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banks HDFC, Axis, ICICI

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Private banks

  1. 1. SUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BYMrs. Sapna Sanserwal MBA – F(S2)Asst. Professor Roll NoTIMT, YNR 1169/11-1174/11
  2. 2. Introduction to HDFC Bank, Axis Bank & ICICI Bank1. HDFC Banka) AGM Reportb) Equity Researchc) Quarterly Analysisd) Quarterly performancee) Quarterly Meetf)News2) ICICI Banka) AGM Reportb) Equity Researchc)Quarterly Analysisd) Annual Meete) News3) Axis Banka) AGM Reportb)Financial Performancec) Equity Researchd)Quarterly Analysise) Annual Meetf) News
  3. 3. HDFC bank ltd is an Indian financial services companybased in Mumbai, Maharashtra that was in corporate inAugust 1994. Market Capitalization in HDFC bank is122040.13ICICI bank ltd is an Indian diversified financial servicescompany head quartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.Market Capitalization in ICICI bank is 102274.19AXIS bank ltd is an Indian financial services firm headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. MarketCapitalization in AXIS bank is 47348.59
  4. 4. AGM ReportFor FY11, the credit demand continued to remainrobust and HDFCs total disbursements grew by around20%.For Q1 FY12, the loan disbursement continued to growat 20% and PAT grew by 22% to Rs 845 crore.HDFC life insurance IPO is expected in 2 years oftimeframe from now.
  5. 5. HDFC Bank has an enviable network of 1,725 branchesspread in 780 cities across India. All branches are linkedonline on real-time basis. Customers in over 500 locationsare also serviced through telephone banking.Net interest income (NII) of HDFC Bank rose 25% to Rs5229.96 crore on asset growth and stable net interest margin(NIM) of 4.2% for the December 2010 quarter. Net profit wasup 33% to Rs 1087.83 crore. Net profit jumped 33% at Rs2811.68 crore and NII 28% to Rs 7704.11 crore for the ninemonths ended December 2010.Asset quality improved over the year and the quarter.
  6. 6. QUARTERLY ANALYSIS.Business of the bank advanced 23%, YoY, to Rs.525612 crorein the quarter ended December 2012, with the strong indeposits as well as advances.Advances book grew 24% YoY to Rs.241493 crore in thequarter under review aided by robust growth in the retailadvances at 30% to Rs.129958 crore.Advances book grew 24% YoY to Rs.241493 crore in thequarter under review aided by robust growth in the retailadvances at 30% to Rs.129958 crore.The Bank has added new 156 branches and 174 ATMs in thequarter under review taking the total count to 2776 branchesand 10490 ATMs respectively, spread across 1568 cities.
  7. 7. HDFC bank has reported 22% increase in NII at Rs.3798.85crore in the quarter ended December 2012, on the back of21% increase in the interest earned at Rs.8707.62 crore.Strong growth in advances book and steady NIM on YoYbasis aided growth in NII, despite 20% increase in theinterest expended at Rs.4908.77 crore.Quarterly meet:HDFC Bank conducted conference call to discuss financialperformance for the quarter ended December 2012 andprospects of the bank. Paresh Sukthankar – ExecutiveDirector addressed the call
  8. 8. QUARTERLY MEET:HDFC Bank conducted conference call to discuss financialperformance for the quarter ended December 2012 andprospects of the bank. Paresh Sukthankar – ExecutiveDirector addressed the callHighlights:The employee strength of the bank stood at 68800employees at end December 2012.The break even period for new branches of the banksranges between 24 to 30 months.Bank expects the CASA ratio to hover in the range of 42-47% depending on current account and interest rate cycle.Bank proposes to reduce the cost-to-income ratio bycouple of percentages over next 3-4 years, but withoutcompromising on investments.
  9. 9. US stocks ended the week on 25 January 2013 with goodgains with indices scoring close to 1% gains for the week.Stocks ended with strong gains even on the last trading dayof the week and all of the weekly gains came from Fridaystrading. Else, indices would have registered moderate lossesfor the week.For the week, the Dow ended higher by 113.81 points(0.8%) at 14,009.8. Nasdaq ended higher by 29.39 points(0.9%) at 3,179.1. S&P 500 ended higher by 10.21 points(0.7%) at 1,513.17.
