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  1. 1. Landscaping : Sports Complex Rafay Ahmad and group Rizvi college of Architecture
  2. 2. 1. Features of landscape in a Sports Complex 1. Hardscape • Pathways • Play Area • Outdoor games area • Roads • Parking • Amphitheater 2. Greenscape / Softscape • Garden • Parks • Children's play area • Golf Course 3. Waterscape 1. Pool area 2. Learners pool/ children's pool 4. Semi open spaces 1. Installations 2. Landscaped structures 5. Green roofs 6. Signages 2. Case Studies 1. Zaha hadid-Hwaseong Sports , Korea 2. South Philadelphia sports complex Rafay Ahmad and group
  3. 3. Hardscaping: •Play area •Pathways •Out door games area •Amphitheatre •Parking •Roads
  4. 4. Outdoor Games Area •These area could either be hard clay surfaces or natural or artificial patches of fields. •Accommodating these functions is one of the main purpose of an sports complex. Rafay Ahmad and group
  5. 5. Tennis court Badminton Court Sports Fields Basketball Hockey Football Volleyball Rafay Ahmad and group
  6. 6. Amphitheater Amphitheater used in Landscape. Amphitheater used as stadiums. •Amphitheater is not only used as stadiums and performance areas but can also be used in landscaping. •Mountain, rocky or sloping area can be cut in terrace formations which also doubles up as an amphitheater Rafay Ahmad and group
  7. 7. •Pathways in a sport complex is the most important factor, through pathways a person would get the feel of complex. •Pathway connects the whole of the complex hence the realization of the oneness of the complex is brought. Pathways •A Braille path is often found in institutional pathways •It guides the blind through the institution. •IT has various different Braille at different places of the pathway indicating a turn. Rafay Ahmad and group
  8. 8. Anthropometrics of pathways Rafay Ahmad and group
  9. 9. PARKING • Also known as car lot is a cleared area that is more or less level and is intended for parking vehicles. • The area that has been provided with a durable or semi-durable surface. • Needs fairly large spaces around 25 sq.m.(270sq.ft.) times the number of spaces. • Need more large area than corresponding buildings,offices,shops, if most employees and visitors arrive by car. • Material used for parking is brick, pervious concrete, stone, paving blocks or tire-tread woven mats. • These materials are allow to soak rain water into the ground through the spaces inherent in the parking lot surface. White arrows show direction of allowed travel in each lane. Several parking spaces closest to the building are reserved for the handicapped. Cars of various colors are shown parked in some of the spaces Rafay Ahmad and group
  10. 10. Softscaping •Use of artificial grass for landscaping •Types of natural grass •Use of Shrubs •Garden, kids play area •Golf course. Rafay Ahmad and group
  11. 11. Artificial turf is a surface manufactured from synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports ARTIFICIAL GRASS OR ARTIFICIAL TURF INSTALLATION It is quite easy to install an artificial grass turf. There is no need to lay any foundations for it. Installing an Synthetic Turf Perth is almost as simple as placing a carpet on the floor Rafay Ahmad and group
  12. 12. FEATURES After installation it does not need to be watered Synthetic lawns create less dust and they do not produce problems such as mud, rocks It does not require maintenance Aspmyra football Norway grass can also heat up faster and retain more heat in the summer months, making it harder to use DISADVANTAGES Friction between skin and artificial turf causes abrasions Rafay Ahmad and group
  13. 13. ZOYSIA: Zoysia are found in coastal areas or grasslands BENTGRASS: Bents are commonly used for lawn grass. This is a desirable grass for golf course tees, fairways and greens. Types of grass to be used in sports complex The quality of grass influences the roll of the ball in sports like golf, cricket, football etc.
