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Creative Jordan Program (English)

  1. 1. PROGRAMMECreative Jordan - Platform for Visionary Ideas is part of the EUNIC MENACreative Industries Project which is carried out by the EUNIC Cluster Jordan(British Council, Institut Français, Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes, SocietàDante Alighieri) and supported by the EU Delegation to Jordan.The ‘Platform for Visionary Ideas is a meeting point for creative people andorganizations, showing the richness and potential of Jordan’s creative industries,envisioning ways of encouraging innovation and stimulating entrepreneurship.The Platform looks to the future in its multi-faceted 4-day programme ofExhibitions, Performances, Film Screenings, the Projects Platform, PanelDiscussions and Workshops. In a unique gesture, the Creative Trail also takesplace across Amman with more than 20 art organizations opening their spacesto the public.Join us to celebrate creativity, to interact with creative projects and to meet lotsof creative people! 1
  2. 2. PERFORMANCES The Platform opens and closes with two local performances tailored to the space of the Hangar.2
  3. 3. PERFORMANCESOPENINGIt was a long winterby Zakharef in MotionWednesday 14th November 2012 at 7 PMThe Hangar, Ras Al-AinA diary of the last 60 years of collective thoughts on life, people, politics andsociety reflects itself on the bodies of the dancers of It was a long winter. Theypersonify the latest revolutions silent promises, ironically becoming their owndictators, like history repeating itself. Exploring rebelliously the cynicism of todaysspring، coming after a long winter, the dancers embody oppression and hopesimultaneously.The piece is reproduced and re-experimented to an electrifying site specificinstallation that leads into a dance performance in the old electricity factory ofAmman.The performance will be followed by the official opening and a reception.CLOSINGSound and VJ Performanceby Ahmad Sabbagh and Tarek Abu RahmehSaturday 17th November 2012 at 8 PMThe Hangar, Ras Al-AinJordanian duo Sabbagh and Abu Rahmeh present a multi-media spectacle ofelectronic music accompanied by live image manipulation at the Hangar. 3
  4. 4. EXHIBITIONS Creative Jordan – Platform for visionary ideas commissioned several exciting projects from Jordan to exhibit their work creatively to audiences at the space of the Hangar and throughout the event. The Exhibitions will be open : 14 November from 8 PM – 9 PM 15 – 17 November from 12 PM – 9 PM4
  5. 5. EXHIBITIONSAzkadunya and Safar / IstikshafAzkadunya is an alternative distribution network for non-profit cultural andeducational products produced in the Arab world or in Arabic. Azkadunya isprimarily an internet-based sales and distribution network, but we also take part inbook fairs and other cultural events that provide an opportunity for marketingthese products.Safar is the Arab Youth Mobility Fund and provides youth with the space andopportunities to pursue their own learning paths, aiming on the long run tocontribute to building a culture of learning, commitment to ones community, andentrepreneurship. Istikshaf, the advocacy arm of Safar focuses on exploringmobility around the Mediterranean.MlabassMlabass is a T-shirt store gone wild, bringing a variety of unique and often quirkyfashion and urban culture to the Arab world, by the Arab world. At the Creative JordanPlatform they will be showing their merchandise and will create T-shirts on demand.Philadelphia SkateboardsPhiladelphia skateboards is a board company that seeks to be respected for its valuesof injecting Arabias positive energy into the international skateboarding scene,empowering a sense of freedom, deepening brotherly love, and prizing the lessonslearnt from skateboarding. They will be displaying their skateboards and a skatingramp will also be available for skaters to use on the grounds in front of the Hangar.Project PenThe idea behind Project Pen is simple: to create new kinds of stories for a new kindof readership, based around the work of a new generation of writers. At the Hagarthey will turn a small room into a writing hideout for the public to contribute theirstories. They will also collaborate with Party in a Box to create pictorial versions oftheir stories. 5
  6. 6. EXHIBITIONS Kharabeesh Kharabeesh is a young media network, cynical, critical and spontaneous in nature. It produces, publishes and supports innovations of Arab youth online. They will showcase some of their best video, animation and print work. They will also be around to brainstorm with audiences on ideas for films; 2 of the best ideas will be produced by the Kharabeesh team. ReDesign Arabia Design will save the (Arab) world: Exploring the role of design, design thinking and designers in a post revolutionary Arab world. While the recent upheavals in the Arab world have started to change the political reality of the region, the Arab reality today is marked by a legacy of decades of unsustainable development, neglect and cultural and aesthetic decline. ReDesign Arabia is an initiative to activate Arab designers across disciplines to play an active role in re-imagining and redesigning the Arab reality. Can Arab urban designers, architects, product designers, technologists and visual designers become a force for positive, tangible change in their countries? The prints will be exhibited on the walls of the Hangar.6
