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Poem as event
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Published in Education , Spiritual
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  • 1. + 2.The Poem as Event Literature in ELS For: Dr. Shireena Basree By: Rahmawati Othman
  • 2. + STUDY: -Graduates students in English (male + female) – given a text -Start writing as soon as they began reading -No author’s name / no other identification STUDY INTEREST: - What happen when readers has to start with the text on the page - What paths readers’ approach/ tentative 1st impression
  • 3. +
  • 4. +
  • 5. + 2 major functions of the unique patterns of signs that constitutes the text:
  • 6. + Text: the printed signs in their capacity to serve as symbols Poem: what active readers make of their responses to the set of verbal symbols - refer to the whole category of aesthetic transactions between readers and texts
  • 7. +Post-Romantics: seeing behind the text, the figure of the author. -preoccupation with the bond casts aside the idea of reader’s creativity * once creative activity ended- what remains is a text. * bringing poem into being requires a reader if not the author himself. Critical Theory & practice: fail to recognize: -the readers’ dynamic, personal & unique activities * T.S. Elliot:“…a valid interpretation…must be at the same time an interpretation of my own feeling when I read it.”
  • 8. + Try this: Gone is the legend of my life. Stabbed through my heart, slashed opened my vein. Bleeding profusely, scarring eternally. Thank you. Now we move on to listen to what Miss has to say about the rest of the chapter.