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November gml

  1. 1. My Dear Rotarians,Advance greetings to each and every Rotarian and their family members on the occasion of “ Deepavali “the festival of lights. Let us on the auspicious of Deepavali pledge again that goodwill triumph over evil. During the month of October, I had the privilege of starting my official club visits. I have visitedKurnool Zone and Ananthapur Zone and what can I tell? The official visits are once in a life time opportunityto any Rotary Governor . I was really moved with the love and affection the Rotarians & their familymembers showered on me during the visits. what not! all the clubs are occupied with their services tocommunity. I would be failing if I do not recognize the efforts put in by the clubs which I have visited. Each& every club deserves a pat on their back! Month of November! This is celebrated as The Rotary Foundation month. It is duty of club leadersto focus on the Foundation activities with leaders and programs . We will be failing if our new Rotarians arenot updated about the programmes of The Rotary Foundation. More so, we are migrating to the future visionplan and unless and until we update ourselves , we will he failing back on our plans. It is not a irony? All of us are business or professionals and yet when we come to Rotary knowl-edge, we fall back . Let us try to learn more about Rotary International & The Rotary Foundation pro-grammes.I this issue, I am going to outline the history of The Rotary Foundation and its programmes.The Rotary Foundation The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding,goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation ofpoverty.The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotariansand friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.History of The Rotary Foundation In 1917, Rl President Arch C. Klumph proposed that an endowment be set up “for the purpose ofdoing good in the world.” In 1928, when the endowment fund had grown to more than US$5,000, it wasrenamed The Rotary Foundation, and it became a distinct entity within Rotary International.Five Trustees, including Klumph, were appointed to “hold, invest, manage, and administer all of its prop-erty... as a single trust, for the furtherance of the purposes of Rl.” Two years later, the Foundation made its first grant of $500 to the International Society for CrippledChildren. The organization, created by Rotarian Edgar F. “Daddy” Alien, later grew into the Easter Seals. The Great Depression and World War II both impeded the Foundation’s growth, but the need forlasting world peace generated great postwar interest in its development. After Rotary’s founder, Paul P .Harris, died in 1947, contributions began pouring into Rotary International, and the Paul Harris MemorialFund was created to build the Foundation. That year, the first Foundation program - the forerunner of Rotary Foundation.Ambassadorial Schol-arships- was established. In 1965-66, three new programs were launched: Group Study Exchange, Awardsfor Technical Training, and Grants for Activities in Keeping with the Objective of The Rotary Foundation,which was later called Matching Grants . The Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants program was launched in 1978, and Rotary Volun-teers was created as a part of that program in 1980. PolioPlus was announced in 1984-85, and the next yearbrought Rotary Grants for University Teachers . The first peace forums were held in 1987-88, leading to theFoundation’s peace and conflict studies programs .M.V.N. Prabhu, Dist. Governor Secretariat : RI District 3160, 4/96, Nehru Road, PRODDATUR - 516 360. Kadapa Dt. A.P. Mobile : +91 9059642777, e-mail :
  2. 2. Dear fellow Rotarians, There are many ways to describe our Rotary Foundation. But I think of our Foundation literally – as the foundation for all of Rotary. We do not oftenthink about the ground beneath our feet. We do not often think about the walls that are holding up our house. We take them for granted. We think about themonly when they are not there. Not long ago in Japan, the ground fell out from under our feet. On Friday, 11 March 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake shookJapan to its very core. More than 15,000 people died, nearly 6,000 were injured, and another 4,000 are still missing. The total losses of the disaster