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October gml

  1. 1. My dear Fellow Rotarians, My Wife Anuradha joins me in extending our hearty greetings on the eve of Dasara. Dasara, as youall know, is the festival which glorifies the triumph of good over evil. A quarter of my Rotary Year is alreadyover and I am really pleased to note that almost all clubs are busily engaged in their activities. Keep up thetempo. Do not slacken. During the course of last month, the Rotary club of Guntakal hosted the MEMBERSHIP DEVELOP-MENT SEMINAR and the DIST. POLIO ORIENTATION MEET. Kudos to the Rotary club of the Guntakal forhosting the meet in an impeccable manner. I wish to thank the Rotarians of Guntakal and all the Rotariansfrom the district who attended the program and made it a grand success.VOCATIONAL SERVICE MONTH : Vocational Service Month is observed each October to emphasize the involvement of clubs in theeveryday practice of the ideals of vocational service. Recommended club activities during VocationalService Month include: recognizing a Rotary Volunteer at a district-level event, promoting involvement inRotary Fellowships, sponsoring a vocational service activity or project, and promoting membership devel-opment in open classifications. Vocational Service is the way Rotary fosters and supports the application of the ideal of servicein the pursuit of all vocations. Inherent in the Vocational Service ideal are :1. adherence to, and promotion of, the highest ethical standards in all occupations, including faithfulness and fidelity to employers, employees, and associates, fair treatment for them and of competitors, the public, and all those with whom one has any business or professional relationships;2. The recognition of the worthiness to society of all useful occupations, not just one’s own or those which are pursued by Rotarians;3. The contribution of one’s vocational talents to the problems and needs of society. Vocational Service is both the responsibility of a Rotary club and of its members. The role of theclube is to implement and encourage the objective by example and by development of projects that helpmembers contribute their vocational talents. The role of members is to conduct themselves, their busi-nesses, and their professions in accordance with Rotary principles and to respond to club projects. As aRotarian engaged in a business or profession, I am expected to1. Consider my vocation to be another opportunity to serve2. Be faithful to the letter and to the spirit of the ethical codes of my vocation3. Do all in my power to dignify my vocation and to promote the highest ethical standards on my chosen vocation4. Be fair to my employer, employees, associates, competitors, customers, the public, and all those with whom I have a business or professional relationship5. Recognize the honor and respect due to all occupations which are useful to society6. Offer my vocation talents to provide opportunities for young people to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community7. Adhere to honesty in my advertising and all representations to the public concerning my business and profession8. Neither seek from nor grant to a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship.M.V.N. Prabhu, Dist. Governor Secretariat : RI District 3160, 4/96, Nehru Road, PRODDATUR - 516 360. Kadapa Dt. A.P. Mobile : +91 9059642777, e-mail : mvnprobu@yahoo.com
  2. 2. Dear fellow Rotarians, Every Rotarian is different. Every Rotarian was drawn into Rotary for different reasons, and many vividly remember their first “Rotary Moment”– the moment when they went from being members of their Rotary clubs to being committed Rotarians. I love hearing these stories and learning about what drew each Rotarian into Rotary. For some, it was a Rotary office, a particular project, or aconvention. For me, it was a speaker at an ordinary weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Yashio, about two years after I’d joined. I am a charter member of my club, and I was invited to join by the charter president. I had never heard of Rotary, and at the time, I didn’t reallyknow what service meant. But I was new to Yashio. I had just moved there from Tokyo, and I didn’t know many people. I thought Rotary would be a goodway to make friends and to help my business, and I respected the person who invited me, so I joined. But to be honest, for the first two years, we didn’t do much. Every week, I came to my meeting, I ate lunch, and I listened to a speaker. I paid mydues, and I gave money to The Rotary Foundation. But I wasn’t involved in any service. I didn’t know what Rotary service was supposed to be.That all changed one week, when we had a speaker who talked about vocational service. This was a new idea to me. Until then, I had never thought muchabout the purpose of my life, or why I was in business. I was too busy working. I was always focused on my business, and on how to make it larger andbetter. I never stopped to consider any deeper purpose of my work. Understanding the idea of vocational service completely changed my attitude toward my work, and