Communication-Course Module


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Communication-Course Module

  1. 1. PUNJAB COLLEGE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION BADDOWAL<br />COURSE MODULE<br />Instructor: Ragini Khanna e mail ID- Mb- 9988531999<br />Course: Seminar on Executive Communication (MB 106)<br />Class: MBA I Semester: I<br />Good communication skills are essential for success in business. This course will help you gain those skills. Students will learn how to prepare and use written and oral communications effectively and efficiently. Because precision, clarity and accuracy are essential to business communication, this course will emphasize specifically on gaining effective communication skills, as well as style, content and strategy.<br />Distribution of Marks:<br />MSE’s15First hourly5Second hourly5Presentation5Assignments10<br />Assignment 1: Let’s start Social Networking…<br />You have to make your profile on Twitter and start tweeting. Let’s see how many followers you have at the end of the semester. (5 Marks)<br />Assignment 2: Make a Video Resume…..obviously of your own. Duration and other parameters to be included - will be discussed in class. (5 Marks)<br />*Note- More assignments can be included as per requirement. <br /><ul><li>LectureACTIVITYAssignments 1Ice Breaker Exercise: First names are important!2Know Your Class Mates..!!Students will pair up, interview each other, find three to five interesting facts about their partners, and then introduce partners to class.3Matching Life Experiences: Students fill out index cards relaying something extravagant they’ve done that they think no one else has done.They relay the information to the class allowing others the opportunity to state whether or not they’ve done the same.ASSIGNMENT 14Interpersonal CommunicationIntroduction to principles and skills of effective communication between individuals. Study of verbal and non-verbal channels.5Non Verbal CommunicationProxemicsKinesics6Interpersonal CommunicationCommunication barriers. Individual and small group activities.7Channels of CommunicationDownwardUpwardHorizontalGrapevineConsensus8Communication for ManagersLeadership, Communication Strategy and Structure9Group DiscussionIntroduction to communication skills in task-oriented small groups. Includes focus on planning, participating in, and leading meetings; decision-making and problem-solving methods; forms of discussion; and social dimensions.10ContinuedAnalysis and feedback for this activity will be given.11Communication for ManagersKeys to Effective Presentations- 112Communication for ManagersKeys to Effective Presentations -213Parliamentary DebateOn the spot topics will be given and the students will be asked to make two teams- Proposition and Opposition.Analysis and feedback for this activity will be given. 14Working On Pronunciation Some Commonly mispronounced words will be discussed in Class. 15Hot Seat..!!Sounds Interesting...ehWell one student will sit on the hot seat (means at the answering end) on whom questions will be bombarded by the rest of the class mates.Spontaneity and clarity of thought is required to win this activity.16Communication for ManagersPersuasion17Working on VocabularySmart Words which are commonly discussed but their meanings are relatively unknown will be discussed in class.18ExtemporeStudents will be given one topic on the spot and they have to speak on that topic for one minute. The students will be judged on the basis of their fluency and content.19JAM- Just A MinuteA group of 6-8 students will discuss a topic for 60 seconds. Rules will be told beforehand.“Make sure you cannot afford to make any mistakes…!” 20Fundamentals of Public SpeakingInstruction in public speaking stressing audience analysis, organization and support of ideas. Students prepare and deliver speeches on topics of current concern.21Sell it…!!22Story TellingA team of 3 students will make a story out of the lead given. Make sure that your success depends upon how well the lead is taken forth by all the team mates. Conclusion has to be given. Each students has to speak for 1 min.23TurncoatPick and choose any topic of your choice.For two minutes speak in favor and for another two minutes oppose the same.24Interview ExperiencePanel of 4 students will interview their Class mates. Mentor will keep on giving the direction. Each student will experience both the sides thereby giving them the experience of an interviewer (that what do they expect at the time of recruitment) as well as of interviewee. This activity will definitely help the students in near future when they will undergo the actual recruitment process.25Continued……26Video ResumeSample video resume will be shown in the class. On the basis of that students will make their own video resume…Keeping in mind certain Do’s and Don’ts of the same.27Three truth and one lieStudents will be given a time of 3 minutes in which they have to write any four statements about themselves- out of which 3 will be true and 1 will be false. One by one each student will come into the well and will read them out in front of the class and then rest of the class mates identify where he/she is faking around…!!ASSIGNMENT 228“I See What You are Saying” This Activity is based on Listening Skills.29What Is In It For Me?Activity based on retaining power.30Role PlaySome real life situations will be given to the students which they have to enact.31I Confess!Have you done something so unique that you're certain nobody else has tried it? You'll have fun sharing your experience in this group activity. Every team member will reveal something special they've done--but they won't confess to it right away.32Role PlayReal business situations will be given which the students have to enact in a group. The activity is oriented towards improving interpersonal skills of the students along with building team work.33"Great shake"This icebreaker is particularly effective for sales meetings because participants learn about body language.