areestimated at over US$300 billion. In a matter of hours, half a million people in one of the world’s wealthiest and most developed countries lost everything. They went from livingin comfort and security to facing an uncertain future in school gymnasiums, tents, and ruined buildings. In Japan, we are used to earthquakes. We thoughtwe were ready for anything. But no one ever expected anything like this. What happened on that day changed Japan, and everyone who lives there. It has made us realize how fragile our lives are. And it has made merealize how little separates me from the people I help through Rotary. It is easy to look at the people we help through our Foundation as somehow differentfrom ourselves. They live far away. We do not know their language or their culture. We do not know what it is like to have no running water, no sanitation,no health care, no education. We look at pictures, and we read stories in the news about poverty, wars, and disasters. We see, from so far away, thepeople who are living through such terrible times. But it is hard to put ourselves in their place. Today, I tell you that there is nothing at all separating usfrom the people we help. We are all the same. Only the circumstances surrounding us are different. Through our Foundation, we have the power to live the words of our Foundation’s motto: Doing Good in the World. Through it, we can do so muchmore good than we could ever do alone. And it matters so much – to people just like us.Live up to the commitments that we makeNovember 2011Dear Rotary Leaders, The festive season is behind us. I am sure each one of you enjoyed the festivities and the family reunions just as muchas Manju and I did. During the recent Board Meeting of Rotary International I had the opportunity to stroll around on the 17th floorof the R.I. Headquarters. The Rotary Foundation Offices are located on the 17th floor of the One Rotary Centre. Conspicuous on the 17th floor is the Arch Klumph Gallerywhich houses the portraits of all those individuals and couples that have shared a significant portion of their resource in support of The Rotary Foundation.It made me proud to see so many couples and individuals from India whose portraits adorn the gallery. Rotarians from India continue to pour their resources in support of the Foundation not for just the recognition but because of their compassion andtheir empathy for the ones that are not as fortunate as us. This has been exemplified by the fact that from being the number 8 or 9 position in its totalcontributions to the Foundation a few years ago, India is today at number 3 position in the world. The credit for this goes to each and every Rotarian andour RRFCs that has lent support to the Foundation. This year being different from others because our own Kalyan and Binota are serving Rotary as its first couple, both of our RRFCs S.R Yoganandand Vinay Kulkarni along with their team of ARRFCs have challenged you all with a contribution target of US$ 15 million. It’s a tall call but I know everyRotarian from India will come forward to make Kalyan and Binota proud of Rotary in India. The Kolkata institute is around the corner and all of us looking forward to the training, learning and the camaraderie that happens at our Institutes.Among the several events that take place at the Rotary Institute, a Major Donor Dinner is organised by the RRFCs to recognise all of those who havecontributed significantly in support of the Foundation. The event also serves as an opportunity to encourage fresh contributions from those attending. PastR.I. President Raja Saboo has been the Master of Ceremonies of this event since inception and has been responsible for raising the level of contributionseach successive year. Motivated by the event and the occasion many of us announce our contributions and receive the recognition and applause publicly.It saddens me to learn that subsequently some of us do not honour the commitment that we made and fall back on one excuse or the other. Let us all liveup to our commitments that we make even though it may come at a significant personal sacrifice. I ask each one to Look within them when makingcommitments to our Foundation. Wish you all a very pleasant time ahead as we all work together to change the lives of the less fortunate in this world.Warm and sincere regards. If you can run one business well, you can run any Business well.