toward my own purpose in life. I realized thatthe goal of a person doing business is not only to earn a living. The purpose is to be a contributing member of the community, to make the communitystronger, and to help make other people’s lives better. When I understood this, and understood the concept of Service Above Self, it changed my life – andset me firmly on the path to a life of Rotary service. That is my Rotary Moment.Dear Rotary Leaders,Greetings for the festive season!The months of October and November are filled with festivities of Navratri, Dussera, Diwali and pooja holidays. These are alsooccasions to have family reunions. In other words the mood is up-beat! October is also the month in which we introspect about the ethics and values in our respective vocations, professionsand our personal daily life. The four way test is not for others to read but for each one of us to practice. The process of selecting the Governor Nomineeas per the new selection guidelines has begun. The new process will require your understanding and support. Every change meets with resistance andthe DGN Selection Pilot is no exception. We all find it difficult and cumbersome to come out of the comfort zone that we are so used to, but let me assureyou that the intent of the pilot is to reduce some if not all of the unethical practices that have been happening in many of th e districts of our region. Myhumble appeal to all the leadership is to accept the change in its spirit of intent and not legality. No amount of legislative procedures will resolve theunethical practices without your own personal will to do so. I seek your cooperation in implementing the process in letter and spirit. The Rotary Institute in Hyderabad is around the corner. PDG Ravi Vadlamani and his organising committee have put together a fine program withoutstanding speakers and entertainment at the world class convention centre in the Hi-Tech City. The Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka andhis gracious spouse Kyoko will grace the institute by their presence. Rotarians and their spouses will have the opportunity to participate in hands onservice projects and also participate in a Peace Walk led by the RI President himself. All Districts are now in the process of preparing for their District Conference which is the pinnacle of all events. I appeal t o all the DistrictGovernors and the conference chairs to focus on showcasing the brand of Rotary and enhancing the image of our organisation to the community. Moreoften we get carried away by budgeting more of our resources for food and entertainment than showcasing what Rotary stands for.Again I wish you all the very best for the festive season as together we work for Peace through our humanitarian service.Warm and personal regards. If everyone is MOVING forward together, then the SUCCESS takes care of itself
  3. 3. DISTRICT MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND POLIO PLUS ORIENTATION MEET ON 30 -09-2012 AT GUNTAKAL HOSTED BY ROTARY CLUB OF GUNTAKAL. The Rotary Club of Guntakal hosted the above meet on Sunday the 30th September at Rotary School, Guntakal. The proceedings was started bycalling the meeting to order by the president of the Rotary Club Guntakal Rtn. G.Vinoda Laxman. Chairman of the meet Rt.Brahmananda Reddy welcomedthe gathering. The purpose of the seminar on Membership Development was explained by the District Trainer PDG Surendra. DG Prabhu outlined theimportance of Membership for a club to be successful and vibrant. He emphasized the both membership growth and retention are very important. Heoutlined the district goals also for membership growth. Rtn.Gautam Jahagiridhar spoke on “ways to strengthening the clubs . Rtns.Dr. Ramamurthy of RC Guntakal made a power point presentation on Membership Trends in Rotary throughout the world. An effective andinteresting power point Presentation on ‘ Ways of Engaging the TRF’ was made by Rtn.Sreeram Murthy of RC Nandyal. ‘Membership Development &Retention’ subject was dealt by Rtn.Brahmanda Reddy, RC Guntakal.DGN Mansoosar spoke powerfully on ‘Public Image & Membership Growth.Rtn.Zakeer of RC Proddatur spoke on the ‘Membership Resources Available’ to Rotarians for effective membership growth. After tea break, the gathering met for ‘ Polio Plus Orientation Meet’. Dg Prabhu explained as to why we should conduct polio meet although Indiahas eradicated this dreadful disease, NPCC member Rtn.Kamaluddin spoke on’ Polio Eradication Programme & Role on National Committee ‘DPCC Chinnappa Reddy of RC Nandyal explained as to how clubs could get involved during the immunization day. Inner Wheel Chairperson Swarnalathaand District Rotaract Chairman Rtn. Jagan Mohan also spoke. Government functionaries who spke during the meet included Dr. Anil Kumar and Dr.Sreedhar SMO, WHO Bellary. The MLA of Gooty Sri Madhusudhan Gupta graced the occasion. Overall, the meet was attended by over 180 members. Six Assistant Governorsalso attended the programme. The Club Secretary of Guntakal Club proposed vote of thanks. Dist 3160 wishes to place on record its appreciation andthanks to rotary Club of Guntakal for successfully hosting the meet. No one can work alone so CREATE your team
