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    Test notes Test notes Document Transcript

      • How did the Haymarket riot hurt the cause of unions?
      • Caused much of American public to associate unions with violence
      • The west became more attractive to many because
      • Improved farming methods and expanded ranching
      • What impact did the Pendleton service have?
      • Reformed the spoils system
      • A pioneer wanted to settle in the west would benefit most from
      • Homestead act
      • What did the supreme court decide between Plecy vs. Ferguson
      • You can have segregation as long as you have equal facilities
      • The rapid growth of America lead to what?
      • Tenements and ghettos
      • A literacy test and poll tax was for
      • Prevent African Americans from voting
      • Why did America grow?
      • Technology
      • Which of the following contributed to American communications
      • Telegraph and telephone
      • Critics of powerful industrialist referred to them as
      • Robber Barrons
      • The goal for the Sherman anti-trust act
      • Stop monopolies
      • The laissez faire said
      • Stay out of affairs of business
      • How did industrial growth affect the distribution of wealth?
      • Wealth was concentrated in the hands of a few industrialists
      • The expansion of American industry sparked because
      • Technological advances and financial investments
      • One of Thomas Edison’s contributions was
      • Make electricity more widely available
      • John Rockefeller gained lots of the oil companies because
      • Managing a trust of allied companies
      • Congress passed the anti-trust act because
      • Keeping industries from cutting off competition
      • Children often worked in companies because
      • Needed the income
      • The nation’s first major labor strike was started by
      • Railroad workers
      • Some employers forced workers sign yellow contract which said
      • Workers would not join labor unions
      • Alexander gram bell set up a company for
      • The telephone
      • Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse worked wonders with
      • Electricity
      • Without the Bessemer process Americans would not be able to
      • The Brooklyn bridge
      • Why were industrialist called captains of industry
      • Increased supplies of goods and created many jobs
      • How did Andrew Carnegie control the steel
      • Practicing vertical consolidation
      • The theory of social Darwinism, what was the role of government
      • Survival of the fittest
      • How did John Rockefeller control the oil industry?
      • Formed a trust
      • Unlike the knights of labor, the other AFL labor union included
      • Only skilled workers
      • What did the Homestead Act and land grant have in common?
      • Provided ways for settlers to acquire western lands
      • What happened at the massacre of Wounded Knee?
      • American soldiers killed more than 1,000 unarmed Indians
      • Which is a myth of the west
      • All the settlers where white males
      • Exodusters- African Americans in the south who came to the west to farm
      • One way the government thought of a way to change native Americans was
      • Requiring them to farm individual plots
      • In families of the homestead act what did the women do
      • All of the above
      • Who owned much of the western land near prime western routes
      • Railroad companies
      • Which of the following did not sell land?
      • Bankers
      • What was one key requirement for applicants to receive land
      • Had to farm land for 5 years in a row
      • What were the exodusters trying to escape from?
      • Racial violence
      • What was a major incentive to settle the west?
      • legal private ownership of the land
      • What happened to Native Americans as settlers moved west?
      • Were weakened
      • What helped farmers survive in a different climate than they were used to
      • Dry farming techniques
      • What created the mining boom?
      • The lure of quick wealth
      • Which of the following contributed to the cattle boom in Kansas?
      • The railroad
      • Farmers liked which of the following?
      • Lower tariffs- taxes on imported goods
      • Bankers supported deflation because
      • Increase value of money
      • 1880’s American presidents often protected
      • Business and industry
      • Another name for the populous party was
      • People’s party
      • Populous party supported
      • All of the above
      • Which of the following is not true of William James Brian
      • Was not a party boss
      • Which is true of the Guilded age
      • All of the above
      • During the late 1800’s the pour of immigrants was in the city of
      • New York
      • Temperance movement wished to stop
      • Alcohol
      • The Pendleton civil service act was for
      • End the spoils system
      • Immigration laws discriminated mostly against
      • Asians
      • What was the belief that favoritism should be given to those born in the US over immigrants
      • Nativism
      • What attracted many immigrants to the US?
      • Chance for a better life
      • How were Asians regarded by many white Americans?
      • Hostility and suspicion
      • What powerful position did Boss Tweed hold?
      • New York city party boss
      • Niagara movement called for
      • Full civil liberties for African Americans
      • When all parts of production are owned by a single business is called?
      • Vertical consolidation
      • Oliver H Kelly founded this group for farmers
      • The Grange
      • The place where boss tweed worked out of
      • Tammany hall
      • Which was not an important African American leader 1850-1910?
      • Andrew Carnegie