  3. 3. Vocational service Awards function Distribution of uniforms to 25 orphans to Poor Plantation program conducted by held on 28-10-12 by RC Proddatur Children by RC Kadapa Central RC Bethamcherla Tailor traning programme organised by Donation of Amplifer for subjail men on the occasion Distribution of Masquitoes nets to Poor People RC Nandyal of Gandhi Jayanthi by RC Jammalamadugu by RC NandyalDistribution of Vocational Awards given by Homoeo Medical camp at Koilkuntla school Release of Aarogya Mission Chart by Sri TG Rtn. MVN Prabhu, DG by Rc Dhone by RC Koikuntla on 11-10-2012 Venkatesh by RC Bethamcherla Distribution of Chairs to School by Vocational Awards Program conducted by Donated a 3 wheel cycle to Physically Chal- RC Kurnool New City RC Chitradurga Windmill city lenged man by RC TadipatriVocational Awards Program conducted by Cloth Distribution to the Physically Challenged Girls Vocational Training Programme conducted by RC Guntakal by RC Anantapur Central RC Chitradurga Don’t Judge a book by its covers. Small customers can become big customers, too
  4. 4. Observed Senior Citizen Day on 2nd oct 12 Honoured 3 Heart Checkup Camp conducted by Rc Hiriyur Honouring of 14 Individuals serving in community persons on this occasion by RC Holalkere under Vocational service by Rc Bellary Cantonment Blood Donation Camp on 2nd october 2012 by RC Service Awards to teachers by RC Bellary Free Eye Operation & Checkup Camp for 128 people Challakeri held from 10th to 12th october by RC SandurDistribution of gas stoves to the poor people Distribution of Soaps, Tooth Brushes, Tooth Pastes and Distribution of Sewing Machines to poor Women at Biscuits on International Hand Wash Day on 5th Oct 12 Jayantha Veg World, by RC Navanandi, Nandyal by Rc Dhone by RC Nelloredistribution of Note Books, Pencils and Pens Plantation programme by Food distribution to HIV patients by for poor children by RC Rayachoty RC Chitradurga Fort RC Cotton City Raichur No tobacco day conducted by Rc Vocational service awards by RC Humnabad Distribution of Rice and Provisions to old age people under Rotary Helpage project on 10th October Davanagere Mid Town by RC Gudur You don’t leadall your Customersover theif they… That’s most Important. Make by hitting people feel as head ‘re the assault, not Leadership
  5. 5. The Presidential Citation recognizes Rotary clubsProcedure Clubs are asked to complete the following form to assess their accomplishments this year. In order to qualify for a citation,clubs must meet the Presidential Challenge and complete one required activity, along with at least three additional activities, ineach of the three categories listed. Unless otherwise specified, all activities must be undertaken and completed between 1 Julyand 31 March of the 2012-13 Rotary year. Clubs should complete the form and send it to the district governor no later than 31March.2012-13 Presidential Citation for Rotaract Clubs Clubs that meet the Presidential Challenge and carry out at least four of the eight activities listed in the menu below willqualify for the 2012-13 Presidential Citation. All activities must be undertaken and completed between 1 July 2012 and 31 March2013. The sponsor Rotary club president should review and sign the completed form to certify the Rotaract club’s achievement,then send it to the district governor. The district governor must receive it no later than 31 March 2013.Meet at least twice each month. Ensure that each club member is assigned a specific role, either as a club leader or as a member of a committee or projectteam. • Participate in at least one local project that serves the community. • Collaborate with a Rotaract club in another countryon an international service effort. • Participate in a project or fundraiser to support one of Rotary’s areas of focus • 3 Use socialnetworking to increase awareness of Rotary and Rotaract among young adults in the community. • Participate in professionaldevelopment activities that enhance club members’ ability to compete in the job market. • Organize a discussion or workshop onethical business practices and professional standards that involves Rotarians, Rotaractors, young professionals, and businessleaders as speakers, facilitators, and attendees. It is not how much money you make that Counts, but how much you keep
  6. 6. Preparing Your District for Rotary Foundation Grants in 2013 • Train club leaders at club and district events, including PETS and the district assembly, on the current programs that will be running in their year The global launch of The Rotary Foundation’s new grant model, and on the process of transitioning to the new grants in the second half ofoutlined in the Future Vision Plan, is approaching. To prepare your dis- their year. Assist clubs with the transition by asking clubs to:trict to begin participating on 1 July 2013, review the following timeline • Begin thinking about larger, more sustainable projects.of major events and tasks. • Read about Future Vision on the Rl website and view e-learning mod-2011-12 Learn ules.February-June Begin planning for 2012-13 • Read the club memorandum of understanding (MOD) and determineMay Rl Convention workshops what the club is already doing and which processes they’ll need to have in place to implement it.2012-13 Train, Qualify & Prepare • Plan the grant management seminar. Updated training materials will1 July 2012 Appoint a district Rotary Foundation committee be ready by July 2012, and seminars should be offered after the district is chair for 2013-16 