  4. 4. CLUBS IN ACTION Wheel Chair distribution programme on 15th Sep Mosquito Nets Distribution at Pacharalla Village by Donation of 250 flexi boards about Human safety by RC Kurnool New City RC Nandyal information by RC Betamcherla Karate events with boys who showed best Free Eye Screening & Medical Camp by Conducted Medical Camp at Briliant Ele.school, talent and skill with black belt by RC Nandyal Midtown RC Proddatur Tadipatri by RC TadipatriEye Screening Camp conducted on 29th sep at Adavikammapalli, Installation of Rotary DIACARDS TO PATIENTS AT Teachers Day Celebration by RC Dhone Sambepalli Mdl. by RC Rayachoty RC KOILKUNTLA Dr. C.S.Srinivasa Raju, Chief Cordiologist Spoke about heart Seminar on Rainwater Harvesting Drawing Competition to children on occasion of dieseases on 23-09-12 in Rotary Auditorium, By RC Nellore By Rc Darmavaram Vinayaka chavithi by RC Navanandi Distribution of Free Uniforms by RC Davangere Rural Health Camp by RC Gangavathi Central Inaguration of Health Care by Rc Hiriyur You don’t lead by hitting people over the head … That’s assault, not Leadership
  5. 5. President Rtn. CK Viswanath, Members and MLA Polio Rally by RC Sandur Lecture about Taking Care of Ozone Layer By RCSandur Sri E. Tukaram inagurated Road & Drainage Chitradurga Fort from Rotary school to Subash Nagar RC Sandur Counciling to the students about Leadership Distribution of cloths to students at Myraba Cedoor Essay Competition at Girls Junior College by by RC Gulbarga at Hokalkere by Rtn. N.Suryanarayana By RC Chitradurga Windmill city RC Chitradurga World heart day, inagurated by Smt. M. Savitri Conducting Blood Donation Camp by RC Gulbarga Quiz Programme conducted by Rc Bidar on Sep 29th by RC Cotton City, Raichur World Heart Day 29-2-12 at Oldage Home, by RC Health Camp Action Photo by RC Challakere Eyes Donation rally by RC Proddatur Hindupur Information zoneYour Rotary Moment Every Rotarian has a specific moment or a personal story that reflects a memorable experience with Rotary. Some people refer to this as theirRotary Moment. It is very important what your Rotary Moment that stands out and has a special meaning be shared with others. Please send your RotaryMoment to mvnprobu@yahoo.com for publisizing in the GML.Explanation to Membership Development and Retention is SOAR The Rotary Foundation SeminarS Selection of right type of people, TRF Seminar will be held on the 2nd December,O Orientation about Rotary Construction & Bylaws, Ideals, Programs, Projects etc., 2012 by Rotary Club of Chitra Durga.A Assimilation of new members and their families with old ones,R Responsibility of various programs and Projects to be given to new or indifferent members. Be nice to people on your way up because you might Meet them on your way down.
  6. 6. Member Access helpMember Access is a secure, accessible location for Rotarians and club and district leaders to conduct Rotary business and access information. You can also• Donate to The Rotary Foundation • Manage e-mail subscriptions• Manage contact information • Register for convention• Browse the Official Directory • Access trainingOther tools may be available to you depending on your Rotary office. For example, club presidents and secretaries can• Search, view, and update club membership and officer data• Pay Rl per capita dues• View Foundation and membership reportsHow do I start using Member Access?To start using Member Access, click create account on the Member Access log in page .How to make up a missed meetingA club member must attend or make up at least 50 percent of regular club meetings in each half of the year (though some clubs may have more stringent requirements).Any missed meetings must be made up within 14 days of a regular meeting. If traveling, club.members are encouraged to visit clubs in the new area to make up a missedmeeting.Check the Official Directory or use the Club Locator to get meeting and contact information. Be sure to call or e-mail before you show up for a meeting.What to do when you can’t find a meetingRotarians often wonder what to do if there’s not a club where they travel or if an emergency causes them to miss a meeting.One option is to attend a regular meeting of a local Rotaract club, Interact club, Rotary Community Corps or Rotary Fellowship. Attending one of these meetings countsas a make-up. Another option is to participate in an interactive activity on a Rotary e-club website. Check with your club secretary and the e-club of interest to learn more.E-clubsRotary e-clubs are clubs that meet online. For many members, this new way of experiencing Rotary offers the benefits of a Rotary club, with added flexibility. Otherthanmeetingonlineto conduct club business, Rotary e-clubsare essentially the same as any other Rotary club: club members carry out service projects, support The RotaryFoundation, and socialize and network with each other. The main difference? E-clubs are accessible 24/7. You don’t lead by hitting people over the head … That’s assault, not Leadership.