  7. 7. FILM CORNERRunning continuously at the Hangar, the film program curated by Dalia Kurypresents innovative films throughout three days.The Film Corner will be open :15 – 17 November from 12 PM – 9 PM 7
  8. 8. FILM CORNER Day 1 Visually innovative selection This selection of shorts focuses on visually innovative films, a burst of imaginative colourful minds will be showcased here to highlight the endless creative sea offered to those who master the art of image and sound. A film from underneath (03:11) The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk (02:39) VIDEOGIOCO (1:02) Nuit Blanche (4:04) Dark side of the lens (6:05) The seed (2:09) Bottle (5:05) The end (6:18) Triangle (1:00) Made by humans (1:36) Solopsist (10:10) Bang (1:12) Dont Forget Me Now (3:00)8
  9. 9. FILM CORNERDay 2Innovative peopleThis diverse selection of films and videos, some highlighting innovative peoplefrom Amman, some from all over the world, focuses on solution oriented peopleand their power to do so much with so little.Innovation.Fabrication.Design – Three stories of Jordanian innovatorsby Omar Al Nimer & Dalia Al Kury (28:00)Freedom machine, from Jordan (6:00)PopTech 2009 Social Innovation Fellow Josh Nesbit (5:00)I listen to color (9:36)Green School (13:35 )Tipping Freeing Energy from the grid Justin Hall (12:45)Day 3The best of Public ArtThis selection of videos focuses on public art. Public art includes any form of artthat is staged in public spaces, often with implications of community involvementand collaboration.Dreaming building (8:40)Women are Heroes – JR (4:50)Tape Art. (1:50)El seed (7:22)COMBO (8:11)Piano Stairs (1:47)The worlds deepest bin (1:26)Flashmob in Antwerp train station (4:14) 9
  10. 10. PROJECTS PLATFORM The projects platform is set up to showcase interesting initiatives that are new or in development in Jordan, as well as present informational sessions to creative entrepreneurs and students. The Projects Platform will take place on: 15 and 16 November from 12 PM – 7 PM.10
  11. 11. PROJECTS PLATFORMAl Urdonia Lil EbdaAl Urdonia Lil Ebda (AULE) is fundamental player of the Jordanian innovation-basedincubation industry. In September 2006, it started as an initiative by government,semi-government organizations and Jordanian Universities to supportentrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer in Jordan. The idea behindAULE was to create a place where proactive detection of innovative projects occurs,where entrepreneurs and graduates can achieve proof of concept of theirinnovative ideas and develop the business case around it. To achieve this; AULE’sfirst business innovation centre opened in Irbid (late 2006) focusing on industrialprojects and renewable energy, the second business innovation centre opened inIrbid focusing on ICT and telecommunications (2008) and the third businessinnovation centre (2009) opened in Al-Karak which is a mixed incubator. 2012 willmark the launching of two business incubators in Jarash and Madaba co-funded byJEDCO and a Spanish partner, focusing on creative industry. Come and find outmore about AULE and how you can benefit from their services at the CreativeJordan Platform.Creative freelancing tipsby TasmeemMEWhether you’re an individual or a company, you can share your work online, makemoney while working from home, find the right professional talent for your project,and connect with other designers. Hear from a freelancer, a client and a lawyerabout creative freelancing. Get to know about the basics of freelancing, what toexpect from clients, what clients look for in a freelancer, and basic rules andregulations to keep in mind if youre freelancing in Jordan. 11
  12. 12. PROJECTS PLATFORM TED Fellowship Program - How to apply to become a TED Fellow by Yara Shaban The talk is going to be a brief introduction about the the TED fellowship program, what it is, how it started, and what are the benefits of joining the TED Fellowship program. The talk will also shed light on the application process, what is TED looking for in the fellows, and who are the Fellows and what are they doing. The aim for the talk is to present the opportunities that this fellowship offers to the Creative Jordanian youth, and to answer any questions that they might have on the application process and the fellowship itself. Trip to Innovation (TTI) by Belal Raslan “Trip to Innovation” (TTI) is an NGO that aims to create a platform that supports building "Innovation Culture" and "Social Entrepreneurship" among Jordanian Youth. On the stage of the Creative Jordan Platform the TTI team will be talking about the concepts of innovation of creativity. They will also set the differences among those two concepts as well detailing the need for them nowadays, putting Jordan under the spotlight to show why we need creative industries in the local community. The TTI talk will be accompanied by a showcasing of several local success stories for creative young talents. Zakharef Lab by the Zakharef in Motion team Zakharef Lab is a collaborative laboratory of movement across different disciplines of dance, promoting experimentation of movement with emphasis on the creative process of dance making along interventions of other art disciplines. Zakharef LAB aims at offering spaces, courses, innovative work residencies, creative research starting from documentation to the local dance heritage onwards, on-site and off-site performances, collaborations with other sectors, new commissions and exchanges locally and internationally. Zakharef LAB will demonstrate their potential in a live demonstration at Creative Jordan – Platform for visionary ideas.12
  13. 13. PROJECTS PLATFORMThe Subjective Atlas of Jordanby (House of Arab Art and Design) will launch one of its most importantprojects: the Subjective Atlas of Jordan. Unlike “traditional” atlases, which are oftendeveloped by geography buffs, a “subjective” atlas attempts to shed the spotlighton alternative picture of a given country. Developed by artists, designers,photographers, cultural critics, and creative souls in general, the Subjective Atlas ofJordan will provide a humanist view that is more nuanced and complex thanover-simplified perceptions developed by the cacophony of mainstream media. Inessence, it will present Jordan through the eyes of its creative souls. An interactivepresentation, this session will give participants a unique opportunity to contributeto the Atlas and to apply to be one of the primary contributors to publication.Call for artists for upcoming public interventionsby Matthaei/VincenzA call for artist to join an exchange program/festival for German and Jordanianartists around the question of public space and urban landscapes in 2014.Matthaei/Vincenz are using performative formats of all kinds, and would like towork with architects, visual artists, filmmakers etc. The session will combinepractical elements with documentaries of works the group has done in Europe.Mosaics workshopby Hiam TawalbehHiam has initiated the Decapolis group for crafts in Madaba and will be creating amosaic sculpture live for the audience of the Creative Jordan Platform.Junk Art Metalby Mahmoud TalafhahMahmouds Junk Art Metal project is concerned with the recycling of industrialwaste into creative art objects. The project aims to create awareness onenvironmental issues and to employ youth in artistic recycling. 13
  14. 14. PROJECTS PLATFORM Red Sea Institute for Cinematic Arts In this session the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic arts will demonstrate their work of the past 5 years by screening some clips and allowing the participants to enjoy a short filming exercise. They will also discuss the future establishment of the new RSICA training center in Amman and the ways it will interact with the local community. What is a story? by Project Pen A visual Arabic / English presentation exploring storytelling in a digital world. Project Pen is a digital initiative to create new stories for a new kind of readership from a new generation of storytellers. The Presentation will focus on multimedia and collaboration forms of storytelling. Daftar by Omar Zobi "Daftar, the online publication for Arab arts & designs, will be re-examining the common definition of "Arabism" with the attendees and journey through the submission of the 4 released issues. Art Radio by Tarek Younis The Radio station is an active approach to help improve upon the local community’s access to Arts and Culture by bringing it closer to where they reside. It is coupled with an informative website where people can access material on visual arts: Film, Fine Art, Theatre, etc. The Radio concept is built around a consultative committee of the different arts disciplines who will guide the radio to present and produce programmes that reach out in simpler “jargon free” Arabic. Airtime will be dedicated to presenting and showcasing local productions in their discipline as well as showcasing international and world art, translated and adapted to increase its approachability by the larger community. Join Tarek at the Creative Jordan Platform to hear about this exciting new initiative.14
