Summary of The economic times 20012013


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Summary of The economic times 20012013

  1. 1. RahulPratap SinghKaurav
  2. 2. The 6 Corporate Species Malini GoyalThe Economic times in MAGAZINE [January 20-26, 2013] pp. 12-14
  3. 3. MNC CEOA-listers all their life, they are elitists coming from top colleges with aninflated sense of self. Hierarchical and brand-conscious, they choosetheir company, words and moves very carefully. Working for MNCs withbig infrastructure, they are used to a big support staff.Habitat: Can often be found at corporate lounges at five-star hotels. Areglobetrotters, making frequent trips to the MNC HQ and many globaloff-sitesExpert at: They are smart extroverts with a slight accent and greatnetworking skillsIdea of a Holiday:Only exotic, top-end foreign holidays in quaint,offbeat destinationsCurrent State: In a happy, enviable state in a relativesense, particularly when their counterparts in othercountries are battling economic slowdownMood Code: UpslowdownMood Code: Up
  4. 4. Sarkari BabuSahibs have lost some of their charm but they still enjoy enormous power andperks. They relish and flaunt things that money cannot buy and are out ofbound for the aam aadmi — eg a car with red beacon, VIP passes for RepublicDay parade, a midnight tour of Qutab Minar. Batch-conscious, they size eachother up within seconds of meeting to establish the hierarchy.Habitat: The smartest ones are likely to reside and work in Lutyens Delhi.North and South Blocks, Gymkhana Club, Delhi Golf Club are their likelyhangout spotsExpert at: Have a great 360° view of how India operates. But their specialitylies in knowing how not to take a decision and pass the buckIdea of a Holiday: They would ask the batchmate posted in touristdestinations like Goa to book that sea-facing suite in the PSU guest house atsome ridiculously low rate. Or swing an international official trip and have ablast while “at work”Current State: In paralysis with sword of CBI-CVC-CAG dangling over themMood Code: Down
  5. 5. Desi CEOThey are go-getters who have risen up the ranksand know how to get things done, never mind themeans. Flexible and ego firmly under check, theirmoves may often appear opaque andunpredictable. It is not them — it is the promoterboss, their veto power and the firm’s work culture.And, yes, the stinginess that you spot on issues likebathroom tissue rolls and travel allowance is partof their DNA.Habitat: Often found at the corporate HQ hard atwork. They can also be often spotted at thechairman’s office or residence discussing someimportant matter, at odd hours.Expert at: Managing ambiguities and‘environment’, they are go-getters great atmultitasking.Idea of a Holiday: What’s a holiday?Current State: Short-term gloom as policy paralysishits India Inc. But long-term optimism intactMood Code: Up
  6. 6. Jholawallah CEOPassionate about what they do, work is their life.Understated and casual in their appearance, they are moredemocratic and accessible, unlike most CEOs. Many of themcome from elitist backgrounds, know what wealth andconsumerism is and have chosen to shun it. FabIndia, Anokhiare some of their shopping joints.Habitat: Often found working with the grassroots. Easilyspotted at Delhi’s India International Centre or protesting atJantar Mantar or social networking websites, venting theiranger Expert at: Can straddle multiple worlds with ease.Hands-on and extremely grounded, can hold a conversationas comfortably with a vegetable vendor as with the CEO of atopnotch MNC donorIdea of a Holiday: A friend’s farmhouse in India, trekking inthe Himalayas, volunteering in a wildlife sanctuary in KenyaCurrent State: Rainbow-like — happy (about the success ofAnna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal), sad (about the obsession withGDP-led growth gaining traction) and anxious (about drasticcuts in foreign funding)Mood Code: Optimistically anxious
  7. 7. Perpetually anxious, they are of two distincttypes — one comes with a know-it-all superiority The FRIcomplex and the other is mentally prepared todeal with all hardships. Keenly aware that (Foreign-opportunities lie in the east, they aredesperately trying to fit in. MNCs are an obvious returnedchoice but some are also finding courage to workwith smart Indian entrepreneurs. Indian)Habitat: Well, they are still finding their feet inIndia and do not have a defined habitat yetExpert at: Global citizens, they are well-heeledand have a good global view of managing thecorporate world. Well-versed in the MNC way ofdoing things, they know global best practicesIdea of a Holiday: Go back home (countrieswhere they lived) and reconnect with their past.Some do the opposite — go on a discover-IndiajourneyCurrent State: Perpetual outsiders, they areanxiously trying to fit into a country they belongto and yet don’tMood Code: Up & Down
  8. 8. Footloose ClimberThey grew rapidly over the past decade, movingfrom one sunrise sector to another, finding newopportunities and positioning themselves well toland plum jobs. Sectors like insurance, telecom,retail absorbed many. A by-product of India’sgrowth story, they saw meteoric rise and fat paypackets as their businesses boomed. But manyare struggling now as slowdown has changed thegame.Habitat: Wherever they can networkExpert at: Great opportunists and networkers,they spot opportunities and land them.Extremely flexible and nimble, they can handlechange with easeIdea of a Holiday: Google what’s the newesthotspot where all the big CEOs are headed andthen book ticketsCurrent State: Restless — looking for the nextsunrise sectorMood Code: Down
  9. 9. Come Together | Kumbh Mela The Economic times in MAGAZINE [January 20-26, 2013] pp. 16-17
  10. 10. Is the Swiss Bank Snking Bennett VoylesThe Economic times in MAGAZINE [January 20-26, 2013] pp. 18-20
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