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  • 1. Internet MarketingRecommendation AssignmentSubmitted By :Rahul Sharma (810-149-583)Submitted to:Christina ClementLists of Indian festivals 24/04/2012
  • 2. Table of Content1. Perspective2. Overview3. Business Review4. Recommendation5. Rationale
  • 3. 1. Internet MarketingPERSPECTIVE
  • 4. comScore Releases March 2012U.S. Online Video Ranking
  • 5. According to techcrunch.comGoogle Biz Chief: Over 10MWebsites now usingGoogle Analytics
  • 6. Internet marketing leadgeneration process ( 2014,it would bedouble than 2009 inUS online Ad spending.
  • 7. 2. Overview1. Blog topic2. Persona3. List of blog posts titles4. Facebook page, Twitter, You Tube channel, Pinterst5. Summary
  • 8. Blog Topic: List of IndianfestivalWhy????I am International studentbelong from India. I want toshare my cultural festival sothat people can aware howIndian celebrate their festival.So this was the best time toshare something about myculture and festival.
  • 9. PersonaTarget Market:Age: 18-above JamesInterest: Tourist Business man in CanadaSex: Male and female Want to go to IndiaIncome : Upper to middle Find out some information class about festivals season so that he can enjoy overGeography: there.All over the world
  • 10. List of blogpost titles: I have posted12 main festivalof India, onein each week.
  • 11. Facebook Page:58 facebook Page likes
  • 12. YouTube Channel: 24 videos onmy favoritelists 8 likes
  • 13. Pinterst: 5 boards 4 likes It has nothelp me to gettrafficbecauseIndian do notuse pinterstmore.
  • 14. Twitter Account:!/Indianfestival1 138 Tweets 171followings 50 Follower
  • 15. SummaryGoogle Analytics 262 visits 00:05:41 –time on site Page per visit- 2.67 Bounce rate- 67.94% Traffic Source: A) Facebook – 35% b) Direct – 16% c) – 13% d) google/organic –8% – 4% Twitter – 3%
  • 16. Summary…Twitter 50 Follower 171 Following 138 Tweets Using of TwitterDeck is very valuableand convenient forme ,just scheduletweet for week . Find statics fromTwitter counter
  • 17. Summary…YouTube and Pinterst 24 videos in mychannel 8 vies by peoples 2 subscribers Has not give anyresponse for my blog site Added some link to myevery blog post Pinterst is not givingany response for my site 5 boards and 15 pinswith 4 likes
  • 18. Summary…Facebook Page: Facebook insight isshowing 58 likes formy page 88 reaches Viewer fromdifferent countries Mostly from India 69 % are maleviewers
  • 19. Summary…Hubspot:week7 week8 week9 week10week11 week12 week13
  • 20. 3.Business review:Key learningBlog Facebook Communicate blog  The presence of large through social media target market Grab target market  Easily track the from social sites demographic and Make your blog geographic record of attractive target market Put attractive thing on  Direct drive traffic to top blog
  • 21. 3.Business review:Key learningTwitter YouTube Help to communicate all  Add video to blog related over the world via tweet topic Connect with blog and  Make your channel facebook which help to grab traffic Follower help to get  Increase your rank in traffic for blog Google search Do tweet and retweets  Find your target area Use twitter deck to schedule your tweet
  • 22. 4. RECOMMENDATION…Website• Share your websitevia social sites• Bookmark yourrelated links andpages exampleshareaholic• Social site likedigg, reddit andstumbleupon.
  • 23. 4. RECOMMENDATION…BLOG• Write above 250 wordsin content• need to create Blogroll• Need to have privacypolicy and about page ofyour blog• Add appropriate widgetto your blog like searchwidget• Add follow us to linkwith social media•Link up previous blog inyour new blog post• Add labels to every blogpost
  • 24. 4. RECOMMENDATION…SEO• Should have goodcontent with more than250 words• Use of blog headingname in content• Use of keywords•Use of social mediasites with same namefor examplefacebook, twitter, pinterst, YouTube.
  • 25. 4. RECOMMENDATION…PPC• Search for some goodkeywords by searching• Search for keywordsfor local monthly searchand approximate CPCand global monthlysearches• Add campaign ended• Set amount of PPC $0.20• No average cost perclick available
  • 26. 4. RECOMMENDATION…DISPLAY Ads• Add some attractiveinformation for yourblog• Display ads shouldhave some impressiveimage• Insert your link ondisplay ad.
  • 27. 4. RECOMMENDATION…Affiliated Marketing•Is promote businessthrough using annetwork of associates.•They are rewarded forgrab visitors orcustomers to the site.•Not apply to our blogas we are not usingthem, on behalf weusing PPC, Display Adsand other.
  • 28. 4. RECOMMENDATION…Personnel RelationMarketing• Have to make apitch for your blog• Enter interestingheading to grabmarket• Add blog relatedpicture to enhanceyour pitch• Ending with ###
  • 29. 4. RECOMMENDATION…Email Marketing• Email is based on yourblog post•Your First contentparagraph should beimpressive• Add some relatedpictures to getattention by thecustomer• Based on upcomingevent and some specialoffer
  • 30. 4. RECOMMENDATION…Mobile Marketing• Recommendations• Add pages to yourmobile apps•Mandatory formarketing•Need to developdifferent apps fordifferent OS•Make it moreinteractive
  • 31. 5.Rationale1. Hitting a global audience is nowpossible through technology2. Blog provides all the details forIndia3. Blog needs some improvements to makeit more viable4. SEO needs to more customized toimprove rank in Google search and to grabtraffic on blog5. Do regular participation in socialsites and blog
  • 32. THANKS