  15. 15. PROJECTS PLATFORMArduino Technology for creative applicationsby Hazim BetarHazim Bitar is the initiator of the PIN13 Protospace, a gathering of electronicmakers, tinkerers, and artists in Amman. PIN13 provides electronic skills educationfor technical and non-technical audiences who are interested in building electronicprototypes for artistic, academic, or simply for fun, with an eye on contributing tothe growing body of open source and open hardware innovations. Concurrently,PIN13 strives to educate decision makers and the media on this new electronic artmedium. Hazim will present PIN13 as well reflect on interactive art applications ofArduino as discussed with the participants of the Arduino workshop. Other Arduinoinnovators from around Jordan will be present to showcase their products.Jeerah or Learning Citiesby the Arab Education Forum (AEF)Jeerah in Arabic means “neighborhood”, and in Levantine colloquial it is used as astrong invitation to experience traditional hospitality. It is the name given by thecore team of cultural activists who founded this collaborative initiative betweenthe Arab Education Forum and The Amman Municipality, aiming at transformingthe city of Amman into a learning and convivial city. The AEF team will shortlypresent Jeerah and then engage the audience in exercises about learning andun-learning that break patterns we have developed through schooling. 15
  16. 16. PANEL DISCUSSIONS The Platform aims to create an open space for discussions that tackle critical topics in the Creative Industries. The Panel Discussions will take place on : 15 and 16 November at 7 PM 17 November at 6 PM16
  17. 17. PANEL DISCUSSIONSPresentation of a Mapping of the Creative Industriesin Jordanby Yusuf Mansur/EnConsultThe Mapping will provide information about the conditions, strategies andobstacles of creative industries sectors.The presentation will be followed by five parallel sessions to discuss the demandand factor conditions of the Creative Industries in Jordan, Government regulationsand activities, Clusters in the sector, and strategy, market structure and rivalry.Engaging Urbanismcurated and moderated by Rami F. DaherEngaging Urbanism is a platform for reflective thinking on the current condition andfuture of our City Amman. It provokes the individual to take on a more engagingrole in the daily matters and challenges of his or her own city. The Panel wouldinclude several short interventions addressing ideological & critical, spatial,environmental, socio-economic, and artistic endeavours and initiatives undertakenby the creative urban class from different age groups in the City Amman. The Panelwould terminate with an open-ended discussion about future challenges facing ourcity, Amman.So what exactly is it that you do?The challenges of employment in the Creative Industriescurated and moderated by 7iberThere might be numerous social obstacles against pursuing a career in the creativeindustries, but to what extent are those fueled by legal challenges and the absenceof supportive regulations? What role can organized groups and unions play toaddress the lack of institutional recognition of freelancers in the creative industry?What about regulatory barriers against starting small production businesses, suchas taxes and customs on equipment and musical instruments? 17
  18. 18. WORKSHOPS The Platform offers a diverse set of workshops for artists and creative entrepreneurs alike. Several artistic workshops are held through partner organisations and take place at various locations while others are more focused on skills development and take place at the Hangar during the Platform.18
  19. 19. WORKSHOPSOuter Space in Al Qala’aConducted by StikTuesday 6th – Saturday 17th November 2012organized by the British CouncilOuter Space in Al Qala’a is a British Council graffiti art project which isimplemented in the community of Jabal Al Qala’a from 6-17 November 2012. Thisproject is in partnership with An Urban Reflection Residency Project and CreativeJordan: Platform for Visionary Ideas Festival.The project aims at providing the opportunity for a group of young Jordaniangraffiti artists to explore and express, through graffiti art in public spaces differentthemes related to self-expression, identity, freedom, connection with society andvision for the future.The project will be facilitated by a UK graffiti artist, Stik, who is well-experienced incommunity collaborative projects. Stik will facilitate the collaboration between theparticipating artists and support them in the research, design and implementationof their graffiti art work through a series of workshops. The graffiti artwork will beshowcased as part of Chapter One exhibition held by An Urban Reflection in theperiod 10-17 November 2012 and as part of the creative trail of Creative Jordan:Platform for Visionary Ideas Festival. 19