  7. 7. Membership Although each e-club is based in a specific district, its membership can be drawn from anywhere in the world. Other e-clubs may choose to focus theirmembership on a particular region or community. E-clubs became official in July 2010. Club members range from young professionals to retirees E-clubs attract members who live in different places throughoutthe year, have family or work commitments, travel frequently, or have limited mobility. Also, any Rotarian can make up a missed meeting by participating in an e-clubonline meeting. The addition of Rotary e-clubs reflects the growth of online communities and the sheer number of Rotarians - and potential new members -who arealready meeting and interacting online.Meeting formats Rotary e-clubs offer a variety of meeting formats such as webinars, videoconferencing, message boards, instant messaging, or Skype to facilitate. eithersimultaneous or asynchronous communication. Before an e-club meeting, j a club representative posts content for that week’s meeting. Club members j then attendthe meeting online to discuss topics and plan projects. Some Rotary e-clubs even supplement their meetings with in-person meetings.Service projects E-clubs facilitate international service by initiating projects or collaborating with other Rotary clubs around the world. At the same time, an e-club might focuson a particular geographic region with local community service projects where members participate in person. If you’re interested in starting an e-club, contact yourdistrict governor (as outlined in Organizing New Clubs: A Guide for District Governors and Special Representatives). See “What You Need to Know about Rotary E-Clubs”for more about Rotary e-clubs and how they function.What You Need to Know about Rotary E-Clubs Rotary e-clubs are Rotary clubs that meet electronically. A 2010 Council on Legislation enactment recognized Rotary e-clubs as part of Rotary International,following a six-year pilot project. As of 1 July 2010, Rl has 14 e-clubs, all of them chartered during the pilot.What is the difference between Rotary clubs and Rotary e-clubs? Rotary e-clubs follow the same policies as all Rotary clubs. The key difference is that an e-club conducts its weekly meeting on the club’s website. Rather thanbeing physically present at an appointed day and time, members may attend meetings at any time and any day of the week. As all Rotary clubs do, Rotary e-clubs meetweekly, perform service projects in local and international communities, support The Rotary Foundation, and enjoy fellowship among members. And the keys to theireffectiveness are also the same: service-minded members, opportunities for fellowship, and strong leadership. During the 2004-10 pilot, e-clubs performed 355 community service projects, 106 international service projects, 55 vocational service projects, and 70 youthservice projects. E-clubs gave more than US$150,000 to The Rotary Foundation, including more than $21,500 to Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge.How do e-clubs work? E-club meetings are hosted on a unique website. The official meeting time is considered to be when the webmaster or club secretary posts material for weeklydiscussion, but members may access the site at their convenience at any point during the week. E-club members discuss the item and any other club business througha chatroom feature or other means. To respect the privacy of e-club members, some meeting content or member data is protected from public view. Although all Rotarye-clubs meet weekly and conduct business online, some e-clubs do meet in person at various times throughout the year at service projects, quarterly or semiannualdinners, or the Rl Convention. Such meetings can enhance fellowship among e-club members; however, they’re strictly optional.Who participates in e-clubs? For business, professional, and community leaders who are unable to attend a weekly meeting in person (due to physical disabilities, location constraints, orbusy schedules), the e-club option offers the opportunity to meet, conduct service projects, and participate in Rotary fellowship. From time to time, Rotarians who misstheir regular Rotary club meeting may make up a meeting by attending an e-club meeting online, a valuable service for all members. As of August 2010, 360 Rotarianslocated in 30 countries are e-club members. Of these, 146 had previously been members of Rotary clubs, including four past district governors. Membership in an e-club requiresa basic Internet skills set, includingtheability to navigate websites with ease. Members should also have a working knowledgeof the principles of protecting privacy online, so that no club member compromises another’s sensitive personal information.In addition, it is critical that at least one of the founding members of the club be highly proficient in the design and maintenance of the club’s website. The membershould be experienced in building a website that meets all of the technological requirements listed below.What are the policies for e-clubs? The Rl Bylaws allow for two e-clubs per district. For this reason, it’s important to check with your district governor early on if you’re interested in starting an e-club. Rotary e-clubs are considered by the Rl Board to be worldwide. While each e-club is assigned to a district, members can come from any country or geographicalarea where Rotary maintains a presence.For more on policies regarding e-clubs, refer to the Rotary Code of Policies and the Report of Action of the 2010 Council on Legislation.What are the technical requirements?Because the meeting venue is on a website, e-clubs must have:• A dedicated website• Online meeting software to host a meeting (see information on software available through Rotary’s partnership with Citrix Online)• Private sections of the website that protect members’ online personal data and only members can access• Online financial transaction systems for dues payments from members, contributions, and remittancesE-clubs are responsible for all costs associated with maintaining a URL and hosting their website on the Internet.How do I join an existing e-club?As with all Rotary clubs, membership is by invitation.How do we charter an e-club?Applying for membership in Rl as a Rotary e-club is essentially the same process as applying as a Rotary club. Contact your district governor first. The governor isresponsible for organizing and establishing new clubs and will work with the district extension committee to that end. The governor will also need to initiate a New ClubSurvey and appoint a special representative and sponsor club to assist in planning, as outlined in the Rl publication Organizing New Clubs: A Guide for District Governorsand Special Representatives.Remember that a successful Rotary club is not formed by any individual but rather by a dedicated team consisting of the district governor, special representative, sponsorclub, and charter members who share a common vision for Rotary in their community. Asking for help is STRENGTH, not a weakness.