qualified. For additional information, review the Grant Management ManualJuly-December Identify and appoint chairs for district Rotary and Leaders’ Guide. Foundation subcommitteesAugust-December GETS and Rotary institutes May 2012 Train clubs at district Rotary Foundation seminars Rl Convention workshops Train, Qualify & Prepare in 2012-13October *NEW* Initiate district qualification process for 2013-14 1 July 2012 District grant application available for 2013-14 Appoint a district Rotary Foundation committee chair for 2013-16January 2013 International Assembly If your district isn’t appointing a new district Rotary Foundation *NEW* Global grant application available for 2013-14 committee (DRFC) chair for 1 July 2013, you have the option to appoint aFebruary-June Continue training and qualifying clubs new DRFC chair whose term will start 1 July 2013 and end 30 June 2016, *NEW* Submit applications for Matching Grants even if the current district Rotary Foundation committee chair’s term would and District Simplified Grants by 31 March otherwise extend beyond 30 June 2013. Apply for 2013-14 Rotary Foundation grants online Appoint a DRFC chair who can attend training associated with the Submit reports for all Rotary Foundation grants Rotary institutes, attend training at the 2013 International Assembly, and and programs begin the district qualification process. Before selecting the district RotaryJune Rl Convention workshops Foundation committee chair:2013-14 Participate Read the District Rotary Foundation Committee Manual. Consider who1st july 2013 Global launch of new Rotary Foundation grant else will sen/e on the committee starting in 2013-14. making model July-December 2012 Identify and appoint chairs for district Rotary Foundation subcommittees February-June 2012 Identify and appoint chairs for subcommittees, including the stew-Begin planning for 2012-13 ardship subcommittee, within the district Rotary Foundation committee to serve from July 2013. Identify the members of the grants subcommittee to Learn about the new grants and begin planning for 2012-13 by serve from July 2013 as well.completing the following tasks:• Think about who your district will appoint as the district Rotary August-December 2012Foundation committee chair for July 2013 onward. Include the current GETS and Rotary institutesgovernor, governor-elect, governor-nominee (if selected), and district Sessions on Rotary Foundation grants will be held at these two trainingRotary Foundation committee chair in these discussions. The incoming meetings. District leaders should educate and inform Rotarians about theDRFC chair, if not already in the position, should be a part of the district major aspects of the plan, including district qualification, district structure,Rotary Foundation committee for 2012-13, understudying the current District Designated Funds policy, and district grants. Before you attend theDRFC chair. He or she should lead the training and changeover to the governors-elect training seminar (GETS) or Rotary institute:new grant model. • Learn as much as you can about the new Rotary Foundation grants. Find• Consider developing a relationship with a pilot district to share success stories and updates on the Rl website, and sign up for the Futureexperiences. Ask your regional Rotary Foundation coordinator to con- Vision newsletter.nect you with pilot districts and answer any questions you have regard-ing the new grant structure. • Complete the following e-learning modules: • *NEW* Future Vision Overview (revised version available 1 May)• Consider how your district will implement its district grant, in- • Grant Managementcluding collecting project proposals and ideas from clubs, and how you • Choosing a Grantwill communicate with your member clubs. • Foundation Funding• Note that timelines for district and global grants are different from New modules will be available on the new online system in July.the previous Foundation programs, so be sure to plan accordingly. Forexample, districts don’t need to select a scholar in 2012 for study in • Read the district memorandum of understanding (MOU). Create a plan to2013-14. Global grant scholarship proposals and applications are ac- implement the MOU. (Note: Indian districts should refer to this version.)cepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, although applications • Review the SHARE kit that was mailed to every district in June to be ableshould be submitted at least three months before studies begin in order to discuss your DDF policy based on the amount of DDF your district willto allow adequate time for Foundation review and processing. have in 2013-14. Be nice to people on your way up because you might Meet them on your way down