  20. 20. WORKSHOPS "Amman 2050" Comic Workshop Conducted by Rheinard Kleist Tuesday 13th – Friday 16th November 2012 The Studio organized by Goethe-Institut Jordanien Language: English In the frame of the "Creative Jordan, a platform for visionary ideas" the Goethe-Institut Jordanien is looking for creative comic, cartoon, and manga artists from Jordan to participate in a 4-day comic workshop that seeks to visualize the city of Amman in the year 2050. The workshop will be given by German artist Reinhard Kleist. Artistic works by the participants will be displayed to the public on the 17th of November. Kleist was born in 1970 near Cologne. He studied at the school for Graphic and Design in Münster, where he graduated with the silk screen album "Abenteuer eines Weichenstellers" by the author H.C.Artmann. In 1998 he travelled to New York for four months, where I worked on the book "Amerika". In 2006 the book "Cash - I see a darkness" came out and has since then been translated into french, english, spanish, dutch, greek, italian and portugues and soon chinese. In 2008 he spent one month in Cuba and worked on sketches for a travel book which was published in the same year and has so far been translated into greek and korean. He also published a book about Fidel Castro, which appeared in Germany in 2010 and will be translated soon into english, spanish, french, portugues and chinese. He now lives in Berlin and works at the same studio as the comic artists Fil, Naomi Fearn and Mawil.20
  21. 21. WORKSHOPS“Strategic Planning”Conducted by Rafa de RamónThursday 15th November 201210 AM – 2 PMGallery Ras Al-AinLanguage: EnglishBeing a creative entrepreneur brings with it many challenges as well as rewards andthere are many issues to be tackled in setting up, consolidating and growing abusiness in the creative sector. This workshop aims to address one of this commonbusiness challenges – namely, strategic planning and business development. Theobjectives are to define strategic planning and its main features as well as to learnthe components of a Strategy Statement and the Strategic Management process.Other aspects like environmental scanning, evaluations, decisions, etc. and toolssuch as the BCG Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis, and Porter’s FiveForces Model will be presented. The Canvas Business Model will be practicallyexplained as a key resource for business development. The workshop will also takea short look into Project management and collaborative tools.The workshop will be followed by one-to-one meetings between each participantand the trainer.Rafa de Ramón holds a Degree in Business Administration and a Master in CulturalManagement from SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan. He has studiedand worked more than a decade between Stockholm and Milan, specializing in howto bring culture to the people. He has worked in Ville di Lombardy and e-CultureNet before creating utopic_US, a very innovative approach to co-working spacesfor creative industries. His specialities are mentoring, advising, and teaching incultural communication, space management, talent management, branding andstrategic planning. 21
  22. 22. WORKSHOPS “Human Resources Management” Conducted by Sharaf Obeidat Thursday 15th November 2012 2 PM – 6 PM Gallery Ras Al-Ain Language: Arabic The training session will cover the following topics: The definition of Human Resources Management; The Difference between HRM and Personnel Management; HRM Process and sub-process (Selection, Recruitment, Legislation, Discipline, Development, Training, Productivity and Motivation); Job Description, Tasks Definition, and Job responsibilities; Best Practices in conducting personnel interviews. The workshop will be followed by one-to-one meetings between each participant and the trainer. Sharaf Obeidat is the head of international cooperation Department at Al Urdonia Lil Ebda . Previously he worked as a business development officer and technology transfer offices. He has also acted as liaison officer for European and Asian organizations specialized in innovation, entrepreneurship and business incubation. Sharaf believes that the success of any business is driven by its human capital. Sharaf has experience in patent drafting and Intellectual Property related issues, HR Operations and management, Recruitment, Coaching and Mentoring, Management Development, Project Management and is dedicated to support entrepreneurs in starting up their own businesses.22
  23. 23. WORKSHOPS“Digital Marketing”Conducted by Virgine BergerThursday 15th November 20122 PM – 6 PMGallery Ras Al-AinLanguage: EnglishWhich means could be deployed for an innovative creative industries strategy in acomplex digital environment? How can we further develop relationships betweenthese industries, people and the audience? How to «monetize» via any form ofmedia and make the creative industries activities profitable in a world that ischanging its economic models?This workshop sets out to provide information about the use of digital marketingto optimize the strategy, marketing, promotion, distribution and monetisation ofworks. It addresses especially the following fields of the creative industries: music,literature, performing arts, video, movies, video game, emerging techs and media.During