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My entry into Zomato's '60 Seconds Of Fame Contest'. No, I didn't win :| You can read more about this on my blog: http://ragsnair.com/2013/05/25/zomatotvc/

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A Contest Entry

  1. 1. 1 | Z o m a t o : 6 0 S e c o n d s O f F a m e60 SECONDSOF FAMECONTESTAbout the theme:The three scripts in this document have one common theme running through them – thelove for food coupled with the spirit of India. This works well for Zomato because of tworeasons - the nature of its service and the positioning it intends to take – Made in India.This is also keeping in mind the image Rocky and Mayur bring to the table,Submission By: RAGESH NAIREntry
  2. 2. 2 | Z o m a t o : 6 0 S e c o n d s O f F a m eSCRIPT 1Location: Kerala, IndiaA houseboat is loading passengers at the jetty (Kumarakom). A young boy says “Vegam keruente ammachi”, helping an old woman to get onto the boat. Rocky & Mayur are seen runningtowards the boat struggling to keep their mundus (white lungis) from falling off. Rocky shouts“Abbey roko, VIP tho chade hi nahi!” As Rocky & Mayur climb into the boat, the boy stares atthem with an irritated look on his face.Rocky & Mayur collapse (sit) into a corner bench. They look about and then do a fake smile-and-nod all around and then Mayur says “Hello Chetta” and Rocky says “Hello Chechi”. An oldcouple who are sitting on traditional Kerala armchairs look at Rocky & Mayur and pass a toothysmile.Rocky is sitting on the edge (side) of the boat with his feet dangling outside, while he tries tolook through a pair of binoculars. Mayur walks up to him and pretends to push him off theedge. Both burst out laughing. The boy walks up to them and says “Enna. Uchey unnu” andpasses two plates to them. “Lunch?! Badiya hai!” exclaims Rocky. Mayur asks, “Aye payyans.Kuch peene ko bhi milega kya?” with his thumb raised to his mouth and winking his left eye. Theboy stares at Mayur blankly. Rocky raises his thumb to his mouth and says “Thanni”. The boynods his head and goes to the back of the boat. The boy then emerges with two glasses oflemon tea and hands it to Rocky & Mayur saying “Enna, Sulaimani” and then walks away.Rocky & Mayur look at each other and say “Sulaimani?!” with a surprised look on their facesand then turn around, shrugging their shoulders. They face the river, taking a sip of their lemontea.Punch lineTapioca and fish curry with lemon tea served on a houseboat in the backwaters ofKerala.Experience.Zomato. Made in India.
  3. 3. 3 | Z o m a t o : 6 0 S e c o n d s O f F a m eSCRIPT 2Location: Amritsar, PunjabRocky & Mayur are seen sitting atop a tractor (travelling through a paddy field) wearing sunglasses and a turban wrapped around their head (Mayur wearing the pagadi and Rockywearing the small turban like Harbhajan Singh). They pass by a few women folk. Rocky pretendsto twirl his imaginary mustache looking at the women. The women start giggling. Just as thetractor pass these women and move a little forward, it breaks down. Mayur asks the driver“Oye paaji, ki hoya?” The driver replies “Oh paaji truck breakdown hondaya lagda si”. Thewomen start giggling louder as they pass by the tractor this time. Rocky and Mayur areembarrassed and try to hide their faces while they get down from the tractor.Rock & Mayur are seen playing kabbadi with school kids. They play on opposing teams. WhenMayur crosses the line over to Rocky’s team, Rocky does a playful slam drop with Mayur, whofalls to the ground and loses his shades. Rocky then sits on top of Mayur and tugs at his turbanplayfully. The children gathered around, burst into laughter. Rocky & Mayur then sit around theground with the kids, who share their lunch boxes with Rocky & Mayur. They say their goodbyesand leave.Rocky and Mayur then wander into an akhada where they find pehalwaans working out.Rocky & Mayur fail miserably trying to do a few uthak-baithaks and lifting nals/joris along withthe pehalwaans, much to the amusement of everyone around them. A pehalwaaan sitting ona bench smiles (with one tooth missing) at Rocky & Mayur and offers them a glass of lassi.Rocky & Mayur finish their lassis and take leave.Rocky & Mayur then arrive at the Golden temple where they join other devotees for langar.After their meal, they hug the sadhu who served them the food. Mayur says, “Oh thank you haipapaaji!” They stand across the pond and stare at the temple. Rocky turns and asks Mayur “Dinaccha gaya, nai?” Mayur looks at him and responds “Bahuth!” rubbing his tummy. They bothcontinue to stare at the temple.Punch lineSightseeing, adventure and free food in serene Amritsar.Experience.Zomato. Made in India.
  4. 4. 4 | Z o m a t o : 6 0 S e c o n d s O f F a m eSCRIPT 3Location: Ladakh, IndiaRocky & Mayur are seen climbing up the foot-trail that leads to the Thikse Monastery (Thikse).Rocky stops, tired and panting. With his hands on his knees, asks Mayur “Aur kitna doorhain?”Mayur replies from a distance “Manzil yaad hain na?” Rocky looks to his right and spots adonkey. They stare at each other and the donkey runs away. Rocky says “Gadheda” under hisbreath and turns to Mayur and shouts “Abbey rukh!”Rocky & Mayur seem to be taken aback by the sights and sounds as soon as they enter themonastery. They walk up to a Lamaji/monk and Rocky takes a bow before him. The monk lookspuzzled. Mayur makes an apologetic face and pulls up Rocky by his collar. Mayur then asks themonk “Saabji, suna hai khaana bahuth acha bantha hai yahan!” Rocky & Mayur grin at themonk and he smiles back. The monk looks around and calls out “Shenzu”, signaling a small boyto come over.Shenzu takes Rocky & Mayur into the kitchen where other monks are hard at work, cookinglunch. Rocky looks excited and shouts out “THANK YOU JEJUS!”All the monks stop their work andturn around to look at Rocky. Shenzu pulls Rocky & Mayur by their hands and takes them to thecourtyard where hundreds of monks are seated on the ground, having their lunch. Rocky &Mayur sit down and join them.Rocky & Mayur stand looking at the view of the snow-clad mountains in the distance. Shenzuemerges with a smile on his face. He pulls a neighing donkey behind him, by the rope aroundits stomach. Rocky looks at the donkey and does an evil laugh.Punch lineA mystical tour of a monastery, a hearty lunch and a free donkey ride in gorgeousLadakh.Experience.Zomato. Made in India.