  7. 7. • Attend webinars on Rotary Foundation grants provided by The Rotary • Consider what additional qualification requirements, if any, your Foundation. district will implement.• *NEW* View the following recorded webinars: • Assess how your district reports on the use of its District Desig- • The Future of Grant Making nated Fund to clubs and how your district will report on DDF use • District Grant Best Practices with Rotary Foundation grants.• Prepare a list of questions for your district governor-elect to bring to • Be prepared to share the processes for DDF allocation, districtGETS. grant applications and guidelines, and club qualification require-Train clubs at district Rotary Foundation seminars ments with clubs. To help clubs prepare for the transition include information on the • Have a timeline for gathering club proposals for district grants at the district Rotary Foundation seminar. See the District Rotary Ensure that clubs know they can now apply for district and globalFoundation Seminar Manual for presentation materials. Revised materials grants to sponsor vocational training teams and scholarships.will be available July 2012. • Use Rotary materials in your club-level training. *NEW* October 2012 • NEW* Submit applications for Matching Grants and DistrictInitiate district qualification process for 2013-14 Simplified Grants by 31 MarchDistrict governors, district governors-elect, and district Rotary Foundation 31 March 2013 is the deadline for Matching Grants and Districtcommittee chairs will have access to the online system. Simplified Grant applications for nonpilot districts.• Qualify your district in Member Access. Apply for 2013-14 Rotary Foundation grants online• Implement the district memorandum of understanding, which includes Before applying for grants:holding grant management seminars to qualify clubs. • Ensure that clubs and district are qualified.District grant application available for 2013-14 • Begin collecting club proposals for district grant funds, and submit District governors-elect, district Rotary Foundation committee chairs, the district grant spending plan online as early as possible (districtand district grants subcommittee chairs will have access to the online appli- grants must be approved and payment requirements complete by 15cation. May 2014).• Start your planning process with clubs for district grants; district grants • Ensure that the district is up-to-date on District Simplified Grantapplication will be available in Member Access. reporting to receive payment on 1 July 2013. Reporting rule/payment contingency: Districts may have one open DSG, but must have suc- January 2013 cessfully reported on at least 50 percent of the grant.International Assembly • Complete the following e-learning modules:District governors-elect, district Rotary Foundation committee chairs, and • Member Access: District Grant Applicationregional Rotary Foundation coordinators will attend a day of joint training in • Member Access: Global Grant ProposalSan Diego followed by a second day of training for district Rotary Foundationcommittee chairs. At this training, districts will have the opportunity to learn • Member Access: Global Grant Applicationfrom each other. While districts may have made some important decisions • Note that applications that are processed in 2012-13 will receivebefore this meeting, be open to adjusting your district’s processes based on funding starting 1 July 2013. • Begin implementing processes to manage new grants.ideas you hear from other districts. Before attending the training: If your district is having difficulties with the transition, contact• Read the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants your regional Rotary Foundation coordinator for assistance. and Global Grants. Determine how your district will allocate the District Submit reports for all Rotary Foundation grants and programs Designated Fund and how it will approve club proposals for grant funds.• Complete the following e-learning modules: Before a district grant or global grant can be approved, primary• Developing Global Grants sponsors must be up-to-date on humanitarian grant reporting for previ- ous grants that they sponsored. Each primary grant sponsor may have• Project and Activity Sustainability 10 open grants total; a club sponsoring grants may have 10 open, and• Areas of Focus: An Overview a district serving as the primary sponsor may also have 10, including• Vocational Training Teams Matching Grants, 3-H grants, District Simplified Grants, global grants,• Rotary Scholarships and district grants. Grant repor ting is critical for all activities that• Learn more about Rotary’s strategic partnerships and the available pack- Rotarians want to sponsor, including scholarships, humanitarian serv- aged grants. ice, and vocational training teams.• Prepare a list of questions for your district governor-elect to bring to • Once a grant is finished, report on it promptly and close it. International Assembly. • Your district may have one open District Simplified Grant. Make• * NEW* 2013-14 global grant application open sure you’ve submitted complete and accurate reports for at least half of Clubs and districts will be able to log in to Member Access to see the the open global grant application. • Submit final reports and reimbursement for Ambassadorial Schol- arships and Group Study Exchange teams. February-June 2013 REVISED EXCHANGE RATE Continue training and qualifying clubs Include training for assistant gov-ernors and other district team members. Before districts train and qualify This is to inform you that w.e.f. 01 October 2012, RI World Headquar-clubs, have the following information available to share with clubs at PETS, ters has revised the exchange rate:the district assembly, and grant management seminars: From : USD 1 = INR 56.00 To: USD 1=INR 54.00• Promote Rotary Foundation grant webinars for clubs (provided by The This rate would remain effective till further notification. Rotary Foundation) to club leaders. The exchange rate is applicable for all payments to Rotary Interna-• Ensure grant management seminars are scheduled and promoted to tional South Asia Office and contributions to Rotary Foundation (India).clubs. No man will make a great Leader who wants to do it all himself , or to get all the credit for doing it.