the workshop, Virginie Berger will draw upon real case studies, go intodetail and explain principles such as direct-to-fans, the fan base, the production ofcontent adapted to each media form and to various platforms, monetization in allits forms (from digital distribution to streaming), not forgetting YouTube … Sheaddresses every solution to exist within a competitive and digital environment.The workshop will be followed by one-to-one meetings between each participantand the trainer.Virginie Berger (@virberg) has more than 15 years of experience in the media, the musicindustry and technology. Former marketing Director of Myspace, she also worked forthe NRJ group and Microsoft, and is the CEO of the DBTH agency (, astrategy and development firm providing help for artists, cultural industries andemerging technologies. It offers an alternative to the current economic model of themusic industry by developing specific services dedicated to artistic entrepreneurs andtheir entourage. It also provides solutions in terms of distribution, marketing,traditional and web promotion while enabling artists to preserve their rights. Virginiealso created ‘Don’t believe the Hype’ (, a free and non-profitwebsite dedicated to music marketing for artists and their professional entourage. 23
  24. 24. WORKSHOPS “Interactive art installations using Arduino Technology” Conducted by Hazem Betar Friday 16th November 2012 10 AM – 5 PM Gallery Ras Al-Ain Language: Arabic/English In this workshop, Hazim Bitar will introduce the latest developments in simple to use electronic art tools and concepts. During the workshop he will build electronic prototypes to demo basic blocks of interactive art using electronic sensors and output components. This workshop does not require any prior electronics experience, yet PC skills and basic coding skills are a plus. The workshop is open to multi-media artists and/or anyone wishing to combine art, science and technology. The workshop will cover: The Maker movement: history, present, and future | Electronic Artists: various demos of interactive art installations | The Arduino: The brain behind many interactive art installations and its ecology | Sensors: How to read the environment by sensing heat, light, sound, motion, distance, etc. | Outputs: How to make things happen: activate motors, make sounds, lights, and switch various devices | How to use environmental sensors to control your outputs | Software: Applications that give intelligence to the Arduino | Resources: Learn about awesome websites which publish every imaginable technique along with instructions and license to use freely | Shopping: Where to go to buy project parts at a very low price | Networks: Local and international groups. Hazim Bitar is the initiator of the PIN13 Protospace, a gathering of electronic makers, tinkerers, and artists in Amman. PIN13 provides electronic skills education for technical and non-technical audiences who are interested in building electronic prototypes for artistic, academic, or simply for fun, with an eye on contributing to the growing body of open source and open hardware innovations. Concurrently, PIN13 strives to educate decision makers and the media on this new electronic art medium. Hazims prototypes range from face detection and line following robots, Kinect driven puppets, electronic snowman, snore alarm, GPS logging and mapping, wireless communication prototypes and more. To find out more about Arduino visit arduino.cc24
  25. 25. WORKSHOPS“Interactive Theatre”Conducted by the Interactive Theatre Troupe of the NationalCenter for Culture & Arts/King Hussein Foundation.Saturday 17th November 20124 PM – 6 PMGallery Ras Al-AinLanguage: ArabicIn this workshop, Interactive Theatre Troupe will use a unique theater methodologywhich engages the audience directly in the action through their active interactionwith the actors. 4 members of the Troupe will play a scene and engage with theparticipants to demonstrate how interactive theatre works.This workshop does not require any prior theatre experience, yet interest in themethodology and some acting skills are a plus. The workshop is open to adults only.The National Center for Culture & Arts/ King Hussein Foundation (PAC) serves as thenational resource & regional model for incorporating the performing arts in all levelsof education and social development. The aim is to promote and develop crosscultural understanding and peace building; to provide a working environmentconducive to creativity, leadership & innovation; and to make culture and art accessi-ble to all. PAC houses a permanent professional touring Interactive Theater Troupewhich was established in 1989 & is the first of its kind in Jordan. The troupe is pioneerin producing plays that deal with contemporary social issues related to socio-economic development utilizing a unique theater methodology which engages theaudience directly with the actors. The troupe performs locally, regionally & interna-tionally and tours to remote rural areas to ensure its outreach to grass root communi-ties.To find out more about the National Center for Culture & Arts/ King HusseinFoundation visit 25