  10. 10. AGM ReportICICI Bank held its the Seventh Annual General Meeting inVadodara on June 11, 2001.A dividend of Rs 2.00 per equity share (20 per cent) hasbeen declared on 22,03,58,680 equity shares of the bank forthe Financial year ended March 31,2001 including2,35,39,800 shares allocated to shareholders of erstwhileBank of Madura Limited who would be entitled for the fullyears dividend in terms of the provisions contained in theScheme of Amalgamation.Smt Chanda D Kochhar and Dr Nachiket Mor wereappointed ad Executive Directors on whole time and nonretiring basis for a period of five years.
  11. 11. ICICI Bank is the largest private sector bank and thesecond largest bank in the country in terms of assets. It is apan-Indian player.The company has boosted its overseas operations in the lastthree years and has now presence in 17 countries eitherthrough subsidiaries or extension counters.Total branches excluding the network of recently mergedSangli Bank, stood at 710 branches, 45 extension countersand 3,271 ATMs. Of this, 63% of the branches are inmetropolitan and the remaining in semi-urban/rural areas.
  12. 12. ICICI Bank has reported strong 30% growth in net profit for thequarter ended December 2012 with continued improve in NIM,decline in cost-to-income ratio and better asset quality.The cost-to-income ratio also declined below 40% in Q3FY2013aiding the strong operating profit growth at 28% to Rs 3452.48crore.Provision coverage ratio stood at 77.7% at end December 2012compared to 78.9% a year ago and 78.7% a quarter ago.Outstanding general provisions have increased 12% YoY to Rs1652 crore at end December 2012.Capital Adequacy ratio increased to 19.53% with the tier I capitalof 13.25% at end December 2012 from 18.28% with tier I of12.83% at end September 2012.
  13. 13. ICICI Bank conducted concall to discuss financial performance for the quarterended December 2012 and the prospects of the bank. NS Kannan, ExecutiveDirector and CFO addressed the callHighlights:The indicators of real economic activity continue to remain subdued andcredit offtake has remained moderate.Moderation in inflation during Q3FY2013 is the key positive.International credit growth would be driven by ability to raise funds, demandfor funds and availability of margins around 1.4%.Bank has witnessed the improvement in cost to income ratio to below 40%mark during the quarter ended December 2012, which is expected to be 41-42% for FY2013. Net NPA declined to 0.64% at end December 2012 from 0.66% at end September 2012 and 0.70% at end December 2011.The restructuring pipeline stands at Rs 900-1000 crore to be approved byCDR cell.
  14. 14. AGM Report:The periodic reshaping of business processes has led to aclearer separation between the functions of relationshipmanagement and transaction processingFinancial performance During the year 2003-04 the business and profitability ofthe bank have continued to grow strongly. It earned a netprofit of Rs 278.31 crore, up by almost 45% over theprevious year. The strong growth in profitability is reflected in improved interest rate spreads as well as higher fee-based income.
  15. 15. Axis Bank, formerly UTI Bank, is India’s third largestprivate-sector bank after the significantly larger ICICI Bank,and HDFC Bank.The bank’s ATM network of 3,171 ATMs is the third largestin the country. It has a wide presence through its 749branches and extension counters across 454 cities and townsacross India.Over the last 12 months, Axis Bank added 141 branches andextension counters and 576 ATMs. It has strengths in bothretail and corporate banking.
  16. 16. The strong increase in profitability wassupported by high non-interest income, improvedmargins, better asset quality and lower provisionsduring Q3FY2013. The net interest income improved 17%, onYoY basis, while other income gained 13%during Q3FY2013.
  17. 17. NIM to be sustained in the range of 3.25% to 3.50% Axis Bank conducted concall todiscuss financial performance financial results for the quarter ended December 2012 andprospects of the bank on 15 January 2013. Somnath Sengupta – ED & Head (CorporateCenter), V Srinivasan – ED and Sanjeev Gupta – CFO, addressed the callHighlights:As per the bank, economic growth remains weak with investment slowdown being aconcern. The growth is primarily impacted by weak manufacturing and agriculture sectorgrowth. Bank has a network of 1787 domestic branches and extension counters and 10363 ATMs at end December 2012. During April-Dec 2012, bank has added 165 branches and 439 ATMs.The employee strength of the bank stood at 35819 employees at end December 2012compared to 35819 at end September 2012.GNPA and NNPA are expected to be steady around same level. Credit cost stood at 78 bps for quarter ended December 2012 and 81 bps for the nine months ended December 2012. Credit cost is expected in the range of 85-90 bps for next one year. Provision coverage ratio improved to 81% at end December 2012 from 80% a quarter ago and 75% a year ago.
  18. 18. Axis Bank Limited - Outcome of Board MeetingAxis Bank Limited has informed the Exchangeregarding Outcome of QIP Committee ofDirectors Meeting was held on January 31, 2013.