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Ambush marketing
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Ambush marketing






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  • "Coattail" ambushing: The attempt by a brand to directly associate itself with a property or event by "playing up" a connection to the property/event that is legitimate but does not involve financial sponsorship. an "ambush by degree" of a sports event may involve a sponsor's handing out free promotional T-shirts without the permission of the sports league supervising the event.

Ambush marketing Ambush marketing Presentation Transcript

  • Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU 1
  • Ambush Marketing Presented BY : Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU BU 2
  • Meaning of Ambush Marketing:• Ambush marketing, means "an attack from a hidden position“.• Derived from the old French verb embuschier, having the meaning "to place in a wood.“ Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU 3
  • Meaning of Ambush Marketing:• Is a type of marketing by a company that is not an official sponsor of an event, but which places advertisements using the event, to induce customers to pay attention to the advertisement.• It refers to a companys attempt to capitalize on the goodwill, reputation, and popularity of a particular event by creating an association with it, without the authorization or consent of the necessary parties Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU 4
  • Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU 5
  • Types of Ambush Marketing: "Incidental" Ambush MarketingDirect Ambush Marketing Indirect Ambush Marketing 1."Coattail" 1.Values-based 1.Unintention ambushing. ambushing. al ambushing. 2.Ambushing 2.Ambushing 2."Saturation" via "by ambushing trademark/like distraction“. ness infringement. 3.Ambushing "by degree. Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU 6
  • Impacts of Ambush marketing1.Increasing cost of sponsorships. Increased sponsors emphasis on ROI . Corporate sponsorship is one of the biggest money-spinning sources of revenue for the event organizers, the loss in sponsorship value will affect the financial strength of an event organizer. Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU 7
  • Impacts of Ambush marketing2.Transgression on the intellectual property rights. Sponsors cannot get the return they anticipated. Direct and indirect references to the event symbol or the event itself are just different means for achieving illegal transgression on the rights of event organizers. Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU 8
  • Presented By:Anu Mishra MBA 3rd Sem BU 9