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Weathering and erosion fantasy
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Weathering and erosion fantasy


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  • 1. Gary the Gravel A story by Sayan Trisal.
  • 2. I was a piece of gravel named Gary the Gravel. I was a chip of f the old gravel. while the other particles of gravel my family and I were, I wanted to get off our mountain. I was never careful for what I wished for. That proved to be a mistake.
  • 3. One day, me and my family were resting on the top of the cliff, under an oak tree, when the oak tree's roots cracked me from my family. I was only a little happy. Thirty-five of my atoms cracked. It was a hot summer day yesterday, but today was really cold, so exfoliation pushed me to the top of another spike. It was freezing! Then I froze. The next day was a really warm day. I thawed and fifty of my atoms cracked! I only had 250 left. It was a bad day for me.
  • 4. I had fallen in to a .young river! I rushed down at a 63 degree angle. I felt like I was going to die. I lost 35 more atoms and I closed my eyes. I wish that I wasn't so little. I wish I could combat nature's force. But I couldn't. It was horrible. The river rushed faster at a mature river.
  • 5. The mature river wasn't very pretty. I lost about 56 more atoms. The river was faster now The river pounded at my head and thrashed in my cracks. I was being torn apart. Just when I thought that I was going to die, It stopped, I had entered an old river.
  • 6. The old river curved a lot. I was tired and hungry( I was a rock so I didn't need any food, so I suppose I wasn't really hungry). I took a nap when I woke up I saw a lot of oxbow lakes. It felt good to be able to relax. But this peace was short lived. I had reached the delta.
  • 7. The delta wasn't very happy . I was swished into the ocean and it tossed me around I was so tiny. I was hurt beyond belief and I had to sleep. I know I just had a rest, but the ocean tossed me until I had lost 100 atoms! I wished that I could land on dry land. I hated water. I wished that the oak popped off another piece of my family gravel. I slept in the ocean
  • 8. I landed on flat land. I arrived on a beach. Gary the gravel only had 57 atoms left. I was still alive but barely. I felt good not to be in any dangerous ordeals. I felt life going away from me. I wished that I would. Then, I became a lifeless grain of sand.