  8. 8. Zone Assistant Member - No. of Attendence Name of the ClubName. Governor ship Meetings in % Rtn. M.V. Nethaji 1. SIMHAPURI 1. Gudur 46 Subba Reddy 2. Gudur West 27 3. Kavali 30 4. Nellore 70 04 46% 5. Nellore South 24 6. Sullurpet 22 1. Jammalamadugu 30 2. PINAKINI Rtn. Bepuri 2. Proddatur 51 04 74% Ahmed Zakeer 3. Proddatur Mid Town 27 04 75% 4. Kadapa Central 30 5. Rayachoty 25 6. Kadapa 10 1. Adoni 26 2. Allagadda Shatabdi 22 3. THUNGABHADRA Rtn. Gunda Gopal 3. Banaganapalle 10 4. Bethamcherla 21 04 100% 5. Dhone 25 6. Kallur 12 7. Koilakuntla 26 8. Kurnool New City 26 04 81% 9. Nandyal 118 10. Nandyal Mid Town 30 05 77% 11. Navanandi 26 04 98% 1. Anantapur 44 4. SATYA SAI Rtn. Dr. A.G. Venu Gopal 2. Anantapur Central 15 Reddy 3. Dharmavaram MT 49 04 95% 4. Guntakal 37 5. Hindupur 38 04 37% 6. Tadipatri 33 1. Bellary 28 5. VIJAYANAGARA Rtn. N.M. Agnihotri 2. Bellary Cantonment 44 3. Sandur 58 04 65% 4. Gangavathi Central 5. Hospet 23 116 CLUB ACTIVITIES 6. Koppal 21 7. Kanahosahalli 15 Report for GML 8. Hagaribomanahalli 27 9. Vijaya Nagar Steel City 27 Send your club activities and photographs for 1. Chitradurga Windmill City 26 publication in GML by 5th of succeeding month to 6. CHINMULADRI Lakshman 2. Challakere 18 05 70% Rtn. A.R. 3. Chitradurga 43 Rtn. PHF CA Sadhu Gopala Krishna, 4. Chitradurga Fort 36 05 54% 9/396, Holmespet, PRODDATUR - 516360. Kadapa Dt. 5. Hiriyur 41 78% 6. Holalkere 25 04 78% Mobile No. 09440073085, e-mail: sadhugopalakrishna@gmail.com 1. Davangere 64 05 73% Naked Truths 7. DEVANAGARA Rtn. B.E. 2. Davangere Mid Town 36 Swamy Ranga 3. Davangere South 39 4. Davangere Vidyanagar 66 “Friends and Relatives are like Sketch Pens! 5. Chickjajur 18 They colour our lives! we may not like some colours but 1. Basavakalyan 16 we will need them some where to complete the picture.” 2. Bidar 48 04 83% Rtn. Vinay Kumar Shah 3. Bidar Fort 28 04 75% 8. NRUPATHUNGA 4. Bidar New Century 34 “Education is the manifestation of the Perfection already in 5. Gulbarga 74 man” 6. Gulbarga Mid Town 42 7. Gulbarga North 62 8. Balki Fort 20 “ Purity, Patience and perseverance are the three essentials 9. Humnabad Town 31 to success and above all . . . love” 10. Raichur 34 11. Raichur Central 20 12. Raichur Cotton City 18 05 75% by Swamy Vivekananda Print @ Sudheer Graphics, Proddatur. 92473 19899