  8. 8. Zone Assistant Member - No. of Attendence Name of the ClubName. Governor ship Meetings in % Rtn. M.V. Nethaji 1. SIMHAPURI 1. Gudur 50 04 82% Subba Reddy 2. Gudur West 27 3. Kavali 30 4. Nellore 70 05 41% 5. Nellore South 24 6. Sullurpet 22 1. Jammalamadugu 30 2. PINAKINI Rtn. Bepuri 2. Proddatur 51 05 76% Ahmed Zakeer 3. Proddatur Mid Town 27 05 70% 4. Kadapa Central 30 04 66% 5. Rayachoty 25 04 6. Kadapa 10 1. Adoni 26 2. Allagadda Shatabdi 22 3. THUNGABHADRA Rtn. Gunda Gopal 3. Banaganapalle 10 4. Bethamcherla 21 05 90% 5. Dhone 28 05 98% 6. Kallur 12 7. Koilakuntla 26 04 8. Kurnool New City 26 04 81% 9. Nandyal 118 04 10. Nandyal Mid Town 30 11. Navanandi 26 04 100% 1. Anantapur 44 4. SATYA SAI Rtn. Dr. A.G. Venu Gopal 2. Anantapur Central 15 Reddy 3. Dharmavaram MT 49 4. Guntakal 37 5. Hindupur 38 05 46% 6. Tadipatri 36 04 85% 1. Bellary 28 5. VIJAYANAGARA Rtn. N.M. Agnihotri 2. Bellary Cantonment 44 3. Sandur 58 04 68% 4. Gangavathi Central 5. Hospet 23 116 CLUB ACTIVITIES 6. Koppal 21 7. Kanahosahalli 15 Report for GML 8. Hagaribomanahalli 27 9. Vijaya Nagar Steel City 27 Send your club activities and photographs for 1. Chitradurga Windmill City 26 04 75% publication in GML by 5th of succeeding month to 6. CHINMULADRI Lakshman 2. Challakere 18 04 70% Rtn. A.R. 3. Chitradurga 43 Rtn. PHF CA Sadhu Gopala Krishna, 4. Chitradurga Fort 36 05 54% 9/396, Holmespet, PRODDATUR - 516360. Kadapa Dt. 5. Hiriyur 41 04 88% 6. Holalkere 25 04 78% Mobile No. 09440073085, e-mail: 1. Davangere 64 Naked Truths 7. DEVANAGARA Rtn. B.E. 2. Davangere Mid Town 36 Swamy Ranga 3. Davangere South 39 4. Davangere Vidyanagar 66 “ Person always SMILING doesn’t means that he has no 5. Chickjajur 18 problems, but SMILE shows that he has ability to overcome 1. Basavakalyan 16 all the problems “ 2. Bidar 48 04 82% Rtn. Vinay Kumar Shah 3. Bidar Fort 28 04 75% 8. NRUPATHUNGA 4. Bidar New Century 34 “ The Smallest deed is greater than the grandest intention” 5. Gulbarga 74 6. Gulbarga Mid Town 42 “Some time we fail to understand the feelings of very close 7. Gulbarga North 62 people in our life because a book held very nearer to eyes 8. Balki Fort 20 9. Humnabad Town 31 is very difficult to read” 10. Raichur 34 11. Raichur Central 20 “Truth is like oil in water no matter how much of water you 12. Raichur Cotton City 18 04 68% add, it always floats on top” Print @ Sudheer Graphics, Proddatur. 92473 19899