  14. 14. Kentucky Bluegrass: It is used for making lawns in parks and gardens and is common in cool moist climates like the northeastern United States Bermuda Grass: It is widely cultivated in warm climates all over the world and it is also found that it has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Types of grass Rafay Ahmad and group
  15. 15. Using Shrubs as a tool for landscaping Rafay Ahmad and group
  16. 16. Garden/ Play area Rafay Ahmad and group
  17. 17. GOLF COURSE •A specialty of landscape design, golf course architecture is its own field of study. •A successful design is as visually pleasing as it is playable. •With golf being an outdoor form of recreation, the strong designer is an adept student of natural landscaping, understanding the aesthetic cohesion of vegetation, water bodies, paths, grasses, stonework and woodwork, among other things. •While golf courses often follow the original landscape, some modification is unavoidable. This is increasingly the case as new courses are more likely to be sited on less optimal land. Rafay Ahmad and group
  18. 18. Waterscaping TYPES of Pools: •Private pools • Public pools •Competition pools •Exercise pools •Hot tubs and spa pools •Ocean pools • Infinity pools • Natural pools and ponds •Pools •Water bodies •Multipurpose pool area Rafay Ahmad and group
  19. 19. Olympic Pool Zaha Hadid: pool for 2012 olympics Length 50 m (164 ft) Width 25 m (82 ft) Number of lanes 10 Lane width 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) Water temperature 25–28 °C (77–82 °F) Depth minimum 2.0 m (6 ft 7 in) Volume minimum 2,500 m3 (88,000 cu ft) or 2,500,000 L (550,000 imp gal; 660,000 US gal), depending on depth
  20. 20. Multi Purpose pool/ Water body •From quiet still shallow ponds to the active spray jets in a formal pool, water can provide just the right element for the many moods of a landscaped space. Because of the wide range of options that are available, adding a water feature can be accomplished for even the smallest of garden areas. •Because of the fluid nature of water, water gardens can be of any size, shape, or depth. Since the construction methods, materials, and costs differ considerably for large ponds versus small water gardens hence proving to be a very important tool in landscaping. Rafay Ahmad and group
  21. 21. Green Roofs •A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. • It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems.. Rafay Ahmad and group
  22. 22. •Reduce heating (by adding mass and thermal resistance value) •Reduce cooling (by evaporative cooling) loads on a building by fifty to ninety percent •Reduce stormwater run off . •Filter pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air which helps lower disease rates such as asthma. •Filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater •Help to insulate a building for sound.. Rafay Ahmad and group
  24. 24. FEATURES:  All spaces are closely located to avoid inconvenience. Rafay Ahmad and group
  25. 25.  Height constraint structures and easy accessibility. Senses-friendly structures. Rafay Ahmad and group
  26. 26. Use of ramps, sign languages and security alarms all throughout the campus. Rafay Ahmad and group
  27. 27. Hwaseong Sports , Korea- Zaha Hadid Rafay Ahmad and group
  28. 28. Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre • Location-Anchorvale, Sengkang, Singapore • Construction cost-S$48.7 million • Architect-LT & T Architects • Capacity-200 (indoor arena) Rafay Ahmad and group
  29. 29. Features • Situated on 4 hectares of land. • Houses a community club. • feature sports facilities including • 4 swimming pools, • 5 water slides one of the slides • It also has an indoor sports hall • Synthetic soccer field occupying 12,000 square meters (129,170 square feet) • Built next to a river Rafay Ahmad and group
  30. 30. FACILITY • Multi-media room • A arts room • A playrooms. • A large multi-purpose hall. • A reading and study area. • And a roof terrace. • There are also space for retail, a riverfront café and eating outlets. • Dance studio and a gymnasium. Rafay Ahmad and group
  31. 31. FUTURE MODIFICATIONS • The sports complex will be linked to an artificial island on the future Punggol Reservoir for people to take part in water sports • A park connector, which is a continuous landscaped pavement for pedestrians and cyclists, will run beside the river bank, connecting all the facilities. Rafay Ahmad and group
  32. 32. South Philadelphia Sports Complex • The South Philadelphia Sports Complex as it existed in 2003-2004. • Clockwise from top right: Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, Wells Fargo Center (formerly the site of John F. Kennedy Stadium), the Spectrum (razed in 2011), and Veterans Stadium (demolished in 2004). • Interstate 95 can be seen running through the bottom right corner of the photo. Rafay Ahmad and group
  33. 33. History • The South Philadelphia Sports Complex was also once home to John F. Kennedy Stadium, Veterans Stadium and the Spectrum. • Prior to its development, it was a shanty town known as "The Neck" of the undeveloped League Island area formerly Passyunk Township. Rafay Ahmad and group
  34. 34. Facilities • Prior to building Veterans Stadium across Packer Avenue north of JFK Stadium was family entertainment of a bowling alley, and a drive-in theater. • The relocated aquarium was augmented by elements of family fun exhibits and aquatic shows. • The new public spaces hosted popular teen dances, and became an identifiable part of South Philadelphia's pop culture scene Rafay Ahmad and group