can be done on the internet.
  • 14. MANAGEMENT FROM ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa handles their resort according to the Islamic perpective. The manager or the higher superior will make a meeting if there are problems occurs and they will decide the actions need to solve it. They will ask opinions from the employees to see the problems from their perspective and the leader will decide the actions. Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa’s kitchen prepares food according to the Islamic perspective as it serve halal food for the customers and make sure that their kitchen is always up to standard as they control the cleanliness of the kitchen and surround it. Analysis: Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa follows the Islamic perspective which is the Syura or the mutual consultations. Syura is the process of managing things through teamwork. Leaders are obligated to consult those with knowledge and who would provide good service.
  • 15. CONCLUSION As a conclusion, we had learnt how Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa manages their organization. This resort had already set their goals and objective while pursuing to achieve their vision and mission. We also get to know how this resort manages their department and subordinates. In this assignment, we get to know the basic management of Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa which is the planning, leading, organizing and controlling. In addition, we get to know the function of each of the department manager in this resort and how they perform their task. Besides, Ri-yaz Heritage Marina Resort & Spa have two styles of leadership such as democratic and democratic consultative. As for motivation, this resort uses the two-factor model by Herzberg that is consist of two factor, motivator factor and hygiene factor. Other than that, we also get to know how this resort make their decision in case of problems and difficulties of the employee’s task. Lastly, the management from Islamic perspective in this resort, they used the mutual consultation or Syura to make decision by gathering and consult with people that have the knowledge and would provide good service.
  • 16. REFERENCES 1. Principles of Management 2. Internet : - www.wikipedia.com/management - http://www.ri-yazheritage.com/ 3. Spokesperson – Miss Suziana Saim (Sales Manager)