Rahul Kushwaha's Professional Profile - CFO, Business Development Executive


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Professional profile for Rahul Kushwaha with extensive international and senior executive experience in US, Russia, Europe and India. CFO, CEO, Business Development. Public and private organizations.

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Rahul Kushwaha's Professional Profile - CFO, Business Development Executive

  1. 1. Rahul Kushwaha Professional Overview
  2. 2. Career at a Glance Overview ProfessionalRecap • Extensive experience in dynamic public and private organizations in US and overseas − Corporate Chief Financial Officer Control Technologies Inc. − Revenue & Returns Processing Director State of Vermont Tax Department − Owner RK Consulting − Chief Financial Officer, Russia & CIS Millicom International Cellular − VP Finance & MIS; Country Manager Comec GmbH − Finance Director & Dir. of Business Analysis US West International − Independent Consultant Price Waterhouse − Financial Controller Johnson & Johnson • Proven leader able to drive growth and deliver results − converting unstructured goals and visions into clear, executable and measurable strategy − developing and implementing plans within time and budget goals − creating and funding sustainable, profitable growth − optimizing team performance to peak levels through astute organizational management skills
  3. 3. • Technical excellence – GAAP, IFRS, Financial Business Management Systems • Broad-based business experience – Global business manager – US, Canada, Europe and South Asia – Career-long operational and financial management focus – Having served in roles from Controller to Country Manager in a variety of diverse situations, I understand the breadth of demands and challenges a team faces. • Commitment to organizational excellence – A ‘Roll-up the Sleeves’ leader with a record of success through focus, drive and innovation – A team player that builds a high performance group of dedicated professionals who understand clearly the strategic context and imperatives they operate in – A history of successfully adapting to new situations …Industry to Industry and within a Company as responsibilities and situations change – A clear understanding of how to walk the fine line of fiduciary responsibilities vs. being an engaged business partner balancing interests of different parties involved Career at a Glance Professional Toolbox MyToolBox
  4. 4. Career at a Glance Career Learnings • Innovate or Die – Never stand still! Your competition does not. • Continuously Create Customer Value – Better Product – Better Price – Better Delivery • Finance Has to Create Value – Create and distribute widely timely, actionable intelligence to the team – Continuously improve business processes using following mandates: • Simplify • Standardize • Speed-up • Time is REAL money – Move with deliberate fastidiousness or you will be mowed down. FourThingsEveryExecutiveShouldKnow
  5. 5. Core Competencies Technical Excellence • GAAP • IFRS • Financial Management Systems • Business and Financial Analysis • Strategy development & formulation • Budgeting • Cost Accounting Financial Experience • Public Company CFO • Financial/SEC Reporting • Monthly Closings • KPI Analysis • Planning/Budgeting/Modeling • International/Domestic Tax/Treasury • Cash Flow /Working Capital Mgmt • Oracle and Microsoft (Navision) ERP’s • MS Office Executive Experience • Business Strategy • Business Development in domestic and international markets • Manufacturing Operations • Sales/Marketing management • Investor Presentations • Board of Directors • M&A and Turnarounds • Change Management • Quality Programs Management Responsibilities • Global market experience • ‘Greenfield’ operations’ launch • Provided executive-level strategic planning, operations and financial management advisory services to US and international companies. • Full P&L Responsibility Broad-basedManagementExperience Technical Excellence Broad-based Business Experience Commitment to Organizational Excellence
  6. 6. Achievements • Improved profitability and cash flow …Eliminated negative EBIDTA in underperforming joint-ventures in less than 3 months …Dramatically reduced capital outlays for core business equipment – over US$5 million savings ...Grew sales for the business while maintaining tight controls on the spending • Improved and enhanced budgeting and financial planning systems …Selected and implemented ERP class financial management systems …Developed and implemented new budgeting processes and systems • Raised and negotiated lines of credit and multi-million US$ loans …Negotiating and closing multi-lateral lines of credit – US$100 million …Negotiating vendor financing deals of almost US$1 billion FinancialPerformanceImprovement Technical Excellence Broad-based Business Experience Commitment to Organizational Excellence
  7. 7. Achievements • Do more with less …Reduced the size of returns processing team from 19 to 7 while increasing the variety of taxes that are being processed in a newly standardized deposit process at the Vermont Tax Department. Projected savings and productivity gains of over US$2 million. • Developed strategies, business investment plans and M&A opportunities ...Develop, review, present and implement new business investments from US$3 billion to $20 million. • Ensured that Finance function was Aligned with Business Development and Growth Imperatives …Review and put in place appropriate sources of funding continuing development and growth of company operations – from US$10 million to about US$1 billion. …Restructure finance teams to better meet operational needs of the growing businesses. • Negotiate, structure and implement complex joint venture agreements …Participated in high pressure negotiations to set-up and implement joint ventures overseas in dynamic market and legal environments. BusinessDevelopment Technical Excellence Broad-based Business Experience Commitment to Organizational Excellence
  8. 8. Achievements • Restructured a team of unionized employees that increased their productivity at least 50% …Reduced headcount from 19 to 7 while taking on new processing challenges …Effectively integrated use of regular temporary staff to deal with un-anticipated spikes in processing volumes • Effectively managed joint venture partners’ conflicts in a manner that addressed all parties’ interests in a fiduciary responsible manner • Managed a team of Finance Directors to improve financial reporting, transparency and reduced conflict among joint-venture investors across a group of 14 joint-ventures • Managed businesses through periods of start-up, development of financial management systems, recruitment and development of financial teams from ‘ground-zero’, creation of operating plans and advising top management on financial management issues ExecutiveLeadership Technical Excellence Broad-based Business Experience Commitment to Organizational Excellence
  9. 9. Contact Information • Phone: +1 (802) 417-2485 +1 (802) 4-1-RAHUL • E-mail: Rahul@Kushwaha.us ForMoreInformation