  26. 26. CREATIVE TRAIL in collaboration with Hamzet Wasel Creative entrepreneurs and artists will open their studios and offices to the general public in a celebration of creative practices in Amman! The Creative Trail will take place on: 17 November from 10 AM to 7 PM.26
  27. 27. CREATIVE TRAILInitiatives taking part are :Atelier BabaAl Balad TheatreAramram StudiosDar Al AndaDarat Al FununDarat Al TasweerInstitut Francais de Jordanie (IFJJacaranda ImagesJoBeduMlabbasMakanMohammed Tamimi (art studio)Nabad GalleryNational Gallery of Fine ArtsRainbow TheatrePioneer Production CompanyRoyal Film CommissionTa3leelehThe StudioZara GalleryAn Urban Reflection (Chapter 1)An interactive map will be available to guide the visitors and a creative hunt willchallenge visitors to solve riddles in participating locations.Buses will be available starting at the Hangar and will drop off visitors at certain stopsin Jabal Amman, Jabal Weibdeh and Jabal Qalaa. Buses will run on an hourly basis. 27
  28. 28. DETAILED PROGRAMME Day-to-day view of our schedule of events.28
  29. 29. LOCATION: The Hangar, Ras Al- AinDAY 1Wednesday 14 November 2012Opening7 PM It was a long winter performance by Zakharef in Motion8 PM Official opening and receptionDAY 2Thursday 15 November 201212 PM – 9 PM Film Corner, curated by Dalia Kury A selection of visually innovative short films (loop) Exhibitions: Azkadunya, Mlabbas, Philadelphia Skateboards, Project Pen, Kharabeesh, Redesign Arabia.Workshops on Entrepreneurship10 AM – 2 PM ‘Strategic Planning’ by Rafa de Ramón2 PM – 6 PM ‘HR Management’ by Sharaf Obeidat2 PM – 6 PM ‘Digital Marketing’ by Virginie BergerProject Presentations + Information Sessions1 PM Al Urdonia Lil Ebda2 PM Creative freelancing tips from TasmeemME3 PM TED Fellowship Program - How to apply to become a TED Fellow4 PM Trip to Innovation (TTI)5 PM Zakharef Lab6 PM The Subjective Atlas of JordanPanel Discussion7 PM Presentation of a Mapping of the Creative Industries in Jordan by Yusuf Mansur/EnConsult. 29
  30. 30. LOCATION: The Hangar, Ras Al- Ain DAY 3 Friday 16 November 2012 12 PM – 9 PM Film Corner, curated by Dalia Kury Innovative people from Jordan and around the world (loop) Exhibitions: Azkadunya, Mlabbas, Philadelphia Skateboards, Project Pen, Kharabeesh, Redesign Arabia. 10 AM – 5 PM Workshop ‘Interactive Art Installations using Arduino Technology’ by Hazim Bitar 12 PM – 6 PM One-to-one Training Sessions, one hour each Strategic Planning, HR Management and Digital Marketing Project Presentations + Information Sessions 12 PM Call for artists for upcoming public interventions 1 PM Mosaics workshop 1:30 PM Junk Art Metal 2 PM RSICA 3 PM What is a story? 3:30 PM Daftar 4 PM Art Radio 5 PM Arduino Technology for creative applications 6 PM Jeerah or Learning Cities Panel Discussion 7 PM Engaging Urbanism curated and moderated by Rami Daher.30
  31. 31. LOCATION: The Hangar, Ras Al- AinDAY 4Saturday 17 November 201212 PM – 9 PM Film Corner, curated by Dalia Kury The best of public art (loop) Exhibitions: Azkadunya, Mlabbas, Philadelphia Skateboards, Project Pen, Kharabeesh, Redesign Arabia.12 PM – 6 PM One-to-one Training Sessions, one hour each Strategic Planning, HR Management and Digital Marketing4 PM – 6 PM Workshop ‘Interactive Theatre by the Interactive Theatre TroupePanel Discussion6 PM So what exactly is it that you do? The challenges of employment in the Creative Industries, curated and moderated by 7iber.Closing8 PM – 10 PM Live sound and VJ performance by Ahmad Sabbagh and Tarek Abu RahmehLOCATION: Jabal Amman,Jabal Weibdeh, Jabal QalaaDAY 4Saturday 17 November 201210 AM – 7 PM The Creative Trail, in collaboration with Hamzet Wasel 31
  32. 32. MORE INFORMATION The Hangar will be open on: 14 November 7 – 9 PM 15 – 17 November 12 PM – 9 PM Address: Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street, Ras Al Ain, opposite to the Hussein Cultural Center. For more information on the Programme call: 077 9335 778 For more information on the Creative Trail call: 079 7724 114 CREDITS EUNIC Creative Industries Project Coordinator: Renata Papsch Creative Jordan Platform Coordinator: Toleen Touq Creative Jordan Platform Assistant: Alexia de Tillesse Design and Branding: Mohammed Shahrour Digital Development: Tambi Jalouqa Volunteers: LoYAC Social Media: EnConsult, REACH Thanks to: All the partners including the EU Delegation and EUNIC, the team of the Hangar/Gallery Ras Al-Ain and the Greater Amman Municipality, participants and volunteers of the Creative Jordan Platform as well as Maher Kaddoura, Alaa Qattam, Hana Arafat, Sophie Wagner, the British Council team, Lina Shannak, Mohamed Nabeel, Addy Dajeh, Dima Maurice and many others who helped with advice, contacts and equipment.32